Shannon, Judith and Marion | straight story from Herbert family man

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I was getting close to 40 and still single and had no siblings and so decided I should find a wife and start a family. I’m not what you would call overly handsome, I’ve a character’s face you know like Curley from the three stooges. I was well off financially and was setup with a 4 bedroom and great career. I wasn’t looking for a super model a plain Jane type would do. Well, I found my Plain Shannon 36 and single and she lived with her 2 sisters Judith 33 and Marion 38 all still and average looks and size and single like Shannon. Not in any relationships either, so I had my choice you could say. They said No, not to having my child for me. But to being looked over and judged, they too all wanted children at least one each and I was the only interested party you could say. Fully expecting a slapped face, I suggested I bed all three and marry who got pregnant first. I didn’t get slapped, but counteroffer where I pick a name out of a hat and marry that one but have children with all three. There is always a catch the catch was marry first then bed them. I agreed mainly to see if they were serious, they were, and I was committed to marry whoever’s name I picked out. I picked Marion’s name and as promised we married and all three moved in with me. Sexual relations started and one by one they got pregnant; Shannon first followed by Marion the last but not least Judith. Shannon and Marion had a girl each and Judith a boy all within 3 weeks of the first. I was happy and so were they and Shannon and Judith changed their surnames to mine so it would look at a glance of the birth certificate they were my wife. But we didn’t hide the fact we were a family group, all children born at the same hospital. That was early in 2021, that our children were born, and Judith got confirmed as pregnant again April this year and Shannon may be pregnant again and will be getting tested next week. Marion may be pregnant or may not be pregnant, no precautions are taken, and it won’t be from lack of trying. We’ve made a verbal agreement to keep having children until we can’t have anymore. The more the merrier as they say.

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