Sex with my First Love Pt. 01

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tagFirst TimeSex with my First Love Pt. 01

I was a happy-go-lucky guy in college.
While my peers from high school were pushed into Engineering colleges by their parents (typical of Indian parents), I got to go to an Arts college.
Considering the fact that I had a very strong background in Computer Science, I chose to major in it.
I wanted to enjoy my time at college and not have to worry about assignments and exams all the time. Also, I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I wouldn't have much time to think if I was in an Engineering college, so an Arts college perfectly fit my requirements.
I was an overweight kid in school – pampered and overfed. I wanted to break all of that because my hormones were all high and I was sick of watching my peers talk to and go out with girls.
I started working out 3 months before college and got into a lean and decent shape when my classes began.
I didn't have to pay much attention to the lectures because I had a strong background. I figured out that I'd only have to study a little bit in the final year.
Hence began my drive to meet girls.
The ones in my class weren't all that beautiful. Since I was a kid back then with zero dates, I thought everything that mattered in a girl was her beauty. I've come to realize that's not the case.
Anyway, on my second day, I had a joint sitting with the Mathematics department for the English language lecture.
That was when I saw her. She was gorgeous. As we assembled in the class, she was one of the last few to enter the room wearing a beautiful black chudidar with her head slightly down.
She was fairer than the other girls and had beautiful facial features. Her eyes were round, her nose was sharp, and her lips were small and shone with a tinge of glossy lipstick. She had a few freckles but that accentuated her look. She was gorgeous every way I looked at her.
I knew that I wanted to talk to her. So, I waited for the lecture to end and when she was about to leave, popped up from behind with a stupid question asking if I knew her.
I never had the courage to talk to girls when I was a fat kid. But that was all behind me now that I had managed to become lean. I was still nervous though but went ahead with it anyway.
She said no.
I responded, "Well, I'm Jackson. What's your name?"
She replied, "I'm Amutha."
I shook her hand and looked her straight in the eye and told her that she looked beautiful.
Her friends were nearby and started giggling among themselves.
She smiled as her head came down and said thank you.
Since it was getting a little hectic around us, I told her that I will see her soon and gave a warm smile before leaving.
I swear I didn't know how that happened. My first approach couldn't have gone any smoother. But I guess all the years of eating chips and watching romance movies paid off big time.
I thought I was a natural even though there was the initial fear of rejection.
As the days passed, I grew more comfortable talking to her and got to know her more as a person. She was a beautiful girl at heart.
We grew closer when two of our mutual friends fell in love with each other.
We accompanied them and got closer.
It was during one of our meetings in Marina beach in Chennai that I was sitting close to her as we were enjoying the morning breeze that her hair blew over my face.
I wouldn't have cared much if we were in any other setting. But the fact that I was sitting on the beach with my hands behind me on the sand and taking in the beautiful Sunday morning breeze, I couldn't resist the scent of her washed hair.
I turned to her as she was trying to keep her hair from covering her face and realized how beautiful she was.
I took her hair covering her face and gently pushed it behind her ears. It was then I felt that there was a strong feeling of connection that I had with her at that moment. I looked at her and she was looking back at me. I leaned in towards her and gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek. She was blushing now.
My heart was beating fast and warm. I felt the surge of blood through my veins as enthusiasm and excitement took hold of me. I could see that she was blushing a lot. I told her that she was so beautiful as I kissed her lips. She returned back my kiss which sent warm shivers through me. I wanted to give this girl all the love I had and more at the moment.
As our passionate first kiss ended, we were both looking at the waves crash on the shore with our hands side-by-side.
I glanced at her and could see her smile from on the other end of her cheek. I smiled and knew that I had found my girl. We didn't hold hands after our kiss because we were both taking in the passion and excitement of the moment.
As the sun started to shine bright, we had to move. I got up, offered my hand, and lifted her up. We didn't say anything as we got back on the motorbike and as I rode her back to her house.
I dropped her at her parent's house and saw her wave at me as she closed the door with a cheeky smile on her face.
That night, I texted her – "I love you."
I sent the message at 11.32 pm.
I heard a beep back at 11.41 pm.
She replied, "I love you too."
The next time we met was at a local restaurant with cabins. We looked around to see whether anybody was watching and then went for our kiss. This time, the innocence was gone. We were passionate and young. We loved each other and wanted to be with each other so badly.
We started to enjoy long romantic conversations over the phone late into the night, skip classes to go to movies and parks, and eat ice-creams under an umbrella on beaches.
I was in my parent's house and she was in hers. We knew where we were headed but wanted our relationship to take its course.
It was on her 20th birthday that I crashed into her house in the middle of the night.
I called her and asked if she wanted to see me.
She said 'yes'.
And, I told her to look down from her window.
She was surprised.
She let me in through the back door and we tiptoed into her room upstairs.
Her parents were sleeping downstairs. Her younger sister was sleeping in the room next to her.
I had never been inside a girl's private room before and was taking in all the colorful things surrounding me.
And, then I noticed her bra in her closet that was half open.
She noticed what I saw and quickly closed the closet.
She was in her pink tank tops and tiny white shorts.
There was something about the mood of the lighting, the room, and her attire that put me in a relaxing place.
I slowly took steps towards her, smiling as I approached her. She stopped me in my tracks with her hand stretched and touching my chest.
She was cheekily moving her head to the left and right saying no.
She was giving me resistance.
I took her hand in mine and inched closer before coming close to her when I took her hand up and kissed it. She threw her hands on my shoulders as I leaned in and kissed her neck.
She had her perfume on and that arose me. I was kissing her passionately and could hear her softly moaning. The sound of her moans was like a shot of drugs into my veins. I kissed her deeply.
She was now holding the hair behind my head as I gently lowered her on the bed. As I broke from kissing her neck and looked at her from above, our eyes met and I could see that she wanted more.
I kissed her lips as my hands started to gently press her boobs. She was heaving and breathing heavily now.
I removed her tank top and was now sucking on her boobs. She was warm, heaving, and holding me tight on to her.
As I was sucking on her boobs, I could see her pelvic thrusts and grinds. That caught my attention as I slipped my hands into her tiny shorts while sucking her. She was wet already.
I slipped one finger into her and could immediately feel her bite my ears. I moved down and slipped her shorts from under her.
I spread her legs and put two fingers in her. She was moaning. I kissed her as I started to finger her pussy.
She was getting wetter and was constantly grinding and lifting her hips to meet my fingers. As I was fingering her, I could feel her legs come together as she twitched and came on hand.
She pulled me close to her and we started kissing each other.
She then put me on the bed, lifted my t-shirt up, and started kissing my nipples. I never knew that nipples were so sensitive because I could feel the bulge in my pants become bigger.
I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed her licking my nipples and sucking at them. She could see that I was enjoying what she was doing.
She started to kiss my chest and abs as she made her way towards my bulge.
She snapped open my jeans, pulled down the zipper, and pulled down my underwear in one smooth stroke.
My cock popped out of my white underwear at her face. She held it in her hands and started to stroke it.
I lifted up my head and saw her do it when she put my cock in her mouth.
I closed my eyes and fell back as blood rushed through my body to my penis that was so warm inside her mouth.
She started to suck on it, going half the way down and back up. She must have watched tutorials I believe because she was so good at it. She sucked the back of my cock and fondled my balls as she was sucking.
I could have erupted there but the little breaks she took as she kissed my abs helped me retain. I lifted my head and kissed her as she came over me and met my lips.
I tossed her under me and removed my jeans and underwear. I reached for my wallet, took out a condom, tore it open, and put it on.
I then spread her legs open and slowly thrust myself into her. She was wet and was a little tight at first. I managed to get in and was now above her looking into her eyes. I thrust in and she closed her eyes. I kissed her neck and began to slowly move in and out of her.
Our bodies were rhythmically thrusting as I was fucking her in the missionary position with her legs wide spread and me moving in and out of her. I started to give her quick strokes when I could feel her body shake a lot and her breathing became heavy.
As I lay on her fucking her, I kissed her neck and said, "I love you so much."
I couldn't hear anything back and saw her eyes closed and enjoying my deep thrusts.
I steadied my thrusts and took out my cock as I rolled her on her back.
I put a pillow under her stomach to give her ass an arch for me to enter her pussy.
I put my hands next to her on either side as I entered her pussy from behind.
She was wet and it was an amazing feeling to enter her from behind.
As I began to pump my cock in and out of her, I could hear the familiar *slap slap* sound of my thigh meeting her thigh and ass with every fuck.
She put a hand on my thigh as I was fucking her hard. She was breathing heavily and moaning as I fucked her deep.
At one point, she exclaimed, "Yes, fuck me there."
That was what I was looking for.
My girl spoke her first words during our fuck and it was that she wanted more.
I adjusted and fucked her where she felt good and started to maintain a rhythmic cock thrust in her pussy.
She was now moaning, "Mmmm, yeah."
Her moans made me more excited as I began to fuck her fast. She put her hands on my thigh to not go too fast but with the excitement beyond me, I was fucking her mad.
As I was fucking her, I came to realize that I will be cumming soon. I told her, "Baby, I'm going to cum."
She told me, "Cum inside me."
It was beyond me as I was wearing a condom and fucking her.
I told her, I'm in a condom.
She told me, "Cum inside me."
As I slipped out and removed the condom and put my cock back into her, I could feel the real warmth of her pussy.
Oh, she was sweet and wet.
I asked her, "Can you feel my cock?"
She said, "I feel you honey."
I transitioned her to doggy style and fucked her sweet pussy as I was building up for the climax.
I started to fuck fast and told her that I was going to cum.
She said, "Cum inside me."
That was what I wanted to hear.
I held her hips as I thrust inside her and came in her.
Words cannot describe the feeling of shooting my cum deep into her pussy.
I could feel her pussy widen up and drink my cum as I shot my load into her.
I was grunting and moaning as I came into her.
She was moaning deeply as her pussy clamped onto my dick to suck me of my cum.
There was nothing around me that mattered then. I was cumming into the pussy of the girl I loved so much and it was everything that mattered.
I never came so much in my life. My cock my twitching as I shot round after round of warm cum into the pussy of my girl. It was the best thing ever and I was living it then.
After many rounds of cock twitches and cum shots, I was exhausted. My sensitive cock was still buried inside the pussy of my girl as I could see her thrusting her hips into mine.
I slowly pulled out my cock and ran it over her pussy. My god! It was magical. I was so sensitive that rubbing my cock on her pussy sent shivers through my body.
I kissed her ass and lay down next to her. She put her head on my arms and kissed me. I kissed her back and kissed her forehead.
I looked at her and said, "I love you."
She smiled and whispered, "I love you too."
I sucked her boobs and nipples and we cuddled for a long time before I had to leave.
It was the start of a wonderful relationship that was going to get sexier with time.

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