Sex with my neighbor girl

My name is John Dsouza, working in one of the call centers. I have had several successful and unsuccessful relationships in office & near my residence. I will narrate one episode which involves my neighbor girl. Check it out for you to know if it was successful or unsuccessful.

Her name was Shahnaaz (Muslim girl). She was about 29 years old, still not married. My whole point here was that she was more than the age to get married hence should be horny and should be easy to fuck or have a nice affair. She stayed opposite to my house, hence most of the times when I found her outside I used to show signs to her. For a long period she ignored me. She would immediately not see me at all. After a long period maybe after 1 year she started responding or smiling whenever I used to show some signs to her. Hurrah something was working now. I used to show signs like licking her body, breasts, lips, pussy.

She started understanding and will immediately cover those parts if it was lips, she would start biting it. Once she got a call at my residence. I called her, but my relatives were in house hence would not be successful, as she was talking over the phone I kept staring at her = everything. And openly when no one was seeing I started massing my penis. When she was exiting I said she looks awesome. She said I was joking and she ran off to her house. Next instance was when there was no water and she wanted to take water from my house. She had to take water from behind and to walk through a passage. I waited there and she passed by me each time with empty or filled pot I started talking to her very sexually and with each time I got bold and put my hand out. She backed out and said someone might see. I got the message. I slowly opened the back door and made sure there was no one and asked her for her hand. She gave me and I gave a nice kiss to her on her hand. Next time she came to fill the pot in 5 minutes I again asked her hand and she gave me, but this time I licked her hand, she resisted, with me insisting she agreed and I licked her entire hand and fingers.

She was turning back and sideways to see if there is someone. I made good this opportunity and bend down and started kissing her and biting her on her thighs and pussy over her clothes though. She begged me to not do it and pleaded to leave her. I said ok if she massages my penis after some thought she massaged softy over my pajama. I said do it more hard and slowly removed her hand and put it in to my pajama. She was taken back, but I did not release her and forced her to massage me for sometime, during this time my penis just started to grow huge and it had become a 9 inch dick and she was totally scared. I kissed her on her check and let her go.

Later on she started showing me signs like calling me to her house but I was not that comfortable hence I didn’t go. Next time when she came out to buy vegetables. She came to me for change, I gave her. After the vegetable vendor left we both spoke for a quick 2 minutes, where she said there was no one in her house the other day and we could have lots of masti. I said I was scared and that if someone comes we would be exposed. I said it would be better if we could do it in our house since it would be better or greater security.

One afternoon at 1:30 pm there was no one at my place and I was very horny. I went out to see if she was outside, she was not there and the door was closed. I just browsed porn site and was hornier. I went to her door knocked at the door. She was sleeping and I said there was a call for her. She came to my house after washing her face. I gave a call from my cell to my landline and I took the landline and gave it to her. When there was no response she said she will leave, I held her hand and asked whether I could touch her. She said it would not be safe enough at all. I said since there was no one at both our places I convinced her for that and locked the door. I started kissing her neck and started massing her breasts and tried to remove her churidhar top but she resisted and seemed not in mood. I took her to my room and switched on my computer and browsed through porn sites and showed her some small bits of porn videos and saw that she was getting hornier and very hot.

She didn’t expect this at all and started sweating, I gave her a cold glass of water and she drank it, I joking asked if we could share a glass of milk. She made it very clear that it would happen only with her husband. More videos and she just turned hot; I used this opportunity and again approached her and massaged her body. After a long time I was able to convince her to remove her top and I started massaging her breasts, bit her on both nipples and massaged so much that she voluntarily started massaging my penis. All my efforts to remove her bottom did not succeed. But she agreed for me to kiss and bit her pussy. I browsed through another porn Indian video site and pulled up a 8 minute video hot one, as she was seeing that I succeeded in removing her bottom, she again resisted but she knew I had already removed her bottom, so she started talking to convince me not to fuck her saying we don’t have condoms, but when I showed her I did have 2 packets, and showed her, she was all surprised to see that and asked how to use that. I showed it to her and demonstrated by putting it on to my dick and convinced her that nothing will go wrong as I will not ejaculate in her. She was convinced and I removed her undergarments. I started kissing her and biting her pussy. I tongue fucked her for sometime, she was moaning a lot. I was all steady and slowly put my fingers in her pussy and moved for sometime, she removed my fingers and asked me to do it. John bhai jaldi mujhe karo… I put my dick into her pussy, she was very tight, I tried couple of times but could her fuck her well. Both of us were very desperate, she said she wanted me to do it in the next 5 minutes. It didn’t work as I was very excited. I removed it and washed it well. I moved again towards her and started kissing her breasts, ass, asshole, pussy and biting her, my dick stated to bulge and was completely erect.

She asked if I had vaseline, she said she has heard some one talk that vaseline will do some good. I said ok and put vaseline on my dick and a little in her pussy. After 2 to 3 thrusts I was able to fuck her and another 3 thrusts completely put my 9 inch dick in to her pussy. I stated moving madly at her and fucked her for about 30 minutes. She was bleeding. First my thrusts were slow but as I saw her enjoy I started increasing my speed and she also wanted me to do it faster. We just enjoyed, we had a bath together, again I put her to bed and started fucking her again when there was a knock at my gate, both of us were startled and scared, it was only the postman who dropped the letters and went off but she was not ready to go ahead. She dressed up, but I left her only after she gave me a good blowjob.

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Next I shall post another story again with the same girl, but this time it will be for about 5 hours. So just watch out.