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This is about that strange day that led to several things that shouldn’t have happened but did. I’m 28 and my cousin is my same age. We sort of grew up together and were very close to each other. She got married 3 years ago and it seemed to everyone that they were having a happy marriage. They went abroad after their marriage and returned a few months ago. During the last 3 years, we weren’t much in touch with each other.

One Saturday evening, I visited her place on my way back from work. She opened the door, and was wearing a short single piece dress that ended above her knees. She was very happy to see me and hugged me. I was surprised a bit at her affection, but hugged her back. She told me that her husband was away on a business trip and would be back next week. We sat on her couch and got talking. She was sitting very close to me and I could see that she was not wearing a bra. Her dress was creeping up her thighs whenever she moved and she didn’t seem to care. After chatting for about half an hour, she asked me if I wanted a drink. I said I didn’t mind a vodka and she got up and went over to fix our drinks. I saw her ass when she was walking away and she seemed to be in great shape. She came back with two glasses of vodka and sprite and set it down on the table. As she was putting the glasses down, she bent down and I could see her ample cleavage. I was very surprised that she didn’t want to go and change into something else. We started having our drinks and were chatting about old times. She had shoulder length hair and looked like she’d washed it recently. She was looking quite pretty with her hair gently swaying in the breeze that had just set in and coming through the balcony. Her dress had noodle straps across her shoulder and plunged down quite deep both in front and at the back. She was looking very hot and I was nervous that I was feeling this way about her.

After about a couple of drinks, we were both tipsy, and our conversation became very chatty and we were really enjoying each other’s company. I was thirsty and wanted some water and got up to get it. She got up too and we bumped into each other. Her boobs hit against my chest and that sent a thrill down my entire body. She said sorry and tried to squeeze past me around the table. In the process, she brushed her boobs against my arm, and another thrill shot through me. It looked like she deliberately touched me and I wasn’t sure how to react. Since I was a bit tipsy, I decided that i’ll find out if it was just accidental or not. When she was filling up water from her Aqua Guard, I went into the kitchen to help her, and deliberately stood right behind her, and brushed myself on her ass. She moved back a little and pressed her ass against my crotch. I didn’t move and enjoyed the feeling. I then playfully held her arms, which were soft and tender, and asked her if she needed any help. She said no and suddenly, collected some water in her palm and threw it on my face, and started giggling. I grabbed the other bottle on the counter, took some water, and threw some on her face and neck. She tried to struggle and put more water on me, but I managed to get another shot at her. The water dripped down from her neck and I could see that her dress was now wet above her boobs and clung to her. I could clearly see the contours of her boobs and she looked amazing. She had nice boobs, about 32C, and very perky. I started getting a hard on and was glad that my jeans could contain it. Since I grabbed both bottles, she didn’t have any way of getting back at me. So she hugged me trying to wipe her on my shirt. I put the bottles down and hugged her back. I was a terrific feeling. Then she slowly let go, looked at me, and gave me a kiss on my lips. Her lips were soft and juicy. I kissed her back and we shared a long lingering kiss. While I was kissing her, my arms wandered down to her ass and I started squeezing her butt. It was a gorgeous butt and just the right size. I got a big hard on now and I’m sure she could feel it. We started slowly moving out of the kitchen and she started taking off my shirt. By the time we were out of the kitchen my shirt was off and she was working my jeans and kissing me at the same time. The jeans came off and I was in my underwear with a raging hard on. She took me to her bedroom, kissing me all the time. I started pulling up her dress and felt the skin underneath and squeezed her ass. I then started kissing her on her neck and went southwards, holding her by the waist. She had a nice slim waist that felt great in my palms and kissed her on her boobs and on her cleavage. I then pulled her dress up and took it off. She was standing there topless! We both got on to the bed and hugged each other rather tightly. Her boobs felt great against my chest. The soft tender touch was driving me insane. I started rubbing all over her back and down to her ass, and started sucking on her big brown nipples. Her nipples were erect now and she was moaning in pleasure. I moved down to her belly and boy didn’t she have a sexy belly button. Her flat stomach with just that little bit of fat accentuated her belly button and I started kissing passionately all around it. I then pulled her panties down and got my first look at her pussy. She had trimmed the hair nicely and it was a lovely sight. I started kissing her pussy and then licking it. She was now moaning very loudly. I flicked my tongue on her pussy and within a few minutes she started having an orgasm. She was very loud and shuddered with every touch of mine and then finally came with a flood of juices running out of her. I moved up and hugged her tightly and gave her a deep kiss.

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She continued kissing me and then started kissing my chest. She put me down on the bed and started kissing all over me. I was in heaven! She slowly made her way down to my dick and held it in her hands and started rubbing it gently. Then she lowered herself and kissed it, and then slowly she took the tip of my dick into her mouth and worked her way down till she had my entire dick in her mouth. She started gently moving her mouth up and down my dick. I was having a wild time. Just as I was going to start coming, she let go and gently squeezed the top of my dick. Then she rubbed me all over and climbed on top of me. She took my dick in her hands and guided it into her pussy. She was looking terrific on me with her boobs pointed at me. She started moving on my dick and her boobs started bouncing. I reached out and grabbed her boobs and played with her nipples. Within a few minutes she started coming again and pumped into me wildly. She came again and collapsed on me with her boobs crushing against my chest. I held her close, with my dick still inside her, and started rubbing her back and squeezing her butt. Then I gently turned over, with her in my arms and my dick inside her all the time. Once I got on top of her, I started thrusting slowly in and out of her warm juicy pussy. She was moving in synchronism with my movements.

Her boobs started heaving up and down. I bent down till I could feel her boobs against my chest. I started pumping faster and faster and the way her boobs crushed against my chest was making me wild. I went on for quite some time, enjoying every moment, and I started to build up to my orgasm. She had also started moaning loudly and finally we both came at the same time and I collapsed on her. I stayed the night with her and fucked her once more in the morning before I left.

We did this a few more times when her husband was away and then we drifted apart slowly when I moved to the US.