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Dear readers,

I am an ardent reader of the stories appearing in “Indian sex” since the last few years. Till recently, I had no experience to share and as such, I was confined to reading the stories only and enjoying myself thoroughly. But only last week, I had such an experience that I now feel that I should share this with my friends.

To introduce myself, I am prabhat (name changes) a Bengali speaking youth, 22 years of age. I am now studying for my msc course at the post graduate science college at kolkata (read Calcutta) in physics. I reside in kolkata with my elder brother sudeep (name changed) and his wife jaya (name changed) in a small two bed roomed flat. Sudeep and jaya have been married just three months back and I had presumed that they must be enjoying their marital bliss as is usually the case. Let me describe my bhabhi, jaya first. She is a beautiful woman by all standards. Her complexion is fair; she has sharp facial features with big eyes that are full of expression. She has a head-full of thick, curly black hairs that reach down to her shoulders and which she normally parts in the middle. A thin line of red sindur is applied on this parting, indicating her marital status. She is around 5’ and 3” tall and is of slender built. But my word what other endowments has she been blessed with. Her breasts are round and they appear firm and my guess that her bra size must not be less than 38 at least. Her tummy is well tucked in and she has no flab at all. Her two buttocks are round and large. By all standards her vital statistics should be at least 38-28-38. She likes wearing tight fitting clothes like tight jeans or slacks and tops or skirt and tops. Sometimes she even wore tight denim shorts with blouses to match. Most often her tops / blouses are sleeveless that expose her arms distinctly. I will share with you that sometimes while she had raised her hand; I had a glimpse of her very hairy armpits that were covered with a thick growth of curly black hairs. Evidently she did not believe in shaving her armpits like most other women of her age.

Since she was around my age, we became close friends instead of being just devar and bhabhi. We talked, chatted and joked with each other and we were totally at home with each other. I had her permission to call by her name jaya and she called me pro that was short form of prabhat. She had explained that she did not have the time to address me by my actual name. My brother sudeep and jaya used to occupy a bedroom next to mine in this flat. The toilet and kitchen were just adjoining their bedroom leading out of the small dining cum drawing room where both our doors opened. During nights I could hear all kinds of sounds from the adjoining bedroom occupied by sudeep and jaya. There were squeals, grunts and moans and sounds of heavy breathing. I could well imagine what was going on and realizing that the two were enjoying the pleasures of newly married life, I used to fall asleep dreaming of the days when I too would be enjoying similar pleasures with my wife.

Then all of a sudden the scene changed dramatically. Early last week in the middle of the night, I heard loud voices and exchanges of words between sudeep and jaya. Their quarrel continued for around half an hour after which there was silence. I drifted off to sleep. The same thing was repeated the next night and the third night also. I was distinctly feeling perturbed at this sudden turbulence between my brother and my bhabhi, but I could do nothing as it was between a husband and his wife. Last Saturday, again the quarrel picked up and through my open door I saw my brother supeep rush out of his room clad in his pajamas muttering various curses. Immediately behind him was jaya clad in her nightie. She was yelling at sudeep calling him all sorts of names, likes of which I had never heard before. Suddenly, my brother stopped, turned around and he rushed towards his wife and before my horrified eyes, he slapped her hard on her cheek. More such slaps followed, with jaya screaming in pain. Sudeep then caught her by her hairs and started to drag her into their room. Jaya was struggling hard and in the process, her nightie was drawn up above her knees and I could distinctly catch a glimpse of her white panties beneath. In his room, my brother started to beat up jaya black and blue with a stick and she was crying and weeping for all she was worth. On my part, I simply watched the entire episode helplessly, not knowing what to do. Sudeep kicked jaya and again slapped her hard. Not bearing the sight any more, I went inside my room and locked the door. Jaya was sobbing uncontrolled and my brother was fuming in rage. I don’t remember when I fell asleep.

The next morning was normal as usual as if nothing had happened the night before. Sudeep left for his office in due course. Since my vacations had commenced, I was at home and due to the last night’s disturbing episode, I decided to rest. I was dressed in my shorts and vest and was reclining on my bed reading a book. It was then that jaya entered my room. She was clad in a tight fitting skirt with a sleeveless blouse covering her torso. She stood near my bed and calling me said “pro, do you mind if I sit with you for some time and tell you something very important?” I thought it very natural and told her that she was welcome to sit with me and tell me what she wanted. She then sat beside me on the bed with her feet dangling on its sides. Her eyes were sad and tearful. Then she started, “pro, you must be surprised at what happened last night? Let me explain”. I exclaimed that as it was their internal affair, why I should be told of the details. She then went on saying that my brother had ruined her life and that he was not fit to even maintain a proper conjugal life. In fact he was impotent and was incapable of even having an erection that could be retained for long. Her sex life was in shambles and her desires remained unfulfilled.