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Hi to all. This is JD from Bhubaneswar. I have read a lot of stories here. Felt even I needed to share my experience with you all readers of this website and to test my writing skill.

To start with let me describe me and my friend with whom I had a very sweet experience. I look like I am jus out of school even though I have finished my degree. I met Sush the first time when she came to see the college. I never approached her when I was in college as I was scared of all these affairs and all but I knew she was absolutely interested in me and crazy about me.

After I finished my degree I met her once in college where we exchanged our yahoo ids. It all started of from chatting. She was hesitant to give me her phone no. But then I took it from her. Then we decided to meet. I took her for a coffee.

Let me tell u all about her fig. She is plum in all the right areas. So we were going back after having coffee. She was close to me. I could feel her breasts touching my back occasionally. Then came a signal where I had to stop suddenly n she bumped on me. This drove me crazy. All that day I was thinking about it. The way I felt when touching her boobs. (Sush is very fair, she has big boobs, a very sweet pussy, sweet lips and she wears hot dresses to absolutely expose her). Well that’s al about coffee.

Then I offered her to take her out for a movie. She said ok. I had initially planned to go to forum or go to Keshari (theatre). First she agreed. Then she refused to go to theatre as she has her relatives all over Bhubaneswar. Then came in my mind to take her out for a drive to a near by lake. She said she doesn’t mind going out for a drive. Then we met up that morning at around 9. I took my bike picked her up from near the college. Then we drove out of the city. As soon as we reached out of the city I just held her hand which she had placed on my shoulder. As soon as I held her hand she gave me a tight hug from back pressing her boobs on my back. I went almost crazy. Then we reached the place by around 10. Its absolute no mans land. We spoke for sometime. She was sitting close to me. We were flirting around lot as there was no one around us and also because it was our first time. I was trying to touch her boobs accidentally hold her hand touch her hair etc. Then I was sitting rite next to her sitting so close to her.

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I just slowly held her face and then kissed her neck. Then I kissed her cheeks. Kissed her on her cheeks n neck for some 5 min. Then I tried to kiss her lips. But she resisted. I backed off as I didn’t want to hurry up as I was sure I am going to kiss her so I thought y hurry up. Then I kissed her May b for another 5 min on her cheek neck and then I kept my lips on her lips n then started kissing her. She coolly pushed her tongue into my mouth. Then I held her close to me. We kissed for another 5 min or so. Then I started to move my hand on her body. I placed them on her hips. Then I slowly moved my hands up her body n then held her boobs. I pressed them slowly. We were going on kissing for over 1hr as v could do nothing more than what we were doing. Though it was a no mans land you jus can’t take off each others clothes. After some time I tried to put my hand inside her dress. But then she resisted and then even I didn’t try as the place was safe but not safe for so much of masti. We kissed for a long time. Then it was time for us to get back. Dropped her to a bus stand as she doesn’t like me to drop her near her place as she is scared if anyone sees us. To tell u all the truth only 2 guys and a girl are aware of this other than us. No one else have a clue of what’s going on between us. Then we decided to meet a day may be after a week. This time I took my car. We drove out to another place. We stopped under a tree. We were holding each other n just hugging for some time. Then we went inside the car and then started kissing. I was kissing her breast line. I had lowered her salwar top. I was trying to remove her dress. But she was resisting.

But still I never lost my control. I waited for that moment. I put my hand inside her dress. She resisted but I managed to put my hand inside her dress. I held her boob’s n pressed it hard. She moaned. This made me press it hard. I was kissing her n pressing her boobs.

Then I was pulling her dress out she said she will do that herself. But as she was going to remove her dress some 2 kids from a near by place started walking near my car to see what’s exactly going on. I was pissed off. I had to drive to another place. Then I started to drive to another place. I was pissed off as I knew that al my effort has gone in drain n I had to start it all from first.

Then I stopped the car at another place. We started to kiss for some time. After some 5 min I started to remove her top. She was not letting me do that. I was running my hand all over her body. I said I want to kiss ur boobs. She said kiss my back n she lifted her salwar n turned away from me to let me kiss her back. Then I made her sit on me. Then I put my hand inside her salwar. N I removed her bra. She didn’t resist. Then I got my hand around her bra n placed my hand at the bottom of her bra and then I just freed her boobs. But still her boobs were covered under her salwar. Then I slowly pulled her salwar up. There were the big boobs that I always dreamed about. I started to kiss it lick it. She started moaning. I kissed her boob for a long time. Then I put my hand into her panty. She was wet by then. I rubbed it for sometime. Then I too unzipped my pant and then placed her hand on my dick. She was shivering at first. Then I removed her panty and kissed her pussy……