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Hello ISS readers , I am new for this site . I really heard from my friend .

I am Ragul from coimbatore .I am in 20 now and my cousin is 23. Even though I had sex with my cousin sister many times this is the really interesting moment happened in my life. Ok come to the story.

My cousin sister is also staying near my house. Mostly from the childhood onwards we played and mostly she stayed in my house. In My house only one bed room . My family is my father mother and myself. I was very interested in cricket. So at night I was always in deep sleep. Last year this happiest moment is happened. My cousin sister always taken the bed near to me. So most of the times I was in back and forth or rotating the room in deep sleep. At morning I woke up regularly at 5.30am.

Whenever I woke up, my cousin lag always in between my two legs. But at the childhood I wont felt anything . But One day night I think might be at 11.00 o’clock , My sister placed her leg slightly at the top of my leg without weighing more weight. So I moved to front of her body i.e. both of facing each other. She put one of her leg slowly and slowly in between my legs. At last she fully tightened her leg with me. At that time I was not in sleep and simply watched her activities . She weared a nighty . But I did not know either she is wearing bra and panties. Simply she touched her breasts with my chest and then increased the strength slowly . At that time I felt her body was very hot . She put one of her hand at my back and tightened my body with her and holding me without touching my body to my father . He was faced with my mother .

After that she moved his chest front and forth in order touch her breast’s to my chest. It was happened for more than one hour . If any movements or any noise or disturbance or if my father moved this side i.e. if my father face is moving to my side she relieved from me and after my father turned that side she again do that slowly without disturbing me i.e. take cared about me from deep sleep. It was happened for more than five times . Simply I enjoyed this. After that she had done a kiss to me with tightened grip of both body and she was pulled me at the bottom and she was at the top with her each leg on each side and each hand also on each side to avoid overweighing to me and moving back and forth for five minutes and she slept . I enjoyed that and at the same time I feared to touch her. From that day I wont sleep at nights. Simply acting as sleeping. The same incident happened for two to three times for a week.

I enjoyed on that. But she never felt like that way in the morning or some other timings. Anyhow I want to do with her i.e. interested one day to do but she was not in that mood and she was in sleeping . So I had placed my hand on her breast, by touching my back hand and acted like sleeping and moved by facing my face with her face. She was woken up and I placed my hand as it is for more than twenty minutes . After that she holded my hand and put my hand inside her nighty . I enjoyed that moment and it was very soft and also she weared a bra inside . She wontedly move ed my hand around her breast’s all over and I moved little bit towards her. She left my hand and placed in ground. After ten minutes she placed her breasts at my hand i.e. my hand is at bottom and her breast at top and moving her body in order to touch her breast to my hand and rubbing my hand with her breast . I really enjoyed that at that night and after twenty minutes she acted as usual and I enjoyed . So whenever I need , If she was not interested I will touch her either by hand or placing my leg or touching her buttocks or something else.

Next week My parents will go to Bangalore for one week . I.e. next week

So I will send my story to all of our ISS readers after one week i.e. 16th night what will happen? I am eagerly waiting for that night and that night my cousin sister only stay with me . This is the first time I have to get a chance of what will happen really if nobody else in my house . Till then bye.