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Hi, I am Sahil again with a new sex story. This sex story is about how I got a chance and fucked my cousin sister, this sex story is real, so I have mentioned everything real. And its long so have the patience to read. About my sister, her name is Pooja, she is slim, tall, fairy looking with round and soft boobs.

Her age is 19. Comming to the sex story. I always had an eye on her, I always wanted her on my bed, I had a huge lust for since I got to know about sex. But never even dared to say her anything or to touch her. I always use to masturbate thinking about her sometimes twice in a day. I always used to stare at her, her house and my house was just aside. While talking with her, I use to peep into her cleavage. She never knew what my intention was.

All this was going on for one day, I got a chance to see her naked, I use to go her home daily that day also I went. She didn’t notice my presence, she had just come out from the bathroom, she unwrapped her towel and was dying her hair. She was totally nude in front of the mirror. Her ass was round and big and her big and soft boobs were hanging. It was just awesome.

I just wanted to suck them, when she turned my side( I was peeping from the small hole from the door) I saw her pussy, there was no hair on it, maybe that day, she had clean shaved. Then she wore her panty and bra quickly. Till then my dick was hard like iron. I needed to masturbate so I went to my house to masturbate.

Now her nude scene was not going out from my eyes nor from my mind. Now my lust towards her had increased more. I just wanted to fuck her. Every day at that time I use to go to see her but sometimes I use to get failed due to the presence of her mom and dad.

All this was going on since one day, her mom and dad were going to their native place for a week, she didn’t go because she had her college and she was young enough to stay alone, still their parents said me to sleep at night as she might feel scared alone so. I was very happy listening to this because now there would be no one to disturb me while seeing her nude.

So after having dinner, I went to Pooja’s house and she opened the door, she called me in, I said hi and she also replied,”Heyy”, and then I closed the door. She was in her nightdress, her boobs were hanging, I guess due to comfort she was not wearing any bra, she was saying me something but not listing that I was staring at her boobs continuously.

The first time, she noticed me that I stared at her but that time, she did not say anything. She said I can watch tv till then she will also have dinner and she had arranged a bed for me in tv room itself. When she turned back to walk towards her room her ass was like omg I wished I could catch that but it was not possible. She went in and I started to watch tv.

I was continuously thinking about that hanging boobs. I wished I could suck them. But it was not possible. It was 10, so she had dinner and said goodnight to me and went to her room to sleep and said me to switch off the tv before I sleep to which I said ok. I was unable to take out of my mind, all that thing about her. It was 12, so I switched off the tv and went to sleep. I was lying down on the bed but could not sleep. I was just thinking about Pooja’s naked body especially her boobs.

Next, when I wake up, I saw time and it was 7 in the morning I thought it was her bathing time I will watch her and then I will go my home. She came from her room with a towel and saw towards me, I was pretending like I was sleeping so she went to bath. It was not possible to peep in the bathroom as it was closed from every side. So I was waiting for her to come out, finally, she came wrapping towel and went to her room.

I quickly jumped and went near the hole to see her nude, that day I could see her without any fear till then my dick was really hard I needed to masturbate so I went to the bathroom and did. When I came back, she was dressed in normal and then I asked won’t she go to the college to which she said, “she is not well”. I was getting late so I went to my house.

In college, I was thinking what will she tell me. So later that night, I did not have the courage to face her, when she opened the door, I did not have an eye contact with her but she, as usual, did not make any difference, she acted as if everything was normal then I closed the door and took a relaxed breathing. After having dinner, she went to her room, I thought today also I will do the same but to my bad luck the light was off and the door was closed.

Then I switched off the tv and lay down on the bed, I could not sleep after 1 hour. I heard some noise but the light was on that day, so I thought just to hear the sound and went. I went near her door that day. I heard two sound one of a boy and one of course Pooja.

Someone was there in the room before I came, I was shaken first. I thought to catch them then. I thought why to disturb any one’s life, so I left and was hearing the sound they were fucking each other, Pooja was shouting to go slow and was using the same language and fucking sound could be heard properly, then I guessed both came and was silence all around.

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I thought tomorrow I will catch them but when I woke up, Pooja had taken bath and was ready for college I was also getting late, so I also went home and then in college, I was thinking about who may be that boy(Rajiv).

Then that day, after having dinner, when I went to Pooja’s house everything was normal, I thought today also that boy might have come, so making some reason about books. I went to her room to confirm but there was no one. That day, I thought, I will talk to her about that boy and about I also wanted to do sex with her. So after her dinner, I called her to talk.

I said everything about last night that I knew a boy was there and what they did. First, she did not have eye contact with me, she was looking at the floor, she was worried that I can see on her face, then I said I won’t tell to anyone then she rested and looked at me. And then I said about my lust that I also wanted to do with her.

To that she said was very shocked. She said that she knew that I stare at her at her boobs and her ass, she also knew that I watch her while changing the dress, I was shocked to listen to this but she said she never mind for that but instead she liked to explore on me.

So let me watch while changing dress and also said that she knew about that night when I pressed her boobs and said that she knowingly left the door open so that I can fuck her but I only pressed ger boobs” by listening all this I was totally shocked, then she said she also wants to get fucked like me and she also fantasize about me. I was very happy to listen to all this so without wasting any time I started to kiss her.

I started to kiss her lips, she also responded well as if she was also waiting for a long time. I was kissing her like mad dog then I moved towards neck I was kissing her on neck and she was whispering in my ear to open clothes as she cannot wait for more, so I opened her t-shirt and pant, I asked why doesn’t she wear bra to which she replied that she wanted to seduce me.

So wasting no time I started to lick her boobs and sat same time I was pressing another boob, she was bitting her lips and was letting small moan, I licked both her boobs and then she opened my clothes and was shocked to see my 8″ inch dick, she said my bf also don’t have this long dick and wasting no time she took my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking she was even playing with my balls was sucking it too.

She sucked whole, she was sucking like a slut then I moth fucked her and came into her mouth and she drank it whole, after that she guided ms to her pussy and then I started to kiss her from leg and reached her pussy, and started to lick it with tongue, I moved my tongue inside I was playing with her pussy wall.

I licked her clit and she was pressing my head towards her pussy, till then my dick was hard again and then she said she cannot wait and asked me to put my dick inside her then I placed my dick inside and started slow her pussy was flex enough to take my 8inch dick. I started in missionary position and was fucking inside she was moaning loud like, “Ahh, fuck me, deeper, deeper.”

Listening all this, I gained courage and fucked her more inside, then she said she wanted to come on me and wanted to ride on my dick, so she came on me and started to jump on my dick, till now she has cum once, she was jumping and kissing me then again we changed the position and came on her top and fucked her fast faster.

She was moaning loudly saying, “ah, sala, fuck me, don’t stop keep fucking me. I m coming”. I increased more speed and she came and then I was also about to cum, I asked where should I cum, she said inside her as she is on pills, then I loaded a huge cum and rested on her body.

From that day, I fucked her whole day till her parents came and also did a threesome with her boyfriend(Rajiv) and fucked her whenever we got a chance. So hope you like the sex story and your feedback will lead me to write about threesome with her boyfriend, so mail me id: [email protected]

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