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Are you up? Eden sent the text despite the late hour.
The reply came in less than a minute: Yeah. Surprised you are too.
Was just thinking about you. Miss you.
That's sweet, baby. Miss you too.
She sent a heart emoji. Her father wouldn't think anything of it. She sent him hearts every day. He sent back just as many. He never once let one go unanswered.
It was Eden's first semester of college, and her roommate, Sara, was in her own bed with a guy between her legs. Even though the room was fairly dim, Eden could see the guy's butt rocking under the sheet while he thrust his cock into Sara's pussy. Sara had stopped trying to muffle her moans of pleasure weeks before, and Eden felt her own pussy quivering with heat. It wasn't that she was turned on by Sara's choice of the moment, or by Sara herself. It was more because of the reminder of what she didn't have for herself: a guy to desire her so much he couldn't wait to fill her body with throbbing man meat.
Can't wait to see you next week, Eden's father texted.
Eden smiled at her phone. Me neither!
The following week was when Eden would join her father for the Christmas and New Year break. She meant it when she said she couldn't wait. Her first semester of college had gone well, and she was expecting her grades to be good, but she definitely needed a break from this weird situation with Sara being so horny she brought guys back to the room to fuck her whether Eden was there or not. Her flashy looking, blonde roommate had been quite blunt about her sexual proclivities early in the semester when they were just getting to know each other.
"I've been waiting forever to get here and have all the college dick I can get," the blonde had said with a shameless giggle. She wasn't the least bit reluctant to admit it. "Now I don't mean to be a bitch or anything, but I'm gonna get it one way or another, whether you're here or not. You're even welcome to join in if you want. Otherwise, we can work out a system like a ribbon on the doorknob or something if you want to go hang at the library whenever I'm, um, busy."
Eden had laughed. She was nothing like Sara, and far from thinking her new roommate was a bitch, the much nerdier looking, bookish, brown-haired girl actually kind of admired her bold attitude. The pair easily settled into a routine of mutual tolerance. Eden simply hadn't wanted to end up staying away from her room as much as Sara's voracious libido would've required. And even though Eden wasn't experienced with sex the way Sara obviously was, she rationalized that it was only sex and no big deal to keep up with her reading and studies while her roommate satisfied her needs.
It was also true that Eden was naturally curious, and she wasn't above peeking over the top of whatever textbook she was pretending to read to see what was going on right across the room. Quite a few of the guys weren't at all shy about exposing their excited dicks in front of her. She was surprised how they could all seem so different, being all different sizes and shapes. Even more surprising was how her pussy would heat up and trickle moisture into her panties as she saw Sara stroke and suck them before pulling the sheet up and taking them between her legs.
The blonde obviously felt so much pleasure from each and every dick that went inside her pussy. Eden longed for that feeling, but she had yet to imagine having any one of those guys between her own legs. She always found something off about them one way or another, something that just didn't feel right. Either they were too shy or too bold. Too big or too small. And then there was the way they always left as soon as they got what they wanted, leaving Sara alone in her bed.
The blonde was perfectly happy with that arrangement, but Eden didn't want that for herself. Something about it just felt icky to her, although she didn't judge Sara for it. If that's what she wanted then that was her business. Eden might've had a softer, rounder kind of body than her roommate, and those big glasses she always wore, but she still got attention from guys, even if not as much. But more and more as time went by, the nerdy girl would turn to the only man who made her feel loved and safe while her blonde roommate was enjoying herself. Maybe it would've been different if Eden had found a guy she could talk to the way she could talk to her dad, but so far that had simply not been the case.
Hope you won't get bored being stuck with just you and me for a whole month, Steve, the girl's father texted back.
Oh, Daddy! I never had you all to myself like that before. It's gonna be heaven!
The guy who was now fucking Sara seemed like he was going to be pumping the appreciative blonde all night. She was on her third orgasm, and Eden's pussy was starting to soak through her panties as she tried to focus on chatting with her dad.
Eden would, in fact, be pretty much alone with her father for the entire semester break. He'd separated from her mother soon after she started school. It was no surprise that her parents had only been staying together until she left the nest, and Eden was actually relieved they finally broke up. There was no love lost between her and her mother, and Eden wasn't even that surprised when her father quickly moved to a small coastal city that was about a ninety minute drive from her campus. If anything, she only wished he was closer, but he said he was trying to be careful not to be so close as to smother her.
While Eden was thinking about how much she loved being smothered in her handsome father's attention, Sara and her man of the moment rolled over to rearrange themselves. The blonde was now impaling herself on his cock, and she started riding him while the sheet that had been covering them before fell away. The blonde was completely exposed now, her full tits bouncing as she ground her pussy up and down his shaft. Eden could almost feel the way the guy's cock had to be scaping along her roommate's inner sheath. Her pussy quivered in response.
I hope you like our new house. And your new room! Steve texted his daughter.
Lol. I know I will, Daddy. You only sent me about a 100 pix already!
Speaking of pix, her father wrote back, I didn't get one of my favorite girl today. He added a frown emoji after.
Omg, you didn't send me one either! And it's almost midnight!
Eden and Steve had sent each other selfies every day since she left for school. They hadn't skipped a day, and it made Eden feel loved whenever her father reminded her he needed one every day. She was trying to concentrate on taking one, but Sara started moaning again and Eden knew she was cumming. Again! Whoever this guy was he was staying hard a long time. He was also playing with Sara's bouncing tits as she rode him faster.
Meanwhile, a selfie came in from Eden's father. He was lying in bed, not surprisingly considering the hour. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and Eden could see his chest and shoulders. Since moving so far south, he'd obviously been working out and swimming in the ocean almost every day. He looked so fit and tan that Eden couldn't help noticing how hot and handsome her dad was getting now that he was single again. It was weird to be looking at him like that now while her pussy was wet and aching from watching and listening to the lustful couple on the other side of the room.
Eden snuck a hand under the sheet and pressed her fingers against her pussy through the well soaked fabric of her panties while gazing at the unexpectedly sexy picture of her father. She shouldn't be doing it. She could only imagine what her loving dad would think of her. Did it mean she was getting to be a bigger pervert than her constantly horny roommate? She pulled her hand out from between her well rounded thighs before the feeling got even better.
Now you, baby. Hurry! It's almost midnight! Steve wrote to follow the picture. He had no idea how it was affecting her.
Daddy, you look so handsome! she wrote back.
Then she sat up a little higher against her pillows, fluffed her silky brown hair and snapped a quick selfie in exchange for her father's. It wasn't until after she hit the send button that she realized her swollen nipples were easily visible through the thin tank top she had on. For that matter, it showed much too much of her fully rounded cleavage. Her unbound C cup boobs were practically falling out of her top. She felt a sudden wave of embarrassment, but at the same time her pussy flushed with a fresh wave of heat which she blamed on Sara and her latest conquest.
Eden was mortified to think that her father would save that picture. He saved all of her pictures, no matter how bad she thought some of them were. But it made her feel warm to know he couldn't bring himself to delete any of them. But now he had this one, and he'd see her boobs every time he looked at it. She got worried when his usual, over-the-top response was slow to come. She must have freaked him out so much he didn't know what to say. Meanwhile, her roommate was going wild on the cock she was still riding.
After what felt like forever, Eden got a simple omg from her father. Then came a wow. She still didn't know what to say in response and Steve sent another message before she could think of something. So beautiful! Guess you're not Daddy's little girl anymore.
Omg, I'll ALWAYS be your little girl! 4ever!
Eden couldn't even think about her father not thinking of her as his little daddy's girl. That's what she'd been to him all her life, and she sure wasn't planning to change that. Ever. But it was more than a little disturbing that she was sitting up in bed with a wet pussy, a horny couple fucking basically in front of her, and she was hung on the point that her father said she was beautiful. She snuck her hand back under the sheet and gave her pussy a quick, furtive squeeze. Her juices were starting to leak past her panties now.
Of course you'll always be daddy's little girl in my heart, Steve texted back, but you're a gorgeous young woman now. Not the kinda pic you should send your dad, but I hope you're not sending pix like that to any of those college boys!
Omg, Daddy, that's only for you! Eden sent back before she had a chance to think about how it sounded.
OK, this is weird but that does make me feel better lol, Steve replied.
Dad? Am I really as pretty as you said?
Baby, even more.
Eden felt high. Quite a few guys had told her she was pretty, but no one had ever used words like beautiful or gorgeous before. Her father was obviously biased, but the wet pussy begging to get her hand back under the sheet made her happy he would say so. At this point she wasn't even sure if she was so wet because of her roommate or her father.
With a quick glance at Sara to make sure she was fully distracted, Eden pulled the lowcut neck of her tank top down past her tits. Her full orbs now sat in the open with the hem of the tank underneath them, and she quickly snapped another selfie and sent it to her father before she could change her mind. Her heart was pounding as she waited for a response, afraid her father would think she was crazy, or even worse, a wicked little girl.
Well maybe she was a little wicked, she thought with coy smile. What other kind of girl would send her own father a selfie with her big tits hanging out? She never would've done such a thing before ending up with Sara for a roommate. She was the most embarrassed she'd ever felt in her life, knowing her father was now most certainly looking at picture of his daughter's smiling face with her boobs hanging out with those big, hard nipples pointing at him. And yet her pussy felt like it was burning.
Really inappropriate for your dad, Steve finally texted back. But, um, unbelievably gorgeous.
Really, Dad? You really think?
God, yes. Please don't ask me to say more.
OK, OK. Love you, Daddy. Sweet dreams.
Love you back, angel.
Eden put her hand under the sheet again, and this time it slipped inside her panties to stroke the aching lips of her oozing pussy. Her father's words were echoing in her mind while she pushed a pair of fingers into her hole and brought herself to a climax at the same time that the guy with Sara started cumming inside her. She didn't even try to muffle her sighs of pleasure since she was sure the moaning and groaning from Sara's side of the room provided good camouflage for her.
Fortunately, Sara's satisfied guest didn't take long before he got dressed and left. The freshly fucked, blonde freshman lay across her bed with her body still carelessly displayed in front of her roommate. Eden couldn't help letting her eyes drift over the other girl's puffy, reddened pussy. It wasn't like she was turned on by other girls, although sometimes she couldn't help it, but she was more interested in the well-used condition of Sara's pussy. Despite giving her own pussy a good workout with her fingers, Eden was longing to feel what her roommate was feeling. The afterglow of all that intense pleasure was all over her dreamy face.
"I almost want to take a pregnancy test now," Eden joked. "I bet you won't be able to walk straight tomorrow."
Sara snickered. "Let's hope so. He's definitely coming back if I have anything to say about it."
"He was totally into it. Or didn't you notice?"
"I was distracted," the blonde said. "But, um, I did happen to notice you taking a bare-titty selfie. Did you send that to your dad?"
"Oh my god, Sara, why would I send a titty-pic to my father?"
Eden felt herself blushing with embarrassment. She knew she was the worst liar in the world.
"Mhmm, suuuure, whatever you say, Edie. But we both know you're only texting your dad every night. I mean, you practically talk about him like a boyfriend."
"I do not!" the brunette insisted.
"Oh, of course not," Sara said with light sarcasm. "So what did he think? He must've liked them. You do have a great pair."
"Sara. You're crazy if you think I'd seriously send a picture of my tits to my father."
The blonde smiled deviously. "So he liked them."
"Oh my god, you're impossible."
"You know he's going to be perving on those boobs every day until he picks you up for break."
Eden blushed again. She hadn't thought about that possibility. What a stupid impulse that was! Yet she still felt high from the way her father had reacted. She couldn't get enough of him telling her she was beautiful, even if he might've been talking about her tits. Besides, it was all she could think about when she'd had her fingers in her pussy not so long ago while Sara was cumming all over the cock of that guy whose name Eden couldn't even remember now.
"Yup," Sara sighed, shamelessly stretching her naked body as she lay back and relaxed. "Daddy's gonna be staring at his princess's big boobs, and then it's just gonna be the two of you in his big, new beach house all month."
"Oh, fuck," Eden said under her breath, hoping Sara didn't hear.
"It's kinda hot, to be honest. If my dad was as cool as yours I'd probably even send him pussy pix."
"You're crazy," Eden laughed.
However, Sara had given her a lot to think about as she fell asleep that night, things she should have considered before doing something so rash as sending a boob shot to her own dad.
Fortunately, Steve didn't mention the picture again over the next few nights when father and daughter texted each other. Eden was convinced he'd forgotten all about it by the time exams were over and he arrived to pick her up the next day. That's what she was hoping for, at least. As for herself, she'd probably opened that picture he'd sent of himself a hundred times. It wasn't so explicit as the one she'd sent him, but he was bare from the waist up, at the very least, and it was impossible for his daughter not to wonder if he might've been lying in bed naked when he took it.
Eden had always assumed that daughters simply didn't wonder if their fathers slept naked, but that assumption was now obliterated. She had been wondering about it much more than she should. Sara only made it worse the few times she teased Eden about sending a topless selfie to him. The blonde had even floated the idea of sending her father a picture of her pussy. Eden could never do such a thing herself. She wouldn't put it past Sara, though. The blonde was an incorrigible exhibitionist. Even so, after the way Steve had reacted to the sight of his daughter's exposed tits, Eden couldn't help wondering what her father would think of seeing her pussy. Would he think she was beautiful there, too?
The curvy, young brunette couldn't stop worrying about these things as she waited in front of her dorm building for her father to arrive, a large, heavily stuffed suitcase on the ground beside her. She was wearing a pair of black, denim shorts that were snug without being skintight. And as long as she didn't have to bend over too much they'd cover her rounded ass completely, but not much more than that. On top, she was wearing a sleeveless jersey that was cropped a couple of inches above the waist of her shorts. The top was quite a bit tighter than the shorts, and it featured the weighty shape of her healthy bust and the outline of the C cup bra she had on underneath.
She didn't like letting her bra show through a top that way, but it was better than having obvious pokies in her top if her nipples ended up going erect. And with an hour and a half ride ahead with only her father in the seat right beside her, it was highly unlikely she was going to get through it without a few nipple-hardening moments.
Even though Eden had already been waiting for her father to show up for the past twenty minutes, he wasn't late. She was just anxious to see him and wanted to get out of her room. Sara had already left campus so the room was even lonelier than usual.
Steve's SUV finally pulled into the parking lot and stopped in front of where Eden was standing. He immediately got out of the car and went to the other side to give his daughter one of his long, tight, daddy bear hugs. Eden cooed softly in her father's arms. She hadn't felt one of his hugs since Thanksgiving. She couldn't explain why, but Steve's hugs always made Eden feel safe, and like the only girl in his world. She didn't know if other girls felt like this when their fathers hugged them. Probably not. Most of her friends spent half the time complaining that their fathers were either too strict or not strict enough.
Eden didn't understand how her friends could have such wildly different feelings about their fathers. Then again, she'd always been a classic daddy's girl, and then leaving for college just when her parents were breaking up did a lot to magnify her feelings toward him. Even though she knew the divorce was the best thing for them, she worried about Steve being on his own, and she knew he had probably moved within easy reach of her campus because he wanted to be close to her. She would have been perfectly happy to have him even closer.
She worried about him being lonely, despite having that amazing, new beach house. She knew he wasn't dating yet because he spent every night texting her. That only made her smile, though. It made her tummy fill with butterflies at the thought of being the main girl in his life.
Steve finally released his girl from the hug and held her just far enough away to look at her. He was smiling at her like it was the first time he'd ever seen her. Eden actually felt herself blush as she wondered if he still thought about the picture she sent him a few nights ago. At least he was treating her the way he usually did, so far, so hopefully he hadn't started thinking she was some kind of freak. Like Sara.
"You look so beautiful," her father sighed wistfully. "I can't believe I'll finally have you at home with me for a whole month."

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