Sexy Wife, Sexier Sister in Law Ch. 04

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Ayush finally opened up to Preethi about his personal issues. It wasn't anything new. She thought to herself It was the same old story about the marriage never being the same after a few years. It's commonly called the 7-year itch. Most couples begin to feel their personal life has become less exciting and more mundane. Then there is always the stress of work, familial responsibilities; adding a few cherries on top of the cake of despair.
"I don't know if it was her or me, but we just don't seem to have the same spark as we did before…" Ayush's words brought Preethi out of her thoughts.
"Everything was great until a few years back. We were doing so well, it seemed like we were going places, you know!" He said more to himself than to her.
Preethi tried to not look bored. She wondered if all guys somehow have a script they blindly read. Ayush then talked about how the "spark" between him and Madhu died out over the years. Now with a kid they both were more focused on being good parents than being good partners. It just seemed like life has reached a stand still, where every day is the same. There isn't any excitement anywhere.
He desperately wanted to do something to pull himself away from the mundaneness. Stealing Preethi's panties felt like an exciting idea and he finally gave into his impulse.
Preethi listened to Ayush patiently. She felt like he was trying too hard to justify his lust. She believed that lust is so human that it rarely needs justification. The only exceptions being nonconsensual sex or molestation.
"So you were looking for excitement…" she said to him. "I can understand. I may be newly married compared to you both but I too feel the burden of that mundaneness on me."
"Why? Don't you enjoy your life with Siddharth?" Ayush asked puzzled.
"I do! Don't get me wrong. I love him and I am happy to be with him. He's understanding, supportive and sensitive…" she said back.
"But? Something's missing? Right?" he filled in the blanks.
"I guess. We have been very adventurous. We traveled a lot, tried many activities we always wanted to and all that. We even explored so many sexual fantasies and role play," she told him.
"Wow! That really does sound exciting," he almost felt jealous.
"Oh yes! Our sex life was great. But there's a part of me that always wanted to try stuff, you know?"
"What kind of stuff?" He asked.
"Something like what you did," she grinned. "No offense, I wasn't trying to make you feel uncomfortable."
"It's okay, I have accepted what I have done, I am now comfortable with it," he said with some pride.
"Is that so? That's good! I don't think it's anything to be ashamed off," she said supporting his decision.
"So you want to take my underwear and masturbate with it?" He teased her.
"Nice try. But, no. I wanted to use that as an example," she smirked back.
"So what do you want to try then?" He was genuinely curious now.
"All the time while we were growing up we had this conservative sticker plastered on our heads. I feel like we have never been allowed to explore and understand who we are as a person," Preethi said in a sad tone.
"I agree. I grew up being afraid of all the sexual thoughts I used to have. I would pray to God every night to no take me to hell because I really thought I was a pervert," he said half recollecting his teenage memories.
"Oh God!" She laughed. "See, it's stuff like that. It's natural to have sexual desires in that age. But instead of trying to understand them, we were brain washed to reject them and guilt tripped to make us feel bad."
"I know! I can never forget how frustrated it made me feel; battling the voices of my family against my own voices," he said with a frustrated tone.
"I can totally understand. Marriage seemed to be the only escape. Get married and you can do what ever you want after that, was the mantra I heard from my parents through my teen years and my early 20s!" she exclaimed.
"I think almost everyone follows the same mantra. So many people want to get married so they can be done with their parents's constant nagging," he said knowing all too well.
Preethi started to empathize with Ayush now. He seemed to have gone through similar experiences growing up as she and her sister did. But she knew Madhu was not so keen on being adventurous in life. She has always been some one who looked for stability.
"Ayush, you and I have a lot of repressed thoughts from years. It seems like marriage hasn't given us the relief we have sought," she said as a matter of fact.
"Yes, I love Madhu and still fuck her like an animal when I am aroused, but I cannot shake this feeling that I want more," he was feeling comfortable to talk more openly.
"I can understand that feeling. We both have proved to each other that we are good at honoring the deals we make, want to make another deal?" she asked.
"Sure, I am listening," he was excited.
"Let's make a deal to help each other explore all of our suppressed thoughts and desires, whether they are sexual or non sexual. What do you say?" She proposed an idea.
"I like it! It would be great to have such a close and trust worthy confidant," his face grew brighter as he heard her idea.
"Good! But, before you say what's on your mind, I want us to start with some of our non sexual desires," she said reading his thoughts.
"Hmm, I was kinda expecting you would say that," his disappointment was so obvious.
"Of course! As a guy it's only natural you think of sex. But there is no fun in simply jumping to that right away," she teased him.
Ayush laughed, he actually liked how she was thinking. There really is more excitement in taking things slow and savoring the process.
Ayush and Preethi talked about each other's desires. When ever they found time, they would explore some ideas. They did the silly ones first, like playing a prank on their neighbors, dancing at work when no one watched etc.
Ayush wanted to sneak into a college party pretending to be one of the students. Preethi wanted to try weed. They found out about a party not too far from Ayush's place. For a moment they wanted to forget they were grown ups and pretend to be youngsters again. They used aliases instead of their real names. Preethi liked this side of Ayush, she thought she rarely gets to see his fun side, he is always so responsible at home, around Madhu and his kid; he was almost a different person.
He even managed to hook up with a young college girl. Preethi played his "wingman" and watched out for him as he fucked her brain out in one of the bathrooms. She sat outside smoking her weed, listening to Ayush ram that young pussy; the girl was moaning intensely, "ahhh… ahhh… yesss;" no body really cared, at this point almost every other student was hooking up and fucking who ever they wanted to. She realized how much he missed a good fuck. She couldn't really blame him or Madhu, it was bound to happen when people get married and spend years together. Sex stops being something exciting and ends up becoming a boring routine. She wondered if Madhu would ever be willing to get fucked hard with a dick that belonged to some one else other than her husband. She wasn't so sure, she thought her sister was too conservative.
After a few weeks of keeping up with their deal, they both got closer to each other. They opened up about their past, their likes, dislikes; sharing things they haven't even shared with their respective spouses. This was what Preethi was hoping for, to make him hers more than he was her sisters.
One day, they both were chilling in the dining room, Siddharth and Madhu had gone out for a drive as usual. Ayush and Preethi fed their respective kids their evening snack, and sent them to their friend's place to play. He recollected the past few weeks expressing how much he enjoyed everything they had done.
"I feel like a new person, sometimes I have to pretend not to be so excited when I am with Madhu lest she figures out something is different," he said.
"Hmm…" Preethi said back.
"I think this was one of the best decisions we have made." He talked about how much he missed living life like this. She listened to him with a smile, sipping her coffee while pondering over some thoughts in her mind.
"Hey bro," she called out to Ayush interrupting him. He turned towards her. "I am ready for my next secret desire," she said to him. He smiled, "I am already excited! What do you want to do?"
She smiled with a naughty look in her eyes, "I want you to fuck me in front of my sister." 
Ayush's jaw dropped to the floor.
He knew it was just matter of time before they both got physically intimate, but he did not anticipate Preethi's secret desire would be so daring. It took him a few days to let the audacity of it to sink in; then they started planning for the special night. He made an appointment with his doctor pretending to have problems with sleep. After a few visits he convinced the doctor to prescribe him some sedatives. Preethi looked at Siddharth's schedule carefully and planned to stay at Madhu's place when she knew he would be busy working.
The weather was cool outside, it drizzled the whole day and the air felt fresh, it was a perfect night for some naughty, illicit fun. The kids were sleeping in their room. There was dim light in the master bedroom. Madhu was knocked away in deep sleep, from the sedatives she unknowingly drank with her wine. Preethi and Ayush sat next to her, kissing each other passionately. Their excitement was invigorated by the reality of things. Their bodies were pumped up with the gush of hormones released from the anticipation of the whole endeavor, they couldn't hold back anymore.
They kissed each other, licking their lips and tongue. His hands wandered down from her face feeling her slim neck, followed by his mouth licking her soft skin. His hands got lower cupping her firm breasts. "Mmmmmm.." she moaned and bit her lip. He took some wine, poured it into her mouth and kissed her, both swallowing the wine mixed with their saliva. "I like how you think," she said as drops of wine slipped down from the corners of her mouth. He smiled and kissed her more, with his hands squeezing her breasts on top of her t-shirt. She let her hands instinctively go down on his body until she found the thick bulge in his pants. She rubbed her hands on it, smiling to herself at how full his penis felt. She slid her hand inside his pants feeling its hardness. She stroked it slowly feeling it length and girth.
He took off her t-shirt and threw it away, her breasts were big and perfect, firmer than Madhu. He kissed them alternating between both. His hands snuck to her back, undoing her bra hooks, freeing them from their elegant confinement. Her light brown nipples were stiff, aroused from the intensity of their passion. He sucked hard on them, "mmmmm… Ahhhhh.. Ahhh.. Ahhhh…" she moaned as he licked and sucked on them. He bit her nipples, "Ohhh fucckk… ahhhhh… that was gooood!!" she moaned louder. She took his shirt off, feeling his bare skin with her hands. He moved down and explored her navel, sticking his tongue into her belly button, licking it, making her moan.
He was rubbing her pussy as he tasted the vast expanse of her waist. They quickly removed the rest of their clothing, getting bare naked. He rubbed on her clit hard, while putting his fingers in her pussy as she moaned "Ahhh… Mmmmm… Ahhhhh… fucccckkkkkk…" He finger fucked her making her moan more. She was fully aroused by then, her pussy dripping wet, the juices flowing over his fingers. She got up, pushed him on his back, kneeled on the bed and took his hard penis in her hand. She smiled looking at it, wrapped her lips around the thick head and sucked, "Fuuuccckkkk, you are gooodddd… ahhhh" He moaned as her warm mouth wrapped around the full length of his cock. She looked up at him with her big, beautiful eyes lined sensuously with thick eyeliner. He couldn't believe how good it felt. She made sure she kept eye contact with him as she sucked harder and harder, her hand stroking it in between.
She sucked his cock for a few minutes making him moan. He couldn't take it anymore, he badly wanted to fuck her. He made her lie on her back. He opened up her legs and placed the tip of his cock on the edge of her wet pussy. He rubbed on her pussy lips enticing her. She let out a few, small moans of pleasure. He quickly inserted the tip of my penis into her pussy, "Ahhhhh…" she cried out. He moved back and forth on top of her, as he thrust it deeper inch by inch each time. "Oooooo… mmmmmm… yeaaaa… just like that… mmmmmm… fuccckkkk me harder… Mmmmmm," she moaned. He slowly increased the pace as he rammed her harder and faster, and in no time he was balls deep into her. He fucked her, she moved back and forth in rhythm taking his full dick inside her, letting it stretch her vagina. "Thapp… thapp… thappp…" their skin collided as he pounded her like a man possessed. The bed rocked in response to their intensity. She turned her head and looked at her sister sleeping peacefully, her body being rocked side to side with the bed. She looked at her boobs bouncing side to side, it made her more horny.
They fucked for a few minutes, she asked Ayush to stop. He wondered what was on her mind. She crawled up over her sister, leaned down and slowly licked her lips. Ayush mind blew away at what he was seeing. She unbuttoned Madhu's sleepwear throwing open the flaps on either side, she pulled her bra down completely exposing her breasts. She squeezed them with her hands, bent down and sucked on her nipples. She looked at Ayush, she had her legs on either side of Madhu's body, she pushed up her hips; "fuck me like this, doggy style" she said.
"I had no idea you were into women!" Ayush said in disbelief.
Preethi smiled, "I am not. But can't a girl love her sister for the beautiful, sexy woman she is?"
Ayush smiled, "of course she can," he admitted he was hornier looking at both of them.
He could not believe his luck. His wife was knocked out, lying on the bed half naked, while her own sister sat bare naked on top of her sucking her breasts and he was ramming his dick deep into her pussy. He felt he was in heaven. The floor boards creaked from the intense passion of what was happening on the bed. Madhu's boobs were flinging up and down as she moved in rhythm with her sister on top of her.
"That's right my lovely sister… ahhh… mmm… I am fucking your husband in front of you, nooo…mmmm… on top of you," Preethi moaned over her sister as ripples of pleasure shuddered her body, taking her to the edge of ecstasy. Ayush squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples while he fucked her from behind. "I only wish sssss… mmmm… you were actually awake to experience this… ahhhh… mmmm… I am suureee you would have… mmm… loved it!" She continued sucking her breasts and licking her body.
She looked over to Ayush, "am I better than my sister?"
"With out an ounce of doubt!" He meant it, there was no way Madhu would be this adventurous in bed, he thought to himself.
Preethi pushed him on his back, got off Madhu, climbed on top of him taking his dick into her hand, sliding it back into her pussy. She jumped up and down fucking him like a cowgirl. He held her butt cheeks, pushing up into her pussy as she sat down on his dick. He sat up, sucked on her nipples as she held his head, pushing herself harder on his penis. "Ahhhhhh!!" her body shook suddenly as fluid gushed out from her pussy making her moan from the orgasm. Ayush continued pounding her without a break, he was too aroused to even consider stopping. "Don't cum yet!" she managed to say as she slowed down her pace. He shook his head acknowledging her.

She got off him, turned around and sat back on his penis in a reverse cowgirl position, resuming her pace from before. "I want to look at your sexy wife when you empty your balls into me," she exclaimed. "And don't worry about impregnating me," she added before Ayush could voice his concern, "I won't mind it." She turned around and winked at him as she moved up and down on his dick.
That was enough to completely throw him off the edge. He took her ass cheeks in his hands and rammed her pussy, "Ahhhhhhh… fuckkkkk… what the fuckkkkk!" Her brother-in-law's animal intensity shocked and excited her at the same time. Their bodies moved rhythmically and jerked with a fierce power. They moaned as he shoved his thick dick in and out of her like a maniac. "I am going to cum!" He announced proudly. "Cum… Cum inside me bro… fill me up!" she demanded. A few more thrusts later he pumped her up with his semen, loading her ripe womb with splurge after splurge, his body shaking vigorously from the hard orgasm that gripped it; she too shuddered with the sudden burst of warm semen blowing up her insides, she rolled her eyes back, opened her mouth as he throat choked from an erotic moan.
They lay on the bed, Ayush lying diagonally, Preethi with her legs sprayed over him, her head resting on Madhu's stomach, the final desire fulfilled. They would later clean themselves, dress up Madhu, and remove any trace of the deed committed on that night. But they wouldn't stop. They have now crossed over to the other side, just as Siddharth and Madhu did.
Unknown to each other, they all fucked and made love. The seed the men sowed in their respective sister-in-law's wombs successfully impregnated them, giving both couples their second child as a proud testament to their love. They would never stop living their true desire.
They all lived happily ever after.

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