Sexy Time at the Boardroom

tagGroup SexSexy Time at the Boardroom

Suzanne is wearing a white cleavage revealing blouse, tight red skirt, black stockings and red high heels. She knocks on the door.
STEVE: Come in.
Suzanne enters in the room. Five men is also in the room and sitting down. Suzanne sits next Steve while Steve is talking to Frank.
STEVE: Thank you Frank. Now is there other business to attend to?
All said no.
STEVE: Ah, our lovely Suzanne. Thank you for bringing a smile to all our faces and a hard on in our trousers, you brighten up these boring meetings.
SUZANNE: My pleasure Mr chairman. I am so pleased to bring a hard on to all of you, you naughty boys.
All the guys laughed (or giggled) while looking at Suzanne.
STEVE: Be a darling and entertain the boys.
Suzanne do as Steve says and stands up, looking at the guys.
SUZANNE: Perhaps I could give you some relief?
All the men agrees yes.
SUZANNE: Before I do, I need a relief of my own first.
Suzanne moves the chair behind her back and slowly removes her clothes and is naked. She sits on the chair and moves her legs wider for everyone to see. She rubs her breast (squeezing, pulling, etc). Suzanne puts her right hand down to her pussy and starts to rub her pussy (2-3 mins).
FRANK: Loves these meeting, don't we guys?
All the guys agrees.
Frank unzips his trousers and pulls out his cock. He starts to wank. Suzanne looks at Frank's cock and smiles a really sexy smile,
SUZANNE: Perhaps I could start by helping you Frank?'
FRANK: Omg yes please.
Suzanne stops what she is doing and stands up and go to Frank. Suzanne push the chair Frank sitting back for everyone to see. Suzanne reaches Frank's big cock and she licks it up and down Frank's shaft. Suzanne lick the tip of Frank's cock before putting his cock into her mouth (2-3 mins)
Jack, Dave and Kevin stands up and go around Frank and Suzanne. The guys release their cocks out of their trousers and start wanking.
Suzanne is massaging Frank's balls while she sucking Frank's cock (30 seconds). Frank is close to cumming. Franks lets out a huge moan and he spunks his load into Suzanne's face. She moans with delight as the hot jizz covers her face.
Steve hands Suzanne a towel. Suzanne cleans her face.
SUZANNE: Now I am dying for a fuck.
Jack, Kevin and Dave moves round Suzanne as she sits down on the chair. Jack sticks his cock straight in Suzanne's mouth. Suzanne sucks him deeply and plays with his balls with her right hand.
Kevin positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy.
KEVIN: Ready, darling?
Suzanne moan and nodding while sucking Jack's cock. Kevin thrusts into her and starts fucking Suzanne gently (1-2 mins). Suzanne sees Dave wanking his cock.
SUZANNE: Come closer, Dave. Don't be shy.
Dave moves closer and his cock is being wanked by Suzanne's hand while Suzanne is continues sucking Kevin's cock. Suzanne suck Dave's cock while wanking Kevin's cock and visa-versa.
KEVIN: I am cumming.
Suzanne quickly puts Kevin's cock in her mouth and wait for Kevin to cum. Kevin has cummed and fill Suzanne with Kevin's spunk.
Jack goes in front of Suzanne and kneel on his knees between Suzanne's legs and starts to lick her pussy (1-2 mins)
Dave starts to moan and let's out his jizz while being wanked by Suzanne. Dave ask Suzanne to get up so he can sit down on the chair with Suzanne sitting on him (Suzanne's back in front of Dave). Suzanne guide Dave's cock and puts his cock in Suzanne's pussy and moves up and down Dave's cock (1-2 mins). Jack's cock is being sucked by Suzanne while Kevin wanking his cock while watching Suzanne's being fucked by Dave.
KEVIN: Well done, Dave. Show Suzanne how it is being done.
Dave starts moves faster and harder. Suzanne moaning loud (1-2 mins).
Suzanne gets up from Dave.
SUZANNE: Come on, boys. I am not finished yet. I want doggy-style.
Kevin lies on the floor with Suzanne on top of him. Kevin puts his cock in Suzanne's pussy and starts to fuck her (1-2 mins) while the guys is wanking their cock.
Dave goes behind Suzanne and put his finger inside Suzanne's anal and spreading her anal wide (20-30 second). Dave starts to wank his cock to make it hard and stick his cock inside Suzanne's tight hole. Suzanne is getting double-pentration by Kevin and Dave (2-3 mins).
Jack goes in front of Suzanne and offer his cock to Suzanne to be sucked. Suzanne grabs his cock and puts it in her mouth (1-2 mins).
Jack puts his hands on Suzanne's head and starts to fuck her mouth harder.
SUZANNE: Now boys. Don't cum yet!
Within few mins, the boys starts about to cum.
SUZANNE: Wait, wait, wait!!
Dave and Kevin take their cock of Suzanne's pussy and anal. Suzanne is on her knees and wait for the boys to jizz on her face.
SUZANNE: I am ready, boys.
All the guys starts to jizz all over Suzanne's face, hair and breast.
STEVE: Well that was the best board meeting we have ever had, how about we reconvene next in an hour to repeat?'
The gents all murmur a yes
Suzanne smiles from ear to ear….
SUZANNE: I cant wait!
Everyone is sitting and are naked except Steve.
STEVE: Right then. Hope you all enjoyed yourself. Now it is my turn. Suzanne darling, please stand in front of me.
SUZANNE: Yes, Mr Chairman
Suzanne do what Steve requested. Steve get closer to Suzanne and rubs her clit with his fingers while sitting down.(1-2 mins).
Steve stands up while rubbing Suzanne's pussy and removes his trousers and pants to the floor. Suzanne takes her both hands and starts rubbing Steve's cock (1-2 mins).
Steve stops what he's doing.
STEVE: Turn over, darling and bend over for me, please.
Suzanne does what Steve ask and bends over the table with her arse showing in front Steve. Steve rubs Suzanne's pussy with his fingers and then thrust his cock inside Suzanne's pussy from behind (2 mins).
Suzanne is rubbing her pussy while she is being fucked by Steve. Steve start massaging Suzanne's breast (1 min).
Steve stops what he is doing.
STEVE: Turn around, darling.
Suzanne gets up and turning around (Suzanne in front of Steve). Steve lift Suzanne on the table and open her legs wide. Steve rubs his cock to make it hard and enter his cock inside Suzanne's pussy. Both Steve and Suzanne start kissing while they are fucking (2 mins).
The guys are still sitting and watching while wanking their cocks.
Steve fuck Suzanne harder as Suzanne grabs Steve's bum to push harder. Steve slows down and goes to the chair to sit down. Suzanne still on the table looking at the guys.
SUZANNE: Well, boys? Ready for more?
Kevin come close to me and starts to lick Suzanne's pussy (1-2 min). Jack goes near Suzanne's breast and starts to suck her breast. Suzanne start to rub Jack's cock. Dave gets on the table. Dave grabs Suzanne's head and stick his cock into her mouth and pushes in and out of her mouth (1-2 min).
Kevin stops licking Suzanne's pussy, gets up and start fucking Suzanne (1-2 min)
Kevin and Jack swop each other (Kevin's cock getting sucked and Jack is fucking Suzanne's (1-2 min).
DAVE: Hey, it is my turn.
Jack stops fucking Suzanne and sits down to rest while Dave is fucking Suzanne (1-2).
After 5 mins, Dave is about to cum and jizz over Suzanne's pussy while Kevin jizz over Suzanne's face.
STEVE: Thank you, gentlemen. Get back to work. Suzanne, please stay and dictate the letter for me.
SUZANNE: Yes, Mr Chairman
The guys leave with Steve and Suzanne in the office and sitting on their chairs (Steve is half naked from below and Suzanne is fully naked)
STEVE: Do you want dictate the letter or shall we fuck first?
Suzanne looks at Steve and she is smiling. Suzanne goes down on her knees in front of Steve and starts rubbing his cock. Steve removes his tie and shirt to the floor.
Suzanne licks the shaft up and down, kissing and gently biting Steve's cock. When ready, Suzanne takes his cock into her mouth (2-3 mins). Steve let out a moan and starts playing with Suzanne's breast.
Suzanne sucked his cock faster in and out of her mouth (1-2 min). Suzanne stops what she is doing and gets up. She turn around and lower her back on to Steve (Suzanne's back in front of Steve).
Steve rubs his cock upright and slid his cock into Suzanne's pussy and moves up and down (2 mins). Suzanne is rubbing her pussy and squeezing her breast hard while she is being fucked (1-2 mins)
Suzanne jumps up and down faster on Steve's cock (1-2 mins). One of Steve's hand moves to Suzanne's breast and start squeezing them.
STEVE: Oh god, I am coming!! Oh fuck!
SUZANNE: Don't cum yet. Keep fucking me.
Suzanne jumps up and down faster and faster (1-2 mins).
STEVE: Any time now, darling
SUZANNE: Cum inside me!!!
Steve fucks Suzanne for another minute or two and start cumming inside Suzanne's pussy. Both collapsed.
Both cleans themselves up and start to work. Both still naked. Steve read the letter while Suzanne is writing what Steve is saying while rubbing his cock.
The end.

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