shane diesel | Beep Stories

i heard a knock on my door…
i stepped out to see who is out there
i opened the door, my leg started shivering.. it was him.. my master.. shane diesel
he smirked evilishly seeing ma pathetic face.. he haven’t came for anything else but to fuck ma wife,
and humiliate me in front of her..
last time when he came he have taught me various mannerism that a slave must show to his true master..
by those learning i knelt quickly on all fours.. and removed his shoes and started kissing his legs passionately..
he was so pleased with my act and gave me a kick on my face as a reward.. i fell on the floor with pain.. he stepped forward
and ordered me to follow him on all fours..obedience is really a matter for my master.. i followed him more like a dog..
he reached our bedroom where my hot wife is been sleeping..she lying with a soft night dress of purple color
master lay himself besides her and paced a kiss gently on her lips.. she was awake like an alarm blow
my mouth was half open seeing it.. my wife was that happy seeing her bull.. she hold him tightly and started chewing his lips
so passionately.. after the formal intimate kissing they were back to their usual rituals.. nothing but to humiliate
and torture me… master shane is more cruel with humiliation and torturing..
they both were now sitting at the edge.. and i was kneeling before them.. master ordered me to strip now..
without any hesitation i stripped naked before him.. he asked me to come closer.. and he burst out of laugh
by seeing my tiny cock.. he then asked me to stand..then told me to sit in front of him like there is a chair.. it was very
hard to do,, but i did just like he ordered.. now i was in awkward position which made both my wife and her bull laughing..
meanwhile my wife playing with master’s cock and smothering him..
all the joy is meant for master and all the pain for me..master quickly grab my tiny cock in his strong palm and ordered me
not to move a bit from my awkward position.. already i was bearing pain on my leg and hips by the position..
he twisted squeezed my tiny balls and cock altogether in his single palm… i realized again how small dick i do have..
i was crying with pain and agony,, but their laughing were beyond my pain..
i was rolling tears with pain.. with no time to waste master ordered me to strip him.. i stripped him so carefully as i was
afraid of him from the root.. finally i took out the underwear from him and he was completely naked.. he had such a great body
and a huge strong cock. i slurped my tongue seeing his majestic cock..
now the party is going to start.. he stood before me and showed me his supremacy.. he caught me by neck and at a snap
i was kneeling before him.. he grabbed on my hair violently and showed me what pain really do mean..he ordered me to suck his
cock right in front of my wife.. with no other option i started sucking him..
my mouth was not enough to hold such a monster cock.. he started slapping my face while i was sucking.. meanwhile
he ordered my wife to get naked as he was about fuck her.. he even added that he is just lubricating his cock
with your hubby’s mouth,, my wife was all ready for a fuck and screamed please fuck me master.. he then pulled out
his cock from my mouth.. it was really a sigh relief to get my mouth free..
soon after he fucked my mouth he slapped my face for no reason i thought.. but he told me had discomfort
with my teeth on his cock.. and warned me next time i make the mistake,he would just punch on my face

and take that teeth out.. i nodded head with most obedience.. because i knew he would do it for sure..

my wife was lying on her back and was waiting for her bull to fill her pussy

he reached beside her and spread her leg which i need to hold as usual.. he started fucking my wife so hard..

i could do nothing but to watch and hold her leg..

she was moaning with pain and joy.. she filled with that holy giant monster cock..

master slapped her curvy boobs in between..

he asked me to leave her leg and ordered me to kneel behind his ass

and he said “while i fuck your wife u lick my asshole u piece of shit”

i was told to insert my tongue inside his stinky ass hole.. i realized am just his dog

just do what he says..

after the ass session he ordered me to worship his legs..i sucked his toes.. licked beneath..kissed all over..

next he want me to do was licking and sucking his balls.. i was ordered to lay my head on bed.. my wife placed her

pussy over my face and he started fucking his balls were right in my mouth..

and i started sucking it like a lollipop.. i could feel those ball powders in my mouth..

they were now finished up with their fucking session..

master pointed me bra and panties lying on the floor.. “take those and wear it like a sissy” he ordered.

i wore and now i am a sissy cuckold.. he told my wife that he need to pee and will just come by..

but my wife had a smirk on her face.. she fetched me.. i crawled besides them..

she caught my head and his cock on another.. and pushed his cock deep in my throat.. “do it honey, just do

it in this scumbag’s mouth” she said.. he pissed…

i felt more than a shit.. i realized i was no more a person,a man for them..

i was degraded treated like shit.. they both burst into laugh seeing me filled with piss..

“honey i wanna see this sissy crying with pain, i wanna see it right now,just do whatever,make him cry,

that turns me on”.. she whispered in his ear,knowing that i am hearing..

“sure honey, i would love to do it” he replied..

i was about to faint hearing all this..

i could not think bearing any more pain… i was already humiliated and pissed

he ordered me to kneel and raise my hands at max

he stood right in front of me..

placed a strong slap on my right cheek.. i did not even see it coming..

she told him it wasn’t strong enough..were i wasn’t out of the pain from it..

sure honey i would give him more he said..

he started slapping me over and over and i almost stopped counting..

but the rest was about to come.. he told me to lay my cock on floor..

i didn’t knew why he said so.. but i was an obedient dog.. just did what he told..

raise your hands to max and slapped so hard for slipping..

i raised it to more than my limit,afraid of bearing another manly slap from him..

he ordered not move my hands or body a bit from now..

i was sure some thing big is about to come.. my heart was beating double of normal..

yes it was really nasty..

my master took a hard healed shoe and wore it…

i cud almost feel what was about to come

he came and stood in front of me.. where i was raised my hand in air to max and lay my cock on floor

the real pain was about to come.. he stepped on my tiny cock and squeezed it right under his shoe… i cried out of pain..

my wife was so overjoyed seeing me like this.. she asked master to make it more painful.. he increased pressure on my cock

with his shoes and my cock was swelling with pain between he did not forgot to slap

my swollen face.. now he hand over the slapping duty to my wife as he had another duty to engage with..

he stood on my cock with one and kicked my balls with another while my own wife was slapping my face so hard..

after a while they were tired and got back to relax.. but i was not supposed what relaxing is meant.. meanwhile they were

relaxing i was ordered to cook food and serve drinks for them.. and they also didn’t waste time for using toilets..