Sexy cousin

My name is Ashish And I am an old fan of Indian Sex Stories. Now I am going to tell you about an incident that happened in my life just some months back. Well to start with I have a cousin name mini. She is very beautiful & her boobs are just great!!!!!! She is of 24 yrs of age

We were very close from the beginning and also naturally as we were far away from home. I was not having any bad intentions at that time about her. I used to watch a lot of fuck scenes and used to fantasize about fucking a woman. I always was a horny guy from the start and used to browse the internet for porn stories and pics. I came across an incest story one day and was completely taken aback by the story. It was really surprising how a brother and a sister could have a sexual relationship. I was wondering about that. Sometimes when we used to go out my hands accidentally used to brush against my sisters boobs.

Since it was accidental I never used to mind it on the contrary she never used to say anything. After my induction into incest stories and all the stuff I was fantasizing about my sister and was thinking about how to fuck her and all. As luck would have had it or rather to say as bad luck befell me, I fell sick one day and was admitted in the hospital. My sister, Divya took permission from the hostel and came to the hospital to take care of me. I was all the more happy as she used to spend the nights with me. I thought this is my lucky chance to fuck her. As I was telling before we used to be close to each other and at home we used to sleep on the same bed. So it happened she was sleeping beside me on the hospital bed. That night, she lay her hands on me and slept and I hugged her in a causal show of affection and suddenly without warning she pulled me close to her body and began pressing her boobs into my chest. I was taken aback by this gesture and was pretending as if I did not understand anything. I just gave her a kiss on her cheek and forehead and she then started to kiss me back and kissed me full on the lips. Then I understood her real intentions and I started to kiss her full on the lips. Our lips were moving and our tongues were exploring the warmth of our saliva.

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Wow man it was great. We French kissed for full 10 minutes. Her hands were behind my back pressing me on further close to her body and my cock began to rise. Mind u all this was done in a hospital. She was moaning with ecstasy and began to grown hot. I began to feel her breasts over her dress and slowly removed her night shirt which she was wearing and began to suck her breasts. Man what large breasts she had… All the while I was longing to suck then and this was my chance wherein I began to suck with renewed energy. Her tits were hard as rock and began to stiffen. I bit them gently and she started to get wild. While my mouth was busy with her tits, my hands began to remove the rest of her clothing and I began to finger fuck her using two of my fingers and I was surprised as her clit hole was tight and hard. She was moaning and began to push my hand more faster. I was getting horny but still did not want to spoil the fun so I relaxed a little and made to beg me to lick her clit and pussy.

She started to beg me on her knees and was pleading with me not to stop. I took hold of her hair and put my cock with one thrust into her mouth. She was taken aback at this and started to choke, but I did not relent and slowly she got used to it and started to give me a blowjob. I was really in heaven as that was my first blowjob. She sucked on my cock like a hungry wolf; I was really taken aback by her sex appetite. She was doing a wonderful job and I could not longer take it and spewed a whole lot of load onto her mouth. She swallowed it all like a pro. I then proceeded onto her clit and started to tongue fuck her and she could not take it and was moaning and crying with ecstasy drawing my mouth even closer to her clit and spreading her legs wide. I was finding it heavenly with the smell of the pussy and was hungrily licking her clit. To make more interesting I put a banana into her pussy and started to fuck her with that. She was wild and started to call me all kinds of names.

Then I calmly peeled the banana and put it at the entrance of her pussy and started to eat it by the time I reached the end of the banana she was very hot and started to ooze out the pussy juices. I started to lick her pussy all the more and it was heavenly. She was really getting hot and was waiting for my cock to enter her pussy. She could not hold out any longer and came heavily and wow what a taste it was to behold. We took rest for some time and then she started to suck my cock to prepare it for the pussy breaking ceremony. My cock grew in size at her hand and then I forcefully took her by her hair and threw her on the bed and started to hump her. It was really very painful at first coz this being our first fuck together and she was screaming all the more when I started to enter her.

She was screaming “ahh u mother fucker come on fuck me like never before and fuck my balls out… Ahhhh… Mother fucker dengaraa… nennu baga dengu…” Hearing this I was fired up and slowly began making thrusting movements into her pussy and started to fuck her slowly at first and then began to increase my pace and on this she started to scream “dengara…Nannu baaga dengu…..Orey nee gudda inta gattiga untundanikoledu ra…dengara…orey lanjakodaka nee akkani dengara…” I was getting all the more excited hearing her words and started to thrust her with full force and fuck her and suck her more and more. I started to pinch her breasts and started to fuck her more and more. The deeper I went the more the ecstasy was increasing. I was going on and on when I felt her muscles tighten around my cock and she orgasm just around my cock even so I started to hump her even more and did not leave her alone.

We continued around like this for around 15 min then I came in torrents deep into her pussy and she was completely exhausted. I was not finished yet I took my cock which was still throbbing and put it in her mouth for her to give a BJ my cock slowly doubled in her mouth and we started all over again. I insisted on fucking her from behind, she was reluctant at first but slowly she agreed. It was very tight at the start but slowly I got access to the inner parts of her butt and began to hump her from behind and started to pinch her boobs and kiss her on the lips. She had a great time that night I came pretty quickly in her ass and was dead tired but I was not willing to let go this opportunity. I took her and brought her close and put my cock in her pussy and we slept the whole night the same way. Wow what a great unforgettable night it was. We had many more encounters after that. Since my inception into real time incest I am always on the hunt for good incest loving cousins and friends.

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