Sex With My Girlfriend’s Mom

I was just about to leave work when I received Helen’s text. 

“Hey Tom at airport it’s snowing, hopefully leaving soon, can’t wait 2 get red d 4 u”.

Then a second text

“Mums away use side door xxx.”

That made me smile I still had 2 hours to go here and then another 15 minutes to get to her place and couldn’t wait. It was Friday and I have two days of fun and pleasure to look forward to. My balls were full since my fabulous 21 year old girlfriend Helen had been away for the last week on a work conference and was flying back today.

Eventually it was time to leave and I washed my grotty hands and grabbed a clean shirt from my locker. Being an apprentice mechanic sure is dirty but at 19 and that’s the job.

I grabbed my phone and wallet and raced out to my car – it was held together with tape and bolts – but it got me where I needed to go and in truth I couldn’t afford anything else right now.

The drive to Helen’s place was slow. It seemed everyone wanted to go her way for the night. I had checked my phone before I left but the battery was flat. I decided I would hook it up at Helen’s to the charger.

Each time I reached another set of red lights my cock pulsed just a little bit harder and by the time I pulled in her driveway and my cock was as hard as it had every been.

I walked around the back and went in the side door as usual – it’s always open when someone is home.

“Hey sexy, where are you? Your man is here for some loving.” I called.

I could see bags dropped by the front door. I was happy that my girl was home and hoped she was getting ready for a good fucking.

There was no reply. I walked into Helen’s room – it was a mess as usual bags and clothes everywhere. I put my phone on charge then went out to find her. Maybe she was upstairs I raced up and heard the shower going in the main bathroom. I needed to get clean so I thought I would join her.

I quickly stripped off – my cock again hard sprung up out of my jocks and pointed the way. I wanted to surprise her so I slowly turned the knob – it wasn’t locked –  so I snuck inside closing the door slowly behind me. The room was full of steam and the glass was frosted.

I could see her silhouette in the shower and I stood just watching for a moment – my hand pulling on my cock. It was then I heard her she was cumming and cumming hard. I could just make out that she was sitting on the shower floor her legs spread wide and she had the detachable shower head in her hand running the water directly on her young sweet pleasure hole.

“Yeeessssssss that’s it, that’s it ,yesssssss aaaaarrrrgggggg fuckkkkkkkkk   aaaarrrrgggggg!” she screamed sounding muffled as the sounds of the water hit the floor and the lower part of the shower walls.

I couldn’t wait any longer I walked over and opened the door and got right in.


My cock was staring her in the face perfectly from where she was sitting.

I turned and jumped out of the shower grabbing the towel she had set on the hook at the side of the shower for herself. I rubbed the towel fast and hard all over me drying myself as quick as possible.

“I am sorry Ms T. Oh fuck I’m sorry. Helen said you were going, fuck, sorry, I really am so fucking sorry. I honestly didn’t know.”

I wished at that moment the ground would open and swallow me up.

Gail stood up and turned the water off then got out of the shower. She walked naked right up to me and looked me directly right in the eyes.

“Helen’s plane has been delayed overnight – the snow closed the airport.” she said, neither screaming nor angry any more.

I had fear running through me reaching every access of my mind and soul. I felt sick in the stomach but my cock was still hard stood looking at her.

‘Why am I still fucking hard?’ was what passed through my head. I couldn’t think let alone react until Gail spoke.

“You know Tom; I can tell Helen about this, even have you charged for being a dirty pervert.” Her words were calm. They scared and intrigued me at the same time.

“I am sorry, so sorry I thought you were away and Helen was home and you were her, oh dam fuck.” My words rushed out all at once but it felt the more I said the deeper I dug. There was at this point no escape. What would Helen think?

“Well she isn’t here, it’s me and I think it’s only fair that since you have heard me cum that I get to see you cum as well, don’t you?” she asked with more intent in her voice.

“This can be our little secret.” she said as her hand reached and found my hard cock.

“Y.. ye.. yes it is fair I suppose and you won’t say anything, it’s really our secret.” I gushed. I was trapped in her game and under her control now and intended to play along.

She grabbed the towel and dropped it to the floor and stated to slide down to her knees. As she reached the floor in front of me she turned and looked up at me, her mouth poised centimetres from my cock. Her hand wrapped around the base tight as she slowly pulled it up and down in small motions.

“I won’t tell if you don’t, just remember it was you that burst into my home and invaded my shower.” she said looking up at me her eyes says told me what she wanted before she started to suck my cock.

Her mouth engulfed the head of my cock and she sucked hard on it. I felt her tongue licking around the edge of my head. The tip of her tongue lapped at the eye of the head. Then she sucked all the way down, slow, soft yet forceful. She knew exactly what she was doing – it felt amazing and the longer she sucked the better it felt. Her hand massaged my balls and she kneaded them expertly in time with the sucking she was providing.

I started to tremble, as this was all new, Gail was incredible, unlike Helen who I thought was amazing but just sucked hard and fast.

I watched as my cock disappeared into Gail’s mouth and back into full view again before she again slowly engulfed it – her eyes looking up periodically and wantonly – just making me want it even more.

I watched as Gail’s free hand fell between her legs and she started to play with her pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMMM.” she said as the double pleasure from sucking my long hard cock and the joy her fingers were giving her bud collided.

“Oh fuck Tom can you feel that. Oh mmm oh.” she said then sucked again.

I could see her work faster on her pussy and her sucking was completely in tune to her beat of her pussy play. I could now feel her teeth as well as her lips.

“Ms T that’s fucking great! It feels so incredible fucking incredible!” I said uncontrolled.

“Oh fuck Tom I going to cum I cummmmmmmmiiiiinnnngggggg!” her moan took over her words as she took my cock back in her incredible mouth. It felt amazing before but this time there were no words for it. I could feel her cumming through her mouth as she sucked and bit and licked and pulled my cock hard and fast – there was an extra tingle that just sent me over the edge

Gail’s body shook with delight and she clamped down hard on my cock as her pussy muscles contorted around and invisible cock it craved. She pulled back and lay back on her tiles bathroom floor. She rubbed her pussy hard, spreading her legs wide as she shoved two then three fingers inside her hole then back out again. Cumming hard and loud she screamed as she shook.

“Tom pull your cock I want to watch you wank over me, be a good boy Tom, do it pull it.” She demanded.

Still frozen to the spot where she had my cock in her mouth moments before I started to pull my shaft, her saliva coating it made it easy and joyful to play. I pulled as hard as I could. Trying to impress her.

“YES TOM THAT’S A GOOD BOY!” she screamed as her body convulsed in on itself as if drawing in all the pleasure before exploding into an shuddering  expanse of ecstasy that swept through her whole body.

“I am going to cum” I screamed, grabbing her head.

This only made Gail suck harder and she screamed and moaned as she sucked sending her into an intense orgasm continuing to suck with wild abandonment.

“I going to cum I am going to cum Ms T, I am Ms T, I cant stopppppppppppp.”

Gail grabbed my ass pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as my cum shot out load after built up load she sucked and played guzzling down my man juice completely until I had finished. Then she licked my shaft to ensure she got it all.

 “Wow!” my words escaped me “Wow!” I said

Gail stood up and stretched her legs, bending over in front of me, her long legs  leading all the way up to her pussy which was drenched and shining.

“Young cum is always so sweet,” she said as she turned around reaching for a towel from the bench where they were all folded in a neat pile.

“Didn’t you need a shower?” she asked.

I didn’t argue just headed into the shower letting the water run over me soaking in what had just happened. What I had just done. There was no turning back now.

I watched as Gail who was 47 dry herself. Although older she was very beautiful and very sexy. She took care of her self and was always perfectly polished. Her breasts although slightly affected by gravity stood proud as she dried her hair and wrapped a towel around it. She grabbed a second towel and dried the rest of her. Rubbing the towel over her body slowly touching every bit of her firmly and sexy form. Right now everything she did seemed sexy to me.  

My cock was already springing back to life as I rubbed the soap over me to get clean.

“Well Tom that was lovely. I sure want more, get clean we have all night. When you’re ready I’m sure you will be able to find me if you want more that is.

Her eyes were so sexy and hey her words really left me with no choice…

Gail left me with my thoughts and my cock in my hand.  The reality of what had just happened washed over me like the water from the shower head.

My Girlfriend’s mum had just sucked the cum out of the end of my dick and licked it clean without spilling a drop.

My emotions ran wild, all cascading into one big hard cock ready for more action. I was in for a cent may as worth make it a dollar I thought. I washed my hair, the water carrying the suds all over my body. I finished it off with the detachable head in my hands running the water all over crevices of my body.

I grabbed the towel I had used before and dried myself off. 

The thoughts about my girlfriend Helen and how I was doing the wrong thing by her had completely left me. Really Mrs T was her Mum if it came to it well she could try and explain it.

But I wasn’t worried about it anymore.

In fact I was now so fucking horny my cock hurt as it pulsed and I wanted to go and get it in her as deep and as hard as possible.

I threw the towel over my shoulder and walked out of the bathroom. I saw Gail’s door open so I headed straight there. I had been in her room before but never with her in it. I knew where she kept her lube for the nights I fucked Helen’s ass, always putting it back where she kept it.

Gail was lying on the bed with her legs spread as wide as could be and her fingers were working her pussy sliding in and out of her nice wet hole.

“Well you decided to join me… do you want more little boy?” she asked.

“Yes Mrs T… I want A LOT more.” I replied.  

“Well get over here and fuck your mother-in-law to be.” she barked. I walked to the side of the bed and guided my cock to her mouth. Looking back at me she said.

“Oh silly boy – on the bed! I have sucked that monster clean already.”

I was shocked. Helen loved sucking my cock at any opportunity. Before I fucked her, during fucking her and after fucking her.

I jumped on the bed and straight between Gail’s legs. I throbbed at the thought of being inside her.

“Stop Tom” she said looking straight at me.

“It’s time to return the favour don’t you think? Well I don’t care what you think as they say ‘Down Boy’.” she said a strong conviction in her voice. I like licking pussy so this was no chore, although it wasn’t what I usually did with Helen. I generally just fucked her when and how I wanted.

I slid down kissing her belly as I went.

My mouth reached her pussy lips. They were drenched with her love juice and I lapped hungrily. The more directly I licked, the more Gail squirmed on the bed.

“That’s it Tom lick it, stick your tongue inside me deep inside me. Lick my inner walls go on do it. ooohhhhhhh fuck yes!”

I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could and licked it along her inner walls, they were soooo soft. Her pussy juice now coated my face. I put in two fingers on either side of her lips and spread her as wide as possible then licked her like a dog would lap up water from a bowl. I continued with long constant strokes ending at her clit with a little flick. Then back inside her again and again I held her walls, pushing against my fingers so I rubbed then as I licked my body propped mu on my elbows.

“That’s a good boy Tom. Yes, yes, yes lick it lick your mamma’s pussy good boy.” she continued to say, her pitch raising higher with every word. Her body started to shake and her hips thrust into my face. I let go of her hole and wrapped my arms around the under lower part of her back and clamped my face to her dripping hole and licked and sucked riding this bronco ride for all it was worth.

“Aaarrrgg yess yessss fuck yesss Toooooooooom you fucking good little fucking boy arrrgggg ooooohhhoooooo.” she screamed. Her hands grabbed my hair and pinned my face to her pussy holding me there as she thrashed about the bed until she was complete.

Releasing my face and hair from the tight grip she held me with.

“Clean it Tom. You have to clean all my juices off before you can fuck me.” she said breathlessly, her hair was wet and sweat covered parts of her body. I licked her as she had told me to running my tongue all over her, down her legs and between her ass cheeks.

I had never let myself go like this ever and I loved it all. She wasn’t only my mother-in-law to be, she was now my fucking teacher and she was very very good at it.  

“Did you like the taste of me Tom?” she asked leaning up on her elbows, her legs still spread nice and wide her pussy clean shaved and looking totally fucking amazing.  

“Oh yes Mrs T, you taste incredible. I have never enjoyed eating pussy as much as that ever in my life before.”

“Well you need more training Tom, but I think you will be alright in the end.” she said like a school teaching giving me a grade for my report card.

“So let’s see how good you are with the beautiful cock. Does it need sucking?” she asked. My cock had only been soft once since I arrived and that was after my cum unloaded into Gail’s mouth with her swallowing every drop. 

It didn’t take long to get ready again and had stayed that way ever since.

“I am ready Mrs T. Look!” I said jumping to my knees on the bed, my cock standing high and hard.

“Well Tom, she stopped took a breath ………. FUCK ME and make it good or…” her words tailed off as my cock sunk deep inside her, filling her wet mushy pussy.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fucking big Tom you have such a big fucking cock. Fuck you’re in me so deep!” she said as I slid my cock in and out of her slowly all the way in and all the way out for full penetration.

She had had me under her spell until now.

Now I was going to fuck and I was going to fuck her good, long and hard. Holding myself up on my hands I continued to fuck her trying to control the pace as Gail kept bucking her hips up trying to speed it up.

No. Not now. She was going to take what I gave her and that’s how it will be.

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and each time I thrust myself into her the tighter she grabbed. Her lips grabbed hold of me as I pulled out, not wanting to let me go and then holding on tight and having to yield as I forced myself back inside her.

“Do you like that Mrs T? Do you like my big hard cock?” I asked as I continued to slice her open.

“Yes Tom oh fuck yes I do.” she said.  I slammed myself as hard as I could into her, my whole pelvis smashing into hers.  “You are so fucking big.”  she said.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk me oh fuuuuucccckkkkk meeee meeeeeee meeeeee MMMMEEEEEEEE!”

She screamed as the beating her hole was receiving was too much and she was forced to cum. Her juices coated my cock as she came hard, her hands grabbed my hips holding me as I fucked her as hard as I could. I felt her nails dig deep into my hips and butt flesh and it just spurred me on more.

“Take it take that fucking cock of mine you bad, bad woman, you fucking cock hungry slut.” I screamed without thought. The words, far from turning her off, sent her into a bigger orgasm. She screamed so loud I was sure the neighbors would hear her but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop. I fucked her long and hard until I felt that feeling… the sure sign… the tingling.

No! I wasn’t finished. This could be the last time I fucked anyone in this family so I wanted it to last.

I pulled out and stood at the end of the bed. I could see myself in the two mirrors – the one directly above her bed and in the full length double mirrors on the side of me. I wanted to see myself fuck my maybe mother-in-law to be and I wanted her to see me filling her from behind.

“Get over here and bring that filthy fuck hole with you.” I demanded.  Gail crawled across the bed until her pussy was sitting directly in front of me.

“You are a bad woman Gail. You know that you are getting fucked by your daughter’s boyfriend. What’s more you’re fucking loving it1”

“Yes, Tom I am a bad girl ooooohhh I need it Tom give me more of that wonderful cock. Shove it in me.” she cried.

I grabbed her hips and centred the head of my cock just inside the folds of her pussy.

“Well what do you say Mrs T?” I said full of confidence.

“Fuck me Tom! Fuck me!” she yelled looking back at me.

“No that’s not it, didn’t anyone teach you manner?s” I asked.

“Manners? Just fucking fuck me get that fucking cock inside my cunt it’s burning up!” said Gail.

“No Mrs T. Use your manners or I will just stop right now.” I said pushing my luck to see where she would go.

“No, no don’t stop. Please Tom, please fuck me. My cunt needs you so bad.” her words were now soft, gentle and pleading. With that I slid all the way in and started to fuck her again this time from behind. Our rhythm synced quickly and before I knew it my back was arching and I was fucking Gail hard as she pounded back to meet my oncoming cock.

“Oh that’s a good girl, you like that cock, hey do you?” I asked knowing the answer. Gail continued to pound as if not hearing me.

“I said do you fucking like that?” slapping her ass to get her attention. I wanted to hear the words from her mouth.

“Yes Tom fuck me. I love it I love your big hard cock in my pussy.” She yelled. Her cunt reacted to the slap squeezing my cock tighter as if turning up the notch just a little. I slapped her again. “Yes slap my ass, do it, slap me good. Ooooooo I want my cheeks reddddd. Spank me Spank me AAAAAARRRGGGGG SSSSSSSPPPAAANNNKKKKKKMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” she screamed as my hand landed blow after blow. Her ass cheeks quickly reddened under the torrent of slaps raining down on them.

Gail’s head fell to the bed but she held her pussy high still bucking back to take the onslaught it was receiving.

“Mrs T you are such bad girl!” I said as her cunt squeezed me one more time before releasing letting her orgasm go for a moment or two at least.

“Sit up. I want to ride you good I need to take it do you hear me?” I asked.

“Yes I hear you, I will be a good girl I will take what you give me.” she said looking at me in the mirror. “Oh Tom you are so fucking hot, so fucking sexy. Fuck me as you want.” she said. I reached forward and grabbed her long black hair and scooped it into one hand. I slapped her ass with the other.

“Get on!” was my command. Gail wiggled her ass until she found my cock with her hole and eased it into herself.

“That’s it Mrs T use that cock make it feel good in there.”

“It feels good it feels soooooo good. It’s so hot and hard.” she let out.

“You are now mine.” I said looking into the mirror beside me. “Look how good you look getting fucked Mrs T go ahead look.” I used her hair and pulled her face around to the mirror. “It’s good hey. Isn’t it?”  I wanted to hear her her words.

“Yes it’s good Tom you are fucking so good.”  she screamed as she forced her body to keep taking what I was giving. Letting go of her hair I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back into her over and over again. She watched as my cock appeared and then disappeared deep inside her again and again.

“Oh Tom fuck me I am cumming I am cumming aaaaaaaarrrrhhhhfggggggg fuckk fuckkkkkkk aaarrrhhhgggeeeeddddd.” she screamed as I fucked her with all my might. Her pussy convulsed and felt like it was trying to push my cock out, only making me fuck her harder to stay in and in control.

“Take that, Mrs T, take it!” I screamed at her as I reached and grabbed her hair again and held it in two pony tails of sorts and used them as reins as I fucked her harder and harder pulling her hair so her head sat high and proud.

“Tom Tom Tom, that’s it, don’t stop, do me, take me, don’t stop!” she begged. I could feel she was on the way and a torrent of pleasure was heading in her direction about to explode out of her and there were no walls or want that could hold it back.

Tossing her hair into one hand I spanked her cheeks again alternating with grabbing her hips and spanking her cheeks. In and out of her I pounded harder and faster. I watched myself in the mirrors throwing Mrs T about, using her precious place to get all my wants and needs satisfied.

Her head was now falling about where I wanted it to be. Her ass was firm, red and still as I wanted it to be. She was being pillaged and that was what she and I both wanted.

“Put you head down and watch the mirror.” I said my breath hot and heavy.  “I am going to fill you with my cum.”   With that Gail came and her pussy squeezed tighter than ever before. There were no words just muffled sounds escaping as she caught her breath.

“Watch me Mrs T! Watch me fuck you. Watch me fill you. Watch me take you.” My words helped the wave of pleasure that had overflowed speed along.

“Yes please Tom cum, cum in me fill me with your hot young cum. Fill me. Fill me. Fill meee.” she cried as I pounded her without mercy. I tuned to see her eyes and she looked soft and frail but I didn’t let up. I pounded harder until I started to feel that tingle I had felt and hour or so before.

“Mrs T you ready?” I asked. 

“ARE YOU?” This time I screamed

“Yes” she cried.

“I said are you ready?” slapping both her cheeks at the same time.

“Arrggghh fuck yes Tom I am ready I am ready for you give it to me!” her eyes portrayed the words she said, she was ready.

I felt my pleasure build and it increased until my whole body was now one with her. Our bodies were synced, connected and I was about to cum harder than ever before. I held her hips but to my surprise I slowed. My whole body was on automatic and I had no conscious thought or control over it.  Rhythmically I slid my way into her and out again.

No words were needed or could be said at this time, this orgasm my first real orgasm took hold of all on me and I continued to hump until all of me was deep inside Gail’s hot red pleasure hold. After shocks rang bells long after my juice had found it new home.

I fell to the bed beside, Gail my body still in the most intense afterglow I had ever felt. Gail collapsed beside me – no words just bliss. I closed my eyes and after a while Gail like the true good/ bad girl she was climbed over and sucked my cock clean – licking all my sweat and her and my cum off my balls until I was washed cleaned.

“So Mrs T do I get better marks for that?” I asked laughing, still covered in bliss.

“Oh Tom, Helen is one lucky girl.” she smiled “But I am sure there is still quite a lot you could learn.” She stopped and smiled her hand pulling on my cock getting the last drops out for her to lick and suck.

“With the right teacher that is” she smiled got up and left the room.