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Recently he’d been thinking a lot more about the idea. The genesis of the thought had always been there, he supposed, but he’d always tried to suppress it. But after having watched the movie – that movie – all the old longings – the needs, had come screaming back to haunt him.
John Talbot had been retired from work for several years now. Running his own business had been tough, but it had provided a good lifestyle for him and his wife. Lois still worked; mornings only, but it still meant that she liked to get to bed at a reasonable hour and this often left John sitting up alone late at night and watching movies.
It was during one of these late night viewing sessions that John stumbled across the movie. It wasn’t pornographic by any means, just one of the normal adult rated “B” movies that the networks throw out for anyone that happened to be still watching in the wee small hours. The movie was about a suburban housewife that answered the door to a tall black stranger who’s car had broken down. She was alone in the house and the film dealt with the relationship that developed between the two characters as the man waited for his vehicle to be rescued. There were no graphic scenes of wild copulation, in fact hardly a kiss passed between them, but the underlying feelings of mutual attraction and lust were there for anyone who cared to read between the lines. The movie had captivated John and rekindled his long suppressed voyeuristic tendencies. For as long back as he could remember, John had fantasized about black men. Not for him, of course.! In no way did he harbour any form of homosexual ideas. But Lois; well, that was a different matter. The thought of his normally sweet, conservative wife writhing in lust at the hands of another man – a black man – completely filled him with desire.
On a few occasions, over the years of their marriage, John had been drunk enough to suggest the idea to Lois but had always been met with a refusal. It had never been a point blank refusal, though, and he got the impression that his wife had just never really taken him seriously. She probably thought that he was just too drunk and that the idea would soon be forgotten. But the idea had never really been completely forgotten, just pushed to the dark recesses of John’s mind only to re-emerge, more powerful, after seeing the movie. Now, of course, the same major problem had reared it ugly head again: how to broach the subject with Lois again and how to make her realise that he was deadly serious! This time it would be different. This time he would make it work. This time John Talbot had a plan.
Lois Talbot gazed back at her reflection in the bathroom mirror at work. A collection of differing emotions ran through her confused mind and she tried to assemble them into some kind of order. In a way, she now wished that she had never logged on to her husband’s e-mail account; never read the message from Bob, but John had been acting very suspiciously over the last week; at least she now knew that her fears about him having an affair were groundless.
But that still left the problem with the message. She had never heard John speak about a Bob. She knew he corresponded with many people over the net, but this was different – he seemed to be asking this man’s advice. The message was a little cryptic; no definitive references or intimate suggestions, but the underlying message was clear – John was looking for something in their relationship that she was not providing.
As she carefully re-touched her makeup and patted her shoulder length blonde hair she cast her mind back. Two years ago she thought, was the last time that John had made reference to any extra-marital adventures. It was at a party and she had been dancing with a young black guy. The music was slow and he had held her close and tight, his hands cupping her buttocks and his face in her hair. She had to admit that she remembered the young mans attention as being flattering – no, more than that, warm and sexy.
John had been drunk, she recalled, but his reaction had still surprised her. She had expected admonishment, but John seemed more interested in what the young man had said and done. Did he squeeze her ass? Did he touch her breasts? Did she enjoy it? Lois had passed the whole event off with a laugh and a joke but, in light of this recent message from Bob, she now wasn’t so sure that her husband had been joking.
Lois had to confess that she was intrigued. She had been with a black guy once before when she was at college. It was nearly thirty years ago but she was still able to recall the time that they spent together – and most of that, she remembered, had been in bed! But how would she seem to a black guy now, she wondered? At forty seven she was no longer the young teenager that she was in college and who could do it all night.
Her body was still good, she thought; regular exercise and a good diet had kept her weight down and at 5′ 7″ she was able to carry her 36D chest quite comfortably. But she didn’t know many black guys now. There was only young Chris who worked in her office and at only twenty-two years old there was no way that he could be attracted to her. Could he?
Lois shivered at the thought. Chris was a very good looking man and had always been friendly towards her – maybe over friendly? Maybe she’d ask him back for a drink, she thought – just out of curiosity!
John’s mouth felt dry as his wife entered the house that afternoon. He jumped up as soon as he saw that they had a guest and shook hands with Chris. In a second John had taken in the young man’s features; tall, strikingly handsome with thick black hair and a muscular black body that seemed to ooze sex appeal. They shook hands and John poured the young man a drink.
“Sorry about this guys, but I gotta go out.” John said as he handed Chris and Lois a glass each. “Why don’t you two have a chat and I’ll be back later, okay?”
Lois looked surprised. Her husband rarely left the house in the middle of the afternoon.
“Oh, alright, John,” she said, “how long do you think you’ll be?”
“Not sure. But I’ll see you later. Bye, Chris. Good to meet you!”
Chris nodded politely as John left the room and pulled on his coat in the hall. Very carefully, he opened the front door and closed it again. He could hear voices from the lounge and so knew that it was unlikely that this subterfuge would be discovered. Removing his shoes, he silently padded back down the hall and entered his den. This room lay adjacent to the lounge and he was only too aware of the crack in the connecting door. He didn’t know if anything would happen, but he was determined to see it if it did!
With the excitement pounding through his body, John closed the door of the den quietly and pressed his nose up against the crack in the connecting door.
“I’m sorry that my husband had to leave so suddenly,” Lois said as she sat on the sofa opposite her guest, “he doesn’t usually take off in the middle of the afternoon!”
Chris sipped his drink and smiled back. “That’s okay. Anyway it gives us chance to be alone together.”
Lois laughed. “Oh, yeah, like we don’t spend enough time together at the office!”
She looked hard at Chris, but he wasn’t laughing. There was something in his smile, though, that sent shivers up and down her spine. He was a really good looking young man.
“Look, Lois. Lets not pretend, okay? I like you. I like you a lot and, since you asked me back here for a drink, I guess that you must like me too, right?”
Lois was a little shocked by his forwardness but realised that he told the truth. She nodded demurely, her eyes looking down at the carpet.
“Good.” He continued, “at least that’s out of the way. All that remains now is to decide if we are going to do anything about our mutual attraction.”
“But surely I’m a little old for you?” Lois countered. She knew the answer that she was hoping for and got it immediately.
“Not at all. I’ve always been attracted to more mature women and you are a very beautiful woman, Lois. I’m glad your husband has gone out because I would very much like to see your breasts!”
Lois was suddenly looking up again and directly into the young man’s eyes. Could he have meant the words she had just heard? She could feel her nipples immediately harden under her shirt and bra.
“Will you show them to me, please?”
A strange animation overtook Lois as she again cast her eyes downwards and nodded her head slowly. The room was suddenly very silent, she realised that Chris was waiting for her to act.
Lois felt strangely disembodied as she stood and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She concentrated on the fastenings not wanting to look up at her young guest as she stripped the garment off and let it fall to the ground. She paused for a moment as she stood there in her bra, not quite believing that she was doing this but secretly longing to continue. As if by rote, her fingers slipped the catch of the bra and let it fall. She heard a gasp from Chris as her heavy breasts fell free. Not quite knowing what to do, Lois sat back down on the sofa and stared at the carpet.
John could hardly contain himself as he watched through the door crack. Seeing his wife bare her breasts for another man’s benefit like this had an alarming effect on him; he couldn’t remember ever being this hard before.
He wondered if Lois would go any further. He could see that she was visibly excited; her face was flushed crimson and her nipples looked very swollen and hard. John hoped with all his heart that she wouldn’t stop there. He was desperate to see more.
Lois looked up as Chris changed seats and sat next to her on the sofa. She was so relieved to see that he was smiling. She couldn’t have coped if he had been disgusted by her body.
You have beautiful breasts, Lois,” he said as if confirming her unvoiced relief. “I would like to touch them, would that be okay?”
Again Lois nodded silently and let her arms fall to her sides revealing her chest again.
“Just relax, honey. Just relax.” Chris’ words were soft and soothing but Lois felt his touch like a bolt of electricity as he began to roll and squeeze her nipples. She closed her eyes and couldn’t help a small gasp of lust as she felt her body yielding to this wonderful young man.
And then, suddenly, his lips were on the tight buds, sucking each of them hungrily into his mouth as his hands explored sensuously down her flat belly. She couldn’t remember having ever felt so hot, so turned on. Slowly, and in gentle undulating circles, she felt his hands search lower; over her skirt and to her legs. She sighed as his fingers rested lightly on the bare skin above her knee and began to traverse back in an upward direction.
For a second, Lois faltered. Suddenly she was aware of what she was doing and the dutiful wife that was still lurking inside of her leapt to the surface. But Chris was good. His lips and fingers caressed and soothed her and the wanton side of her personality quickly returned.
Now Lois knew that she wanted him. She could feel the heat between her thighs intensifying and could also feel moisture begin to seep into her panties. Chris’ hand was on the top of her thigh now, her skirt had ridden up and she felt cool air play over the crotch of her panties. She groaned deeply as he nibbled gently on her puffy swollen nipples and then gasped as she felt his fingers begin to ease into the waistband of her underwear.
John continued to watch the scene unfold before his eyes. His breathing had become laboured and he had had to release his cock from the confines of his pants before it burst! As he slowly massaged his glans he could feel the blood surging through his shaft. He had to slow, he knew, he didn’t want to cum just yet, it seemed that Lois had abandoned herself to her young lover and John was certain that there was more action to be seen!
As Lois breathed deeply, enjoying the touch of Chris’ fingers on her silky, moist pussy, she felt his other hand close over hers and begin to move it towards his crotch. She knew what he wanted and was happy to oblige. She was longing to feel the thick, black meat that she knew to be waiting for her beneath his pants.
While Chris began to slowly work his fingers in and out of her dripping vagina, Lois began to lower his zipper. She could feel his bulge and her fingers trembled slightly as she opened the young man’s pants and began to gently explore inside. She heard Chris gasp as her fingers curled around the long, thick weapon and draw it out in front of her eyes. It was hard, it was black and it was massive, and it was just what she needed!
“Kiss it for me, honey.” Chris grunted as he withdrew his lips from her turgid nipples. “Take it in your mouth for me.”
John continued to watch, fascinated by the way that his usually demure wife was opening her mouth to accept the monstrous black meat that Chris was guiding towards her. He had been on the point of cumming now for nearly five minutes and had had to suppress the urge to gratify himself on several occasions. He had no idea if he would ever be treated to the same level of excitement again and he wanted to make it last. He had to control himself.
Taking a deep breath and letting his cock swing and twitch in the air in front of him, he pressed his eye back up to the door crack to see what would happen next.
Chris moaned as the beautiful older woman fellated him so expertly. His cock felt hot and hard as it slipped in and out of her velveteen mouth and he had to resist the urge to thrust hard – he didn’t want to choke the poor woman! But she was good. Very good and, as he worked his fingers deeply into her pussy he became aware that her body was tensing.
Lois felt the climax surge over her in waves of unadulterated lust. Her body spasmed and her toes curled as the pleasure swept over her. The huge meat filled her mouth completely and she hoped that she was giving her young lover as much pleasure as he was giving her. She sighed, her vocal chords producing a vibration that she knew would be transferred to the big cock between her lips. Chris was being very thoughtful. She knew that he must want to ram his cock deeper but was trying to avoid giving her any discomfort. But she wanted it deep. She wanted to suck him as deeply as she could.
Taking a good swallow of air, Lois dropped her head further and could feel him at the entrance to her throat. She heard him gasp loudly as she adjusted her position slightly and, resisting the urge to gag, allowed his glans to slide into her esophagus. His cock head filled her throat. The texture was wonderful and she could feel every vein and muscle of his shaft as it twitched and spasmed. But Lois was not used to such a large intrusion and, after just a few short minutes, she reluctantly had to let it slip out of her mouth and come up gasping for air.
“Mmmmm, that was lovely,” Chris murmured softly into her ear.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t take it any further in,” Lois replied, “but you are rather large!”
Chris giggled and returned his hands to her breasts. He had come across this problem many times before and he was not surprised. It was good that she had sucked him for as long as she did and not many women had ever attempted to deep-throat him.
Lois could feel her young lover’s arms enfold her and felt herself being pushed gently backwards. Her hand, back on his tool, was stroking up and down his length lovingly. Damn!, she thought as her fingers reached down to caress his hairless balls, he must be about ten inches long!
Lois felt Chris quickly tug her panties down over her rounded bottom, down over her legs and off. She kicked her shoes off and giggled as he stroked her toes, moving his hands back up her legs and spreading them gently. She knew he was going to enter her and she was ready. Oh, how she was ready!
This was the moment that John had been waiting for – dreaming of. His eyes widened as he saw his wife raise her hips wordlessly and allow Chris to strip off her little white panties. His cock twitched in his hand as he saw her trimmed pussy revealed and her lover’s fingers dip once again into her honeypot. He wanted to cum so much now, his tool – modest by comparison – ached for release. If he could just hold out a little longer. Just a little!
Lois moaned loudly as Chris pushed his massive tool into her moist tunnel. She had never felt as full as she did at that moment and as his finger crept around and tickled the tiny ring of her virgin anus, she exploded into another shattering orgasm.
Chris felt her cum. Her juices oozed around the three inches of cock that he had already planted in her hot pussy and her tiny, puckered asshole contracted tightly around his finger. With a grunt he pushed his hips forward and buried another few inches deep inside her. She groaned. A deep guttural sound that seemed to emanate from her very soul. He smiled at her obvious excitement and thrust again. Another inch or so and another resonating groan. This time he thrust hard, not waiting for her to relax after the last intrusion and buried himself completely.
Lois cried out as she felt herself brutally penetrated. She had wanted this for so long, she realised, and know she had got her wish. Her vagina was stretched to capacity and her lover was now beginning to thrust himself back and forth, fucking her with a steady rhythm that was accelerating with every moment. She felt the air pushed out of her lungs on every down stroke, but she still wanted more. Her legs wrapped around his back, squeezing him in further. Her eyes screwed tight shut as he ploughed into her in a frenzy of lust. She felt him swell, widening her to limits she never have thought possible. She knew that he was going to cum. She wanted it. She wanted him. She needed to feel his seed spurting inside her.
John had to hold his breath to keep from crying out. He had watched Chris ramming his tool deep inside of Lois and could see the expression of abandoned lust on the young man’s dark face. As Chris climaxed, John squeezed his balls lightly and felt his own semen coursing up through his shaft. He bit his lips to stop from crying out as the viscous fluid pumped in great jets from his cock head just as Chris must have been filling Lois with his own, sticky issue.
John breathed hard as his climax eventually abated. He had to think quickly and anticipate what his wife and her lover would now do.
Lois joined Chris in a simultaneous howl of contentment as their combined love juices mingled together. It was as if her lover had exploded inside her and she could feel his thick, creamy jism oozing from her abused vagina and trickling down between her buttocks. It felt wet and nasty and she loved it!
“That was great, Lois,” Chris whispered his breath coming in short gasps. “But don’t you think you’d better get cleaned up before your husband gets back?”
The guilt of the situation suddenly hit Lois like a brick. She had cheated on her husband. Lois Talbot, the homely, conservative wife had just fucked a big, black stud in her own front room. The absurdity of it almost made her laugh. But Chris was right, John could return at any moment. It would be rather difficult to explain if he came in and found her open-legged and with a widely stretched, just-fucked pussy on full display!
“Good idea, Chris. I’ll just take a quick shower, okay?”
Chris smiled and nodded. He watched her naked ass bounce deliciously as she left the room.
John waited until he could hear the water running before entering the lounge. Chris was just in the process of zipping up his oversized tool and the younger man looked up as John entered.
“Hi John,” he smiled broadly, “I hope everything was okay?”
John returned the lad’s smile and clapped him on the shoulder in a friendly manner.
“Jesus, yeah. That was fantastic, Chris. I’m so glad you agreed to go along with my little plan! You sure know what you’re doing with that big dick of yours!”

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