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First, let me describe my grandma, she is rich and quite a modern lady, she is 55 but looks not a day more than 40. She has silky smooth straightened black flowing hair. She has done even breast surgery and her figure is 36b – 28 – 38. She is a busty cougar with real firm boobies. She has an amazing white curvaceous body and her face is also wrinkle free and fair. All in all, she is a woman that can make any guy cum with her looks only.

I and my parents used to stay in a mumbai and my grandma being single(my grandpa has expired) used to stay alone, in delhi.
And me, I am 18 studying with very slim athletic body and an amazing 10-inch cock

Now coming to the story, this happened a few days back. My mom and dad were out on vacation to bangkok and my grandmother came to my home to take care of me. I couldn’t go as I was having some exams. That night we had our dinner as usual and had some chit chat before we went to each other’s room. All the servants had also left for the night. And so we were all alone.

Most of you guys know about the app tinder. For those who don’t, it’s a location-based app for finding girls. I too have a tinder profile, my profile pic is my dick which is monstrous. My head was spinning with studies and was checking my mobile when I got a notification that I have a match on tinder. I opened the app and the profile pic was a sexy lady, her face was blurred but she was wearing a sexy dress and had a sexy figure. In her profile, it was written widowed matured lady looking for young boys for fun.

I sent her a message that I was an 18-year-old boy. She replied immediately asking me if that is my real cock pic. I said yes. She asked me if I can send my full pic with a face. I was hesitant at first and then I saw that the lady is just 40 feet away from me. I told her that our location is very nearby. I still didn’t have the idea that it was my grandmother. So I sent her my full pic with a face. My grandma must have got a shock of a lifetime. She instantly disconnected and unmatched me. I being the bhola guy had no idea what happened, so after trying few more messages and getting no replies left her and slept.

Next day my grandma was really quite and was not speaking to me much. I still had no clue what was happening. At night we had our dinner as usual, and when all the servants again left, my grandma told me she had something to talk about. I was casual and thought she wanted to talk about the exams. But then my grandma started giving me life lessons of how at this age I should only think about studies and fun can wait. I didn’t know why is it coming. And then she told me I shouldn’t have profiles on tinder and other these kinda app at this age. Now it was my time to get shocked as now it slowly dawned on me that the matured lady with a sexy figure who was only 40 feet away from me was my grandma. I was really embarrassed. Still, I had no bad intention towards my grandma but I couldn’t believe she had such a sexy figure. She was wearing a fully covered nighty with her busty boobs coming out. And then things took a completely different turn.

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My grandma said I shouldn’t use fake pics also in my profile of such a huge cock. I told her it’s mine dadi. She has a surprised look and told me you mean to say that huge thing is yours, don’t lie to your grandma. I said I am not lying dadi, it’s mine. She asked me to show it to her, I was confused, I asked her is she serious. She said I am your dadi I have seen you naked 100 times now show me. I took out my cock from my shorts. It wasn’t erected but still, it was thick and almost six inches. My grandma said so it was really yours, do u take any medicine or what and I replied no it’s natural. She asked me to stand up. So I stood up and stood in front of her with my naked cock. Her hand was getting restless and she touched my cock.
She said I didn’t know my grandson has grown up. Within no time my cock got fully erected and was throbbing in my own grandma hand. Now my grandma was looking to me like a sex object, her delicious figure was attracting me as she fondled with my monster.

Suddenly my grandma withdrew her hands off my cock and said I am sorry beta but we shouldn’t do this, but now I was turned on and my mind and cock wanted more. I grabbed her hair and inserted my cock into my grandma’s mouth and started stroking my cock inside her mouth. She wasn’t able to take it all in as all her lipstick was making my cock red in colour. She took out my cock from her mouth and tried pushing me away but then I took my lips near hers and kissed her deeply, she tried resisting at first but then even she was turned on as she brought her hand on my cock and started stroking it slowly as we continued kissing. Now I slowly got my hands under her nighty and inside her panties. She was all wet and I started fingering her.

In one action I tore apart her nighty revealing her sexy push-up bra and the lovely melons. I removed my clothes too and on the sofa only we started doing. I inserted my cock into her puss as she let out a huge moan and started pounding her. We grabbed each other, her boobs pressing on my chest and continued having sex. I was now discovering what a wild woman my grandma was. She took out my cock and started again sucking it making it all wet with her spit. She now turned into the doggy position on the sofa and guided my cock with her hand into her puss. I was pounding her hard with her breasts in my hands. She was moaning loudly, and even the sofa started shaking. We tried many different position that time most of them with being her on top of me. After almost an hour I cummed inside her ass. We lied naked on the sofa the whole night and did three more times that night.

The whole week we had long hours of sexual activity until my parents came and needless to say, I faired badly in the exams.

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