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I am bindu (nick name). I am from a big joint family and I am too a reader of iss. I have completed my 12th sci from a good college. My family consists of 17 members. This is my first time to express my experience with my big brother “the night on the step day of my marriage”. Writing in front of you after 11 months of my marriage. I have been married on 10th august 2005 with a well developed well fine doctor. Okay here is my story…

I was working in mnc bpo company as a live supporter agent in pune, xxx technology. Our team members were satisfied on my skills, because I was expert touch typist and having good communication skills. I am just 24 years old, last year I was 23 and they handled the subscribed job to my home place, providing me pc and connection with studio, cause of some family restriction…..

I was engaged on July 10th and as on engagement ceremony, marriage date was fixed right after 1 month. I was too excited and frightened to see any male’s penis in my life, but I was unsuccessful. Just seen on net. I just want to see the real penny of any guy, boy, anyone and that was my target in the life. I was unsatisfied that may be I will die without seeing the same… And when my marriage was fixed I was totally humbled that the days have come in my life, but was so frightened about having sex firstly in my life with an unknown partner. I was totally, fully, sad that what will happen on the first day of my night. Questioning myself from the date of engagement over my home from morning to evening and full night, anytime, anywhere, while working, while eating, even while sleeping. I can’t mention in my words the thinking. The days were coming near and near.

My big bro. Bony was male beauty parlor technician, was well qualified and uses to fulfill all my needs in my life from school to college. He was married with a young dance teacher which was from our city too. Hence she was pregnant she has gone to her home for rest… (She will come on marriage date) and my brother was having one shop of beauty parlor attached to our native residence place, where no ladies were allowed. He was nearly 6″ tall with good personality and was national player of hockey (means he was athletic). Many of the colonies girls were trying to make friendship (love ship) with him, but he was too good and faithful and uses to think not to loose anybody’s life (especially girls). In short to tell he was totally physically fit for any women (any women). Anyone though actress would also give her life to him, that much good he was through externally as well as internally.

Coming to the story, the day came which was 8th of august 2005 step day before my marriage. My facial and scrubbing and the other things which are done before marriage was going too held through my brother on that day. Cause he was good technician. He suggested to all our parents that it is better to get those all sorts of pre-beauty aging in shop but after shop closing time (it means after 10 o clock). Ok. Whole day I stayed with my relatives who were here from many places for my marriage ceremony. After getting that mehendi and etc things, at late night, it means at nearly 11 o clock after dinner my brother and I was there on the shop for my beauty care. Firstly I have told you that I was nearly thinking the same things that what will happen on the first day, because I was virgin and it will be more painful to me to manage that night with that new guy, but ignored. Me and my brother only we two were in the shop late night after entering inside he shut down the shutter.

We were on the step that when I was wearing my haldi’s saree my brother told me to take off my upper folds of the saree from my shoulder, where the beauty mate material may not affect the saree. I was on the chair for the same. My brother start the process on my face, hands, legs and lumbar region, while doing all sorts of face wash and every type of scrubbing and massaging, I became too hot. My body was feeling, I can’t mention, even not have any words. One important thing was my brothers wife was not with him since last 1 and half month he was also somewhat impressed on my sweetness, but he was unable to express himself because was his innocent thinking and I was going to marry.

While all sorts of experiments going upon my body, he was totally free while doing all the experiments of those herbal products on me. Firstly done upon face and he strictly told me not to open my eyes, cause it may affect eyes. He cut two pieces of one fruitycuck and placed upon my eyes. After that he massaged my neck with that specific mixture, next he massaged it to my hands as well as legs till my knees.

While doing these all I was too hot and I started moaning. He was able to determine that what is wrong with me. He told me Nina stops those feeling, I am your big. Brother and it is not applicable that we should make any wrong relation here, cause you are my dearest and nearest and sweetest small sister getting married in the next step day. But I was unable to control myself, I pleaded my bony brother and let know all the things troubling me since the engagement date. Brother was red hearing these all things. He too can’t control himself, that he also doesn’t know that he is too in the same temptation upon me many times, but cause of innocent mind he haven’t troubled me or any other virgins before. But today he loosed his everything and the moment came in my life.

Bony bhaiya (brother) started massaging my breasts from upside blouse and said that I had been masturbating every night thinking of you since last 1 and half month (cause his wife was not here) then and waiting for this wonderful night, but not affording for the same (cause of big family) “now please don’t stop….. Let it go…. Please”, he now too pleaded me the same. Then he started. I was happy to hear all this from my own brother’s mouth.

He washed my face, legs, upper hands, lumbar as well as my mehendi, completing everything in few minutes. He smooched me. Our tongues met and started playing. I had never expected all this so easily but now he was all mines. I slowly removed his t-shirt and was amazed to see his hairy chest, cuts, arms all and everything.

I was exhausted. He said Nina you are too sexy, and though you are my own sister, I like you too much to much, never to my wife also. Then I asked” bony brother, can I ask you something? I never had sex earlier?” he said “Nina, this is the first time any guy has touched you there. And I always wanted me to be you.” he was blushing. This was making me wilder. He asked “Nina, would you like to give me a blow job the way those girls give in the movie” (he was knowing where I was working, that I have seen those xx) pointing towards dick. I wanted it badly but was still hesitating, as he was my brother and we were from one family. I said, “bony, I surely want if you don’t mind”. He said “oh come on Nina… Thanks”. There is no need to hesitate, so what if I am your brother. Now we are from one family and now we are friend and though you are getting married day after tomorrow, it is good to know something before your first night and I will seduce you and you help me with it, that there will be no pain while with your hubby. And he told in sweet language that my little sister will be burdened by that doccky and he will give her pain tooooooo. So a friend in need is a friend indeed as like my brother understand. Just forget our relation and let’s enjoy this moment”. I held his cock in my soft hands and started moving it up and down. He was looking in my eyes and my eyes were raping her body. I slowly moved my tongue on the tip of his 9” dick. Wow….. It was like a dream. This is my first time……… and we both were unable to expect this situation cause of my first time….. I asked brother how does you wife means my sister in law take this huge cook, she is too cute than me, how she bears….. He shyly knocked me and said, ask to her only after she meets you…. Okay… I said I will definitely….

I covered his dick with my lips and started playing with his balls with my one hand. It was amazing…. His head of the penis was fastly moving up and down giving me the best of life, for which I was waiting from many years. I was finding myself uncomfortable taking his big dick in my mouth.

But he still continues. I was trying to take it completely. He started moving hard too and fro. Aaaaaa……. Aaaahhhhhh…… Aaahhahhhh he was feeling that he was about to cum……aaahhhhh…. Nina… Aahhh… Faster… Faster Nina…..don’t stop please….. Nina … He was moaning…. He was about to cum but I don’t want to eat his cumm though he wants so. Lastly he didn’t inform me and he didn’t get to know as it was my first time. He was faster and faster to make me enjoy….. Aaahhhh… Aaahhh…. And in just another one minute he shooted all in my mouth….. Catching my hair tight. He chocked and pulled my mouth… He was still shooting his cum and it spread all inside mouth and throat and coming out. I was totally exhausted…… I was feeling bad at that time… that gummy gummy chicky cum…. So bad…. I fastly got washed over there in a moment.

Now he was opening the buttons of my blouse and after the same there were round, some small & firm tits which were erect. His hands were now fondling my soft boobs. He kissed my boobs and pressed my pink nipple with his lips and there was a loud moan out of me. He slowly removed my saree along with panty. Wooowww…. It was a wonderful view of well shaven pink fresh pussy of mine to him. He was now again kissing me and also moving his hands all over my body.

I had never imagined that things will go so easy. All my luck. He moved his hand on to my pussy and started rubbing it. My pussy was all wet. He stopped me and said I want you to kiss all over your body “he said innocently”. I smiled at him and he started kissing me from toes to ankle and legs and then thighs. As he reached between my thighs to kiss my pussy, I held his head with hairs and pressed it towards my pussy. I was giving me pleasure and though it was new for me.

“Lick me dear…lick me…lick me hard…”. He started eating my pussy like a dog. He thought of doing it to his sweet sister was making him hard. He continued licking me. “aaaaahhh…. Aaahhhh ahhhh…. Ooooohhh… Uffffff” my moans were making me wild.

Suddenly I came all over his mouth pulling his hairs with that wonderful pain. I had never seen such a big orgasm in my life coming from me first time as I am peeing. His face was completely wet with my perfumed sweet juice.

Then he asked me if I was sure to fuck, I said I wanted it to be me to break my cherry I said please do it I love you so much while puling me into his arms, he started kissing me and raised my legs and opened them more to receive his large cock into my tight virgin pussy. As he was entering my pussy I said its hurts so bad he said that now I am at your hymen and that’s what’s hurting you, I said ok I am ready as I raised my hips forward and pushed toward his cook and we came together in the middle as over hips met while French kissing he was moaning and I was moaning as well , it felt so good inside me my brothers cook just knowing he was deep within her body and feeling his depths and having his arms around me and his legs around my back. My pussy was full of blood, but I don’t care, because he was my own brother, no one else (I was crying, when my brother asked can I stop, but don’t allow him to stop). We continued…. He was very sensitive and was much careful, as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 30 mins I felt his balls tighten, I must have felt his cock swell and started to kiss my pelvis, he then said can I cum inside of me I said you can, but….. Nothing happens if I gets pregnant and I started to tighten his legs around my back looking in his eyes saying fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for these remaining days as he was feeling his balls to the point of no return he started to unload deep within me, pumping load after load deep inside me and were kissing I said uff my god I can feel your cum shooting in me, while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life from my big brother, his cock was deep in me and still hard, now I started to cum again and could not stop, he was so wet and then he fucked me and seduced me greatly on that wonderful beauty night. Well that night was the best of many nights to come.

Next morning when we wake up I found that he was unaware of what happened last night. But then the guilty feeling was still there in his as well as my mind. The whole day we went with that feeling. At night I went to sleep in my room. As I slipped into my bed that incident started hitting my thoughts. My eye was close and was again feeling that softness in my thoughts. Those thoughts were coming again and again to my mind and in few minutes I found my pussy getting wet. My hand was pumping it gently. I was surprised of this sudden change in me. From guilty I had started fantasizing my own brother. But, it was all so beautiful. His big dick and his soft skin…. I had never ever determined anything like that about my brother’s pleasure given me that night. Today I realized that he is so hot and beautiful with innocent, my sister in law is lucky.

I hope in future if you all give me such response I will write more and more stories over my hubby’s clinic, clients and relation with brother after marriage.

Lastly one thing I want to tell you that I gave birth to a small child, I when we counted it was after our marriages 9 months and 7th day only. (usually baby delivers after 9 months and 9 days) and I determined that that baby is not of anyone but it is my own brothers….

Hey friends….wait for the next part of it…I will be back soon. Your emails help me motivate myself to share my experience with you all. So if possible keep writing…. My email id is