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My father wanted a sexy wife to go to social events with him, he wasn’t very active sexually. He had his gorgeous bride 30 sign a prenup and she was younger than me. I’m his only children and I’m 36 single not great with women like my father, you can’t say it’s because he is rich so am I and I don’t do as well as father still did in getting his trophy wife. My mother died 8 years ago of a heart attack she was 58. Anyway after 3 years or so my father started to look for another wife. He found his now wife she was 25 and unattached and he married her 4 months after meeting her. The first year of marriage he was okay and then he started getting suspicious about everything she did, even those she was hardly ever out of his sight. My father had started having heart problems and was worried his wife would play up on him. So, he asked me to watch her closely as his health got worse. To make sure I did he told me she might get pregnant with some guy and claim my inheritance. Well, I liked watching her and she has got pregnant to me. I’m really watching her very closely and made sure no stranger outside the family got her pregnant. I done that myself, my father can’t leave his room as he is hooked up to several machine that keep him alive. His eyesight isn’t good, and his glasses get foggy, so he can’t see she is pregnant. The doctors say he doesn’t have much time left, but I’ve assured him I look after his wife. He isn’t with it much these days either.

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