Sex with My Daughter & My Mother Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooSex with My Daughter & My Mother Ch. 02

Reread, Rewritten, Revised, and Continued from Chapter 01:
While waiting for her response to finally seeing my exposed cock, my daughter stared at my naked, erect prick without saying anything. Then, she took my erect penis in her soft, warm hand and slowly stroked me. She was stroking me. My daughter was stroking me.
Further surprising me, she leaned into me and kissed. My daughter kissed me not in the way that a daughter should kiss her father but in the way that a woman would kiss her lover. Then, further shocking me, my daughter parted my lips with her tongue. She French kissed me. As if we were boyfriend and girlfriend instead of father and daughter we were making out while I felt her small breasts and fingered her erect nipples.
My longtime sexual fantasy come true; I couldn't believe that Chanelle was making out with me. I couldn't believe that she was allowing me to feel her naked breasts while pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples. I couldn't believe that she was holding my cock in her hand. I couldn't believe that she was finally giving me a hand job. Unable to say anything, I stared down at her hand while she stared up at me with a sexy smile and a naughty look.
"Oh, Daddy," she said looking back down at my naked prick before looking back up at me with sexual arousal. "You have such a beautiful prick. I love your big, hard cock."
Making me jealous that she already had sex with some young buck, I wondered how many other cocks she held in her hand for her to assess that I had a beautiful prick. Then, what she said next was what blew my mind. Something that I longed to hear since she turned 18-years-old, I couldn't believe she said now.
"I can't wait to take you in my mouth," she said staring up at me with her big blue eyes while continuing to slowly stroke me. "I can't wait to suck you," she said sliding a slow, involuntary tongue across her red, full lips.
Again, I wondered how many other men she sucked. Then, she said what her mother always said just before she took me in her mouth to suck me. Like mother, like daughter, they were so very much alike in every way. My daughter is quickly becoming the whore that her mother was and, no doubt, still is.
"I can't wait for you to cum in my mouth, Daddy, and all over my face. I can't wait for you to give me a cum bath."
'My daughter wants to take me in her mouth. She wants to suck me. As soon as she said that I couldn't help but wonder how many young other studs had already had their stiff pricks in my daughter's mouth. She wants me to cum in her mouth and all over her face. She wants me to give her a cum bath,' I thought.
Again, I couldn't help but wonder how many other men had already ejaculated in my daughter's mouth and had given her a cum bath. After losing my wife to another man, I wasn't ready to lose my daughter, too. I just hoped that this wouldn't be the one and only time we'd be having sex.
# # #
In the way of a springboard rebounding, as soon as she pulled down my bathing suit, my stiff prick sprung up before standing at full attention. Then, not wasting time, she wrapped her long, thin, manicured fingers around my erect cock. She slowly and lovingly continued stroking me while sexily staring up at me. My daughter was giving me a hand job.
Then, sliding a slow tongue across her red, full lips, she sat up in her lounge chair, leaned forward, and stared up at me before taking me in her mouth. Sexually teasing me with her tongue and her lips, she licked and kissed the head of my cock while staring up at me. Then, she took me in her mouth, all the way in her mouth, and sucked my cock.
'My daughter was sucking my cock. Something I thought that I'd never see other than in my dreams and sexual fantasies, I couldn't believe my daughter was sucking my prick,' I thought. 'My stiff prick felt so good in her warm, wet mouth.'
Unable to wrap my mind about what I was seeing and what my daughter was doing, unable to speak, I just stared down at her in shocked surprise. My daughter was blowing me. I couldn't believe she was willingly and consensually blowing me.
'My daughter was blowing me. My sexual fantasy come true; she's really blowing me. I couldn't believe that Chanelle was sucking my cock,' I thought. 'I'll be masturbating over this day for the rest of my life. Even when I'm standing at the altar with my daughter and her husband, I'll be thinking of her blowing me. I'll be thinking of cumming in her mouth. I'll be thinking of giving Chanelle a cum bath.'
Reminiscent of her mother, I stared down at her with my big dick buried in her sweet mouth.
"May I blow you, Daddy," she asked after the fact and continued sucking me after she asked me the question and without waiting for me to answer? She temporarily removed my cock from her mouth to speak again. "May I suck your cock, Daddy? I need you to cum in my mouth. I need to taste you. I need to swallow you," she said reinserting my stiff prick in her mouth again before removing it yet again. "I need to blow you, Daddy. I need for you to cum in my mouth."
Again, not waiting for me to answer her, she leaned forward and took me in her mouth again. As if she was an experienced cocksucker just like her mother, she stroked me faster and harder while sucking me deeper. Not only did she know what to do and how to do it but, intuitively, she knew exactly what I wanted.
My daughter was blowing me. I couldn't believe that Chanelle was sucking my cock. More than a fair trade, it was as if I traded having marital sex with my forty-year-old, ex-wife to have incestuous sex with my 18-year-old daughter.
"Blow me, Chanelle. Suck Daddy's cock," I said putting a gentle hand to the back of her beautiful, red hair. "Suck me, Baby. Suck Daddy's prick. I need to cum in your sweet mouth."
Determined to cum in my daughter's mouth, I continued humping her mouth and fucking her face.
# # #
Then, as if she was turbocharged, hard to believe that I could sexually excite her even more, my words sexually aroused her even more than she was. As if she was an interactive, sex video, moving her head back and forth and side-to-side, she stroked me harder and faster while sucking me deeper. Determined to cum in her beautiful mouth, not wanting to disappoint her, I continued humping my daughter's mouth harder while fucking her face faster. As far back as I could remember, she sucked my cock as good if not better than my ex-wife, her mother, had ever done.
"Chanelle. Oh, my God, Chanelle. Don't stop. Please don't stop, Baby. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum," I said while holding her head in between my hands. "Daddy's going to cum in your sweet mouth."
As soon as I said that I was going to cum, I exploded a full load of cum in my daughter's mouth. Willingly and consensually, I couldn't believe that I ejaculated cum in her mouth. Instead of pulling way, she kept her mouth in place and swallowed all that I gave her. Still sucking me while draining my balls, as soon as she finally pulled the pressure of her lips away from my swollen prick, I exploded a second load of cum all over her face, in her beautiful, red hair, and across her petite, perfect tits.
"Oh, Daddy," she said laughing. "That was quite the cum bath you gave me. How long have you been saving your cum?"
Not telling her that I masturbate over her every morning and every night, I lied to her.
"I haven't had sex in a very long time," I said.
She laughed while scooping up cum with her fingertips that covered her face and tits. As if my cum was melted ice cream, while licking her fingers, she inserted her fingers in her mouth and sucked cum from them. Proud of my daughter, again, like mother, like daughter, she was an even better cocksucker than her mother was who was a great cocksucker, the best cocksucker that I've ever experienced.
"Well, if you allow me to sleep with you in your bed tonight and every night thereafter, I can fix that," she said with a laugh. "Trust me. You'll never be horny or sexually frustrated again. We can make love every evening and fuck every morning," she said while looking up at me with a face full of sexual anticipation. "I'll blow you every day, Daddy."
# # #
Chapter 02:
Same routine every Friday, thinking that I was home alone with my daughter, I thought my mother had left to go to the hairdressers and then, grocery shopping as she always does every Friday. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't know that her hair appointment had been cancelled. As awkward as it was embarrassing, I didn't know that she had been looking out her bedroom window all the time that I was in the backyard with Chanelle and watching me having sex with her granddaughter.
Embarrassed as I was ashamed, I can't believe my mother saw me having incestuous sex with my daughter. Not only had my mother seen Chanelle naked and me rubbing sunscreen all over her beautiful, naked body but also, she had seen me naked too. Not only had she seen me naked but also, she had seen me sexually excited and with a huge erection.
Suddenly, I had a twinge of sexual excitement that my MILF of a mother had seen my erect, naked prick. Not only had she witnessed me masturbating Chanelle but also, she had witnessed Chanelle blowing me. Something she'd never understand and/or forgive me for doing, my mother saw me cumming in my daughter's mouth and giving her a cum bath.
I've sexually lusted over my mother for more than twenty-years. Ever since I was 18-years-old, 22-years-ago, I always wanted to see my mother naked. I always wanted to have incestuous sex with her. I always wanted her to blow me in the way that my daughter had just done. I always wanted to cum in my mother's mouth and give her a cum bath. Only, just as I thought that I'd never have sex with Chanelle, I knew that I'd never have sex with my prude of a mother.
Ready to hear my mother's disappointment in me, bracing for her outrage, after seeing me having sex with my daughter, I was worried that she'd leave my house and no longer live with us. Surprising me, after Chanelle left for work, my mother came to my room wearing makeup and with her hair done. Unless she's going out somewhere, she never wears makeup in the morning nor does she spend time on her hair.
More than that, she was dressed in one of her sexiest, sheerest, and most revealing nightgowns. I had seen her wearing her nightgowns before without having the modesty to wear a robe over them but I had never seen her wear a nightgown that was as sexually revealing. My sexual fantasy finally coming true, I couldn't believe my eyes with all that I was seeing of my mother's nearly, naked body.
I couldn't believe all that I was seeing of her through her nearly, transparent nightgown. I wondered if she knew that I could see as much of her as I was seeing. With my eyes bugging out of my head, I was seeing everything that I had always imagined seeing of my mother while masturbating myself. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I'll be masturbating over all that I was seeing of her now, later.
Staring at her as if I was imagining what I was seeing, I saw the size and shape of her big, naked breasts. I not only saw the impressions of her big, erect nipples but also, I actually saw her erect nipples. I saw the dark shadow of her brown, bushy pubic hair. My mother's cunt, I couldn't believe that I was seeing my mother's nearly, naked pussy. As if my mother was naked, especially when she turned the other way and bent at the waist, I could clearly see the shape of her naked ass and her ass crack, too.
Never have I ever seen as much of my mother's nearly naked body before as I was seeing now. I've seen her in her nightgowns before but she always wore her robe over them. Something new and something so very sexually exciting, I've seen her in her bra and panties, but I've never seen her nearly, naked breasts, her nearly, naked ass, and her nearly, naked pussy, until now. Too early in the morning for her to be drinking, I wondered why my mother was suddenly flashing me.
# # #
Instead of knocking, surprising me, she burst open my bedroom door. In the way that I had always wanted Chanelle to catch me masturbating, my mother caught me masturbating. She caught me stroking my cock. Something that I'll, no doubt, will be masturbating over later, my mother saw my erect naked prick, twice in the matter of only hours.
Yet, surprising me, instead of her being embarrassed, leaving my room immediately, and closing the bedroom door behind her, she stayed to watch me cum. My mother wanted to watch me masturbate myself. With her having no embarrassment and/nor shame, she stared at my erect naked prick as if she had never seen an erect naked prick before. Something I always dreamed of her doing, in the way that I continued staring at all that I could see of her nearly naked body through her sheer and sexy nightgown, I couldn't believe my mother was staring at my naked cock.
Nearly naked tits, ass, and pussy for naked prick, what I was seeing of my mother and what she was seeing of me seemed like a fair trade. I would have immediately stopped stroking myself but, sexually exciting me, she started fingering her nipples through her nightgown while staring at my big dick. Obviously, having sexually aroused her, I couldn't believe my mother was touching and feeling her big tits through her nightgown while fingering her erect nipples. I only wished that it was me feeling her big tits while fingering her erect nipples instead of her.
'What the in Hell is happening here,' I thought? 'I don't believe this. First my daughter and now my mother. Does my mother want to have sex with me, too? It's a good thing that my grandmother is no longer alive or she'd want to have sex with me, also.'
Instead of putting my cock away, I left it out while continuing to stroke myself in front of my mother. While watching me stroke myself, and with a face full of sexual arousal, nipples for cock, she continued pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples through her nightgown. When she started touching herself, I stroked myself harder and faster. I wanted to cum for my mother.
I never thought that I'd be masturbating in front of her. I never thought that I'd be masturbating myself with my mother in my bedroom watching me. Then, not expecting to do what she did, she floored by what she showed me and all that I was seeing.
She lifted the front of her nightgown to her slim waist and, making sure that I got a good, long look of her naked cunt, she held it in place with her hand. My mother had exposed her naked pussy to me. She was flashing me her naked cunt. I couldn't believe that I was seeing my mother's bushy, brown pussy.
With her not wearing panties, she moved her hand to her pussy, rubbed her swollen clit, and fingerfucked her wet pussy while staring at me as I stroking my hard, erect prick. After exposing herself to me, I couldn't believe my MILF of a mother was masturbating herself while watching me masturbate myself. Never thinking that my mother masturbated herself, I couldn't believe that she was masturbating herself in front of me in the way that I continued stroking myself in front of her. Then, my dear, sweet, elderly mother shocked me with what she said next.
"I can help you with that," she said walking closer to me while never removing her eyes from my naked, erect prick. "I can masturbate you, David, if you'd like," she said with a motherly smile as if she was asking to feel my forehead for a fever. "It's been a long time since I held a hard, erect, prick in my hand."
# # #
My mother sat on the bed beside me. She stared at my naked, erect prick as if she had never seen a naked, erect prick before. She continued leering at my stiff prick before wrapping her elderly fingers around my big dick and holding me in her hand.
My mother took me in her hand. I couldn't believe my mother held my naked prick in her hand. Something that I had always imagined her doing while masturbating myself, I couldn't believe my mother was holding my erect cock in her hand. With her hand so warm and so soft, my prick felt as if it belonged there and should always be there.
Then, picking up where I left off, ever so slowly, she started stroking me. I couldn't believe my MILF of a mother was stroking my prick while staring at my prick. Then, stroking me faster and stroking me harder while staring up at me and smiling, my mother was seemingly having a good time masturbating me. Obviously, determined for me to cum, she wanted me to cum and I wanted to cum for my mother.
Something that I had sexually fantasized over for years while masturbating myself, I couldn't believe that my mother was giving me a hand job. With her stroking me faster and harder, I couldn't believe that she was determined to make me cum. Then, still not done shocking me while stroking me, I couldn't believe what my mother said next.
"Touch me," she said. Then, giving me an embarrassed look, she paused as if rethinking what she was going to say next. "Not since your father's brother, your Uncle Jack, accosted me at your father's funeral has anyone sexually touched me."
She paused again before telling me what happened between her and my, since deceased, Uncle Jack.
"He forced his tongue in my mouth and forced me to French kiss him. While kissing me and kissing me, he was all over me, while touching me and feeling me everywhere. He continued kissing me, French kissing me while sexually molesting me," she said.
She paused as if remembering what happened so long ago.
"He felt my breasts through my blouse while fingering my nipples. Pulling them, turning them, and twisting them, he seemed to love my big, erect nipples. Then, he felt and squeezed my ass through my skirt. He lifted the front of my skirt to my waist, forced his hand between my legs, and felt my pussy through my panties," she said with sadness. "With him not taking no for an answer, he made me so wet."
She paused again as if remembering all that happened.
"Even though that I was sexually aroused from him touching me, feeling me, groping me, and kissing me, I remember feeling so embarrassed. Thinking that it was all my fault, I remember feeling so ashamed. Even though he was raping me, I blamed myself. I felt so guilt that, somehow, I had sexually teased him enough for him to violently attack me," she stared down at the floor in shame.
# # #
Obviously, it was difficult for her to confess this. Yet, with her not having told anyone about what happened between her and Uncle Jack, she wanted to unload now. She seemed eager to tell me that not only did my father's brother sexually want her but also, he stripped her naked and fucked her
"Not wanting to make a scene, I didn't scream for help. Instead, I allowed him to do whatever he sexually and violently wanted to do to my body. I shouldn't have been alone with him but he came up to my bedroom and closed my bedroom door," she said with shame.
She looked up at me with tears in her eyes mixed with sexual arousal.
"Being the kind, naïve, and sensitive person that I am and have always been, I thought he wanted to talk to me in private. Instead, of wanting to talk, he wanted sex. Obviously, something I never knew, with me so clueless when it came to all things sexual, he had been sexually lusting over me for years."
While still holding my erect prick in her hand, she mindlessly fondled the head of my cock.
"He continued forcing his tongue in my mouth and French kissing me. Even though I struggled to push him away and stand to leave my room, he pushed me back while continuing to touch me and feeling me everywhere that my late husband's brother should never touch and feel me. With him determined to have his wicked, sexual way with me, I had no choice but to submit and to give him what he sexually wanted," she said with sadness.

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