Sexy Physiotherapist

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Hi, this is Haripriya. I work in TNEB, Chennai and I am a mother of two. I have many male friends in my office and chat and flirt with them constantly but I had never gone outside my husband for sex. I had knee pain previously and took a lot of pain medications with no relief in pain. I was referred to a physiotherapist Sam whom my friend told was really good at treatment.
I did not take it to heart but since there was no relief from the pain. I went to meet him. He advised me seven days of treatment and a lady treated me there and later I found out that they were husband and wife. On the third day the lady was not present and Sam came to treat me. I had to expose my thighs to get treated and being touched by another man stirred something in me.
After the treatment was over he checked the pain and the muscles around my knee. He told me that some muscles were tight and started circling those tight muscles with his knuckles. It was painful initially and once the muscles relaxed the pain reduced. He did the same thing around my thigh and when he did this to the inner thigh muscles my heart started beating faster.
But he continued casually. When the treatment got over he told me that I can come in the morning also and nobody will be there at that time. I wondered whether he was hinting at meeting me alone. I went back home and I went mad at what happened that day. I basically like soft touches and I get aroused by massages.
I enjoyed the massage like thing which he did and I wanted to get massaged by him again. I was not able to sleep the entire night and I wanted to meet him first thing in the morning. My husband was working in Mumbai and I was not able to satisfy my urge. I called Sam in the morning and lied to him that I hit my arm on the door and my shoulder was paining severely.
He told he was outside and will call me when he reaches there. Disappointment and I was waiting anxiously the whole time. He called me at 1 in the afternoon and asked me to come. I planned a lot of ways to seduce him. I wore a tight blouse so when he has to see the shoulder I can to remove my blouse, expose my bra with breast and seduce him.
I even planned not to wear a bra and have a slip on blouse so that I can pull up my blouse to expose my shoulder, but I hesitated and wore a bra before I left. When I went to him he examined me. He did not ask to remove my blouse, disappointment again. He told that nothing was wrong with the shoulder. But I insisted the pain was severe so he sent me to take a x-ray.
I felt very foolish knowing I had no problem in my shoulder and I spent Rs. 300 on my x-ray.
I took the x-ray back to him. He looked at it and told nothing was there and asked me to take rest. I insisted that I have to take treatment because the pain was severe. He reluctantly treated me. After the treatment he asked me to remove one side of my blouse.
I was excited and removed my blouse and exposed my bra. He massaged my shoulder and I was wondering whether he will massage my breast also. But he did not he went on to treat my knee. While he was treating I casually asked his age. He was 25. My heart stopped because I was 38. If I could seduce somebody 13 years younger to me it would be like jack pot.
These thoughts were constantly going through my mind. He asked my age and I told that I was 38 and he did not believe me he told that I looked only like 28. I blushed and told him he was playing with me but he told seriously. I even wondered whether he was showing interest in me by complimenting me on my age, but I was not sure. After the treatment he started massaging my knee.
Again I started enjoying it. I even showed mild signs getting aroused like showing facial expressions and moaning lightly. But he thought I was doing that because of pain – stupid. After the treatment I told him that his massage was good. He just replied with a casual thank you. The whole time there were so many times I wanted to jump on him and rape him but I hesitated because I did not know whether he was really interested in me.
I had to leave without any satisfaction. I went home and messaged him telling that I am addicted to your massage. He replied with massage? The next day when I went I was shy because what if he understood that I was interested in him because of my message I sent him. But he was cool and he was treating me normally. I got frustrated. I was lying down with my left side blouse removed.
He was massaging my shoulder and after that he was treating my knee. Accidentally his finger touched my panty and I shivered. He asked me why I was looking upset. I scolded him in my mind telling fool not able to understand what I want and told him that I was just tired. He again told me that I definitely don’t look like 38 years old and I look very young.
This time when he told his suddenly something surged in me and I pulled down my left side bra and told him you are not able to believe my age even after seeing this. I did not why and how I reacted like that. But I turned my head to the right and closed my eyes praying atleast now he should react.
I did not hear anything from him, but within a few seconds I could feel that he was pulling down my bra and he was sucking my nipples. While he was doing this I told him what I was going through these three days, I was not able to sleep thinking of him, I wanted him badly. He continued sucking my navel, he pulled down my panty and fingered it at the same time sucking my navel.
The ecstasy of seducing a young man 13 years younger to me and the first time experience of cheating made the experience really amazing. He stopped after some time. I told him I wanted him completely he was taken aback and told not now later.
The next few days he did not pick my call or reply for my messages. I went mad. When I went to meet him, his wife was there so I was not able to do anything. Suddenly one day he messaged me saying come today you can have me fully. I readied myself for three hours with body lotion and lot of other stuff imagining what will happen.
I messaged him saree or chudi, he replied saree, When I went there he jumped on me and did things like what a small boy will do on his first experience. I wanted the lights to be switched off, but he wanted it to be on, but I insisted and he switched it off. He did everything very fast and like a inexperienced man. He inserted inside my vagina and moaned within five seconds he cummed.
And he stopped after that. Everything stopped in 5 minutes. I was heavily disappointed. He told me that my vagina was really soft and tight. But I got frustrated. I left there deciding never to meet him again. He called me so many times after that but I did not go. After three months I started thinking about him again and I asked him shall we meet.
He called me at a particular time when the place will be free. I readied myself similar to the previous time for 3 hours and went there. This time he was real slow. He did not switch off the light even after I insisted. I was feeling shy. He made me lie on my back removed my blouse and bra. He made me lie on my stomach and massaged my back.
He tickled my back, licked it and after that bit it, he repeated the same procedure- tickling, licking and biting to all parts, butt, legs, stomach, front of leg, breast. While doing the breast, he sucked and tickled my arm pit at the same time the whole experience was new to me I was at the peak of arousal.
After that he sucked my vagina for five minutes, while he was sucking he was also massaging my breasts, pinching my nipples and belly button. He did the foreplay upto 40 min and I was not able to bear it after that and asked him to insert, when he came on my top I asked him to switch off the light atleast now.
He switched off and pounded on me for 15 min I came three times and asked him to stop because I was not able to go after that and he came after that. After that we have not met for three months. He called me many times but I did not go. But when I need him I know he will be there for me.