Sex With My Hot Office Mate

Hello Guys, my name is Sam and I am from Bangalore working in an MNC and I am daily reader of N8story. Let me tell you about myself, I am 23 years old, 5’10 feet height, athletic body and good looking. I never had any girlfriend in my life but wanted one, unless I found few good looking girls in my Office. There were many girls with nice curves, especially with big boobs; I love to watch girls with big boobs as they make me hard every time.

I look at them but wanted to see them naked. Now let me brief you about the girl whom I liked and had sex with her. Her name is Priyanka, quite shorter than me but with very nice curves which use to attract me towards each day. I had a good rapport with her, she got an opportunity of becoming an Airhostess you can understand how good looking she was and her figure whenever she comes and speaks to me I would somehow manage to stare at her boobs every time, she knows.
I look at them but said anything and let me start the actual story on Jan 25th we both had come to office, finished our work and we left to home, she was alright till then but suddenly that same at 1:30 in the night she called me and started crying she was very upset for something I tried to ask her what was the reason but no success she kept crying for 15 minutes and then I finally her told her in anger if you do not want to share what’s wrong then cut the call.
She started weeping again and said tum mere sab se ache dost ho aur ab tum bhi mujse naraz ho jaoge to main kahan jaun then I said if you don’t tell me what happened exactly how would I console you. She then said that her parents fixed her marriage with a guy in the next month and that had called her to talk to her and she said maine baaton baaton mein hi usse poocha, do you have any girl friends, he answered I had 3 but had sex with only one and I lost myself on the phone and disconnected as soon as I heard that. 
I asked what are you up to now, you don’t want t marry her or what? She said I am sorry, I asked what for sorry, she said this is the second time happened with my where guy tells me if had sex with only 1 or 2 girls but I did not want to tell so kept quite then just to make her realise how much I want to fuck her and said I am such a good friend of yours and hid these things from and disconnected the call and started laughing on my bed and then she tried to call me thrice but I did not pick up her call, she then messaged me.
I said I wanted to talk to something personal please pick my call. I was aroused and I called her and she said Sam, I want to be ready if the next guy comes into my life and says I had sex with girls. I did not understand what she meant, I once thought for a while mujhe shayad green signal mil gaya but still though she is just talking as a friend and nothing like. She said can we meet tomorrow at the resort? (This is a place where she likes and we go quite often) I said why not, anything to my friend.
I was so happy that night that I was sure something will happen this time and I could not sleep the whole night as soon as it struck 8 in the morning I got up and refreshed myself and took her to the resort. She did not speak to me anything about it, she asked how come you took leave today, I said I called my manager and told I am sick, she said Oh good then I asked her how are feeling after that instance, she said I am still thinking about it. I asked why she suddenly called me come here.
She said I tell you once we reach there and we were talking on the phone all this while, while travelling. We reached that resort, which is nice a place for couples, she said I can’t tell you everything and express my feelings in this open area, so I asked then what to do. She said book a cottage in this resort as I heard my dick started rising up, I asked a cottage? Are you sure? She said yes, but we won’t do things which others do in this resort to which I thought aisa toh kabhi nahi ho sakta kuch na kuch zaroor hoga agar nahi hua to main zarur kuch toh bhi karunga.
I said ok I booked a cottage, we went inside the room and sat quiet for 15 minutes, then she said I wanted to pee to me do it come and went towards the bathroom. She entered and shut the door but did not lock it, which made a clear view to see a person inside. I slowly moved towards the door and I saw she took her jeans off, uffffffff what scene that was, her naked thighs and a black color panty. She then slowly removed her panty and I was on the 7th heaven seeing her ass, it was good, perfectly matching her figure, they also looked shiny.
I felt like to get inside and spank that fucking ass, but controlled and then she started peeing and the sound was so sweet to hear at that point of time and she then washed her groin area and panty back and also the jeans, I then rushed towards the bed, she then came outside and next to me again we both quiet for 10 minutes, I broke the silence and asked her what have you decided after that instance she almost had tears in her eyes and said I had 2 very bad instances, I want to overcome them, then I asked how do you want to console you to do so. 
She then her hand on my thighs, uuffffff what a touch it was in that situation, she kept her hand very much near to my dick and my dick started to grow with that touch and I thought the right time has come let’s not waste time anymore and i kept my hand on her shoulders and looked in her eyes, I felt kissing her very badly on her lips. I asked her “Priyanka I can understand your pain, mujhe batao main kaise tumhe khush kar sakta hoon” she had a light smile on her after hearing that. 
I did not waste any time and hugged her tightly, she had no objections with that, her boobs were directly touching my chest and dick was very hard by this time. I started playing hand on her back up and down, she was enjoying that, then I moved and she relax baby everything will be alright and wiped her tears. She was shocked to hear me calling her bay as I never did that and she then said I did not sleep the whole night let me sleep for some time and I was like what the fuck I want to sex her.
She is sleeping and I said even I did not sleep let me sleep besides you. She slept in no time and I was so curious to see her naked. I acted as if I am sleeping and put 1 hand on her waist, no reaction from her. I put my leg on her thigh, which is almost touching my hard dick on her ass crack ufffff what an experience that was. She then got up from her sleep after this movement and I acted as if I am sleeping and she turned her face towards me and kept her hand on my shoulders and said Sam get up.
I did not respond, second time called my name I got up and asked her ya hua Priyanka, you alright? She said, I am fine and if you don’t mind I want you to do something for me, I was confused for a while and said tell me baby I will do anything and everything you want. She said I want to kiss for supporting me at this bad time, I was shocked to hear that and said are sure Priyanka, she said yes baby and kissed me on my lips and moved but I was aroused by this and pulled her again.
I kissed her very badly bit her tongue and lips, blood too came out of her lips, then I licked her blood and said sorry baby I couldn’t control. she said no issues and again started to kiss me, I was like ufffff was I fool by not kissing her from a long time and I was lost in the kiss and in the mean while I could see her hand moving down slowly from my chest to my stomach and then she kept her hand on belt and started removing. I stopped the kiss and asked what are you doing she said I called you here for doing this Sam.
I heard from 2 guys that they had sex I felt like I should also have it so the next time if anyone tells me this I can return them and I felt like I am on top of the world and said baby let me tell you I had a lot of lust on you and I used to stare at your boobs every day. She said I know that baby and I did not waste any time and helped her in removing my belt, she then slowly put her hand inside my jeans and touched my hard dick and she oh someone is getting harder and I asked her go inside.
She then in not me put her hand inside my underwear and had the hard dick in her hand, what a pleasure that was uffffff I cannot explain more about it and she then asked me to get up on the bed and removed my jeans and underwear and started my licking from my foot till my dick, I was on heaven and in no time she took my dick in her hand and started masturbating, I stopped her as I wanted to see her naked, I took off my shirt and asked her to get up and I started licking her boobs with her shirt on.
I slowly removed her shirt and she was wearing a black bra which looked awesome on her boobs. I could also see hard nipples coming out and I unhooked her bra and started licking her boobs, I pressed 1 boob with my hand and licked the other one, she started moaning by this ahhhhh, press it harder baby, I did so she moaned loudly, harder, yes, I love you so much baby come on.
I went down kissing her body and then stomach and then removed her jeans and also took off her black panties and then I started from her foot, then thighs and I spread her legs an I saw her clean shaved pussy in front of my eyes and it smelled so good and I did not waste much time and kept my mouth on the clit of her pussy, she moaned loudly as I kept y tongue, ooohh baby you know how to give pleasure to a gal, go on baby, it’s all yours, eat them lick them I will give you my juice.
I got wild and started licking her pussy and they were so tasty and within no time she came on me and I drank her juice for the first time, she said baby it was so good, please do it again and I started eating her pussy again very badly, she started moaning again with loud voice, mmm, ouch, yes, do it, eat them aaaahh, baby am cuming am cuming and she came all over again.
She then asked me to sleep on the bed and took my dick in her hand and started shaking, I asked her to take in her mouth and she took it, it was awesome pleasure for me as I never had any gal doing a blowjob, I said Priyanka i love for this do it harder, she started sucking my dick harder and harder and I said I am cuming, yes cum in y mouth I want to taste it and I came huge in her mouth and she drank all of them, it was so pleasure for me.
I started playing with her boobs, until my dick became hard again, as soon as it started rising she is her mouth and started sucking slowly and said I don’t want you to cum so soon you need fuck me, I said oh yes baby and asked come in a doggy style as I like this style, she came this way I went back side and spit on her pussy and on my dick, she guided me to her pussy hole. 
I gave a gentle push it did not go as it was a virgin pussy, she asked to put some force and push it in. I gave a strong push this time and my dick was completely inside her pussy, with this she broke her virginity and made a big sound aaahhhh baby slowly it hurts me, I then started giving strokes slowly and she asked me speed up now, I became wild again and gave her big shots and she kept moaning and abusing those guys, fuck me baby, fuck me, yes, same way, take me am all yours, ouch.
I want to be ready for those mother fuckers, fuck me hard. I said I am coming she asked me baby please some in my pussy, I started giving big strokes and gave blast in her pussy and I slept on her boobs for some time, we both were tired, after some time she asked me to fuck her ass now and my dick aroused and started fucking her and came in her ass.