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By Whatsthestory After work drinks with a dangerous twist.

Well this is weird. Charlotte couldn’t help but think this was not a good idea as they stood silently in the elevator. Her friend Kait had been desperately trying to hook up with some guy at the bar they had visited for after work drinks, and now they were going up to his apartment. She was just supposed to stay long enough to make sure he wasn’t some serial killer, then she could make her excuses and get the hell out of there.

The guy, apparently his name was Nick, fixed his gaze on Charlotte. Just long enough to make her feel uncomfortable, all the while Kait clung to his hand like she was terrified he would escape. He was tall, very tall. The space in the elevator felt smaller and smaller as she tried to look anywhere else but at him. Finally they reached the ninth floor and stepped out. As the door opened, he looked down at the marble floor and then at the girls’ shoes. ‘No heels’. An accent, maybe Spanish or Italian.

Charlotte was the only one wearing heels, Kait was as usual in her old Converse sneakers. Reluctantly she slipped off her shoes. The marble was cold under her feet, a shiver through her body only adding to the sense that she shouldn’t be there. Kait was oblivious as she wandered around the apartment like an excited child. She caught him looking at her again.

Nick went into the kitchen, presumably to get a drink for them. Taking her chance, Charlotte grabbed Kait’s arm and pulled her within whispering distance. ‘We should go’. Kait looked confused for a second, then almost came to her senses it seemed. ‘One drink. We’ll be out of here in 10 minutes’. At that moment, Nick came back into the room with a drink in each hand, passing Charlotte’s to her first. He also produced one for himself, and motioned for them to sit. Charlotte perched on a chair in the corner of the room, with Kait practically jumping on Nick’s lap on the lounge. Kait spoke too much, as she always did, pausing only to take deep sips of her drink. Some kind of mixer with vodka. Charlotte took a sip to be polite, but she had already had too much and wanted to keep what little focus she had left on making sure this guy wasn’t about to kill them both.

Kait ignored Charlotte’s two glances at her watch and finished her drink with a flourish. Nick watched intently as Kait shakily placed the glass on the table and sat back on the lounge. Her head flopped back, and in a matter of seconds it was pretty clear she was fast asleep. The sound of Kait’s snorts and snores was the only sound, although Charlotte could hear her heart pumping frantically as she realised that the 10 minute escape plan was not an option. She only had 2 now – wake her up or leave her there.

Nick stood up and collected the glass from the table. He walked up to Charlotte, towering over her, and held out his hand. She took a moment to work out what was happening, finally handing him her almost-full glass and watching cautiously as he left the room. When he was out of view, Charlotte tiptoed over to Kait, shaking her and whispering frantically to wake up.

‘Oh she’ll be out for a while’. She froze at his voice from behind her. Footsteps now, slow and deliberate. Charlotte stood up slowly. He was right behind her now, close enough for his breath to tickle her neck. He stepped in front of her, staring intently at her, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face. Charlotte flinched at his touch, breath growing increasingly shallow as she realised what had happened. His fingers moved down her cheekbone and over her lips. They moved down her chin, tracing slowly down her neck and stopping at the top button of her green dress. He took a step back again, looking hungrily up and down as a hunter would its prey. His hand reached out and took hers. He lifted it to his lips, planting a gentle kiss on it. Then, he turned away and led her away.

Charlotte was almost frozen, being led against her instincts and will down the hallway. She let out a panicked gasp as he led her to what was obviously his bedroom. Nick stood behind her. Suddenly his hand slipped around her neck, shifting her red hair away from the delicate skin, soon to be replaced by his lips. The other hand returned to the top button of her dress. With a flick, the button popped open. Then the next, and another. His hand slid inside, caressing her heavy breasts over her black satin bra. More buttons, pop, pop, pop. All the while, his lips and tongue skated over her neck and cheek. Her dress was entirely open now, his hands all over her body while the intensity of his kisses to her neck increased rapidly. She had to stop this. With a sharp intake of breath, Charlotte broke free. ‘I have to go to the bathroom’. It was all she could think of. As she began walking towards the door, her dress began to fall away. She realised he was holding its collar. He looked at her with a sinister grin as she turned. ‘You won’t need this then’. The dress fell to the floor.

As the bathroom door closed and locked behind her, Charlotte inhaled frantically. She had to get away. Standing in her black underwear, her mind raced. He had drugged Kait, so she wouldn’t be waking up any time soon. If she ran, what would happen to her friend. If she didn’t, it would surely end in her rape. Maybe worse. Her phone. She had to get to it. It was in her handbag next to the chair.

Charlotte took a deep breath, attempting to drive out some of the panic running through her mind. She flushed the toilet, took another deep breath and slowly unlocked the door. Oh fuck.

Nick was leaning against the wall opposite the bathroom door. As it opened, her eyes met his and she tried to smile to put him at ease. He stepped towards her and kissed her. His tongue danced over her lips and against hers. Her mind scrambled, she didn’t notice the hands behind her deftly unclipping her bra until it was too late. He pulled it off her shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Now, he broke off the kiss and stepped back to admire. She had spectacular tits, that was for sure. D cup, heavy and milky white. Her nipples hardened rapidly as he gently rubbed them. Nick knelt down, his tongue and lips exploring every inch of her chest. Charlotte closed her eyes.

She was jolted back go reality by as sharp ripping sound. Her torn thong had joined the satin bra on the floor. He stood up, a huge bulge in his pants immediately noticeable. In one lightning quick move, Charlotte was swept off her feet into his arms. He stared at her with an expression of pure lust as he carried his prize to the bed and carefully laid her down in the centre.

Nick looked down at the glorious sight beneath him. Charlotte was naked. Her pale skin, dainty feet, soft legs, juicy breasts, neatly shaved pussy, all his to enjoy. He enjoyed her fear, it was an extra layer of arousal. With that in mind, he slowly pulled off his shirt. His toned muscled body had won him many female admirers. The rest, he had found other ways to take.

Her eyes followed his movements nervously. Charlotte could feel her breaths becoming more and more ragged as this stranger that she was naked in front of started to remove his own clothes. She watched in horror as he unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them. The bulge she noticed earlier was everything she had feared. His penis was enormous. It sprang from his pants, rock hard already. She had married young and only had a brief dalliance with a work colleague outside of her marriage. They were nothing like this. She stared in absolute dread at the huge pulsing monster in front of her. As if to taunt her, Nick smiled and whispered. ’10, in case you are wondering’.

Nick knelt down at the end of the bed, his monster out of view. Still, Charlotte knew it was there and that she had to find a way to stop him from impaling her with it. He began to kiss her feet, pausing at each manicured toe before edging up her ankles and calves. She held her legs tightly together but it did nothing to slow his ascent. It wasn’t until his lips reached the top of Charlotte’s thighs that she felt him prising her apart with a strength she couldn’t fight off. Her pussy was fully exposed now, and it was now or never. As she opened her mouth to shout, the words caught in her throat. His tongue traced along the edge of her lips and flicked up against her clit. Again and again, he swirled his tongue around her, tasting the sweetness of her juices. Charlotte closed her eyes tight, doing everything in her power not to react. This was rape. She didn’t want this. His saliva mixed with the juices flowing from Charlotte in ever increasing amounts. There was no doubt she was wet. Was she wet enough to penetrate? There was only one way to find out.

Charlotte opened her eyes when she felt the tingle in her clit begin to subside. She had been close to coming, and that made her feel a wave of shame. At that moment, a loud snore from the lounge made them both look. Charlotte could see his penis moving ever closer as he climbed onto the bed. Its bulbous mushroom-like head coursed with blood, destined for her defenceless pussy. Sensing the moment, she attempted to rise. ‘I had better check on her’. He ignored her, his weight beginning to press down on her body. ‘No, I had better check’. She struggled underneath him a little. He whispered in Charlotte’s ear. ‘It’s time’. His penis arrived at her entrance and hovered, as if awaiting the instruction to attack. Nick pressed his forehead to hers, eyes open and staring directly into hers.

Nick thrust his hips down and forward. The head of his penis squeezed inside Charlotte, drawing an instant cry of shock from her. She was tight, but he wasn’t to be stopped. A sharper twist of the hips and Charlotte was penetrated by a few inches of his shaft. She let out a piercing scream as he entered her, eyes watering at the intense feeling of pain and pressure. Gradually he edged out before spearing her again. Her cries matched the rhythm of his thrusts, more and more of his erect cock squeezing inside her each time.

She pulled him tight to her, teeth closing on his shoulder to stifle yet another scream. She could see Kait’s reflection in the mirrored wardrobe. Her mouth sagged open, loud snores permeating with Charlotte’s own squeals as this strange man fucked her. Raped her.

Nick continued to push himself deeper inside Charlotte. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to limit the speed of his thrusts but very quickly realising she had made a mistake. The time was now. Nick lifted his torso off Charlotte, looking down at the 7 inches he had buried inside her. Then, he slowly lowered his lips down to hers while she stared up at him accusingly, fear at what was about to happen written all over her face.

Without breaking the kiss, he savagely ground his hips down, his entire length impaling itself in Charlotte. She screamed and writhed, trying to free herself from him but to no avail. Nick held his vast penis inside her, her walls clamped around him like a vice as her desperate cries began to subside. He began to fuck her, slowly at first, the slap of his skin against hers increasing with each penetration. Charlotte gasped in shock with each entry, but it soon began to mix with something else. Nick slid his hands underneath his victim, gripping her peachy juicy ass firmly and slammed inside her with a speed and ferocity that snatched Charlotte’s breath away.

When it returned, her screams had a tone that betrayed her impending orgasm. Nick kissed her roughly, passionately. The pressure continued to build inside her until it couldn’t be denied. Charlotte screamed and arched her back, nails digging into Nick’s shoulder as she began to come. Despite the pain of his size and roughness, the climax washes over her time and time, eventually taking her breathe away to a silent moan. In between orgasms, she whispered raggedly, begging him not to come inside her. As he had done throughout their encounter, he ignored her pleas. A final seismic thrust and he began to empty himself inside Charlotte, filling her with his hot sticky semen with a groan of satisfaction.

She looked forlornly over at Kait again. Her eyes were fixed on Charlotte, very much awake. Charlotte attempted to push Nick off her but he remained inside, the last of his cum squirting into her womb. Charlotte looked again and Kait was slowly walking toward them. Nick smiled and withdrew his still-huge cock from her. The sheets underneath them were stained with her juices, his cum and a little of her blood. A legacy of the intense sex that had taken place.

Charlotte was frozen, unable to move or speak as she tried to come to terms with what had happened. Dumbfounded, she watched Kait kneel next to the bed. She took Nick’s slick shaft in her hand and wrapped her lips around it, noisily sucking and slurping on it as he grinned down. He looked at Charlotte, naked and soaked in his come. Her gaze was fixed on Kait, sucking Nick back to hardness. The night was only just beginning.

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