She is My Bed Devatha

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This story is a bit spicy in it’s character and rough one too.. Generally rough sex happens for shorter period of time.But this time it is not like that..Fucking is joy.Fucking is fun.Rough sex is more fun,and that too when you have a perfect bitch as your sister.What can one more get. I love my sister for her awesome body,her beautiful curves,her beautiful tits,her beautiful legs(rather sexy legs),her bouncy back,her curvy waist,her round belly button,her nipples,her ass hole,her pussy,her lips(they are filled with sugar),her never-ending hair which falls on to her neck and gives added beauty,her mole on ass and boobs. Whoa!What a beauty..Who can forget about her beauty.

Her name is mouni and I call her as a sex guru.She is my fucking guru, she is my bed devatha, she is my tool arouser , she is my night queen, she is everything to me when it comes to sex.But this time when we met my eyes were only on her busty ass and nothing else..I wanted to tease her ass and caress it. I wanted to control my tool by teasing her ass.

So this is it , I made a plan and asked my sister to come to a hotel room,by saying to her mom and dad that she is going to stay at her friends house . As we planned my sister has took the permission from her parents and she had took the bag and ran towards the hotel room ,because we weren’t physically met for so many years , we love each others body,instead we had send each other’s nude pics and we were having digital sex for many times,we also use to send audios such as ,”I’m in love with the shape of you”.

It was too much fun and love each others company.We never missed a chance to meet physically,but this time we created our own opportunity.My sister thought that I would have gentle sex this night..But my mind turned brutal this time. I almost wanted to make a official rape(which is indeed called as sex), so I bought a lengthy rope,few steel spoons,flame,and other tools such as leather belt ect..
She arrived at hotel and we had a chat for sometime,ate our food,spend some time on road,went and bought condoms together,had a kiss in the park.When we were having a kiss ,I pressed her ass so tight and said,”I think your ass will get pure red didi” and she was like “What?”.I replied yes..You will see for yourself. She was bit confused,she was wearing a long and tight dress,which had showed her outer parts excellently. I almost tried to put my dick there itself. She laughed and said there is no law in India which promotes open sex. I blushed and she laughed heavily at me..

We laughed so much that we tired after getting into the room.
She laid with her back facing up.I couldn’t control my self and place my hands on booty and pressed it so hard,I gave a tight slap on her ass.She mouned so sexy that I slaped her once more,she agianed mouned and said “Yahi bol raha tha na” , I replied : yeh toh trailer hi hai,she again laughed and said wait karo mein fresh hoke aathi hoon. Then I said mujhe bhi hona hai. We went into the bathroom and quickly undressed ourselves and were taking the bath. We pressed each other so hard that,it appeared as it was a single body,we were tight,we were close,my dick was dying to get in her ass.

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So I turned her body back and gave a tight slap on her ass and licked her ass for about 10 mins or so.She was pumping tasty juices from her ass and was licking and drinking that completely, it was so tasty. My hand was not ready to get away from that ass,but I had a chance to my dick to get into her ass.Both my hands and dick were fighting for a place in that beautiful ass. At last both have found their places and both did their respective works.

A fuck in the shower is always tasty and hot.Because water tries to reduce your body temperature, to overcome that your body produces more and more amounts of heat, which would make your sex experience more beautiful.

We came out and dried each others body.Those beautiful towels have made their day.Especially my sister’s towel, it had touched every area of her body and I’m sure if it is a living thing.It wouldn’t sleep the whole night , thinking of her and masturbating.

We turned the a/c ,because the water formula applies here too.Outside weather was also too cool that we were almost shivering until and unless I started my rough acts on her. I took my hand 1 time above my body level and slapped on her ass. This time she wasn’t moaning ,she literally cried. But I had to satisfy my tool,so I slapped her again,she was crying so much that my heart was trying to melt ,but my mindset is saying just just caress her , then I gave a slap on her boobs and pussy..Oh my god she is crying,but no means no..! Then I said this”I will show both heaven and hell at same time”! I warned about this earlier,now you would see the real hell.

Saying this I took my instruments which I had bought with me and she suddenly stopped me and said please don’t be so hard. This time my heart felt..And I thrown everything out and placed her nude body on mine and said oh..Sister I’m so sorry ,but I couldn’t resist from beating your ass. She said it is ok if men do it with their hand and tool. But beating with instruments doesn’t arouse them..Hearing this I felt so horny that I started beating and caressing her ass. But one thing I have done with my instruments is that I have taken her to the cot and tied her by placing her ass up. She accepted it because it was also a new experience for her and fucked her so hard that her ass became complete red. This time my cum was very thick and it came for so many times.

She had completely handed over her body to me and enjoying every act I do on her body. Oh my god! Her ass I think people would be driven crazy after thinking of her ass.Wherever you are when you think of her ass, you would only say one thing. God! I want to cum in her ass! .. This is the story of a world’s greatest ass being fucked and slapped .