Sex with stranger

My name is Manu 30 yrs married but not looking like a married person. I am 5 feet 9 Inch tall 68 kg weight with vast fore head which many girls liked it who ever comes to my life occasional and unexpected.

These incidents took place when I have to travel from Trivandrum to kasargode for an official job. As the assignment comes in late I was no hope to get the ticket in train so I choose to travel by bus. That decision afterwards became a lucky instant for me. When I reached the luxury coaches which conducting service between trivandrum to kasargod I found difficulty find a seat but any how I got a seat near to the lady as they booked two seats and in the last minute she cancelled one seat and she got no voice to disturb as they allot the seat to me near to her. As the bus was having 2×2 seats there was no other person in our row. When the bus started she started reading some books pertaining to medicals. Sorry let me describe her first. She is white beautiful lady at her late 20s with a shape of 38 26 38. I don’t know with this much big boobs how she maintained the body posture so sexy. Her hair is black and shinning one which shows in ads of shampoo. I am getting good fragrance of her hairs that in turn made me wild. Her lips are so beautiful in cherry red which I like to chew it in my mouth as a bubble gum. As she reading a medical book I guess that she is working in medical field only. After five minutes of commencement of journey she was unable to concentrate in reading and she closed the book. I thought that this is the right time to get introduce each others. I asked where r u going she replied that she is going to attend some medical seminar which is conducting in Cochin. I also introduce my self and started talking in low voice as the lights of the bus have been switched off and every one is in a mood to sleep.

Now I got a naughty idea and kept my hand over the arm rest which is common for both and her hand was already there. To my surprise she didn’t with draw her hand instead of that she nodded a smile on her face. By this action I got courage a started massaging her fore arms and she started enjoying that. As she was wearing a light pink saree her side of belly was visible which drive me very wild. Slowly I started spreading my hand over her smooth belly which is as soft as marble she started giggling and asked me not to hurt her. Slowly I unhooked her blouse and put my firm hand over her breast and started caressing it of my surprise the free her big boobs from her black sexy bra and I started to suck it like a child who wishes to take milk from his mother. At this time she was in a mood and her eyes were half open and I know that ladies are done of getting their boobs sucked by rough and tough. As we are in but due to limitation for further progress I tried to put my hand inside her saree to find her hairy puss as it was night I can’t explain at this instant about her pink pussy but I will narrate in my next stories. I found that her pussy is very wet and the hairs are also having some thick cumming over. I started to penetrate my index finger to give her a good orgasm as he was very much hot she achieved two orgasms in quick intervals and she stopped to do any further as she can’t bear it now. By this time my cock is getting very hard and ready to throb out of my pant. She unzipped my pant ant took my tool in her soft hand as started jerking. Then I told her if it ejaculates then it will be problem to clean it. She whispered in my ears that don’t worry I will take car of it and she bend her head and pace my 7 inch cock in her mouth and started to give massage with her tongue.

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I was in heaven for that 5-7 minutes and finally my hot cum ejected in her mouth and she collected all my cum and gulped it with our allowing to flow from out of her mouth. After that we dressed properly and sat like gentle. While getting down in cochin she gave her contact number and asked to contact when I will be back in tvm. She smiled at me and waived her hand bye saying bye. Till next meeting bye

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