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By like2watch1576 We’d only been married a short time and had gone on vacation, but because of bad weather decided to cut our trip short and come home early. We tried calling my dad to let him know we were back because he’d been coming over to bring in our mail and feed the cat, but only got his answering machine. It was in the seventies well before cell phones, but we left the message figuring that would be enough because he’d obviously already been by earlier that day. Only being eighteen and only being married less than a year we were still always horny so after getting settled in Lynn came into the room in one of her sexy garter belt & stocking outfits. She was the sexiest girl I’d ever seen at 5-8, 120, 34DD-24-35 with long red hair & matching bush. She’d painted her nails red and put on matching red lipstick we’d jokingly called prostitute red, along with dark eye-liner. It gave her a slutty look that drove me wild. And it was a look we knew would shock most people who knew us. We were brought up in a small ultra-conservative town, and Lynn being the local preachers daughter had always had to dress in ways to hide her sexy curves, wear her beautiful long hair pulled up, and could never wear make-up. The only people in our little town who’d ever seen this side of her was some of my friends we’d had threesomes with and couples we’d swapped with, as we’d gotten into swinging soon after getting married.

She’d become an avid exhibitionist after realizing just how hot she really was, but had to keep up her old appearance around town, so we took regular trips to some of the larger cities not to far away for her to expose herself to strangers. But when she dressed like she had that evening I knew it was going to be a hot night. But I had no idea of the surprises it was going to bring. We’d been fooling around a while and she was on the bed on her hands & knees and I was standing at the foot of the bed pounding my thick 9+” cock into her tight little ass. Her big tits hanging down bouncing around. Just as I was really giving that ass a good deep pounding and she’d let out a loud moan and told me to fuck her like the little slut she was, I realized we weren’t alone. There stood not only my father, but a friend of his and his grandson. It turned out he hadn’t gotten our message because the three of them had gone out of town for dinner. He’d stopped by to show his friend what a great job we’d done fixing up our apartment and to make sure no windows were open at all because the storm that had cut our trip short was headed that way. At first Lynn had no idea they were there and kept telling me to fuck that ass of her’s as hard and deep as I could. When I saw them standing there I pulled my cock out, but as timing would have it I shot a huge load of cum all over her sexy ass & back. And she said she’d wanted me to cum on her face & tits. It was about then that she saw we had an audience.

She jumped up and ran past then her big tits bouncing around and cum dripping on the floor behind her. I was standing there still semi-hard not knowing what to say. My dad broke the ice telling me why they had come by and I told him about our leaving the message and why we came back early. Lynn had gone in the bathroom and cleaned up and came back in wearing a housecoat. Not thinking about the bright lamp she was standing in front of was making the thin housecoat totally see-through. They left and it had been embaressing in a way, but had also turned Lynn on a bit being seen not only naked, but being fucked in the ass in front of my dad’s friend and especially being seen by his grandson in his early teens. Things were a little uncomfortable for a couple of months when my dad came over for dinner every few weeks. Then one night we’d all been drinking and the subject of what had happened came up finally for the first time. Lynn noticed just bringing up the subject had given my father a hard-on. And as he began complimenting her body and saying how he’d always suspected she looked good under those bulky clothes she always wore, then said he had no idea she had a body like that. Then he started talking about the garter belt & stockings and how much those had always turned him on. Lynn began to open up about how much she liked dressing sexy like that and wearing make-up and how many outfits like that she’d gotten since we’d gotten married. She even started talking about how she liked when we went out of town so she could dress sexy out in public. He laughed and jokingly said so underneath it all you’re just a bad girl, and a bit of an exhibitionist. Then said it just happened he’d always liked seeing bad girls in sexy outfits and especially garter belts & stockings.

I could tell by the look she gave me what she had in mind, so I just gave a little nod. She excused herself and left the room. My father was telling me how lucky I was and how sexy Lynn was, then we started to talk about other unrelated stuff. Lynn finally came back in the room wearing a different dress from before and had put on her slutty make-up. She said she had something to show us and said that was a dress she’d just bought that I’d never seen. It was a sexy low-cut black dress that buttoned up. Then she said she’d bought some accessories to go with it and pointed out the 4″ heels putting her at 6′ tall. She said it got her closer to being as tall as us, as my dad and I were both 6-5. Then she said that wasn’t all and she starts to seductively unbutton the dress but only giving a peek as to what was underneath. As she undid the last button she turned her back to us and let the dress slide off her arms to the floor. She had on a pair of sheer black panties that looked more like a g-string in back, a black & red garter belt & black stockings with a seam down the back and a black bra. When she turned facing us it turned out it was a half-cup bra that didn’t cover her big tits, but lifted them as a shelf and pressed them together making her big tits look absolutely huge. And you could see right through the panties, though it didn’t cover but about a third of her well trimmed bush. As she modeled her outfit she cupped her tits and ran her fingers over her hard nipples.

As she moved closer to the couch my dad and I were sitting on I had a good idea what she was about to do since I’d seen it before. She rubbed the smooth stocking saying how good that felt then took my dads hand and rubbed it over the stockings and said doesn’t that feel good? But before he could answer she moved his hand above the stockings to her bare inner-thigh and gradually to her pussy. As he started to rub on his own she reached down on each side and untied the little bow on each side of her panties and pulled them off dropping them to the floor. As he continued rubbing my eighteen years old wife’s pussy with one hand she put the other hand on one off her big tits and as he fondled it she reached back and unhooked the bra tossing it aside. All she stepped out of her heels all she had on was the garter belt & stockings. She stepped closer and cupped the back of his head and guided it to her tits. Soon he was sucking one of my young wife’s tits as he fingered her pussy and fondled her firm round ass. After a few minutes she started undressing us and then sat between us. We sucked her tits & fingered her pussy as she stroked our cocks. Then dropped to her knees and started taking turns sucking us off. Like me my dad was a little over 9″ and thick and he was surprised that she was swallowing every inch of his cock down to his balls, as well as her skill of going down sucking our balls. As we were both about to cum she told us to cum on her tits, This was a first for my dad, but it clearly turned him on stroking his cock until he shot off on his young daughter in laws big tits and then watching me do the same. We sat back and watched as she lifted her tits licking our cum off, then scooping the rest up & sucking it off her fingers as she commented how much she loved the taste of cum and how good it felt having guys shoot off all over her tits. Going into detail of how hot it was and feeling it running down over her tits and commenting the more cum the better.

She went and cleaned up and brought warm washcloths and cleaned us up. But in no time was on her knees sucking us off again and telling him how much she loved sucking dick, and especially big ones like ours. Once she had us hard again she looked up at my dad and asked if after seeing her naked that first time if he’d fantasized about fucking her? And before he could answer she said she knew he had, and said what position did he most fantasize about fucking her in. He reluctantly said from behind. She grinned and said so you want to fuck me in the ass? He said no just from behind. She said good then I could tell it surprised him when she said she loved having one guy fuck her from behind while she sucked another guy off. So he knew by that she’d had two guys at once before and by her tone, probably more than just a couple of times. At that she asked if we wanted to do it there or go in the bedroom. My dad was obviously in disbelief this was about to happen, so I said how about right here. Soon my dad was fucking my hot young wife while she sucked my cock. This time he emptied his load all over her ass and I shot my load down her throat. Again we all cleaned up and my father and I got dressed. Lynn had gotten cum on her stockings and taken them off to put in to soak and she stayed totally naked the rest of the evening as we had a couple more drinks. That was the only time my father ever fucked her, but she did suck his cock a few more times.

But that wasn’t her only time with a father and son. A few years later we were swapping with an older couple whose teenage son and daughter came home unexpectedly and caught us all naked on the living room floor having sex. We were surprised when they called and asked not only if Lynn would let their son fuck her. But wanted me to fuck their even younger daughter. Apparently the teens were interested in their parents swinger lifestyle and the parents wanted them to get acclimated to it thinking it would be hot to include them, but not wanting to have sex with them themselves. So without their parents there watching, but brother and sister in the same room. Lynn sucked their son off as his sister sucked me off, then we fucked both of them. But when they had walked in on us with their parents I’d been fucking their mom while she ate Lynn’s pussy and she was sucking the dad off. The daughter had been turned on and though she’d never been with another girl she’d thought about it. And seeing Lynn naked again had turned those thoughts on again and she asked if Lynn would teach her how to eat pussy so they could eat each other and she really couldn’t wait to suck Lynn’s big tits. But didn’t want her parents to find out she might be bi. They sucked each other’s tits and took turns eating each other’s pussy, then were in a 69 eating each other. Of course the girls brother and I were both rock hard watching and I couldn’t wait to fuck that hot little things tight count again. But he surprised me when he asked if we could try that? I said try what and he said us suck each other off at the same time. I told him I was sorry but I didn’t suck cock, but that I wasn’t offended. Then he asked if I’d let him suck me off. I agreed, and I could tell that wasn’t the first time he’d sucked a guy off. He later admitted that him and 3 of his friends had started off jerking off in front of each other while secretly watching his dads porn video’s but eventually started to suck each other off a lot. But I did get to fuck his sister a couple more times after that and him fuck Lynn and each time without the parents knowing him sucking my cock and Lynn and their daughter hooking up. But I drew the line when their son started trying to get me to fuck him in the ass, apparently his buddies wouldn’t either but he wanted to try it.

The next father & son for Lynn didn’t know about each other. Lynn had been sucking guys off and sometimes fucking them through glory holes in an adult bookstore about 200 miles from home. She’d go from booth to booth naked except for a garter belt & stockings so guys in the hall could see her naked and feel her up if they wanted. In one booth a guy had reached through the hole and played with her tits, ass, and pussy. Then she started sucking him off, but he whispered for her to back up to the whole and he fucked her shooting his load inside her cunt. We went into the hall to go to another booth, Lynn still naked except the garter & stockings and heels. The guy who’d just fucked her came out and we were shocked to see her uncle standing there, who like her dad was a preacher. But the real shock was about to come as he looked over Lynn’s body and started saying that even naked she still looked just like his daughter Susan. Lynn & Susan were born only a couple of months apart, and all their lives everyone who didn’t know they were cousins thought they were twin sisters. But now Susan’s dad is comparing how they even look alike naked. But then starts to compare how his daughters pussy was a little tighter than Lynn’s, but that Lynn was better at sucking cock. So coming out telling us he’s having sex with his daughter and infers that it had been going on for years and was still happening. I guess getting off knowing we couldn’t tell a soul. He even admitted to going to glory holes to suck guys off and have guys suck him off when out of town. And said he’d just thought he was lucky finding a girl. But said as soon as he started feeling her up he thought about his daughter’s body. But that he hadn’t realized just how lucky he’d gotten, because he’d wanted to fuck Lynn and have her suck his dick for years. He looked at his watch and said he had to go that he was a visiting pastor at a church there and left.

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Well it was a couple of years later and Lynn’s other cousin, Susan brother Jeff had come home from his 1st year in college for Susan’s wedding. We’d been at their house and it was a circus with all of the out of town guest and Jeff had been pushed out of his room and was going to have to sleep on a couch much shorter than he was. So we offered to let him stay with us the next few days. I’d seen the various ways guys looked at Lynn and he just had that look like he was really turned on by her, which was funny because she looked just like his sister. But being that my first real sexual experience was fucking my older sister after months of jerking off looking at pictures of her in a bikini, I really couldn’t judge. And I had no idea if he’d ever had sex with Susan, though I knew her father had. But I doubted it, because I’d seen them all together and I got the impression her dad kept her pretty isolated to himself, so I doubt he’d have given his son a chance to be alone with Susan very often. Sending him to military school and just keeping them apart. He was going to be staying with us for about a week so I was curious to see how things went. During his time in high school he’d been in a pretty structured environment being in an all boys military school with constant supervision. So I got the impression college had been a real eye opener. Girls all around and being their first time away from home, parties with alcohol. I’m sure it was like he’d just found the adult version of Disney Land. The first couple of days were pretty uneventful as we were just getting used to each other. But my suspicions of him being hot for Lynn only grew. Then Friday night rolled around It was a nice warm night and we decided to cook out and eat beside the pool.

We also fixed some margaritas and apparently Jeff, though he’d done some drinking at his college it had been mostly just beer. As the booze flowed his guard was let down a little and he was more openly checking Lynn out. She was starting to notice it too and said after dinner she wanted to get in the pool and went in and put on her bikini. Even though she had a little jacket on with it, being open in the front you could still see those big tits practically falling out of the skimpy bikini top and the bottoms were just as revealing. But he seemed to be more interested in those big 34DD tits. Though not huge on some women, on a thin girl like Lynn or Susan they looked huge. She suggested we change into something to swim in ( jokingly saying unless we were going skinny dipping ). We kept extra swim trunks in various sizes for occasions like that and Lynn had laid out a pair for him in a stretch material. Once he came out Lynn took the jacket off and you instantly saw a bulge start to appear in his swim trunks, and the booze had really started working on him letting him more freely check his sexy cousin out. After dinner we waited a while then got in the pool. But not knowing how to swim and not wanting to get her hair wet Lynn never got in water deeper than her thighs. Jeff was trying to get her to let him teach her how to swim at one point having his arms around her showing her how you’d move your arms. In the process being that close he was right up against her and she felt his cock getting harder as it pressed against her leg. She turned a bit where it was against her ass and started rubbing her ass back & forth as she pressed harder against his cock. I think normally he might have moved but the booze was telling him to press against her ass harder and his forearm was pressing against one of those big tits now and he was starting to press harder.

I made an excuse to go inside for a few minutes and once they were alone she said that feels good, he asked what? She said your hard-on against my ass. He moved away, but she backed right back against him and she said no it really feels good, don’t stop and reached over and put his hand on one of her tits and said go ahead I know you want to feel of them, and told him she wanted him too. He said but I might see, and she assured him it was OK and said that’s the real reason I’d gone inside, that I knew he was hot for her, and she reached down and started rubbing his hard cock through the swim trunks. She told him she was going to tell him a secret but he had to keep it between us, and asked if he’d ever heard of swingers. He said yea kind of, that he hadn’t really thought about the details but he knew it was couples who swapped wives with other couples for sex or something like that. She said that was part of it, but that it was more than just wife swapping, there were threesomes, groups, gang bangs and lots more. Then she said anyway we were in the swinger lifestyle and explained that we did swap wives or girlfriends with other couples, as well as we’d had threesomes with mostly other guys, but some girls, and that she’d sometimes had several guys at once. He’d stopped feeling her up and was really taking in everything she had to say. She told him about her being an exhibitionist and talked about various things she did to expose herself to guys, then she said or hot girls and told him she was bi and sometimes hooked up with other girls. His eyes got real big as he got a mental picture of her with another girl. She asked if him and one of his buddies had ever both had sex with a girl at the same time. He said no that he was straight. Lynn laughed and said you didn’t have to be gay or bi. That the guys didn’t have to touch each other and gave the example that one guy could be fucking the girl while she sucked off the other. But went further and said but they might do things like the girl suck both guys off at once, or one guy fuck her pussy while another guy fucked the girl in the ass. She explained it wasn’t a big deal if the guys cocks touched each other. It was totally different than a guy sucking another guy off or fucking a guy in the ass.

She said swinging was something some people were into and other’s weren’t it was just up to them. She said some guys got turned on seeing their wife get fucked by another guy, where some got infuriated if another guy looked at their wife or girlfriends. And that it wasn’t cheating because they both agreed to everything up front. Then she said, so are you interested? He said what in getting into swinging when I get married? She said no, then made it clearer and said ” Do you want to fuck me? “. He asked if I’d be OK with it and she assured him I would, then said we could have a threesome or if he wasn’t comfortable with that I could just watch. He thought and said what if he watches at first and then maybe joined in after he was more comfortable. Then added and yes I want to fuck you, and said he’d wanted to for a long time, then asked if it was weird that he’d wanted to be with her so badly for years with her looking just like his sister? She asked if he’d ever fantasized about fucking his sister while he jerked off? And said she’d told him a lot of secret, personal secrets so to be honest. So he admitted he’d often thought about fucking Susan, or having her suck his cock and things like that when he jerked off, just like he’d fantasized about fucking Lynn, and especially about having her suck his dick. He said sometimes when she’d be talking he’d be looking at her mouth and imagining his cock was in her mouth and she was sucking him off. Finally they came inside and Lynn went into the bedroom to fix her hair. But when she came back she’d put on make-up and a dress. She started to slowly untie the dress and take it off and run her hands over her body. Then she took her bra off and panties, leaving only a garter belt & stockings and a pair of heels. She came over and slid my shorts off and started sucking my cock. She sucked me off until I shot my load down her throat. Then she went over to Jeff, she started sucking his cock at first. Then put his cock between her tits and let him fuck her tits. She had him feel every inch of her body, suck her tits, finger her pussy. Then she went back to sucking his cock until he shot his load down her throat. That was all for that night.

The next night she stripped for us again and let him watch her fuck herself with a dildo and let him see pictures of her doing 2 guys at once in various positions, pictures of guys shooting off on her tits & face and a few pictures of her with several guys at once. But what I think turned him on the most were pictures of her with another girl. She’d picked some of her with an incredibly hot blonde named Charlotte who was the wife of a couple we’d swapped with from out of town. Charlotte was a tall natural blonde with blue eyes, long sexy legs and a firm 36D-24-36 body. Drop dead gorgeous who’d modeled for a while and had been recruited to take test shots for Playboy but had declined. At first it was just posed shots of Charlotte, then Charlotte sucking me off, followed by shots of me fucking her in various positions and ending with me shooting off on her tits. Then the pictures that blew Jeff’s mind were of Lynn Licking the cum off of Charlotte’s tits. They continued with the girls kissing and sucking each others tits & eating each other’s pussy. Jeff was ready to explode by then and Lynn sucked him off taking his load down her throat. But soon had him hard again and in a very seductive voice told him to fuck her like he’d always fantasized doing. He started fucking her straight missionary, then reverse cowgirl and from behind and finally with her legs over his shoulders really pounding his cock deep inside her and filling her cunt with his cum. Over the next few nights he fucked her one on one as I watched, we had some threesomes where I joined in and his last night we had a girl we’d had some threesomes with from out of town come. He got to watch in real life Lynn having sex with another girl. Then join in and have his first threesome with two hot bi girls. And we took turns with me being with Michelle and Jeff with Lynn, then we swapped places. So Lynn had fucked another father and son, which happened to be uncle & cousin. A CPL of years later we had some fun with Susan but that’s another story.

Her next father and son was quite by surprise. We were in an adult bookstore out of town and they had the booths with glory holes, but also a big room with a bench around the wall and a big screen. I think it was mainly used by guys who got off jerking off in front of other’s. But Lynn in only her garter belt & stockings had sucked a couple of guys off in there and as more guys came in it had turned into a gang bang. Guys were taking turns fucking her as she was sucking another guy or two off and being felt up by others. They closed at mid-night and about 11:45 the guy who worked there was going around telling people they closed in 15 minutes. But when he got to the room we were in there were several guys waiting their turn with Lynn. So he said he was going to lock the door and for one’s just watching to go. But ones waiting there turn could stay. But as each guy finished to go but on the way out not to let anyone new come in. When it was down to just a couple of guys the guy working came back and as the guy fucking her pulled out and shot off on her ass and was leaving the guy working there motioned for me to take my turn as she was still sucking another guy off. I said no that I was just watching and as he was about to probably tell me to leave, I said she’s my wife. He looked at me and with a big smile said I was one lucky SOB. That he’d seen her there before, then said I assume with you. Then laughed and said but you can see why I’d only remember her. Then he asked if he could fuck her? I said it’s up to her, but I haven’t seen her turn anyone away tonight yet. He undid his pants and I was surprised to see what looked like about a 10 1/2” cock just as thick as mine but about an inch or more longer. About time he started fucking her I heard someone coming back there calling out for Michael then say where you at son and ask why the lights were still on.

As he rounded the corner he said there you are then said damn son I can’t blame you for running behind, then he said young lady you’re probably the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in here. Then looked at me and asked if that was my girlfriend and I said wife. He said I’m Ron and held his hand out and we shook hands. He commented how lucky I was and started saying how hot my wife was. Then asked if those tits were natural? I said they were and he again said nice and was reaching down to feel of them, and I said they’re covered in cum. He said thanks, then again said nice and said it turned him on to shoot off on a girls tits too, and especially ones that nice. He moved in front of her and looked over and me and said is it OK? I said sure and he pulled his shorts down and damned if his dick wasn’t bigger than his son’s but in no time she was taking every inch of it. After a few minutes he asked his son to switch places. He started fucking her as she sucked the son off. When he was ready to cum she told him to cum on her tits and raised up. He added his cum to what looked like a gallon of cum already on her tits and the dad moved around there and started jerking off shooting off on her tits as well. She stood up and reached to get some paper towels sitting there and the older guy said he had something better and led her further back in the back and unlocked a door and it was a very clean bathroom with a shower. As she was about to go in he asked if he could take a picture of her covered in cum and another after she’d cleaned up. He promised, it was for his personal collection and it wouldn’t show her face. He waited for both of us to say yes and a couple of minutes later he was back with a Polaroid camera. He put a pack of film in and took 2 pictures of Lynn covered in cum. She’d said it could show her face if he was only going to show it to friends.

She took a shower and as always I had her lipstick, eye-shadow and a brush in my pocket. She fixed her make-up and brushed her hair and let him take 8 more pictures of her totally naked including one he had me take with her between him and his son. That used up the ten pictures in that pack. By then they were hard again and she sucked all three of us off, but this time us shooting off in her mouth. She put her dress back on and as we got to the front they insisted she pick out a sex toy she liked and gave her a sexy black nightgown. They said it wasn’t for the sex, but that word got out when a couple came in and the girl was hot and it increased their business for the nest couple of weeks, guys hoping the couple came back. Which it wasn’t the first time the owner of an adult bookstore or theater had given Lynn stuff like that. She sucked a guy off in a shoe store one night and the guy insisted she take 3 pair of shoes she’d tried on. But I think that was all the father and son’s my wife had sex with. And of course I found her fucking my father the hottest. And it did have a payoff, when my dad got remarried to a much younger and very Hot Trophy wife. He let me fuck her several times and she was all the time sucking my cock. She had no idea though that he’d fucked Lynn. Nor did she know he’d secretly watched her & Lynn having sex. She didn’t even know that I knew about her & Lynn.

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