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By Ben Dover When my wife Lynn and I got married I was the only guy she’d ever had sex with except for once when she was 15 giving a young English teacher she’d become friends with’s boyfriend a blowjob. But once we got married she went from quiet, reserved, ultra-conservative preachers daughter, to horny, exhibitionist, hot wife & swinger. It had all started after I’d taken some sexy pictures of her in a garter belt & stockings one of her cousins had given her as a secret wedding present along with make-up and a see-through housecoat and a pair of 3″ stripper heals. She’d never wore anything like that before and hadn’t been allowed to wear make-up. She had a smoking hot 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body with long red hair. But growing up had always had to dress to hide her sexy curves and wear her hair pulled up. After seeing how hot she looked in make-up and wearing sexy lingerie her whole attitude changed. I was afraid when it came to sending the film off to be developed she’d be unsure about knowing some stranger was going to be seeing her naked. But was surprised when it became aware she couldn’t wait for them to see her sexy pictures and was even commenting on how she wondered if they’d make copies to show their buddies and to look at while they jerked off, obviously turned on at those prospects.

Soon we were taking several rolls of pictures of her in sexy outfits she was ordering. It was in the late 70s so you had to order stuff like that out of catalogs, and we were sending the film to various photo labs we found in the back of men’s magazines. She liked using different labs all around the country so more guys would see her naked as they developed the pictures. She didn’t even mind us sending pictures of her sucking my thick 9 1/2″ cock or me fucking her in various positions, as well as letting me cum on her face & big tits. Pretty much anything that might turn them on was fine with her. Even when I suggested fucking her in the ass, which she ended up liking. She still had to dress conservatively around our small town, but when we’d go to one of the several larger cities only an hour or hour and a half away she dressed like a total slut which turned us both on. It didn’t take long until I couldn’t resist and had to show my best friend our pictures, he was totally shocked still thinking of her as the prim & proper preacher’s daughter. He was even more surprised to find out it had turned her on knowing he’d seen pictures of her naked. And more surprised when we asked him to take pictures of us having sex. She’d let strangers see her naked but this was different. But she didn’t hesitate in seductively stripping in front of him and was obviously turned on by him watching her suck my dick and me fucking her in every hole. To both his and my surprise she ended up pulling his cock out and sucking his cock while I fucked her in the ass.

We had a few more threesomes with him and he had the chance to fuck her but never did feeling uneasy about fucking another guys wife. Though we found that funny because he didn’t hesitate in letting her suck his cock, even when she pressed our cocks together trying to stuff both in her mouth at once. And he loved putting his cock between her big tits as she pressed them together and fucking them until he’d shot his load on her tits & face, then licking the cum off of her tits and curiously even licking my cum off of her tits. Though it wasn’t his and my 1st threesome as several years before his younger sister on a camping trip with his family had come in our tent in the middle of the night and stripped and started to suck my cock as he watched and after lots of begging she agreed to suck him off too and she came to our tent two more nights and sucked us both off and let us suck her little tits swallowing our cum and leaving right away. But he moved out of town a couple of months after our threesomes. But we’d soon found another guy to take his place. This being a guy almost twice our age who was a friends older brother. We didn’t know him very well but knew he was into younger girls and was secretly seeing a girl a couple of years younger than Lynn and I. We knew he was hot for Lynn because friends had heard him comment how hot she was and how much he’d like to fuck her.

So one night when he’d came by to ask me about something he got a surprise when Lynn did a very sexy strip tease leaving only a garter belt & stockings & heels on. She sat down between us and we were soon sucking her big tits and fingering her pussy. Then she started to undress us and was soon taking turns sucking us off. He didn’t hesitate to move behind her and slide his cock in her from behind as she sucked me off. Soon taking a load in her mouth & pussy at the same time. This was only the first of many times he fucked her. Usually as a threesome but at times he’d come over thinking I wasn’t home and she’d suck his dick and fuck him as I secretly watched with him never knowing. But he started to bring his young girlfriend over to socialize with us so people wouldn’t wonder why he was coming over so much with him being so much older. He eventually talked her into playing strip poker with us and we even fucked in front of each other. And to his surprise she agreed to let me fuck her, but thinking Lynn wouldn’t know about it. She ended up having me fuck her a couple of times and sucked me off several times as he watched. But she had no idea he was fucking Lynn. We were by then having threesomes with several friends our age which we enjoyed. But Lynn got more turned on when she could expose her sexy body to older guys who weren’t expecting it.

We’d started wife swapping and it seemed all the couples we met in swinger magazines were older than us. Especially the husbands. We also learned that Lynn was into girls too after the wife of the first cpl we met with turned out to be bi. And when she started sucking Lynn’s tits I thought that Lynn was going to stop things right there. But instead they were soon sucking each others tits and ended up in a hot 69 eating each others pussy. So we changed our ad looking for couples with Bi wives. We found lots of couples with very Hot young wives with older husbands. The girls would hook up first as the husbands took pictures, then we’d swap wives. But the husbands didn’t seem to do much for Lynn, she’d fuck their brains out but was more into watching me fuck the wife she’d just been with. These guys had seen pictures of her etc so they weren’t surprised to see her naked or to get to fuck her like turned her on. But she still got to have those opportunities. Don’t get me wrong she loved every opportunity she got for anyone to see her sexy body and to have sex with them and had sucked off and been fucked by lots of guys and girls. With guys she preferred much younger or older to see her naked and to seduce. But as far as girls it was younger as with guys but not much older than her unless they were just super hot. And of course it was easier to find guys. One of the first surprisingly was my own father after he had totally by accident walked in on us when Lynn was all fixed up in her make up and only wearing a garter belt & stockings. She was on the bed on her hands & knees her big tits hanging down bouncing around as I stood at the foot of the bed fucking her in the ass. When he and one of his buddies and the guys teenage grandson came in. I pulled out as soon as I saw them and unintentionally shot a huge load of cum all over her ass & back. She hadn’t seen them and said she’d wanted me to cum on her face & tits. She saw them about that time & ran past them naked to the bathroom. I was surprised when my dads friend whispered to him did you see the size of those tits, and his grandson around 14 said did you see the size of his dick. Both my dad and his friend looked at him like what?

Lynn came back as they were about to go after saying how sorry they were and surprisingly Lynn was wearing a totally see through housecoat and stood right in front of a bright lamp. So they could still see every inch of her sexy young body. I thought she’d be freaked out but as soon as they left she took the housecoat off and started sucking my cock as she comment that all three of them had hard-ons and how much it had turned her on. When I told her the comments I’d overheard it turned her on and really shocked me about the boys comment when she said she’d get really turned on seeing a young guy like that suck my dick. That was the second time she’d made that comment. The first was after seeing our young paperboy going around collecting and she stripped real quick and turned the shower on loud. As the doorbell rang she half ass wrapped a towel around herself with her pussy & one tit half exposed. She opened the door and acted surprised saying she thought it was me and I’d forgot my key again, and said she was just getting in the shower. She’d been surprised to see there were 2 boys there instead of one. As she went to turn she let the towel fall to the floor right at their feet. She dropped it 3 times letting them see her from every angle when she came back with him money she let it fall off again and just cursed and made no attempt to put it back on giving them one long last look. That night I was fucking the hell out of her thinking of the show she’d put on for them and she surprised me by saying maybe they’d suck my dick if she put on another show for them, saying how much that would turn her on.

But after the night my dad had seen her he’d come over for dinner a few times over the next few months and there had been no mention of that night. But I’d noticed him discreetly checking out her ass and looking down her top checking out her tits, which he’d never done before. And she’d started wearing more low cut tops and no bra etc, getting turned on by his attention. One night we’d been drinking a little and she bent over to give him a fresh drink and saw him looking down her very low cut dress at her tits and asked if he liked what he saw. He thought she was offended at first, but she said no she took it as a compliment and said after all he’d seen much more. Then said in fact she hated having to hide her body around town all the time. She looked at him and said I have a decent body don’t I? He smiled and said well I tried not to stare but yea you have a nice body. At that she untied the belt and let the dress slide off of her arms to the floor. Underneath all she had on was a garter belt & stockings. She said she hated when people implied she wasn’t a real redhead and pointed to her red bush and said now look is my pussy red or not? He looked at her bushy red cunt and said it’s red, then she said she’d heard whispers that she wore a padded bra and took his hands and pressed them against her big 34DD tits and said do I need padding? He said no, then she said and they talk because the way I was raised I’m probably not good in bed and that I’m frigid. Then said that night you saw us did I look frigid to you? He said not at all, and she said damn right. Then she said when you saw me didn’t you get a hard on, and before he could answer she said she knew all of them did because she’d noticed them. By now he was rock hard and sweating, then still acting a little high she said she hadn’t thought about it until just then but he’d been divorced for over a year and as far as she knew hadn’t been dating. Then she said she was sorry she shouldn’t be standing there like that, then said but she wasn’t a tease and that she hated a tease and looked at me and said I should at least suck his dick after getting naked like this.

He looked like he was going to say something and I said yea at the very least and told him she gave great head and it would really help with his stress level. By then she was on her knees undoing his belt. Soon my sexy young wife was licking up & down my fathers big dick & around the head and sucking his balls. Then she started sucking it, taking more & more of it until she’d taken every bit of it. She reached up and took his hands and placed them on her big tits. He started squeezing her tits and pumping his cock in her throat and suddenly shot a hot load down her throat. She swallowed every drop and after licking the head & shaft said she’d rushed that and started sucking his cock again then raised up putting her tits in his face and told him to suck them. He started sucking her tits as she stroked his cock, then one of his hands went between her legs and two of his long thick fingers slid inside her. By now he was rock hard again and she moved down putting his cock between her tits and pressed them together, telling him to fuck her tits. He started fucking her big tits and was still sliding his fingers in her pussy. She told him she loved having her tits fucked & covered in cum. But that she thought he wanted to fuck something else. She raised up & straddled him taking his big dick into her tight wet cunt. Moaning as she told him to fuck the hell out of her. To give it to her like the bad little girl she was. He was pounding his cock in her and she said I bet you’ve been fantasizing about fucking my tight little pussy, haven’t you? He said he had and she asked if he jerked off thinking about seeing me taking it in the ass? He said he had. Then she said well tonight I want you to cum in my pussy, but next time I want you to fuck me in the ass and cum all over my tits & face, then said I bet you’ve thought about doing that haven’t you? Again he said he had and surprised us when he said he’d fantasized about fucking her in the ass and shooting off on her face & tits for a long time and admitted jerking off thinking about that before we’d ever got married. Soon he shot his second load in her pussy and she licked & sucked up every drop left on his cock. Then slid her fingers inside her pussy and brought them out coated in cum and sucked them clean and commented how cum tasted better coming out of a girls pussy and gave him a sexy grin leaving him wondering if she meant another girls pussy.

He fucked her a couple more times after that and she sucked his cock several times but he started to date a woman and didn’t want to cheat. I asked him once if he ever told his buddy who’d seen Lynn naked that night about fucking her and he confessed that he had but that his friend wouldn’t tell anyone. Then confided in me that years before he and his friend had shared the guy’s wife several times in threesomes and even DP’d her a couple of times. I didn’t know what DP meant and said like one night when he’d fucked Lynn while she sucked me off? He said no and said one of them fucked her pussy while the other fucked her in the ass at the same time and said once she sucked a third guy off while they fucked her.The next older guy Lynn seduced came kind of by accident. Lynn being an avid exhibitionist took every chance she could to be seen naked. She’d wear a sexy garter belt & see through lingerie open in front with her make-up on and a pair of heels and order room service or a pizza be brought to our room and let the delivery person in as she stood behind the door so they wouldn’t see her until she closed the door with them inside. At 6-5, 240-250 lbs I’d hide on the balcony or in the bathroom as my presence seemed to make them nervous. She’d sucked off a couple of young pizza delivery guys, but the guys from room service couldn’t spend much time but a few did play with her big tits & sexy ass, and one girl from room service sucked her tits & fingered her pussy and said she wished she had time to eat her pussy but most just got an eye full and left with a big smile and hard-on.

But one night she’d laid her garter & stockings & housecoat out and had ordered a pizza. She was busy finishing up her make-up and the pizza got there in no time. I went to the balcony and figured she’d throw on the see through housecoat. But to my surprise she only stepped into her heels and answered the door totally naked. She stood behind the door and told them to put it on the table. As she closed the door he saw her and was of course surprised to see this naked 19-20 yo girl naked except for a pair of heels. She was surprised to see this Italian guy in his mid-50s delivering pizza. She commented how fast he’d gotten there and said she hadn’t had time to dress and pointed to the bed. He looked and said too bad because he thought nothing was hotter than a sexy girl in a garter belt & stockings, then said especially one as sexy as her and commented on her fantastic body. Then asked if she always came to the door like that for deliveries. She said she liked wearing sexy lingerie and wasn’t ashamed of her body, then said and if I place another order down the road they seem to really get their quick. He said he’d been on his way home and decided to make that delivery since it was on his way and said he owned the place. Then said and he was really glad he had. Lynn had been taking her time getting the money to pay him and he was watching her every move as he rubbed his cock through his pants. She said she had money for the pizza but not a tip and he said that was fine. Until she said no you deserve something for your trouble and started to undo his belt.

He was grinning from ear to ear and as she pulled his pants & underwear down he pulled his shirt off. She started sucking his dick as he told her he hadn’t had a blowjob in years. Soon he was reaching down squeezing her tits and he asked what if a girl had delivered the pizza, she said it depends on how hot she was and if she was into girls. Then said if she was she probably be eating pussy instead of sucking dick. That really turned him on, and he pulled her up & laid her on the bed and started sucking her tits, then got between her legs & slid his cock inside her and started fucking her for all he was worth and was saying she was the best fuck he’d ever had and asked if he could cum in her pussy? She said in her pussy, on her tits & face or anywhere else he wanted. He was at the point of no return and shot off mostly in her pussy but pulled out quick enough to get some on her stomach and said he wished he’d asked sooner because he’d love to shoot off all over those big tits. She reached down and wiped the cum off of her stomach and sucked it off of her fingers. She walked him to the door and was standing with her feet just out the door as she talked a couple of minutes. She saw two young teens walking that way and just kept talking to him and as the boys got closer said what a good fuck he was just loud enough for them to hear and just smiled at them and said hi as they walked by still totally naked. And the pizza guy left, leaving the pizza, pizza money and his card. She’d fucked younger delivery guys but this older guy was more of a turn on. She figured guys our age would like fucking her but they were probably fucking other girls that age too. That’s why she liked older & younger.

On that trip she got to fuck a younger guy too and get something else she wanted. She was on the beach and saw him checking her out and gave him peeks at her tits & pussy. And eventually asked him if he’d rub lotion on her and as he put it on her side rolled where his hand landed on one of her tits and said he might as well put some there too. After feeling her tits and rubbing right up between her legs he was rock hard. She commented on it and said it was her fault and she should do something about it. She said she could jerk him off, but he could do that himself. Then she said what would you do if I’d agree to suck you off and let you fuck me? He said anything, she said well you’re obviously not close to 18 so it had to be something she knew would keep him from telling anyone, he again said anything, so she asked if he’d ever sucked a guys cock. He looked shocked and said no and she said good, then said if he’d suck her husbands cock she’d fuck him. He said no and she said ok and went to get up letting her top fall down exposing both tits. Then covered them up and got up. He said ok but you can’t tell anyone, she said who would she tell. And assured him I’d be cool with it because I liked watching her get fucked by other guys. They came in the room and I was surprised when she told me the deal. She took a quick shower as he nervously looked at me. When she came back she was naked and she let him feel of her tits & pussy then pulled his shorts off and stroked his cock then said now he had to do his part if he wanted more. He seemed surprised when I slid my shorts off but he started licking my cock and sucking the head as he fondled my balls. Then he started sucking the shaft while he stroked it and went down and was sucking my balls. I said this couldn’t be his first time and he said he’d watched movies then finally admitted he and a friend had sucked each other off a bunch of times, but they were straight. I said ok and said he was doing good. He started to really get into it and before long I’d shoot a huge load down his throat and he took every drop. Lynn for some reason was turned on as hell.

She started sucking his dick and got him to fuck her tits and shoot off on her face & lick his cum off, Then she let him suck her tits and finger her pussy & ass and soon he was hard again and she had him fuck her in a couple of different positions and shoot off in her pussy. Then asked if he wanted to fuck her in the ass? Of course he said yes and she said he had to let me fuck him in the ass first. He was sitting there thinking about it and she laughed and said she was joking and asked if he wanted to suck my dick again? I was surprised when he jumped at it and was sucking me off again and really going at it. Lynn went into the bathroom for a minute and I said you like sucking dick don’t you? He said yes and If I wasn’t so big he might have let me fuck him in the ass saying he’d tried to get his friend do but he kept getting chicken. When Lynn came back she got him to start fucking her in the ass while she sucked me off. You could tell he was loving pounding his cock in my hot wife’s ass as he watched her suck my dick in the mirror. He shot his load in her ass and I shot off on her tits, he instantly started sucking & licking her tits licking my cum off of them and asked her if she wanted him to suck my dick again. But she said no that we had plans so he left. She’d did that a few times with both younger and older guys and after seeing her naked 90% sucked my cock. And we had a hot threesome with a very Hot 17 yo girl she met on the beach once.

But the first time she did two older guys at once was really hot. It was after VCR’s had just come out and I was going to a video store out of town to buy porn movies and met a much older guy who was from my town also there buying movies. We got to talking about maybe trading some movies but after he came over one day we decided to try and copy some of them. It turned out with 2 VCR’s we could copy them. So we started to copy 2 movies every week. He’d always been gone before Lynn came home until one day we were running late. Lynn came in & took off her frumpy sweater she wore over her dress to hide her curves and let her hair down and came in where we were. He was nervous at first until she said not to worry that she watched them too. Once she left the room he was going on & on at how hot my wife was. But figuring he was in his 60s and she was around 22 I can imagine. The next few weeks all he could talk about was how hot my wife was. So I asked her one night If I should show him some nude pictures of her? I wasn’t surprised when she got a sexy grin and said why not let him see the real thing. So she planned to take a day off and come in like she’d gotten off early but had already fixed her make-up and was wearing a garter & stockings under a normal dress. He’d been talking about a friend of his with lots of movies and said he’d bring him over one day. The next week on our usual day to copy movies Lynn had left to appear as she’d been at work. Damned if when he showed up he had the other guy with him who was also in his 60’s. We started to copy movies and when Lynn came in I was supposed to say she’d got a package and that would start our plan. But once she’d looked in the room and said hello and saw the second guy I assumed the plan was off. But to my surprise she asked me if she’d gotten a package? So I said it was upstairs and asked if it was what I thought it was. She said it should be, so per the plan I said bring it down and show it to us, she said are you sure? I said were all adults and they aren’t going to tell anyone they say your underwear.I told them I wanted to picture her wearing this.

After a while she came down and walked into the room standing in front of a big window with lots of light. They saw her first as my back was to her, but I knew what she had on. As she got in front of me I acted surprised. I said I thought you were just going to bring the garter belt down and show it to them, not wear it. Then I said the garter belt is the only new thing isn’t it. She took off the see through red housecoat and laid it aside and said that was old but she liked it with the rest. Then said the garter belt & stockings were new running her hands over the stockings letting her big tits almost fall out of her bra. Then she said the heels were old and stepped out of them. Then she pointed to the sheer panties you could easily see her pussy through and said these are new. Then pointed to the bra and said that was old but she thought it matched really well. I said I really didn’t think it matched that well but I guessed she had to wear and as I was about to say something, as planned she took it off. Then she said she liked the panties because they had a little snap on each side and she snapped them letting the panties fall off leaving her naked except for the skimpy garter belt & stockings. She rubbed the stockings saying how good they felt as she walked over to them and they both commented how they missed women wearing garter belts & stockings. She got up close to them and said feel how smooth they are and one guy went to rub below her knee and she took his hand and put it on her inner thigh and told the other one to feel. He put his hand on the other thigh. She commented how good that felt and said even the stockings alone were nice and unhooked the tabs to the stockings and then took the garter belt off. She began to rub there hands up & down and further between her legs and further up until they were above the stockings and were rubbing her bare thigh and then her pussy as she moved their hands up. She was moaning a little as they rubbed her pussy and said that felt so good and said not to stop. She leaned forward and took one of thems hands on her tits and had both the other ones rubbing her pussy.

Then she said slide your fingers inside me and he started to finger her pussy. They’d already looked over at me and I’d motioned to go for it. She said do ya’ll like my tits and they said yes and she said both of you suck them. Soon the guys 40 years older than her were sucking her big tits. She asked them to carefully take her stockings off and as they did she said when she got on her knees she didn’t want to mess them up, that they were new. She got on her knees and told them to pull their pants down so she could suck their dicks, then said she loved sucking dick and didn’t get to suck 2 at once very often. Soon she was taking turns sucking them off, then she said which one of you wants to fuck me first while I suck your friend off. In no time one of them was behind her fucking her while she sucked the other one off, then she had them swap places. She asked if they wanted to cum inside her or cum on her tits and face. But it was to late as the one she was sucking off shot off in her mouth and the other pulled out and shot off all over her ass & back. She got up & moved over to me. I’d been jerking off and she started sucking me off and had me shoot off on her tits and let them watch her lick off what cum she could reach, then wipe the rest up on her fingers and lick it off her fingers. She went to wash up and they were telling me how amazing that had been and how hot she was. They put their clothes back on but didn’t seem to care I was sitting there naked. A few minutes later she said she’d bring us some cold iced tea. When she came back she’d fixed her hair & make-up back on adding some bright red lipstick that make her lips look like they were made for sucking cock. But she was still totally naked except for another garter belt and a pair of black stockings and she said those stockings were old so she didn’t care if she wore holes in the knees of those. Then said she figured after watching another movie we all might want our cocks sucked again, then said at least she was hoping, because she wasn’t able to get that much dick at one time very often.

As we went to swap movies she said put this in and handed me a movie, I knew what it was. I pushed play and it was Lynn and a really hot natural blonde with a 36D-24-36 body who at the time of the movie was 19 and Lynn was 18 and it was the two of them kissing and then sucking each others tits and eating each others pussy. It lasted about 20 minutes and Lynn said now who wants their dick sucked again. She sucked both of them off while I fucked her in the ass. The guy who’d been coming over kept coming for a few months and Lynn usually let him see her in see through lingerie and feel her up. And sucked him off on occasion and almost always let him watch her suck my dick which turned him on. Then one day he asked to suck me off and I was going to say no, but Lynn said she’d like to see that. It turned out he was pretty experienced at that from going to glory holes every few weeks. But that was a one time thing, young dudes going down on me was OK but not older guys so much. There were other experiences with older & younger guys and girls, including my wife’s younger sister but that’s for another day.

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