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I am Jithin from Trichur. I am 25 years and I am doing computers. I think this brief introduction about me is more than enough. Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions.Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant. We have a servant who works in our house she is around 19 years but you wont believe she is just 21 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure.
She is around 5feet5inch tall and has a sexy figure of 34-26-34. Recently I had started masturbating thinking about her. I really wanted to give her a nice fuck but I was afraid she would complain it to my parents. Actually her timing was in the morning (i.e.) she used to come at 8 am ‘cos my mom and dad both are working and myself and my brother go to our educational institutes and no one would be there at home after 9am. One day I got my chance I had finished my semester exams and I was having my holidays and I was at home. My servant (Meena) did not come that day. Actually she had gone to her relatives house and she came late at around 11am.I was alone at home then suddenly I got an idea that this was my time or else never. It was a very rare chance to be with her alone in the house. So as soon as she came she took the broom and started to sweep. I had a plan in my mind and so I immediately went to my room close the door removed my shots and my undies took out my dick and started to play with it. I knew she would come to my room to sweep.
As expected she came in and was surprised to see me. I was in my bed with my dick in my hands. She apologized for entering with out permission and went away. I immediately covered my dick and called her back.
She came in and I could see that her eyes could not meet my eyes. I asked her in a loud voice how she came in and she really got frightened. Then I slowly asked her what she had. Then I told her what ever she had seen she is not going to tell it to any body and she agreed to it not knowing that it was my plan to trap her.
Then I called her near and asked her whether she had ever seen a dick and she said no I could see that she was a lil’bit confused not knowing what my intensions were. Then I removed the sheet with which I was covering my dick and oh my god seeing my 7.5 inch dick she almost fainted. She immediately turned her face and said What r u doing?Then I said You said you have never seen anyones cock, thats why im showing to you you can see it Then I told her that at this age all these things were normal and every boy and girl have the pleasure of enjoying sex. I almost drilled the theoretical knowledge of sex in her mind and only the practical were left for her to pass the test. I could see that she was aroused by my sex lessons. So by now I was successful in my first phase of my plan. I asked her whether she ever saw a blue film or anybody enjoying sex’s told me that once she saw her brother fucking her chettathi.
Her chettathi was shouting but she did not new that her chettathi was on a trip to heaven. Then she asked me What is bluefilm I asked Do you want to see blue film? she readily agreed and I switched on my computer and played a BF cd. This was the first time she was watching a BF and she was really enjoying it.
Now my dick was as hard as it could be, I took her hand and kept it on my dick and said to her Me and you will have sex fun today she was waiting for my call as soon as I said it she started playing with my dick and oh God uuuuuuuhh hh I was on the top of the world. I started pressing her boobs and she was giving soft moans.
I switched off the computer and took her to the bed and then undressed her oh God she had a really sexy body. Now both of us were completely naked I asked her to suck my dick and believe me even though this was her maiden venture she gave me a good blowjob aahh hh hh she was drilling my kunna in her mouth and I was really in hevennuuuuuuuuu uuuhh hh I just cannot forget that moment. Within a few minutes I came in her mouth and she drank every bit of my cum.
Now I started pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples and saying ” let me suck your tits and dirnk its milk uuuuuuuu hhaa aahh ouuuuuoo uuuuuuuuuuu uuhuuhhahh hhyee eesssss she too was seeing the heaven I really sucked hard and she really enjoyed it. Now I went down and licked her pussy uuuuuu uuuuuuuuuhh hh she was really wet and smelling sweet.liiiiiii iiiiccccccccc ccccccliiiiiiii iiiiccccccccccc uuuuuuuuuu uhh oohh she was really enjoying this game I licked licked and licked for almost 15 – 20 minutes and she really enjoyed it and her juices started to flow. Now I wanted to enter her, mind u guys this is the first time both of us were having sex, so I inserted my finger and made way then I took my kunna and inserted it in her pussy aahh hh she gave a very loud shout it was really paining for both of us but still we wanted to have the fun. First I gave slow jerks uuuuuuuu uuuuuhh hh aahh hhyyaa aa yeessss ssssssssss sssssssss Now I started to increase my speed and oh God uuuuuuuuuuhh hh I just cant imagine we were really enjoying a lot oo hh yyaa aa yyee eessssssssssssssssss After some time when I was about to cum I took out my kunna and my semen fell on her belly, which she rubbed it on her body. We really had a good trip. Then we took bath together and I again fucked her in the bathroom this time from behind the doggie style. After almost two hours of trip to Heaven she left. Still she comes when no one is at home and we enjoy together.