Sex with My Daughter & My Mother Ch. 01

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tagIncest/TabooSex with My Daughter & My Mother Ch. 01

Dave has incestuous sex with his 18-year-old daughter, Chanelle.
Keeping it all in the family, I had sex not only with my 18-year-old daughter, Chanelle, but also, I had forbidden sex with my 62-year-old mother, Phoebes. Difficult to wrap my head around it, with all of the women in the world, I still can't believe that I not only had sex with my daughter but also with my mother, too. Happy that I did, there's nothing like having sex with one's daughter and mother and comparing the two incestuous experiences.
'Wow,' I thought while visualizing my daughter and my mother without their clothes.
Something not planned but something that just happened, shocking but true, my elderly mother discovered that I was having incestuous sex with my virginal daughter. Shocking but true, instead of lambasting me for ruining my daughter, she wanted to have forbidden sex with me, too. As if a sexual fantasy come true, I couldn't believe my mother wanted to stroke me, suck me, and fuck me. I couldn't believe she wanted me to finger her, lick her, and make love to her.
Other than masturbating myself while imagining them naked and having sex with me, I never had incestuous thoughts over my mother and/or daughter until they deliberately flashed me. They constantly and continually walked around me while wearing their sexy, sheer nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over them. Nearly naked, I could see the size and shape of their breasts, their patch of pubic hair, and their ass cracks.
I raised my daughter, Chanelle as a single parent since she was 4-years-old. That was when I threw my whore of a wife out of my house for cheating on me with my best friend. I caught them in the act of having 69 sex. She was sucking his cock and he was eating her pussy. Not very quiet about it, as soon as I walked in the house, I heard her being sexually vocal from him eating her cunt. Then, as soon as I walked in my bedroom, there they were naked and giving one another oral sex.
"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Lick me harder. Lick me faster. I'm going to cum again. I'm going to cum," said my ex-wife Tiffany temporarily removing my best friend's prick from her mouth to speak.
As if it happened yesterday, instead of fourteen years ago, it was a hellish of a nightmare memory to watch my wife sucking my best friend's prick while he fingered and licked her pussy. How dare they? How could they? I trusted the both of them not to hurt me by betraying me.
# # #
Just for the record, in my defense, I've never been sexually attracted to my daughter, I swear with God as my witness. Then, it happened. As if transforming herself overnight, quite the metamorphosis, when she turned 18-years-old, in the way of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, she bloomed from an innocent teenage girl and blossomed into a beautiful, sexual, young woman. It was as if she went to bed as a teenager girl and awakened as a woman. Literally, as stunned as I was immediately, sexually attracted to her, she took my breath away.
Only and sadly, a constant reminder of something that painfully hurt me, haunting me, and torturing me, my daughter looked exactly like my ex-wife, Tiffany, her mother. She looked just like her when she was 18-years-old, twenty-two-years ago, and when we had first started dating. Every time I looked at Chanelle and talked to my daughter, she flooded back memories of her mother that I had forgotten.
Obviously, I still loved my ex-wife. We were so happy and I thought that we'd be married forever. Then, something that I couldn't forgive, Tiffany, the whore that she was and, no doubt, still is, cheated on me with not only my best friend but also with all of my friends. She used me, abused me, and made a fool of me. Not only did I lose my wife but also, I lost my best friend and all of my friends.
"Tiffany, what the fuck? You've had sex with all of my friends. Why? What's wrong with you?" I looked at her as if she was someone else, a stranger, and a woman that I no longer loved. "God you're such a whore. I can't believe you had sex with all of my friends," I said shaking my head shame, anger, and disbelief.
I stared at her as if I didn't know her anymore.
'Who is this woman,' I thought?
I thought we had a good sexlife but obviously, not satisfied having sex with just me, she wanted more.
"You've fucked them and sucked them. How dare you?" I paused as if reconsidering but I didn't change my mind. "Take your things, leave my daughter, and get the fuck out of my house," I said dumping her clothes all over the floor.
Having not seen her mother in 14-years, Chanelle is now how I remembered her my ex-wife looking. With her long flowing, curly, red hair, her bright, blue eyes, and her small, A cup breasts, in the way that I fell in love with her mother, how could I not be sexually attracted to my daughter? Whenever she talked and laughed, she sounded just like her mother. She walked like her and moved like her, too. All of her facial expressions were the same and reminiscent of her mother.
As if she was the clone of my ex-wife, Chanelle was the spitting image of her mother. Especially, now, with her flashing me, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. At that moment, sexually attracted to her, I wished that I could take my daughter in my arms and kiss her, French kiss her, while feeling her perfect, little ass and fingering her erect nipples. With my daughter still living with me, even after my mother moved in with us, fortunately for me, Chanelle was hardly home. When she wasn't studying at the library, she worked part-time while attending college full-time.
If she was home more often, I wouldn't be able to control myself from trying to have sex with her. If she was home more often, with her constantly and continually flashing me, I'd be masturbating over her all day. Whenever she was home, as if I was her boyfriend or her lover instead of her father, she continually gave me a show of her underwear clad, topless, and/or her naked body. Whenever I saw Chanelle in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked, I couldn't help but think of my ex-wife. Comparing the both of them, they had the exact, same bodies.
I saw more of my daughter's semi-naked and naked body than I remembered ever seeing of my ex-wife, Tiffany's semi-naked and naked body. Now that I remembered, explaining why Chanelle was always flashing me, like mother like daughter, my ex-wife was an exhibitionist, too. She loved showing her topless and naked body to admiring men and, more specifically, to my friends.
Nonetheless, something so very sexually exciting, I couldn't believe that my daughter constantly continued to flash me. Again, like mother, like daughter, something that was sexually exciting in the beginning, sexually teasing them, my ex-wife routinely flashed my friends her panties, her naked breasts, and even her naked body. While talking about all that she showed and all that they saw, we'd talk about her flashing my friends while we had sex. We always had great sex.
# # #
Looking back in hindsight, I accepted some of the blame for her exhibitionism. Admittedly, some of it was my fault. Encouraging her to do so, as if she was a fight girl holding up a card in between rounds, I dared my ex-wife to serve us beers at our monthly poker party topless while just wearing her white, sheer, bikini panties.
Not even having to beg her, plead with her, bribe her, and/or double dare her, she eagerly took me up on my dare and served my friends beers topless with her wearing only her sheer, white panties. With me agreeing to it in advance, she even allowed my friends to fondle and grope her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. She allowed them to stick their horny hands down her panties while fingering her pussy and squeezing her naked ass. Then, when they pulled out their pricks, she even stroked their pricks in front of me.
"Tiffany. That was so hot. Their eyes bugged out of their heads when you walked out of the kitchen nearly naked. Clearly, they could see your red, trimmed pubic hair and your ass crack through your panties," I said. "And they all loved your tits."
If only their wives knew that she'd sun herself naked in the backyard with my horny friends in the pool. If only their wives knew that my wife continually gave my friends a topless and/or naked show, what would they think? If only they knew that she fondled and stroked their cocks while they felt her naked breasts and stuck their horny hands down her panties for finger her pussy and feel her ass, what would they say?
Clearly, she loved showing her naked body as much as my horny friends loved seeing her naked body. What began with topless poker parties in the winter, culminated with naked pool parties in the summer. If only their wives knew that when she was done sunning herself in the backyard, she'd jump in the pool and play Marco Polo with them. She'd allow my friends to touch, feel, grope, and fondle her naked body everywhere while she stuck her hands in their bathing trucks to stroke their hard, erect cocks.
Only, admittedly, she had no tits. Okay with me, I loved small breasted women. Barely an A cup, most men love tits, especially big tits. Yet, what she lacked in breasts, much like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, with her very sexy and sexual, she had an abundance of everything else. Every man who saw her, especially when seeing her topless and/or naked, sexually wanted her.
With her long, beautiful red hair, she was so very beautiful. She was so sexy. She was so shapely. She didn't need to have tits to give all of my friends' erections and to make them all sexually want her.
Just as they'd give their right arms for my ex-wife, Tiffany, to suck their cocks and fuck them, now that Chanelle was of legal age, they'd give their right nut for Chanelle to suck their cocks and fuck them, too. Like mother, like daughter, unlike a dyed blonde with dark roots, there's just something sexy about a natural redhead, especially one with big, blue eyes. What made it impossible to resist her, albeit a younger version, she looked just like her mother.
They all couldn't wait for Tiffany to jump in the pool so that they could play Marco Polo with my ex-wife while touching her and feeling her everywhere that friends should never touch and feel another man's wife. At the time, thinking that her flashing was harmless fun but, sadly, with one sexual thing quickly leading to another sexual thing, Tiffany's flashing morphed into her having sex with all of my so-called friends behind my back. With no one to blame but me, I should have known that I was playing with fire.
Yet, if she loved me, truly loved me, she wouldn't have had sex with my friends. What innocently started out with her serving beers topless, ended with her stroking, sucking, and fucking all of my friends. How could she have sex with my friends? If they were my friends, my real friends, how could they have sex with my wife? How dare they stick their cocks in her hand, in her pussy, and in her mouth? What's wrong with them to do that?
"Assholes! They're all such assholes," I said while punching my bedroom wall.
# # #
Yet, with me ripe and ready for Chanelle to flash me, I was always looking at whatever she was showing. I was always looking to see all that I could see of my 18-year-old daughter. What father wouldn't look at all that she was showing?
Not having had sex in a while, other than with my hand, I was always horny. I was always sexually frustrated. She shocked me and sexually exciting me. After seeing so very much of my daughter's topless and/or naked body, more than a father should morally see of his daughter, I masturbated over all that I saw of her every morning and masturbated over her again that night.
With her not having the modesty to wear a robe over them, if only my daughter knew that I masturbated over her walking around me in her sheer, sexy, and revealing nightgowns, I wondered what she'd say. If only she knew that I masturbated over seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked, no doubt, she'd think me a pervert. If only she knew that I masturbated over imagining her naked and having sex with me, again, no doubt, fearing for her safety, she'd leave home and live at her college dorm.
As if sexually teasing me, perhaps, she was waiting for me to make a move on her. In the way that she continually flashed me her naked ass, her naked tits, and her naked pussy, I was tempted to flash her my naked cock. Only, even though I'd love for her to see my stiff prick, I didn't dare flash Chanelle my naked cock. Wrong for me to want to have incestuous sex with my daughter, my sexual lust for her was so very perversely perverted. We were blood related.
Not having the courage to have her catch me naked while making my nakedness appear accidental instead of deliberate, I always hoped that she'd barge in my bedroom without knocking and catch me masturbating. I'd love to stroke my cock for my daughter while she watched. I wondered if she'd stay in my bedroom and watch me cum. I'd love to cum for my daughter while she stared at my prick gushing my sexual lust for her.
'Cum Daddy, cum. Cum in my mouth,' I imagined her saying whenever masturbating myself over the thought of her blowing me. 'It's okay. I want you to cum in my mouth. Then, save some cum so that you can cum all over my face and across my naked breasts. I'd love for you to give me a cum bath, Daddy,' I imagined Chanelle saying.
After she flashed me her naked breasts, her naked ass, and her naked pussy, I wondered what her reaction would be to seeing my erect, naked prick. I wondered if she'd look, stare, or look away. I wondered if she'd masturbate over me seeing her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked in the way that I masturbate over after seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. After seeing me masturbating and seeing my naked prick, while aware that I masturbated over her, I wondered if she'd masturbate over me in the way that I continually masturbated over her.
I wondered if she'd look, stare, or look away if she saw me stroking my cock and cumming. Daring her to catch me playing with myself, I started adding sexy dialogue to my daily masturbation sessions with the hopes that she'd hear me and respond to me by giving me sex. Talking louder and loud enough for her to hear me through my closed, bedroom door whenever I heard her walking by my room, I wanted her to hear that I was masturbating over her. Hoping she'd enter my bedroom, I wanted her to see and watch me cum.
"Oh, Chanelle. I wish I could stick my prick in your mouth. I'd love to watch you suck me. I'd love to cum in your beautiful mouth and all over your pretty face. Blow me, Chanelle. Blow me," I said plenty loud enough for her to hear.
Then, something I had longed for her to do, she opened my bedroom door with knocking. She caught me masturbating myself. She saw my erect, naked prick. As if she had never seen a naked cock before, she stared at my dick in the way that I stared at her naked tits, ass, and pussy.
'Sorry, Daddy. I heard you say my name and thought you were calling me.' Then, as if she didn't notice my erect prick and realized that I was naked, she noticed my naked prick now. 'Oh, Daddy. You have such a big cock,' I imagined her saying. 'May I stroke it? May I suck it? I'd love for you to cum in my mouth, Daddy.'
# # #
Thinking that her flashes were accidental and not deliberate, it all started when she started flashing me her underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body. As if she forgot to close her bedroom door, with her seemingly oblivious to my presence and seemingly unembarrassed and unashamed, she'd undress and/or dress with her bedroom door wide open. As soon as I walked by her bedroom, not modestly shy, the same as her mother, she'd turn to face me in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked while engaging me in conversation as if she was fully clothed.
Like mother, like daughter, my ex-wife was like that with my friends and now my daughter was like that with me. With her not having any modesty or shame, she didn't care who saw her in her bra and panties. She didn't care who saw her topless or naked. Never thinking of my ex-wife as a whore until I discovered that she had sex with all of my friends, I thought she just enjoyed sexually teasing them by flashing them. I didn't know that she was having sex with them behind my back.
"Good morning, Daddy."
Unable to move, while staring at my naked daughter as if I had never seen her naked ass, naked pussy, and naked tits before. I stayed in her doorway of her bedroom while watching her dress and/or undress and ogling her beautiful body. She had such a sexy and shapely body. Chanelle had a body exactly like her mother, Tiffany. Looking much like her, if Michelle Pfeiffer had red hair, with them having similar, small, A cup breasts, she'd be her twin.
Stunned that my daughter had no modesty or shame, enjoying the sexy, sexual, and naked view of her, I stood there staring at her naked breasts and her naked, red pussy. Much better than blonde, brown, or black pubic hair, as if her pussy is on fire, there's something so very erotically sexy about a bright, red pussy. Then, when she turned and bent at the waist, I stared at her shapely, naked ass and the back of her naked cunt. What she lacked in tits, she made up for in all of the other areas of her beautiful body.
Chanelle had such a beautiful ass. Tight, round, and firm, her ass proudly protruded from her clothes. She looked sensational when wearing tight jeans or when wearing her itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, tiny bikini. Forbidden to do so, I so wanted to touch her ass, feel her ass, squeeze her ass, slap her ass, and tap her ass. Something so forbidden for a father to want to do with his daughter, I so wanted to have incestuous sex with her. I so wanted to fuck her. I so wanted to fuck my daughter.
"Good morning beautiful," I said while not removing my eyes from her nakedness and feeling my cock hardening and erecting in my pajama bottoms.
I couldn't help but look and stare at my daughter's naked breasts. I couldn't help but look and stare at her naked ass and pussy. No matter how many times I saw my daughter in her underwear, topless, or naked, she always gave me an erection. No matter how many times I saw her in her underwear, topless, and/or naked, I couldn't wait to see her in her underwear, topless, and/or naked again. Not since living with her mother, it's been a long time since I saw a naked woman this beautiful. She made me so horny.
# # #
Then, as her excuse that the bathroom became too hot and too steamy while showering, she'd shower and dry her beautiful, naked body with the bathroom door partially opened enough for me to see all that I hoped to see of her. Something I never imagined happening, it was sexually exciting seeing my daughter without her clothes. With her deliberately, sexually teasing me and flashing me, if only she wasn't my daughter, I'd have sex with her.
If only she wasn't my daughter, I'd take her in my arms and make out with her. I'd kiss her, French kiss her, while touching and feeling everywhere through her clothes. If only she wasn't my daughter, I'd strip her naked and touch and feel her everywhere that a father should never touch and feel his naked daughter. If only she wasn't my daughter, I'd fuck her, really fuck her. I'd pound her beautiful, red pussy. I'd fuck her hard and fast enough for her to have a sexual orgasm from my cock.
'Oh, Daddy. Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy,' I imagined her saying while masturbating myself. 'Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder. Don't stop. I'm cumming, Daddy. I'm cumming. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me."
I'd make sweet, gentle love to her before fucking her hard and fast. In the way that she made me feel so horny while thinking of my ex-wife, I'd pound her pussy, my daughter's cunt, while pretending that she's Tiffany, my ex-wife, instead of her being Chanelle, my daughter. Not stopping there, I'd rub her clit and fingerfuck her pussy while licking her pussy. I'd give her multiple orgasms with my fingers, my mouth, and my cock.

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