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Jason Roberts was worried about his daughter, Janet. She was eighteen years old and he suspected she was a lesbian.
Not that he had anything against lesbians in general; each to his own is what he might have said. But Janet was the only child and so he and his wife Valerie were dependent on her for their posterity.
Also there was that business with his sister Sarah.
When they were young, he and Sarah were very close; too close for their parents’ peace of mind. They suspected the relationship was incestuous, but in fact it wasn’t. Not that it hadn’t been a close call on a couple of occasions!
It was Sarah who introduced Jason to her friend, Valerie. They were as alike as sisters and he soon started dating Valerie. A year later they were married and duly after nine months, Valerie was delivered of a beautiful baby girl, Janet.
By that time they had our own house and Sarah came to live with them for a while.
About six months after the birth of Janet, Sarah moved out. She went to share an apartment with a new friend, Marion, who Jason didn’t much care for. She was a lithe, black girl, very pretty but she seemed a bit of a dyke and Jason thought she dominated Sarah too much.
Janet grew from being a beautiful baby into a gorgeous young blond with a supple body, maybe a little small in the breast area and perhaps a little wide in the hips. The overall effect was delightful. And from the rear, well – perhaps a father shouldn’t say so – but she had an ass to die for! She was a stunner! If he’d been twenty years younger… well that’s where Jason needed to go and take a cold shower!
It became apparent that at eighteen years of age she didn’t seem to have any boy friends, not the romantic sort anyway. There were a few boys but they all seemed distant, even platonic, in their attitude and hers. And even they seemed to peter out about a year back.
Jason also recalled that Janet had spent several weekends at her Aunt Sarah’s place. She must have come under his sister’s influence, and, perhaps, had been converted to her ways.
When Janet asked if she could invite a girl friend to stay the night, – a “sleep over”, she called it – Valerie and Jason agreed. Jason spent the previous afternoon drilling a tiny hole in his daughter’s bedroom wall through which he inserted a fibre-optic cable. He connected this through an amplifier to the desktop computer. After fiddling around for a while without success, he read the instructions and it worked like magic.
When he reviewed the results, they were, in one sense, disappointing. Janet and her friend did some studying, read some poetry together, laughed and chatted a lot, and went to bed and slept. They had kissed but he could find no trace of a lingering passion in the quick peck, even though it was lips to lips. The only exciting bit was watching them undress and getting a hard on which was a boon for Valerie when he turned in!
Janet’s visits to her Aunt Sarah began to increase in frequency over the last few weeks. Valerie and Jason discussed what they could do. Valerie was less worried than he was although he knew she would love to have a grandchild bouncing on her knee. It was Valerie that came up with a plan. They would take in a lodger, an eligible young man. They would advertise the spare room for rent. It would be a make or break plot to prove Janet’s sexuality one way or another.
Valerie spent the next few days interviewing applicants for the room. Jason was surprised when he got home from work to find the spare bedroom occupied by a handsome young man, a very handsome young, very black man!
Valerie told him when they were on their own that Josh had been the only single, good-looking man of the right age who had applied.
“I felt he was very attractive and Janet shares my taste,” his wife insisted, “If I try and put myself in her shoes, I must admit I would be very receptive to any advances he might make.”
And that, so to speak, put Jason in his place. The choice was would he like his daughter to be a lesbian or would he like her to sleep with this handsome black man.
Valerie told him the new lodger was nineteen, a college football player and presently unattached. He was also polite, well mannered, nicely dressed and had come here with his parents from the Caribbean island of St Kitts.
Several nights later Jason heard a creak from the landing at the top of the stairs. He crept down, started up the computer and watched the screen with interest.
Josh, the lodger, stood in the middle of Janet’s bedroom in his dressing gown. Janet sat up in bed, wearing a white satin chemise as a nightie. She was smiling up at Josh. His teeth gleamed against the dark background of his skin as he returned her smile. It looked as if their lodger had wasted no time at all in getting on familiar terms with their daughter.
Josh let his dressing gown slide to the floor. He leaned backward slightly, thrusting his hips forward and displaying an enormous erection. His cock seemed even blacker than the rest of him and he was displaying it proudly to their daughter’s obvious delight! She clapped her hands and reached out for it.
Jason was rooted to the spot, fascinated like the victim of some malevolent cobra.
He saw Janet reach out and begin to fondle Josh’s pride and joy with both hands. Then she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and licked all around the bulbous head. She took it into her mouth as far as she could, slobbering over it, gurgling contentedly like she used to do as a baby on a pacifier or dummy.
Josh stroked her golden hair in appreciation of her ministrations.
Then he eased her back, his monstrous cock sticking stiffly in the air like a shining black lighthouse.
As he climbed over her, she pulled up her chemise. She wore no panties. She opened her legs as wide as she could and reached out to guide that gigantic fuck-pole into the right spot.
Jason knew he should have stopped it right there and then but he was not only fascinated by it but his own erection had reached embarrassing proportions too! His pyjamas were pushed out tent-like by the sight of his adored eighteen-year-old daughter about to demonstrate to him that she was no lesbian!
Hardly had his cockhead began its entry into Janet’s most private of parts when Josh began thrusting his monster prick into the young girl’s cunt with a fair amount of speed. Apart from an “Oh!” and an “Agh” from her, she scarcely stopped smiling up at him.
It struck Jason at that moment that she must have done this many times before! His giant cock should have caused her more pain. She was certainly not being torn in two by her lover’s ardour.
His black curly pubic hair rubbed against her golden curls as his cock became totally embedded in Janet’s cunt. They began the rhythmic thrusting of youngsters enjoying a good fuck. The look on her face told her father just how much his daughter loved the sensation of being fucked by the biggest, blackest cock Jason had ever seen.
She came noisily. She didn’t seem to care if anyone heard her or not. She was laughing and kissing Josh who paused in his efforts long enough to caress her tits, get his tongue in her mouth and drive his finger up her asshole. That got her going again and they fucked like a pair of sex-starved rabbits for what seemed like ages before he called out,
“I’m coming Janet. I’m fucking you now, girl.”
“Oh, yes please! Fuck me, Josh. Fuck my cunt and fill me with your cum,” she cried out.
He did too. His cock was ringed with white sticky goo as the squelching noise between their entwined legs got louder.
Then he rolled off, his dripping cock a flaccid, diminutive shadow of its former grandeur.
Jason felt very guilty not so much because he had watched them fucking but because he had enjoyed seeing his young daughter being impaled on Josh’s monster cock. His pyjamas were wet with his own cum and he was already looking forward to what was going to happen next. He found the prospect exciting and fascinating.
Janet had recovered first and was already caressing Josh’s cock, bringing it back up to size. She seemed oblivious to the sticky mess of cum oozing out of it as she took it into her mouth.
“That’s my gal,” he heard Josh tell her as she slurped over his rapidly expanding cock. She had the cock sucking technique off to a tee to the extent that Jason began to wonder how often she had done it beforehand. He pushed that thought aside as he observed her prowess with a certain paternal pride.
“I’m coming, honey! I going to shoot my load any moment now,” Josh told her. But she ignored the warning and he began ejaculating in her mouth. She swallowed energetically and managed to get the first two squirts down but the third defeated her and, as his cock popped out, her face, neck and shoulder were splashed with his hot cum.
She just laughed as if she had been playing a childish game and lost. A long globule of Josh’s cum dripped off her chin onto her chemise right on the left tit. Her fingers rubbed it in, “I hope that makes them grow like babies!” she cried grinning at him.
“Here then, Hon, you might as well keep them even,” he said, rubbing the tip of his still dripping cock against her other tit.
She laughed and rubbed that in too.
“Are you ready for another fuck, Josh,” she asked him as if it was the biggest, most expensive present in the whole world she was asking for!
“With a little help from your hands and mouth I’ll be fine,” he told her. She responded just as he wanted, her elegant hands working his cock up again until she judged it time to take him into her mouth again.
She worked her tongue and lips vigorously for several minutes until she had Josh’s cock back up to its considerable size once more.
Then she climbed over him, and, holding his cock in one hand lowered herself rapidly onto it with a sigh.
“Oh, Josh! I love your fucking prick in me. It feels so good, I wish I could cut it off, sew it into my panties and have it inside my cunt all day long!” she laughingly informed him.
“I’ll have to keep an eye on you, girlie, when there any sharp implements about!” he responded grinning, driving his cock up into her with relish.
She started having a long string of orgasms, with only a couple of minutes between them. Then suddenly he held her close as he rolled them both over, without letting his cock drop out of her cunt. He started pounding into her and she responded bringing him to a wonderfully explosive climax.
Without any warning this time, he shot load after load of cum into her welcoming cunt, bringing her to another final orgasm. They collapsed, laughing. As he rolled off her, she pulled herself up and kissed him passionately.
“Oh, Josh, thank you! That was absolutely fucking gorgeous,” she told her lover.
Jason couldn’t get over the astonishment he felt, hearing his beautiful golden-haired daughter actually thanking her black stud for fucking her! As if he was doing her some enormous service by giving her a good fuck. Surely it should have been him thanking her for taking his great black cock up her beautiful, delicious cunt
And his reply did little to soothe the father, “That’s alright, Honey. My cock is at your service anytime you need it!”
Jason crept off to bed holding the soaking front of his pyjamas away from his skin. At least one thing was settled that night; Janet was no lesbian! Of that he was sure.
So he put up with his daughter bring fucked every night by Josh and his monster cock until one night when he was supposed to be working late.
But the work got finished much earlier than planned and when he got home he could hear laughter from Janet’s bedroom. He let himself in quietly, switched on the computer and stared open mouthed at the screen. He could see Janet and Josh but he was astonished to see his sister Sarah with her obnoxious friend Marion and two unknown black studs. Both girls were impaled on their studs’ ample cocks, laughing and chatting and squealing in delight as they came and came again. Jason was amazed, having always regarded Sarah and Marion as lesbians and here they were in his daughter’s bedroom fucking these two black men. Janet, stark naked was now climbing onto Josh’s huge great prick and lowering herself onto it with a grin at the other two girls who encouraged her.
“Go on, Josh,” cried his sister, “fuck Janet’s brains out. Give her your fucking seed. She’s going to have a black baby anyway, aren’t you, Janet darling? You’re going to love giving your Dad a black grandchild!”
“Oh, Yes! Josh, fuck me and shoot me full of your cum please.”
Sarah was being fucked by a stud called Noddy, presumably because he had progenerative equipment that wouldn’t have disgraced a shire horse. Marion’s ebony body was impaled on the cock of a man called Bam.
Jason wasn’t prepared for what he saw next. His wife, Valerie, came into the room with a tray of drinks. He relaxed a little when he realised she was fully dressed. She wore a pale blue silk dress that he had always liked to see on her.
There was a pause in the general orgy as people took drinks, gulping them down as if they had come out of a desert.
Jason noticed Bam put his arm around Valerie and was surprised as she simply leaned towards him. Thus encouraged, he started to fondle one of her tits, making her laugh. Then to Jason’s astonishment, she took hold of Bam’s still erect cock and started to caress it in her hand. Next thing she was on her knees in front of him with his rapidly expanding cock in her pretty mouth.
Then Josh, of all people, came over, lifted Valerie’s rear up, raised her dress and pulled down her panties. Jason looked on enraptured as Josh’s cock was driven into his wife. He fucked her vigorously from behind.
What a sight for Jason to see his wife being fucked from both ends! And she had made no protest, put up no resistance and even seemed to be enjoying the whole thing.
When the three of them had come, Valerie turned round, sat impaling herself on Bam’s cock and took Josh’s prick into her mouth. She bounced happily up and down on Bam with her dress up round her waist, while Josh worked his cock in and out of her mouth. She clearly loved the sensations she was experiencing. Jason’s boxers were wet as he came involuntarily.
Meanwhile Noddy was lying on his back, his monstrous great black cock sticking up over his stomach. It must have been nearly a foot long and as thick as his arm. Jason had never seen anything like it on a mere man. Sarah and Marion beckoned Janet and helped the girl onto the bed, steadying her above him. Then her father was treated to the sight of his beautiful, eighteen year old daughter lowering herself inch by agonising inch onto Noddy’s massive great prick. What a sight for any Daddy to witness!
Jason’s own cock was erect again as he watched in fascination.
Janet was moaning and whimpering as she slid down that glistening cock, its passage into her eased by the cum she had already accepted from Josh.
Sarah and Marion let go of her as she bottomed out with Noddy’s horse-prick fully embedded in her youthful cunt. She started humping him and Jason actually felt another flush of pride in the fact that his daughter was able to take such a monstrous great cock into her and enjoy herself on it. What a fine girl his young daughter was!
She had a long series of noisy orgasms, to the delight of Valerie, Sarah and Marion.
Then Noddy came, shooting his cum up into Janet’s sweet cunt. There were loud squelchy noises as he pumped his baby-juice into her. Jason could see rings of white creamy fluid round Noddy’s cock as it moved in and out of Janet’s cunt. He gradually slowed down and his cock slid out, flaccid and floppy. She fell forward, laughing and kissing him and thanking him for fucking her so well! As she got up, she bent to give her lover’s cock a kiss, right on the cum-oozing tip.
Bam came up behind her, grabbing hold of her waist. His cock was at attention, banging into her ass. She half turned, saw who it was and grinned at him.
Then she leaned forward, opening her legs. Jason could see plenty of Noddy’s cum between her upper thighs. Bam didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck Janet and it was his turn now! He held his cock in position at the entrance to her cunt, then drove into her smoothly.
Bam seemed to specialise in speed-fucking from the way he thrust into the girl so rapidly. He reached round, gabbing a tit in each hand. Jason couldn’t help but admire the energy with which Bam fucked his daughter. He came three times before he slowed and dropped out of her. And clearly the eighteen year old girl enjoyed it too!
Jason hadn’t noticed Marion’s absence from the screen, but suddenly he felt a hand on his very stiff erection. “That’s what I like to feel,” he heard her say, “I bet you enjoyed seeing your daughter Janet on Noddy’s fucking great prick, didn’t you?”
She had crept into the computer room behind him. She pushed him down onto the chair, poised above him for a second, still holding his cock, then she lowered herself onto it. It slid easily into her well-lubricated cunt. What she said surprised him.
“I’ve been wanting to do this for the last eighteen years,” she told him, “ever since Sarah lost you to Valerie and I first came onto the scene.”
When they had both come, he pushed her down onto the carpet. She opened her legs wide and he drove his cock into her again. He loved the silky feel of her ebony skin under his fingers. He shot another load of cum into her, then he rolled over, pulled her on top of him and they continued fucking in position sixty-nine. It was fantastic. Jason had never really liked her and now after just a couple of fucks he was practically in love with her!
After they had finished, Marion started telling him some of the past she and Sarah had shared.
“You must have realised your sister was in love with you, Jason. She felt jealous and rejected when you started fucking her friend Valerie. That’s where I came onto the scene. You were right to suspect us of being lesbians; we were at first, but I was basically a cock-lover.”
“I took Sarah on a date with a couple of black friends of mine and in no time she became an eager black cock slut. I think it was her way of combating the frustration she felt over you. We got into a routine, lesbians during the week and black cock sluts at the weekend.”
“Then Janet came up for a weekend when we were entertaining a couple of black football players. She joined in. Your Janet is a chip off the old block as far as sex is concerned.”
“It was when she got pregnant that we hatched a plot with Valerie to get you to accept the fact she liked black cock. That’s how you came to have Josh as your lodger and Janet’s lover. He’s actually a cousin of mine that I borrowed for the occasion.”
“And is Josh the father of her baby?” Jason asked.
“I doubt it! Heaven knows who the father is. I’m sure Janet doesn’t and I don’t even think she cares too much. She’s been fucked by anything between twenty and thirty different black studs to my knowledge, so it could be anybody’s kid.”
It was difficult to accept that his young daughter was such an ardent lover of black cock, but the evidence was overwhelming.
Jason smiled at Marion, “Well, I suppose she has every right to fuck whoever takes her fancy. I shouldn’t quibble at how she chooses to express her sexuality. She’s entitled to lead her life the way she wants.”
“That’s absolutely right, Jason,” Marion replied, “We women have a right to enjoy a good fuck just as much as you men. And as far as her fondness for black cock goes, I don’t reckon anyone who enjoys black cunt like you obviously do, should object to his daughter’s preferences.”
That night in bed Jason and Marion explored every inch of each other’s bodies with loving, languid care. While the others spent their night in an intermittent orgy with whoever was at hand.

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