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Latest Neighbor Sex Stories added for who looking hard fucking aunty sex story So I start the story, her name is Divya she is 29 years old and mother of two sons. She is lean and 5.5″ Tall and fair complexion. She has medium sized breast, neither big nor small an average tits. She came with her family in this pandemic to our next door. I haven’t seen her like a sex object. But once I saw her naked after her shower through the window. She haven’t noticed me. And another time when her husband lifting her nightie on the terrace. I loved her structure so much. She and her husband were fucking like anything during pandemic. Once the lockdown released my parents went to their job. Me and my sister alone at home. I was watching porn and stroking my cock in my boxers. She being very familiar and close to our family she entered opening the closed door. She saw me stroking cock I thought she hadn’t saw me. Then she took my sister cycle key and went to work.The next day I saw her sweeping the floor and I saw her cleavage through the nightie gap. And after that they planned to visit a temple outside Chennai. That time she was in saree. I never seen her in saree. She used to wear salwars and nightie all time. I became so hard for her hip when she turned near me in saree. I just wanna cuddle her by letting my hands at her navel and remove her pallu and enjoy every part of her body throughout the day. She saw me and guessed what I’m thinking and went hiding her saree gap. I don’t have any guts to call her to my bed.After that day she never talks to me and whenever she talk she used to talk in fear and in low voice. And once I went to terrace she was standing at the corner wearing a salwar. I greeted her and asked how was her day. She said fine. I could see her bra straps out. Once I saw that she corrected them and went down to her home. I feel like insulted.Then after couple of days she went to my home in search of sister. I said she will come in no time. She said she need cycle key. I searched for it I couldn’t find. I said I couldn’t find the keys. She said she will take them. Then I left her some way to enter the house. She went inside bedroom to search keys. I too went behind her she immediately turned around and got afraid thinking I’m going to trick her and look her back in the bedroom. She asked me to stand out. She was searching for a minute. She rested in bed and was waiting for my sister. Then I went inside and closed the door to switch on the fan as the switch board is behind the doors. She got panicked and asked why closing door. I went near her and sat on the bed and asked her what’s the problem. She said ” open the doors ” I said switch box behind the doors so I closed the door in order to switch on fan to make you feel comfortable. She said ok. I then asked ” me and my sister have frequent sex I don’t have any need to force you and tricking you for sex ” she said ” you saw me like that ” I said ” I never say no to that and yeah I was attracted to you and in want of personal relationship with you but I had seen you naked in hall after your shower and when your husband crushing your pussy on terrace at night. ” She remained silence. I said ” I have respect and little fear to touch you and though your stunning body make me to feel to explore your body. And yeah I think it’s normal but you thought and behaved like a rapist ” she said ” I’m leaving ” I said ” its ok don’t feel worried about this now my thoughts clear. ” She asked ” will you tell to anyone about this? ” I said ” why I’m going tell all this. I got irritated so told you all these. ”After that she brought me sweets and started talking so close to me. I don’t have the sex thought by this time. I helped her in talk chores. We both became so close. I help her lot and she reward me with coffee and like that. I once said j could see her bra straps she said with a smile ” you saw my full body without a single sheet of cloth even that time you haven’t attempt to take control over me, you do by seeing the bra strap? ” I haven’t react anything. Then that evening she was standing at the balcony her husband pulled her inside house and closed the door. The door shaked for a minute guess they were fucking at the main door. I asked her what happened nothing I said ” think your husband is a horny creep ” she laughed and said you are no where less horny creep compared to him ” After some time. I saw her standing near the kitchen sink and holding her nightie. But she kept something in the stove. Then I came to know he husband is down the floor to enjoy her pussy. Then she saw me watching what they are doing. She gave head movement to chase me. She holded her husband head and said go in low voice. I remained there. Her husband asked to remove her nightie. She said ” we can do afterwards ” she saw me and said not now. He said no he wanted now. Then she removed her dress and I saw her boobs she then hides her nipples as I was watching. After the session she came. She said ” I think I gave you much space to you. You peeping into the window when we both were intimate. ” I said ” I couldn’t do at least I watch ” she said ” started your sexual desire again? ” I said ” why don’t you do inside bedroom? ” She said ” so you saw? ” I said yes. She asked ” is this how you behave I asked you to leave. ” I said ” sorry I don’t have any chance so watched I can only watch. I even had thought of doing you but I cant as you are your husband product. ” She asked ” then why you watched? ” I replied ” I cant do but I can watch moreover you done window opened and you said na I’m too horny creep like your husband ” she said ” that man also fucking when doors are open I asked him to close and moreover he is now 32 and married ten years ago. Still wanna fuck all time. ” I said ” its ok I had free show and though you married ten years of above that you are a awesome lady with right parts. No man will leave you without fucking. If you are my wife I would take you to bed and I will remove all your dress and listen you. No more talking before that. ” She said ” all man are like this see your looks itself fucking me so horny haha but I don’t know why I’m not angry this time though you speaks naughty ” I said ” please leave I can’t control my thoughts. She asked ” you have fucked your sister you said that day do with her ”I said ” I’m going to masturbate thinking you ” she said ” why masturbate? ” Immediately saying this she jumped and fell down on me and said don’t masturbate instead take me now. This happened too quickly I done aggressively she cant control me I grabbed her without telling anything and hugged her tightly and rubbed my face on her face and then we sat and I took her and made her sit on my lap facing me and pressing her boobs and lip locked her and we both licking our mouth aggressively and I lying down on bed suddenly and lifted her nightie and saw her panty. She stood and removed her panty and I made her to keep her leg on the computer table and I licked her pussy force fully. She was moaning hard and making too and fro motions. After that I stood behind her and grabbed her waist which I love the most and tested my cheek on her left shoulder and moved my hand at her waist. Her navel was like hell. Then I kept a finger on her dress and let it deep inside her breast and moved my finger sideways and moved her dress to get vision to her boobs. Then I took my left and crushed her boobs on the dress and saw how it crush inside her dress. Her movements Carried me. She removed my pants and I quickly removed her dress and thrown it aside. She she wanna try 69 so she was on top of her took my cock and I caressed her pussy. Then I turned her and made her sleep in the corner and removed my shirt and I removed her bra and pushed my cock inside her pussy and sleep on her and lip locked her. Then I massaged her boobs hard and started fucking her in missionery position. After some time I took her on top of me and we fucked in cowgirl position. Her boobs jumped like hell and I was about to cum within 5 mins.I rested for sometime and fucked her again from back by lifting her leg. This time I held her waist and caressed her pussy when fucking her. Then we stood on floor and I made her bend and I fucked her from back. Her medium sized boobs hanged on air. Then I fucked her in the corner of bed but I was standing and fucking her and cummed on her pussy lips. She said no matter she get pregnant if the sperm accidentally went in. She asked me to have another time sex. I said anytime. She said next time she need passive sex not this aggression. I said this time you teased me so I wanna fuck you badly. She said she wanted a dull talked pre planed sex with all the mood we should enjoy. As anytime we had trouble as someone might come. She wanted the experience which she have with her husband like free comfortable sex when noone can ask. I asked her to take a day leave for her work and fixed a date after a week. She said she will be out of station the coming week.I will share what happened and how our trip went. Though meanwhile that week we fucked at her kitchen too when she prepare food. And in bathroom when she washing clothes and many all the experience in next story