Sex With Unsatisfied Kalpana

Hi N8story readers, this krazy k from tirupati, i came to know about this site from my friends at the age 18 now iam 22 presently completed my graduation.
Coming to the story this incident happened between me and kalpana about two months ago in chitivel village, kadapa dist. , six months ago i have placed an ad in free classifieds site about my interest about married aunties by placing my phone number, but days went off there is no response from any one, one day i  was in my college library i got a call from a new number which is not  present in my contacts, when i lifted i no one responded then again i called to that number but same no response from other site, builded so many questions in my brain like who is that? is it girl or boy ?
After one day i again got a call from that same number, when i attained it a sweet female voice answer that ‘ r u karthik’ by listening those words from that sweet voice i am in heaven and answer yes this is karthik, for that she said that she came through my ad in a website and asked me that ‘ r u interested on me’ for that i immediately answered yes .
She gave her another mobile number on she came to explain her name is kalpana from chitvel, rajampeta. and he got married at the age of 19 with a man who is working in Dubai and used to visit her once in two years and now she is 23 starving for the sex from last 1.5 years like that.
Daily she used to call me for phone sex and asking my dick size, my tastes and her fantasies like that, actually my dick is 6in long and 1.8 in thick.  she send her recent photos to mail address by looking on her photo i got stunned to her beauty and freshness in her face as she is still 23, u know frnds she is looking like actress gouri munjal ( actress in Bunny movie) she is having plumpy figure and bulged ass.
By seeing her photos i got enthusiastic to fuck her as early as possible, and explained my situation to her, for that she told that she is also waiting for the same reply from me. first i called to her and said that ‘ come to tirupati first and then we both will go to your own place , as it was difficult to recognise her place in that village’  for that she readily accepted and told me that she is going to arrive tirupati in the next morning 9 am.
By listening her reply that night i didnt slept for the whole night by imaging the company of kalpana in my fantasies, on the  next morning 8 am i went to tirupati bus stand and wait for my dream girl in rajampeta stopping, at 9.15 am a bus came from rajampeta via. chitivel  there is a young beautiful girl stepping out from the bus and looking around the bus stand for some one, by clear observation of her face i got to know that she is kalpana, and then i confirmed by calling her number, for my luck she is kalpana.
She signaled me to step in to another bus going to chitvel which is empty in backside, then immediately i went inside the bus and kept a seat for her, immediately the bus driver taken out the bus from the stand , for my luck there is very few members in the bus that too old people, then i signaled her to come back, after taking ticket she came to me and sat besides me and in a sudden she hugged me and placed a kiss on my lips, by seeing her acts i know that she is severely starving for a partner in her life.
Then immediately i responded to her kiss and kissed her whole face and neck and hands, legs. she is looking like a white angel and sexy too, she asked me to make a foreplay with in the bus itself, for that i readily removed her chudi pant and kept my hand inside and started exploring her pussy, i got some vibrations when i touched her pussy lips and immediately i started sucking her pussy lips with my mouth and for the first time i am sucking a women’s pussy in real , it continued for 10 min. then she stopped me and said continue it in my room , then she opened my zip and remove my dick , by seeing my dick she is very happy and told me that ‘ when ever u said u r dick size i thought that its fake but its huge for my pussy my dear krazy k.
Then immediately she taken my dick in to her hot lips and sucked for 10 min for her vigorous sucking my dick exploded my hot into her mouth, she taken it entire into her and said that u r cum is very tasty like anything. by listening to her word i immediately kissed her. on this process our destination came , first i went to toilet in the bus stand and then i followed her and finally we reached to her house where she lives along with her old mother in law who is in her bed due her sickness. i went inside from the back door of her house.
Whenever i entered into her room it was full ac in the room and smells with fragrance of jasmines, immediately she removed her dress only with her undys she taken me into her bathroom and removed my dress and cleaned my body and vice versa mine to her.  then we came to her bed and i started kissing her entire body with full excitement as it was first time to me, i kissed on her belly, and sucked her boobs with more care like a baby and looking to her face to see her expressions while sucking.
I continued for 20 min and then i started sucking her pussy by parting her legs wide and buried my entire face into her pussy and playing with her ass hole and biting her pussy lips with excitement for this acts she is moaning heavily. then i went on top of her and kissed for a while and started massaging her clitoris and  making her erotic and made her fully violent and then i started rubbing my dick to her clitoris and making her more and more erotic and then
I started entering my dick into her pussy for the first time i am feeling a females pussy, as it was already used pussy it made me easy to enter in to her pussy with few strokes  my dick completely entered in to her pussy and i started fucking action by giving hard strokes to her and making her moans louder with my strokes with in 15 mts we both got erotic orgasms , then i completely licked her pussy juices with more enthusiasm and love on kalpana. she asked me to cum in her pussy itself that she have contraceptive pills in her room.
On that day we did four times sex in doggy style, 69 position and missionary style and completely satisfied her, from that day onwards when ever i have leave for my college i step in to her house from back door and enjoying her  body with free of cost and safety , young pussy.