She Died

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She Died
A father and his daughters deal with their grief.
Chapter 1
She died. Two small words containing a total of seven letters. How could they cause so much pain? I was going about my normal mundane Saturday when the doorbell rang. It seems to me that it is always jarring when a policeman is at your door. Even if you are white middle class. I suppose it is almost instinctual to be apprehensive. Did I do something, did my family do something, is someone suing me? And then, please don't let it be bad.
It was really bad. My wife was gone. Killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway. Just like that my world went dark. I just stood there with tears pouring down my face. I looked at the cop like she had just slapped me. In a way she had. I had just lost my world and this bitch has the balls to be the one to tell me! For a moment I hated her. Then, I invited her in.
She handed me her card. Believe it or not cops have cards now, which just seems odd. Anyway, she handed me her card and told me to call the number on the back to let them know what funeral home we preferred. Then she turned and left. She wasn't rude or stern, or even sympathetic. She had handled this situation and was moving on to the next. She left behind those two words that destroyed my heart.
She died.
Marissa and I met in high school. We became friends immediately and began dating. We started out liking each other, then lusting with each other, then loving each other. The lusting part led to our twin girls Jessica and Stacy. Normally you have the marriage and then the kids. Since we were in high school when Marissa got pregnant, we did it the other way around.
We managed to survive being child parents through our love for each other. It didn't hurt our chances that we had the support and financial help of our parents. Marissa and I not only loved each other, we lusted after each other. We had a wonderful time the night before the doorbell rang. Seventeen years of marriage hadn't dulled our ardor. A drunk driver did.
Jessica found me sitting on the floor by the front door sobbing uncontrollably. I looked up at her, then stood up and pulled her into arms. I am sure I held her too tight, but she was my anchor in that moment.
"Dad what is wrong!"
My words were a rapid-fire jumble that shame me to this day. Why couldn't I be the TV dad who knew just the right way to tell his daughter her mom was dead? "The police were just here. It's your mom. There was a drunk driver. She died. I'm so sorry baby!"
She didn't think less of me then and she assures me she doesn't think less of me now. She held onto me and we cried together. That is how Stacy found us a little while later. Jessica stumbled through the words before I could. "She died."
Chapter 2
The following week was a mind-numbing litany of details that had to be dealt with. Family and friends visited, brought food, and tried to help. "if there is anything I/We can do…" In most cases I knew that the person saying that meant it sincerely. But there is nothing they could have done. The love of my life had died and all I wanted to do was lie down in bed, hug my daughters, and grieve with them. I wasn't allowed to do that because the world needs the details taken care of.
Some people think focusing on the details will help get them through the worst of their grief. I hated the details. I wanted to be left alone with my daughters for just a while. Please just for a while? Nope, stuff had to be done. So, I pulled myself somewhat together and began to Whack A Mole the details. Jessica and Stacy went with me to the funeral home were a "Funeral Director" walked us through the myriad of options. Funeral directors seem to be an odd mix of sympathy and sales. He very sympathetically sold us thousands of dollars' worth of stuff, most of which will either be buried or tossed in a dumpster in a few days.
We struggled our way through the closed casket funeral. I hated the whole process. People I knew and loved would express their sympathy and I would tear up. Folks I had never seen before would stop me to tell me some anecdote about Marissa from elementary school. I couldn't help but think that they were trying to convince me they had a valid reason for being at the funeral. I wanted to say, "I am not the fucking funeral police and I don't fucking care why you are here!" I didn't because I may be sick with grief, but I am not a dick.
Among the worst were the ones who insisted on telling me how horrible some other person's death was. It was as if they were telling me, "See this horrible death? It's more horrible than your death. Doesn't' that make you feel better?" I have a hard time understanding how a person could be that callous or clueless, but it happened. More than once.
Of course, there were the elderly folks who feel the need to recite the number of funerals they had attended so far this year, who they were for, and how all of their friends were now dead. I didn't know what to say to any of that and didn't feel up to trying anyway.
One group of ladies that I didn't know stood blocking the casket while they discussed the various flowers. A lady would break off from the group and study the card on a particular flower, then report back to the group. Stacy later told me they were comparing relative values of the flowers to the person who sent them and gossiping about the results. The funeral director's assistant (sales associate?) had to ask them to move.
I am sure if Marissa had been looking down on us she would have laughed hysterically at the ridiculousness of the whole affair. Marissa had a wonderful, and sometimes odd, sense of humor. It matched mine, but I wasn't seeing the humor.
Eventually the funeral was over and we were left alone. I was relieved to come home to the quit at first. Our friends had made sure the leftovers were stored properly and everything was in order. When we walked into the house we puttered around the kitchen for a few minutes, but something felt off. I finally realized it was because we couldn't hear Marissa humming or singing to herself as she moved around the house.
Chapter 3
"I'm going to go lay down for a while," I told the girls.
I laid down in the bed we had shared, feeling numb and exhausted. I stared at the ceiling as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn't know what I was going to do without her. I knew that she would give me shit about being a big pussy if she were here just to get me to laugh. She's not here and I am lost.
I was trying to be quiet, but the girls must have heard me crying. The bedroom door opened and they both came in. "Scoot over dad," Stacy said as Jessica lay down on the other side of me. We held each other, the sobs came, and the tears fell. We fell asleep holding onto each other.
There is that old saying, "Time heals all wounds". My response to that is, "Bullshit!" I lost the love of my life and that wound would never fully heal. Over time I began to function again, but I didn't heal. For weeks I would start to do something only to find two hours later that I hadn't moved. A commercial on TV, a song on the radio, even a billboard could trigger the tears. My daughters were going through the same thing. The one good thing was that they were very close and were used to leaning on each other. They needed me as much as I needed them. The slept in my bed that night and kept sleeping in it the nights after. We had a hard time being apart while I was at work and they were in classes at the local state college.
Eventually we moved from disabling grief to bouts of sadness, but we continued to sleep together. They were my beautiful rocks that kept me grounded on earth. Without them I think I might have given up. When I had to leave town on a business trip for two days, I didn't sleep the entire trip. I needed them both next to me so that I knew they were safe. To be honest, they made me feel that there was something worth living for. I needed them as much, or more, than they needed me.
I have found that a weird thing happens when I am grieving. It happened when my mom passed away, and again when my father passed. I get horny. I guess it is a natural response to losing a loved one. My guess is that I wanted to solidify the connection with my wife and feel the level of closeness that being intimate provides.
What I do know is that I woke up one night to the whispers of my daughters. I realized that I was spooning Stacy. I had my arm wrapped around her and my hand was on her tit. I also had a raging erection.
"Oh my god! I am so sorry," I was beyond embarrassed and ashamed.
Stacy said in a soft voice, "It's OK dad. I know you didn't realize it was me. Please don't be upset with yourself. I'm not upset with you."
"I feel horrible. I should never touch you that way."
Jessica rolled against my other side and hugged herself against me.
"Dad, we understand. It's only natural for you to get horny. Stacy and I were trying not to wake you, but I guess we were whispering to loud."
I rolled onto my back and they snuggled up to me. It wasn't long before they were asleep. I was scared to go back to sleep. I was afraid I might do something awful to one of my daughters. Apparently, I wasn't too scared because it wasn't long after that I slept as well.
Chapter 4
When I opened my eyes in the morning Jessica was sitting on one side of the bed and Stacy on the other. The blankets had been pulled down and my daughters were looking at my morning wood sticking up like some sort of perverse flagpole! My erection had escaped through the slit in my pajama pants and was on full view. They each laid a hand on my arm as I began to freak the fuck out!
"Dad, please relax. It's alright," Stacy said as she rubbed my arm.
Jessica was rubbing my other arm, "We have been talking and we want to help you."
They lay down on either side of me. Stacy put her hand on my chest while Jessica snuggled against my other side.
"What do you mean by "help me" and please pull the covers up."
Jessica smiled up at me and said, "We can't help you if we do that."
"Oh my god! What have I done to you? I must be the worst father in the world! You don't have to do anything like whatever you thought you were going to do."
"Dad, maybe we need a little help too," Stacy said as she began to rub my chest. Her fingertips were lightly brushing against my nipples. I realized the Jessica's hand was on my leg as she began to slowly moved it toward my exposed erection.
I was on the verge of jumping out of bed when Jessica's hand enveloped my erection. That turns out to be an excellent way to keep a guy from moving too quickly. As I lay there in shock Stacy leaned over and licked my nipple. Jessica began to slowly stroke my cock and I couldn't help the groan that escaped my lips.
Jessica began to lick and nip at my other nipple while Stacy slid up and began to nibble at my ear. I lost my ability to think as my two beautiful daughters molested me. My balls were tight against my body and my erection felt like a steel rod as Jessica slowly stroked it.
Stacy tentatively kissed me on the mouth. She began kissing me with more passion when another groan escaped me. A lot more passion, and I couldn't resist. I kissed her back. As our tongues intertwined Jessica slid down the bed and I felt her mouth encompass my cock. She languidly sucked on it while pumping with her hand.
That's all it took. I exploded in my daughter's mouth. I moaned into Stacy's mouth while she kissed me. I bucked and jerked on the bed as I shot load after load into Jessica's mouth.
"Oh my god! What have I done!" I thought. I was grief stricken again. What had I done to my little girls? Tears blurred my vision.
Stacy immediately began to kiss me all over my face. "Dad, it's OK. You didn't do anything wrong. We are both eighteen and this is what we wanted to do for you. Please don't feel bad."
Jessica slid up the bed and leaned over my chest, "Stace."
"Dad's cock tastes wonderful. Want some?"
"Hell yes!"
Jessica leaned over and began kissing her sister. I could see their tongues exploring each other's mouths as Stacy sampled the taste of me. They took their time with it and it became obvious to me that they both were very turned on. As was I. My cock was still sticking up like my own little Eiffel Tower. They both looked at me when they came up for air.
Stacy said, "we talked about this and we knew what we wanted to do. Not only for you, but for us."
Jessica chimed in, "We need the closeness too and we don't want it with anyone else."
"It's wrong," I said. "There are probably laws against it."
"Nope," Jessica said. "I checked. We are all consenting adults and no one is being forced."
"So, dad, are we good?"
"I love you both very much and I never want to hurt you. If you both are good with this, I guess I can be too. Please bear with me though. This is all a bit strange and will take some getting used to."
Chapter 5
Both of them hugged me hard, jumped out of the bed, and hugged each other just as hard. Then they hugged not quite as hard. Then they were kissing, and not the smoochy way. They were definitely kissing the "I want to fuck you" way. I might just get used to things faster than I thought! Stacy and Jessica undressed each other like they had done it many times before. It wasn't long before they were naked in front of me, kissing and running their hands over each other.
Stacy and Jessica are identical twins. Of course, that only means they look alike to people that don't know them. To me they each have unique differences. Still, they look a lot alike. They have wavy red hair and nicely trimmed patches of red pubic hair. They stand at just over five foot five inches with athletic figures and cute little bubble butts. I especially like their perky tits that are so much like their mothers. They definitely aren't small, but they aren't huge either. I consider them about as close to perfect as it is possible to get.
Stacy pushed Jessica down onto the bed next to me. She straddled her sister's leg as she lay on top of her. Stacy kissed her sister passionately and began to caress her slowly. Her fingers slid from Jessica's mouth down her chin and along her throat. She continued to run her fingers along Jessica's chest and down to cup her tit. Stacy lightly flipped her sister's nipple with her thumb.
She wasn't just kissing her sister's mouth, neck and ears. She was making love to her sister's face. It was romantic, it was sexy, and it was absolutely beautiful.
Stacy's hand caressed down Jessica's body until it reached her sister's mound. She slowly moved her fingers along her sister's thigh. Slowly sliding her fingers down and a light brush of the fingers on the way up. The back of her thumb barely brushing against her sister's hooded clit. It was a slow and sensual tease that was having a wonderful effect on Jessica.
Jessica moaned into her sister's mouth as Stacy began slowing sliding her finger up and down Jessica's wet slit. Stacy slowly kissed and sucked her way down Jessica's body until she reached Jessica's nipple. She began lightly sucking her nipple while teasing it with her tongue. Stacy kept her hand busy as well. She had began using two fingers to stroke her sister's clit as she service Jessica's nipple. Jessica moaned and pulled her legs up and apart.
Stacy took advantage of the wider access and inserted two fingers slowly into her sister's aching pussy. She cupped her sister's pussy while sliding her fingers in and out. The palm of her hand was sliding against Jessica's clit as her hand slid up and down and her fingers slid in and out. Jessica raised her hips as she tried to force her pussy against her sister's hand.
Stacy left her fingers in her sister as she kissed her way down Jessica's stomach. She repositioned between Jessica's legs and put her mouth on her sister's pussy. She started slowly licking her sister, teasing her clit. Stacy began sliding her fingers in and out of Jessica faster as time slowly passed. She enveloped Jessica's mons with her mouth and began to rapidly service her sister's clit.
It wasn't long before Jessica began to buck and spasm against her sister's mouth. Jessica was moaning loudly when she suddenly stiffened in her climax. Her ass thrust up from the bed as she forced her pussy as hard as she could onto her sister's face. They seemed frozen in the moment. Then Jessica began to jerk and flail as she screamed out her orgasm.
As Jessica lost control of her muscles and fell back onto the bed Stacy slowly stopped licking her clit. Stacy continued to slowly finger fuck Jessica as she lay there twitching. Finally, when Jessica was relaxed and smiling, Stacy removed her fingers from her sister's dripping pussy. Jessica pulled Stacy up and enveloped her into a tight hug. The hug soon transitioned into a deep loving kiss.
I had an epiphany. I had thought that I should be feeling guilty, but I wasn't. What I had just seen was without a doubt the sexiest, most beautiful, and most joyful thing I had ever witnessed. I felt love and happiness that my daughters could care so much about each other. It was very obvious that they had done this before and felt no guilt about it. I realized in that moment there was no reason why they should feel guilty. My brilliant, beautiful, loving daughters were sharing something wonderful with me. Guilt had no place here.
Stacy rolled away from her sister and looked at me, "What are you thinking dad?"
"That you are both amazing and beautiful. I also think that, just maybe, you guys have done this once or twice before!"
Jessica smiled, "We have been exploring each other's bodies for a long time." She became serious, "Since Mom died, we haven't been doing anything. It just seemed wrong when you were so sad and lonely."
"I understand what you are saying, but you didn't need to suffer for me. To be honest, I haven't been relieving myself either. It just felt wrong somehow. I need the closeness that I cannot get from self-pleasure. Still, I think you should make each other happy, regardless of me."
"We get it dad," said Stacy. "That's why we talked about it and decided that we could all be, if not happy, at least less sad, if we did more than sleep in this bed."
Jessica smiled as she added, "And you have that awesome cock that we have wanted to sample since forever!"
Chapter 6
My girls lay on either side of me and I held them close. Jessica reached down and began to play with my cock. Slowly running her hand along the length of it and rubbing the tip with her thumb. Stacy and I began kissing passionately. There was no hesitation, no reservations, just happiness. I needed them both like I needed the air I breathe. My arms were around them so there wasn't much I could do with my hands. Stacy and Jessica apparently didn't need my help as they took control.
Stacy broke off our kiss so that she could nip at my neck and ear. She whispered, "Daddy, I want to sit on your face please."
I smiled and said, "I think I can live with that."
Stacy got onto her knees and moved to the head of the bed. She straddled my face and lowered her sweet pussy until my tongue could reach her. I began to lick her lovingly, using he back of my tongue to caress her clit.
I could feel Jessica moving around on the bed and suddenly I felt the warmth of her pussy sliding slowly onto my cock. I never imagined anything like this would ever happen. If I had, I would certainly never have imagined that it would be this amazing!
Jessica began slowly sliding up and down my steel-hard cock. Stacy was making the sweetest noises as I continued to eat her pussy. I couldn't get enough of her taste. We weren't fucking, we were making love. It was amazing and wonderful and I never wanted to stop.

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