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Hi iss readers! Hope you must have read my two stories under the name sexy cousin in frock. well I am here to narrate a true incident to you which happened with me 4 years back.

I am vineet 27 yrs fair looks medium built but a good length cock and a very active for sex, those days I used to stay with my cousin brother in merrut where I was doing my studies and a part time job. the couple had 3 children of which one was of 2 years. their house was small but cozy. my cousin brother’s wife name was jayanti and was 32 yrs of age she was whitish in complexion and had a slim figure of 28-26-30 with an average height of the beginning we had a very healthy relation, I used to call her bhabi and she used to call me vineet .days passed by I started teaching her children tuition during my free time. for which she was very happy with me and she was a strict lady and her children and even her hubby was afraid of her she used to scold her hubby in front of me also. they had three small rooms and a attached bathroom. I was in the habit of masturbating daily but I did not enjoy doing it in there toilet as it was attached and the door also had several holes thus I used to go my friends room and used to do it there.

We used to have dinner together but sometimes her hubby could not as he had duties on shift basis. after dinner we used to watch TV till midnight where her children used to sleep in the same room and we used to the 2 person watching TV. more days rolled by. once her husband told me to sleep in their drawing room alone so that I can have nice sleep and they can also enjoy. I was happy on getting the room though it was small with only one window in it. a cot fit for a person was given to me the cot was made of jute with small holes .I mean the typical cot u will find in villages. I pulled on the mosquito net and lied down.

Next day I came from my job along with some porn text and a sex magazine with nude pictures of ebony ladies and gals with some stories in it. after dinner I went to my room pulled up my mosquito net and lied on my stomach and started reading the text to which my cock responded easily it was hard and waiting to get my beating but I did not touch it I took of my clothes and was rubbing the cotton mattress with my cock and was moving my hips in circular motion. In the mean time I turned to page 4 which I still remember and found a slim lady of whitish complexion and wow she was looking like my jayanti bhabi a small sound came out from my mouth and was really excited to see this as my bhabi face came in my mind I was really hot I murmured her name and pressed my hips so that my cock can get more pleasure I thought I am a stupid by not enjoying my bhabi. any way I kissed on the nude pictures sometimes on the breast, ass and cunt. all of a sudden I removed the mattress and pushed my cock in one of the hole of the jute made cot but the jute was hard and I felt pain on my cock to which I stood up opened the cup board to see a piece of soft cloth as I was searching for one I found my bhabis pink colored panty I was really happy I picked it and smelled it and my cock also smelt and oozed out pre cum. I spread an old news paper below the whole of the cot so as not to make the floor dirty. I climbed on the bed and wrapped the small panty around my cock and placed inside the jute made cot hole. hussshhhhhhh what a feeling it was the same feeling as if you have entered a virgin cunt hole. I lied down not making more moves as I wanted to enjoy this for a longer time. I kept on reading the stories and lastly I got hooked to an incest story in which a guy was fucking his bhabi and this made me more horny I started fantasizing my bhabi and the guy as my self. I began kissing the sexy pictures and started rubbing cock in the hole and wowowooo, finally shot the best masturbating cum of my life on the paper below the cot and believe me I cummed for 30 seconds and the first 10 seconds cum made sound like as if water was tapping on the floor from a tap. I was drenched with my body sweat I got up folded the paper kept below the mattress to throw it away next morning and folded the panty and kept it back. so friends please try this type of masturbation also I am sure you will enjoy this.

Next morning my bhabi came with tea and sat on the chair I thanked her and we sipped the tea silently all the while I was staring at her body and was thinking how will she look like when she will be in my bed but I told you she was a strict lady and she may slap me if I dare to make any wrong moves. so I thought to get more closer to her, be her close friend and seduce her. I took bath and came out with only a towel on my waist I went to the kitchen and asked for mustard oil from her she looked at my fair colored body and hairy chest she gasped as she saw me in this state for the first time. I pretended not to look at her. I applied oil on my body and dressed up had break fast and asked jayanti bhabi do u like chocolates to which she says yes… devar ji I like them too much .

I came out kicked my bike and moved to my duty.

While coming back I bought two 5 star chocolates after reaching her house I handed her the chocolates to her but at the same time her small elder son cam and snatched it a ran away. I felt sorry fro her and she said koi baat nahin ab hamari umar kahan hai. I told next time I will hand it to her when no one is around and I excused from her went to nearby shop again bought chocolates, came back and gave it to her while she was in the kitchen she smiled and said oh tum bhi naa is ski kiya jarurat thi.she gave one to her child and ate the other. she prepared tea for me and we sat down to have tea chatting about several subjects it was a hot evening and she was wearing a nightie and I think she was not wearing any bra I was peeping inside her clothes and suddenly she saw me and she stood up and went to the kitchen. by then her hubby also came we had dinner saw TV and I retired to my room to masturbate and sleep like last night but that night I placed her pink bra near the sex text books and masturbated and slept off. I used to hide the porn text on the slab of there store room and used to cover them with old clothes.

One night I found that one of the porn text was not t the same place where I had kept to which I though may be bhabi had found them and was afraid as she may scold me. but nothing happened next day I bought a small cake and handed it to her she said, tum bhi naa itna expense karne ki kiya jarrorat hai.i said u are my good friend to which she smiled and went to her room. while watching TV I asked her bahbi why don’t u wear sarees to which she replied aise hi garmi hai naa, lekin kal se pehanungi. next evening when I reached home she was in a black saree and a sleeveless blouse to which I complimented her that she is looking damn beautiful she smiled and said tumhre bhai sahib to kabhi kuch nahin bolte tum to bekar main tariff kar rahe ho. I smiled and went to my room took bath and she came with tea and said han abb thik hai naa tumne saree main dekh liya hai abb main maxie pehanungi. I said thank you for listening me. she said koi baat nahin hai aur kuch hai to bolna. she was also getting frank with me but I had to proceed slowly so as to fuck her ass and cunt. she started to sit with me without covering her breast and when her husband was around she used to cover them.

As we got more closer my desire was getting uncontrollable one night I spoiled her black panty and kept it back in her cupboard to see her response. next morning she went to bathroom and I saw the same spoiled black panty in her hand I was excited and at the same time frightened also. after 15 mins she came out dressed in salwar kurta and looked at me smiled but did not say a word. I went in the bathroom masturbated by applying soap on my cock cleaned it and came back. I used to be the last person to leave the house in the morning. now I started to stand near her so that I could rub her ass. but did not succeed. once she said vineet tum lunch karne ghar aa jaya karoo kyon ki office nazdik hai aur main bhi boar ho jati hun. I said jaroor the office I waited for the lunch time and rushed home at 1.3pm.jayanti bhabi was waiting for me dressed in saree and her breast were not covered by her pallu. she closed the door and stood in front of the mirror to comb her hair. I stood behind her and said bhabi close your eyes I have something for you she smiled, closed her eyes and said yes I know chocolates? I said no you are wrong! I placed my palms of both hands on her eyes and said please do not open your eyes and take out the thing from my pant’s pocket. she said thik hai jara dhere see ankh dabaoo dards ho raha hai. in the mean time I moved a bit further and touched her ass with my cock! Wow what a feeling my heart began beating faster she calm and I could she her smile on the mirror. she moved her hand back word to search for my pocket and in doing so her fingers brushed the tip of my cock. uff kahan hai pocket I guided her hand to my side pocket and she took out the packet but in the mean time I had rubbed her enough with my cock and she was also pretending as nothing had happened. I released my grip from her eyes she opened the packet and was blushed to see a black panty ad a bra. she said lagta hai tumko pata hai ki tumhari bhabi ko kiya pasand hai.maine kaha kyon nahin bhabi aapki old black panty kharab ho chuki hai and smiled to which she said han mujhe sab pata hai par chalo koi baat nahin agee se khyal rakhna and looked down at my tool which was making tent inside.again I went near her and said bhabi aapko achha laga ya nahin to wo bolin han achha laga par agee se maat lana mujhe ye sab achha nahin lagta hai. I placed my hands on her waist and said why you don’t like it and pressed my cock on her ass and suddenly she pushed me back with her ass and went away with a smile. I was happy than ever to touch her ass and went to the toilet and took out my dripping cock and believe me I moved my hands only three times on my cock and I erupted like a hose pipe. wow I was getting better orgasm day after day. Then we had lunch I took a nap and went away.

In the evening I was sitting on the chair and she was lying on the bed next to me on her stomach she was dressed in a petticoat and a blouse and she lifted her legs which made her legs nude till her knees I fixed my eyes on them she smiled I told her u have smooth legs and she replied u have hairy and white legs and kept on watching the TV I got up and sat on the bed near her legs where my back was touching her legs I was so much involved with her that my cock responded very fast. I kept my hands on her legs as if unknowingly to which she responded and stood up and went away. After 5 minutes she came back and stood in front of the TV wow I saw her slim back I was dying to touch her and have sex with her but I could not gather the courage to ask her. anway her hubby came she changed to salwar kurta and we had dinner then they slept off but I was in no mood to sleep. I got up from the bed and peeked in her room where she was fully nude and was riding her hubby’s cock which was hard but not as long as me she was riding hard I thought may be she is thinking of me while having sex she got down and lay down on the bed and behold the sight for the first time I saw her stark naked and ohh my she had shaven off her pubic hairs, she pulled him on her and crossed gripped his back with her long legs and in the mean time I had taken out my cock and was pressing it within her hubby dismounted her and she was abusing him for doing it so fast and she wore her petticoat and they slept off I shagged my cum on their door and came to my bed and masturbated in her name two more times and slept off.

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I woke up late in the morning to see all had gone and bhabi was in her bed I asked her what happened to which she said she is having headache I went to kitchen and served her tea and a tablet she thanked me and said you get ready she will prepare break fast but I said no bhabi I will take a leave today as you are unwell. she said thik hai tum naha loo phir main nahaungi. I took bath and came out with a towel on my waist and I wore my half pant but without a under wear as I thought I will seduce her today any means and have sex with her. after she took bath she wore a petticoat and a sleeveless blouse and told me it is hot today then I told her bhabi why don’t u wear your daughters school skirt (her elder daughter was in class eight).she said kiya baat kartee ho skirt fit kahan hogi then I said aap mini skirt samajh kar pehan lo na please she said abb tum bolte ho to main try karti hun she went in the other room and came out wearing a skirt and the blouse I stood up and said bhabi you look very sexy in this she said kiya phir bolna I was scared and kept quite and then she burst in laughter. I smiled and sat on the sofa beside her I was looking and her sexy legs she knew about my looks but did not say any thing.

I could not gather the courage to propose her. hours went by and by 2 pm it was time for children to come back she said main skirt change karti hun nahin to… I said nahin to kiya bhabi??? She said chup badmas budhu .I smiled went to my room she came behind me and said vineet turn around as she needs to change her skirt and I was surprised to hear that she wanna change her dress in my presence. I was happy as she was getting too close to me, after she changed she said turn around and saw her in pink saree again I gave her compliments and pinched her cheeks to start off she said ouch kiya kar rahee ho bachee anee walee hain maine kaha sorry and went behind her and grabbed her hips with my hands and pulled her towards me she pushed me back to the wall but I didn’t leave her hips, she was trying to escape from my grip but I was stronger then her, in the mean time this made my cock hard and was pushing on her ass. she said vineet leave me ye kiya matlab hai badtameez to which I said bhabi I am in love with you and I am helpless and kissed her neck from behind. she said to jaa kar muth kyon nahin marte ho mere panty main to mar hi chuke ho to abb usi main mara karo to santi mil jayegi. I was stunned to hear this but I said bhabi us chiz main maja nahin ata hai to wo boli to randi bajar main jaoo par mujhe chor do. I said bhabi you are there in my dreams you are so beautiful and sexy. wo boli kiya main sundar hun. I said haan bhabi ji. she said achha leave me bachee aanee walen hain par han unke samne kuch bola to ghar se bahar nikla dungi aur han sex main to nahi karoongi par main tumhara muth mar dungi aur woo bhi half pant ke upar see. I said thank you, par kab. she said after lunch children will sleep then she will do it.

Wow I was so happy. we took lunch and after the children slept for the noon sleep jyanti came to my room and said han aab stand up I stood near her and touched her hands she put her hands on my cock which was fully erect she was shocked by the touch and said hmmmm kafi tagra maal hai, kiya kabhi sex kiya hai ya nahin. she was so open with me now as if we had been sex partners. I said no bhaibi nahin kiya. I closed my eyes and she shagged my cock on top the half pant for 10 minutes but I didn’t cum as I know the art of controlling my orgasm. she was panting and said vineet kiya baat bahut der ho gaya hai aur abhi kuch nahin hua.i said bhaibi if you take it out from the half pant then it will rain off.she smiled and unzipped my half pant and… wow I was doubly excited from her hand touch she gazed at my cock and said areee admi ka hai ya ghore ka.i pulled my shirt up and my half pant was on the I about to cum I said bhabi ji dhere se hilaoo aur lama hilaoo and she did she was looking at my cock and I kept my right hand on her waist and gripped her and said bhabi ummmmmmmph here I cum, and I shot my wad at least 2 meters away. she kept on pumping me and there was a look of sex in her eyes she was also squirming as she had also reached her orgasm(which she told me latter).the last drops landed on her wrist and said areee itne jor see dekho saab gandda kar diya.i said I am sorry. she went to the bath room to clean her self and in the mean time I wiped the floor dry.

She said oh main saaf kar detii tum bhi naa. she said vineet kisi ko mat batana. I assured her went out side to smoke. my cock was a happy man now as my dream woman had touched her but I was dying now to fuck her and I was still afraid to ask for sex. any ways a week passed by where I did not ask her to repeat again as I was trying to seduce her but after 2 week also when I did not see any step from her side then I finally decided that next day I will stay on a leave and will ask her for sex and if she refuses then I will force her to do.

The next morning I woke up to find out that no one was at home except jayanti bhabi and me. she brought tea and asked me the reason for the leave I smiled back and said I wanna you to masturbate me again, on hearing this she shouted at me and said bad tameez do not ask for this again and if you dare to then I will ask you to ;leave my house. then I said bhabi aap ne hi aag lagai hai why did you masturbated me that day and had you refused that time then I would not have dared to ask again and let me tell you if you don’t listen to me then I will tell your husband and on hearing this she started weeping. oops I felt bad about it and said sorry and I told her I will leave her house in a week to a rented house. she said ok and went to the kitchen and my good ness she was wearing a black petticoat and a bra. I was able to see her whitish and slim waist my cock responded so fast that I thought of masturbating. any way I went to freshen up and started wearing my clothes and bhabi asked me why are you getting ready to which I replied I want to go to my duty and I am sorry for my behavior and she smiled and said it is ok I can understand your desire but I am sorry. I took my break fast and as I was about to step out it started raining heavily outside to which bhabi said vineet come back and stay at home, I said bhabi I will get bored so it is better I go. she smiled and said ok I will not let you get bored. I said ok and changed my clothes to a half pant without any undies. I went to kitchen where she was making tea she smiled and said kiya baat hai garmi lag rahi hai I said han bhabhi ji, she said main tumhari garmi nikal deti hun. then I said what you mean. she said I repeat the incident again, par bhabi abhi to aap mana kar rahi thi to wo boli han par I am feeling pity for you. I stood behind her and gripped her waist and pressed my cock on her ass by now it was hard she felt it and gasped ..uuummmmmm leave me do not cross your limits. I left her and went to my room to wait for her.

After 10 minutes she same with luke warm oil in her a bowl and said I will massage your tool with oil today and you will enjoy this and will never ask for this. I said you are so nice. she said take off your clothes and came back after closing the door and knelt on the bed beside me to give me a hand job. I kept a big pillow under my head so that I can see her job. my cock was rock hard she gripped my cock with her red nail polished fingers and said bhaiya kitna garam hai and mota bhi hai your wife will enjoy having sex with you. I smiled and closed my eyes.

She started applying oil all over my cock and in a moment it was so slippery that any thing will slide on top of it. after 5 minutes pre cum started coming out and she said bhaiya do not shoot like that day or else the bed sheet will get dirty. I told her not to worry and she bent her face close to my cock to see it closely and all of a sudden I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down on my cock and my cock touched her cheeks she said what are you doing I said bhabi please taste it I am dying for it she tried to resist but I managed to push my cock in her mouth she started gagging and sound like ummp,umm umm were coming from her mouth. she finally managed to take it out and was about to scold me but I pulled her on top of me and started smooching her and not giving her chance to speak I pushed my tongue in her mouth after some resistance she started sucking my tongue at the same time I was caressing her ass on top her petticoat and said bhabi give your devar a chance to serve to which she smiled and said oh yes please go ahead I was on my peak of happiness on hearing this. I said thank you bhabi ji and peeled her clothes of and we stood on the bed my cock touching her shapely thighs and leaving a trail of pre cum on her thighs she had closed her eyes due to pleasure I knelt down and kissed her shaved cunt lips I pushed my tongue in her hole and fingered her clit and loo she cummed in my mouth in 5 minutes she was panting and said bus vineet ho gaya I said bhabi please one more chance I also want to cum. she smiled and lay on the bed I mounted her and she gripped my cock and placed on her hole and said vineet do it slowly as you have a big one I said do not worry and gave a power full thrust to which she shouted against the heavy rain pouring out side.. aahhhhhhhhhh… mar diyaaaa. oofffffff kitna lamba hai……. wuuuuuu…. ummmmm. I pulled it back and started fucking her hard she was so tight that the nerves of my cock felt all the nerves of her hole. I said bhabi I love you why did you not let me fuck you before you are so tight and she said I also wanted to fuck you before but ohh jor see han jorr see……she said please do not cum inside me I said do not worry and kept on fucking her. after 2 minutes she whimpered and said vineet main jahrne wali hun joorr seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh phar diyaaaaa………. where were you before she clinched me like a vice and reached her orgasm. and now was my chance I lay on her motion less as my cock felt the pulsations of her cunt lips I pulled it out and gave a power full and final thrust and my I bit her shoulders and cummed in her cunt she tried to push me off during the first three strong drops but after that she pulled me again and clinched me and cummed again. we lay for 5 minutes and she said wow vineet I really enjoyed your cum in side my cunt it was so hot and thick and I love you as you made me reach my orgasm three times .she kissed me and said thank you.

I got up and went to bath room and came back and was not able to look in her eyes.

I dressed up and went to my friend place and came back after a day and… wait for the next part. Dear readers I hope by now your cock and cunt must be hard and wet as I am also hard again now so please go and relieve yourself. Please send me your feed back at [email protected] then only I will send my more stories to you. also all my story posted here are 5 star rated.