Sexy Cousin Dee and I in Goa

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Hi all, its Ali here!
I'm back to share another memorable event of the time my sexy older cousin planned our first, short trip to Goa. This was a month after settling into our live-in relationship in Pune. We had been to Goa together once before with her college mates last year and I had been there a few times with Dee's mother, my widowed aunt Sheen too. It was a truly memorable and hot experience which I hope you guys will like as much as the ones I've shared previously.
A Little Background…
I am Ali. I am very fair skinned, with straight, black long hair and big, brown eyes. I stand over 5' 10" tall with a trim, muscular athletic physique from having played soccer regularly for years.
Dee is short, around 5'5", with smooth, light-brown skin. She has a round face with soft cheeks and round, brown eyes. Her hair is wavy and she used to keep them well below her shoulders back then. Dee shared her mother's curvy genetics and has a wonderful, curvy body. Dee has perfectly round C-cup breasts which still don't stand and stand out proud on her chest. She had a slim waist which flared out to a pair of curvy hips and rounded off behind her into the sexiest pair of perfectly round booty cheeks that I've seen.
Dee and I had lost our virginities to each other not long after hitting puberty together and had had been fucking on a regular basis ever since then.
Although I can't disclose the name of my hometown for privacy purposes, I can tell you that it is one of the biggest cities in central India. I belong to a well-off but strictly religious Muslim family. I lived in an extended family which was made of my father's and the families of his 7 real brothers. We live in a huge piece of property on the northern outskirts of our city. It is a 2-acre piece of land which houses three 3-storied buildings within its walled and gated compound. There are spacious apartments for every family in the three buildings and we share a large parking lot near the tall, black iron gates. Despite all the luxury, we follow our religious tenets strictly. Women in my family wear a Hijab to cover their head and a Niqab to hide their bodies whenever stepping out of the house to go into town.
I think, it was this strict, ultra-conservative atmosphere which drove a handful of us to rebel and eventually started taboo sexual relationships with me.
Dee Gets Frisky in the Flight
(Saturday, 6 AM – 9 AM, September 2008)
Those who've read my previous posts will remember that Dee and I had started our live-in relationship back in July. In the first week of August our colleges started. Dee was in her second year of Bachelor in Interior Design course from INIFD's Kothrud Campus while I had just started my first year in the Bachelor in Journalism course at Symbiosis College's Shivajinagar campus. Our college started almost at the same time so I would usually drop off and pick up Dee on my way.
But after having attended classes for a month I'd decided I could without them. Even though the rent was shared between my parents and Aunty Sheen, Dee and I received a hefty allowance from home.
Still, I felt like it was time I looked for a job. I discussed it with my parents over the phone and they objected initially but I am really stubborn so they eventually gave up. However, Dee was very supportive of my decision and immediately called her friend who had connections with a placement agency. I spoke to the consultant and she told me that with just a 10+2 qualification right now, I can only hope for a job in the booming BPO industry. The other choice was being a salesman and I didn't like that.
Fortunately, I was selected on my first interview with Zensar, which was an upcoming IT company based in Kharadi back then. I was requested to join for the initial month-long training in the second week of September. I was excited and Dee shared my excitement too. But she did confess that this would mean we would get to see less of each other because the BPO training and shifts were at night.
Eventually she came around and excitedly announced that we should celebrate because it was a special occasion. I agreed and told her to choose whichever restaurant she wanted and it was my treat.
"I feel like having prawn curry at Britto's… Mmm…" Dee said, humming with pleasure at the thought of seafood.
"What!" I said, surprised, "But that's in Baga, babe, all the way in Goa."
"I know. That's where we're going to celebrate you getting your first job, bro." Dee revealed with an excited smile on her face.
"Wow! Really?" I asked in disbelief. "Are you sure things are going to be open. I mean, it's the off-season after all." I asked.
"Don't worry. The season is about to start. I bet we won't have to worry about not getting a room to stay. Plus, I know Britto stays open all year round.
"Yes! It'll be a short trip but we'll definitely have a good time, won't we?" She asked and winked before grinning.
"That's for sure." I quipped and we laughed together.
Dee immediately got busy and started making calls. She booked airline tickets for an early morning flight on Saturday and the return flight was on Sunday morning, giving us only slightly more than 24 hours in Goa. Still, we were extremely excited to finally get the chance to visit Goa, just the two of us.
It was 6 AM on a cloudy Saturday morning in September when Dee and I rode on her Honda Dio into the Pune Airport parking lot. We stopped at the ATM outside to take out a wad of cash each before walking into the airport hand in hand.
Dee looked very cute in the plain, fitting white-colored Tee that clung to her round, perky boobs perfectly and highlighted the lining of her push-up bra clearly. Her curvy waist and large firm bubble butt were wrapped in a pair of tight denim Capri pants which also showed off her smooth, rounded calves. Dee's lovely, little feet wore a pair of designer black sneakers.
I was dressed comfortably in a plain white Tee also and had a pair of blue jeans with sneakers too. We both carried our few clothes and other stuff in a medium-sized backpack. As required we checked in an hour before and made plans for our short trip excitedly. Once we boarded the plane we were surprised to see several seats empty. We took our seats all the way in the back. Dee took the window seat while I took the second seat and prayed no one would come for the remaining seat.
At 8 AM, I grinned when the flight took off with the other seats in the back row completely empty. A few minutes into the flight the air-stewardess came with coffee.
After the stewardess left, Dee pushed up the armrest between us and cuddled to me. We sat close to each other and shared her ear phones and listened to music on her cell phone for a while till we finished our hot coffee.
Dee's soft, warm body against mine felt pleasantly arousing. So, I wrapped my left arm casually around her slim, soft waist. Dee snuggled even closer and rested her head on my shoulder. Her firm, round tits pressed hard against my side and her fruity shampoo scent wafted into my nose. I closed my eyes and laid my head back. Bobbing my head softly in time with the beats I slipped my hand inside her T-shirt from the waist.
"Hmm!" Dee sighed in approval when she felt my warm hand on her soft, curvy side.
I opened my eyes and peeked over the tall backrests of the seats in front. I was glad to see the air-stewardesses were nowhere around. I turned my face half-way and brushed my lips gently against Dee's forehead. Dee moved her head up and faced me but her eyes were still closed, enjoying the relaxed flight and the soft music. I bent my head down and placed licked my lips before placing them softly on her plush, pillow-like lips.
"Mhmm…" Dee moaned her approval softly into my mouth as our lips locked automatically.
I started kissing by brushing my lips slowly over her upper lip first. Dee's stayed still with her mouth half-open as I made my way to her soft, thick lower lip. I flicked out my tongue and tasted her lovely strawberry-flavored lip gloss before parting her beautiful lips wider with mine.
"Mmm…" I moaned as our soft, wet tongues met hungrily.
Dee and I played around with our tongues for a while as I continued to caress her side. After a while, I started to rub higher and higher till my hand reached her underside of her large, firm young breasts.
"Yesss…" Dee moaned softly as we broke our kiss for some air a couple of minutes later.
Her eyes were still closed but her plush lips were wet and red. Dee shifted slightly so that she now sat with her back leaning against my side. This allowed me to reach around with both hands and grab her beautiful, big breasts easily.
"Mmhhmm.." Dee moaned soft but long when our lips met once more.
My fingers ran over the smooth satin fabric of her bra. I felt the prominent points of her thick, large nipples easily under the thin fabric. I cupped both her breasts in my palm and rubbed her large nipples over the bra. Dee's breath was faster now as she got turned on.
Dee had pushed her mouth into mine and gently sucked on my tongue with her wet, soft lips, which drove me crazy. I immediately felt my thick, large dick beginning to get aroused in my jeans. My mind was completely engrossed in her scent, the way her warm big breasts felt firm in my hands and how her lips sucked my tongue hungrily.
"Sshh…" Dee broke the sloppy kiss and hissed when I squeezed her nipple too hard in my excitement.
"Sorry, babe…" I gasped softly into her ear.
"Mmm…" Dee shook her head to tell me it was all right.
Dee slowly turned around in her seat so that she sat sideways on her large, first-class airline seat.
"You've got me so wet, bro." She whispered and winked before breaking out into a grin.
I watched her through half-closed eyes as she took a peek over the backrests of the seats in front before bending down at the waist.
"Dee!" I whispered in an alarmed tone when she began to pull at the fly of my jeans.
"Junior needs my love right now, see?" She whispered in a naughty tone and pointed at the prominent bulge in the front of my jeans.
"But…" I started to protest about someone catching us.
"Shh…" Dee cut me off mid-way and reached deep into my fly and pushed the crotch of my underwear aside.
"Ohh…" I groaned softly when her warm, soft hands wrapped around the thickening shaft of my huge cock and she pulled it out into the cool air of the airplane cabin.
"Oo… look at him!" Dee cooed softly and winked as she gave a soft squeeze.
"Oh, Dee…" I groaned, reaching under her with my left hand.
"I love you, bro." Dee whispered, this time with sincerity.
"I know." I replied simply and smiled.
Dee smiled back before turning back and flicking at the thick, engorged head of my dick with her soft, wet tongue.
"Ohh…" I groaned with please as she licked the ultra-sensitive head of my young, circumcised dick.
"Hhmmm…" I moaned approvingly when Dee wrapped her warm, wet lips around my thick dick head.
Dee began to lick and get the thick dick head before her lips began to make their way lower on my thick shaft.
"Ack!" Dee gagged softly as the huge head of my thick dick banged against her tight throat deep in her wet, hot mouth.
However, Dee didn't slow down but shifted and struggled to take a few more inches of my thick, firm cock in her sweet, warm mouth.
"Oohh…" I groaned softly in pleasure with the way her mouth slowly but steadily engulfed my large dick.
I closed my eyes and began to fondle her lovely, large tits over her Tee. Dee's hand had a tight grip on the base of my thick dick and her mouth worked up and down over its top half. I could still feel her slick saliva dripping down to the base and cooling in the temperature controlled airplane cabin.
"Ohh.. oh.. oh.. Dee… baby… yes…" I moaned softly and whispered encouragingly at Dee as she continued to suck on my cock.
I opened my eyes and quickly glanced at the front and was relieved to see everyone in their seats. I looked down to see Dee's dark wavy hair covering my crotch as her head bobbed up and down faster and faster. Dee had started jerk my thick dick too. I felt the tight grip of her hand slide up and down, following close to her soft lips which seemed to suck so hard I thought she would suck my balls out.
"Oh, fuck!" I hissed fiercely as she tightened her lips firmly around the thick head of my dick and began to stroke me faster and faster.
Dee knew how to stroke my wet dick without making sloppy sounds and her hand now flew up and down its thick, slick shaft. I could feel my clean-shaven ball-sack shrinking as it prepared to squirt out my seed.
"Dee!" I gasped a little louder than I had intended when I felt myself on the cusp of my climax.
"Mhmm…" Dee moaned and nodded her head through a mouthful of my thick dick head as a signal to go ahead.
"Ooh… Shittt!" I grunted and swore softly as my breath caught in my throat and my entire body froze for a second.
"Aaaa…" A soft, low moan escaped my lips as soon as my thick, throbbing dick spurted the first streak of hot, sticky semen in Dee's warm, welcoming mouth.
My eyes snapped shut and I felt my hips jerk spasmodically as streaks of sticky, hot cum struck deep inside Dee's throat. I let myself go with the flow and simply basked in the after-throes of ecstasy as Dee gradually licked and sucked every drop of cum from my slick, wet throbbing dick. Just like Aunty Sheen, her daughter never shied from tasting my cum. Unlike a few women I know, they actually enjoyed the salty, sticky taste, they said.
"Whew!" Dee sat up straight with a sigh and wiped a few splotches of sticky semen from around her mouth while trying not to grin too hard.
Despite having sprayed every drop of cum out, my thick dick was still stiff and throbbed in the cool air inside the airplane as I watched Dee take a few gulps from the small bottle of water. Her large, round tits stood out proudly with her thick, large nipples clearly visible beneath.
Eventually, a couple of minutes later, my thick throbbing dick began to soften. I sighed with relief as the moist shaft back in my underwear and pulled the fly close on my cargo shorts.
"Lucky us no one came, Dee." I said, adjusting my clothes and taking another peek up front.
"So what?" Dee replied and shrugged with a naughty smile.
Once again, I was reminded how much she took after her nymphomaniac mother. As was Aunt Sheen, Dee was also extremely excited about getting frisky in unlikely places, especially in public places. I guessed it was the other extreme they could experience after having to be constantly covered in Niqab and regular clothes back home. If anybody from back home saw Dee right now, even in plain white Tee and knee-length Capri pants, they would either fail to recognize her or would get extremely angry. But just like her mother, Dee didn't care about anything when we were anywhere out.
Dee and I were about to turn back to listening to music when the pilot announced we were reaching Goa. I was surprised to notice that an hour had already passed. It didn't take us long to pass through post-flight formalities because we only had the small backpack for luggage.
"Welcome to Goa, baby!" Dee said excitedly and pulled me into a tight hug as soon as we stepped out of the airport's main gate. I hugged her back tight with an exciting grin on my face.
It was past 9 AM on Saturday morning when Dee and I stepped out of Dabolim Airport. We decided to grab a coffee first and went to one of the small stalls. I bought a pack of cigarettes and lit two before passing one to Dee. We had coffee and smoked the cigarettes, chatting about this and that. After we finished our coffee, we walked over to one of the rental agents.
The clouds had darkened and become thicker by the time we rented a Honda Dio and were on our way to Baga. The small, softly curving roads of Goa brought back hot memories of my earlier trips with Aunty Sheen. I shook my head to clear her thoughts and instead focused on Dee's warm soft body clung to my back.
Stoner Sex On A Stormy Afternoon
(Saturday, 10 AM – 1 PM, September 2008)
It was nearing 10 AM when we finally reached Baga Beach Resort. We were lucky to get a spacious room with a double-bed and balcony on the first floor of the quaint, bamboo-themed hotel. Dee placed an order for bottles of water and a couple of large beers as the waiter left. Dee and I started unpacking and arranged our meager clothing in the large wooden wardrobe. I grinned to myself when I noticed only short dresses and flimsy underwear on Dee's side of the wardrobe.
After selecting a small outfit from the wardrobe, Dee stood up and unhooked the belt buckle of her Capri pants. I watched as she pushed her hand down the front and fumbled in her crotch before she removed a sealed pack of weed.
"Here you go, baby." Dee said, handing me the moist bag of weed after wiping sweat from it.
Dee had chosen to hide our dope in her panties to pass the airport security at both ends. I grinned at her ingenuity and nodded my head, impressed.
"I feel like a shower. Give me 10 minutes, please?" She said and smiled before walking into the bathroom.
After having a sexual relationship for so long we were extremely comfortable with one another. Dee and I had a habit of never shutting the bathroom door even if we were using it. I heard the sound of falling water when she turned on the shower and Dee started humming a song as she took a shower.
I quickly changed into a white-colored vest and a pair of black soccer shorts. As we were didn't have plans to go out I decided not to wear my underwear. I went over to the glass-topped dining table near the large glass doors of the balcony and began to clean the stuff. I'd been smoking up long enough now that I could clean the stuff and roll it into joints without having to look at what I'm doing. I smoked a cigarette and enjoyed the beautiful view of the stormy sea beyond the balcony through the open doors. The wind coming in from the sea was cold, wet and carried the typical salty scent. The sky was heavy with dark clouds and it started to pelt large raindrops as I finished cleaning the stuff.
A little while later, the waiter rang the doorbell and I took the bottles of water and beer from him, thanked him and locked the door from inside once again. After placing the chilled bottles on the other end of the dining table, I took my seat and ended up rolling 4 thick, long joints.
"Hey, there…" I heard Dee behind me and turned to look back.
"Wow!" I said with excitement, "You look cute, babe." I said, looking at her from head to toe and grinning.
Dee was actually looking sexy in a tiny, white-colored crop-top which barely covered her big, firm breasts. Below, she had on a pair of small white-colored satin shorts that didn't do much to hide her enormous, round ass cheeks and even showed off the camel-toe her clean, cute cunt made in front. My grin spread wider as she walked to me, rubbing her moist hair with a towel.
My cock jerked once when my eyes settled on her large, lovely boobs as they jiggled firmly from her vigorous movements. Dee noticed me staring and grinned before she stopped a couple of feet away from me and bent forward.
"Oh, Dee…" I moaned softly as I stared into her deep, brown cleavage before she stood back straight with a giggle.
"Oh, you!" Dee teased before pulling a chair close to mine and taking a seat.
Dee sat so close that our arms and thighs were practically touching. She welcomed the warmth of my body after the cool shower and snuggled even closer to me.
"Mmuahh!" Dee suddenly kissed me hard on the lips before pulling my left arm around her shoulder and cuddling closer to my side.

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