Sex with my friends sister

It was a Friday, the last day of school for the week. I was a junior in high school and I like to party. At lunch my friends and I were discussing where we were going to party that evening. Someone had mentioned that Josh (a senior) was having a party at his house because his parents were out of town. After school I hung out with my two friends, Conor and Eric. The party at Josh’s house didn’t start till 10 but we wanted to start drinking early. Our younger friend Trevor (a sophomore) said we could go over to his house and drink if we wanted to but only if he could go to the party at Josh’s. We decided that it was ok if he came as long as we could go drink at his place before the real party. I have known Trevor for many years. He and his sister Rhianna (a senior) went to daycare with me. I have always been attracted to Rhianna but never wanted to date her. AS the night went on we decided to head over to Trevors.
We started to drink when we got there and it was 8:30. At about 9 Rhianna and her friend came over and saw we were drinking. Rhianna was looking very hot. She is about 5’10 really tan and has a great ass. Her boobs weren’t very big but that is ok with me. The girls asked if they could drink with us because they were also going to the party at 10. As all of us were drinking we also started to get a good buzz. Rhianna started flirting with me and I flirted back. I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing ass. A couple times I jokingly slapped her ass and I even grabbed it a few times. She didn’t seem to mind so I became very aroused. She was getting pretty drunk now but could still act normal. she came up to me and asked me to kiss her so I did. As we kissed I grabbed her ass again and pulled her towards me. I had a ragging boner at the time so I pulled her against me so she could feel it.
After we kissed she stayed right up next to me and just smiled. She could feel my dick on the crotch of her pants and I could tell she liked it. It was now 9:30 and everyone was getting ready to leave. I was so horny and i knew i had to make my move before the party. Rhianna announced that she was going to go change for the party and winked at me as she sid it. After she went downstairs I told the guys I was going to the bathroom and i snuck downstairs to Rhiannas room. When I opened the door, there she was, standing in her leopard bra and black thong. I was still a virgin and i couldnt believe this was really happening. i was a little nervous and she could tell. she walked up to me and grabbed my crotch and said not to worry. she then started to undo my belt, then my pants buttons. she pulled my pants down to my feet, stood back up and we started making out. i was once again very hard. she told me to sit down on the bed. she then slid my bockers off and stared at my 7in dick. she told me that she had never seen one that big before.
i told her that i would probably cum right away since i was a virgin and she just smiled and then it began. she began sucking my dick. she slowly slid it in and out of her mouth. she even went down to the base a few times which felt amazing. after about 1 minute i told her i was gonna cum. she kept sucking so i came in her mouth. i had never shot that much cum before and she swallowed it all. after the blowjob she stood up and took off her bra. they were kinda small but very perky. i gently played with her tits as she began to take off her thong. she was a very tan girl and had a little bit of pubic hair abover her vagina which i thought was very sexy. niether of us had a condom but she said that she was on birth control and i was drunk so i had no concern. i told her i didnt know what to do and she said she help me out. she told me to lay down on the bed so i did. she got on top of me and sat on my dick.
 we made out a littler more and then she asked me if i was ready and i nodded yes. she reached around behind her and grabbed my dick. she slowly slid it into her vagina. her vagina was very tight but it felt amazing. she slowly began to mover her body up and down on my dick. she started going faster and then she started moaning in a very sexy voice. i was starting to get the hang of it and i started taking control. i began thrusting in and out of her vsgina faster and her screams got louder. her screams kept getting louder then my dick started feeling wet so i stopped. she said that i made her cum and that she squirted on my dick. she told me she wanted to do it doggy style so i got up behind her and put my dick right in her ass. after a couple minuted of drilling her ass i could tell that i was going to cum again so i told her and she didnt want to quit so she got back on top of me and started riding my dick again. i was ready to burst and she said to cum inside of her.

i started to go faster and then i came right inn her pussy. we both moaned as my cum shot inside of her. she layed down down next to me and i could see my sperm dripping out of her pussy. she said that was amazing and i couldnt have said it better. we both cleaned oursleves up, got dressed and left for the party. later that night, i had heard that Rhianna had passed out in the bathroom so iwent downstairs to check it out. in the bathroom was Rhianna passed out and her friend trying to wake her up. she said that she had to leave and asked if i could watch Rhianna until she woke up. i didn’t want to leave my friends but i figured i should do something for her since she did something for me.
i sat on the toilet reading a magazine waiting for Rhianna to wake up when i noticed her thong showing over her pants. i began to think about the great sex we had earlier and i began to get hard again. i couldnt resist. i got up and slid off her pants and her thong. i then took off my pants and boxers. i figured she wouldn’t wake up for a while so i layed on top of her and stuck my dick in her ass. once again it felt amazing. as i fucked her ass she even started to moan a bit. i worried she might wake up so i knew i had to finish. right before i came i pulled my dick out and shot my load all over her ass. i felt a little guy so i cleaned her up put her pants back on and about 30min later she woke up and i brought her home. that night was the best night of my life.