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Author's Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.
After getting annoyed at how everything I've submitted recently got rejected, not to mention how slowly I was progressing with the various unfinished stories I've been working on, I decided to look through my drafts to find the one concept which I was sure I could finish in a few days and still have it come out decently. As this story was written in just under two days, I think I've succeeded.
No copyright infringement was intended, but I'm pretty sure there are already a few stories built around a similar concept on the Lit, so veteran readers likely won't be too surprised by the plot of this story. There's some mild reluctance in the middle of the story, in addition to the obvious incest, but absolutely no character is harmed in any way, and the various sex acts are quite enjoyed by all participants, as is very much made clear in the story.
Please, don't forget to comment, rate and if you like it, favorite the story. Constructive critique and feedback are always welcomed.
Officer Marlene Hendricks blankly stared at the text message on her phone, feeling her heartbeat slowly quicken.
"Oh no," she said, her voice barely a whisper, as her hands went numb and the phone fell on the cold floor of her apartment.
Well, it actually wasn't her apartment. Officially, "Marlene Hendricks" not only wasn't the owner of this run-down apartment in the middle of the worst part of town but a woman of her economic status probably never would have even entered it.
Officially, this combination of cracked walls, broken windows and old furniture which its previous owners had to fight to be able to sell for a four-figure sum, was owned by "Miranda Smith", a young woman who recently came into the town to seek work in some of the seedier local establishments.
And as far as any of the locals knew, that was exactly what was happening. Day in, day out, a young woman from such a poor family she needed a loan even to buy such a cheap place, was living there, in between returning and leaving to work for the most famous pimp in town, a man known to most people simply as "Roach".
However, right now, there was no "Miranda Smith" in the apartment, getting ready for her work as a streetwalker for the local crime lord. There was just officer Marlene Hendricks, a 24-year-old rookie cop currently working on a case undercover for the first time, looking down at the screen of her phone on the cold, cracked floor of the cheap apartment the local PD bought for her to stay in, feeling her hands start to shake and her heartbeat rapidly quicken.
"Fuck," she flatly stated to no one in particular, before steadily raising her voice with each successive word as she stormed out from her room and started angrily running through "her" home "Fuck. Fucking fuck. Fuck! Fuck!!"
"Something happening Sis?" her two years older brother, Jason, sheepishly asked as she waltzed into the living room where he was sitting on a not-too-comfortable couch. Immediately, she turned to face him, mouth agape and mind blank.
This was his fault.
"You," she replied, as her mind slowly started to scream. He wasn't supposed to be there. This wasn't supposed to happen. He shouldn't have come, but now he was there, and this was happening.
"Erh, me?" he asked, completely at a loss of what was happening. He knew what his sister was doing here, and could guess because of whom she might be so distressed, but any question as to why was completely beyond him.
"Somebody spotted you when you came here, one of Roach's people" she blurted out, her voice creepily monotonous. "Fuck!" she added, an expression her brother now felt just as strongly as she did.
"But, but," he stammered, trying to say anything which might minimize his guilt "Why, why would that be weird. Dudes probably come in and out of his people's homes all the time. You can also accept clients at home, ri-right?"
"Yeah, but not rich looking dudes from out of town," she replied "Somebody saw you, a, for this town at least, well-dressed dude nobody had ever seen in town come meet me, a new chick from out of town who joined a month after Roach started getting paranoid about undercover cops, and alerted him."
"S-So?" he asked.
"So Roach and his goons are gonna be there in about eight minutes, and they're going to ask questions," she bluntly answered him before seating herself on the couch, right next to him. "Fuck!" she exclaimed, her face in her hands.
This shouldn't have happened. This was supposed to have been easy. She's a rookie on her first-ever undercover mission, this should've been a cakewalk.
Roach was no serious crimelord, no matter how intimidating he might've acted or looked, with all the various burns and scars on his body. A small town like this simply couldn't produce such a person. For all the years he and his "gang", if it could even be called that, had been active, he and his associates had only ever been tangentially linked to a couple of burglaries and maybe one murder.
He was nothing more than a pimp employing about twenty impoverished women as prostitutes. Nothing a trained cop would normally be scared of, with even the local police's decision to put him behind the bars for good having more to do with the dangerousness of some of the people who used his prostitutes, than his own.
In addition to all of that, they had a mole in his inner circle. The person who wrote Marlene the text message which sent her heart beating and her phone to the floor was a relative of Roach's who chose to avoid a three-year prison term blemishing his otherwise perfect legal record, agreeing to cooperate with the police instead.
It should've been so easy…
And yet, it all went to hell.
Two weeks ago, their mole had informed them that someone had informed Roach about them. More specifically, more than a month ago, a few days before she came to town and started working for Roach, someone tipped him off that cops were planning to infiltrate his organization.
No one had any idea this could've happened. It might've been just a prank by one of his friends. But whatever it was, the damage was done.
Roach, already apparently concerned about a possible infiltration, saw his suspicions turn into full-blown paranoia after being told that.
She always noticed he seemed quite uneasy around her, and some of her new co-workers already confided in her that they also saw the personality change, but only then did they find out why he felt the way he did.
Unfortunately, it was too late by then. She already worked for him for a few weeks, and if she suddenly disappeared, right after someone told him an undercover cop was coming into his organization, they would've immediately been exposed.
Fortunately, as they quickly realized, he had no proof she was the mole, a fact that heavily implied the "It was just a prank" explanation of his tipping off was true.
However, as their informant explained to her, just because Roach couldn't be sure she was the mole, didn't mean he wouldn't try to find out. A week or so ago, he paid some of her neighbors to watch her and inform him about anything unusual.
"Sis," her brother said, "What now?"
She took her face from her hands and looked at her brother, a terrified look on his face.
She sighed, not knowing what to tell him.
It was his fault. Up to this day, there was no problem. Only this day did he call her, already mid-way to her, that he was coming to visit her. And the people Roach paid off immediately let him know that some unknown guy came to visit her.
And she let him come.
Yeah, it was also her fault, if even just a little. One of the most frequent lessons they were told at the academy, when it came to undercover work, no visits by friends or relatives. Anyone from your normal life could lead to you getting exposed.
But she, confident in her cover when it became clear Roach had nothing except speculations, didn't turn him back the moment she picked up the phone.
"We need to mask this, somehow," she replied rather instinctively as she saw the desperation in his face, trying to calm him down "With how paranoid he is, he'll never believe that you're just a relative coming to visit me."
"Uh-huh," he nodded.
"Fuck!" she said with a deep sigh as she stood up from the couch "I think I actually told him that I'm estranged from my family. Druggie parents beating me and other stereotypical shit. And that I don't have any siblings."
"Goddamn," he replied, "Then what?"
She quietly passed him by as she went to the kitchen, silently gazing through the window at the decayed buildings of the impoverished neighborhood she spent the last few weeks living in. She could probably come up with some plausible explanation for why he was there, but given how paranoid Roach was about her already, there was nothing she could say that wouldn't leave her hopelessly exposed and her mission a failure.
Running wasn't an option. She was on a mission, her very first undercover operation, and she was fully determined to successfully finish it.
But how? How to make Roach think that his "whore", was just that, a street prostitute working for him?
As she realized the answer, her heart stopped and she gulped loudly.
"Sis, you OK?" her brother called out to her as he got off the couch "We need to leave."
"No!" she screamed as she walked back to the living room.
"What?" he asked "You wanna get killed or something?"
"No," she replied "And I'm not going to. And I'm gonna finish the case. And I know exactly how to do that."
"You mean?" he asked.
"There's only one way to get him off of my back and stay in his gang," she started explaining "I must show him that I'm exactly what I pretend to be."
"A whore?"
"Yes," she confirmed "I'm not going to run away. Besides, we don't know who's out there. When they'll come, they'll find me doing just what a whore would be doing. Having sex for money."
"You gonna?" he stammered, his heart starting to beat faster and faster. She didn't say anything, but his mind already started realizing what she meant.
"I can't just throw myself at some of my neighbors. Dudes like that definitely wouldn't turn down a chick like me, but we don't have the time, and we don't know who might be paid off anyway," She concluded. Suddenly, her whole demeanor changed, and her face twisted into an expression he had never seen before "Bro." she said in a pleading voice "I need a favor. A BIG one."
"M-Marlene, Sis, you, mean?" he stammered, half-shocked and half turned on beyond belief, as one of his darker sexual fantasies just started playing itself right in front of him.
"I could definitely tell him something to get him to leave, but that really won't do the trick," she said as she quickly took off her T-shirt, revealing the black, demi-cup 36F bra which held, but did precious little to cover, her large tits. "He wanted me not to wear a bra at all, ease of access for clients and stuff like that, but let me have this one after seeing how revealing it is. Whatever I tell him, he'll leave me alone only when he'll see me doing what he expects me to do. And we have at most five minutes till he's there, so take your fucking clothes off, Jason."
As she said that, she took her bra off, fully freeing her large breasts. For a moment, his heart stopped, before starting to beat like crazy, pumping his so far still limp cock full of blood.
His sister was an absolute knockout. As he quickly took his clothes off of his body, the quickly growing bulge easily seen first in his pants, then in his boxers, he couldn't stop ogling her.
Now he completely understood why his sister was chosen to work undercover as a prostitute. What guy could say no to her? In addition to the perky, large melons which so proudly jutted out from her chest, inviting every gaze in her direction, she had a classically beautiful face, with full, red lips, rosy cheeks, clear skin, and big, grey eyes which beautifully complemented her light brown hair. Her body was fit and toned, understandably as she was a police officer, with a large, round ass which was connected to nicely-shaped legs.
He was, of course, already aware she was attractive. He even jerked off to her a few times since she joined the police and got her fit body from all the physical training she had to do, something which she was proud of and started showing off on all of her social media. He didn't know how to feel about doing something like that with his sister's photos, but now, he couldn't care less. Now, seeing her completely naked? She wasn't just attractive, she was in a league all of her own.
While he was ogling her and taking off his clothes, he was likewise being ogled and looked over by her. Luckily for him, in her mind, he didn't come off much worse than she did in his. He wasn't anything to break your neck over as he passed you by on the street, but he was conventionally attractive more than enough.
He likewise worked out more-or-less regularly for the last couple of years, gaining a nice, muscular figure as a result. His muscular, well-sculpted body wasn't exactly the kind to go to a bodybuilding competition with, but it was undoubtedly something most women wouldn't turn down the opportunity to feel up a little.
His face was quite masculine looking, with a nicely-defined jawline. While his big eyes, which were a carbon copy of hers, might've looked rather feminine, it only provided a nice contrast with the rest of his face. His thick, sandy brown, almost blond hair, was just as inviting as his muscular body was, pretty much asking any woman looking at it to stroke it, to gently run her fingers through it.
And then, there was his cock.
His big, meaty cock pointed straight at her, which was the only thing she could look at as she blurted out "Erm, Bro, Jason.", obviously salivating at the sight, before gulping and continuing "I know this is insane, the craziest thing I've ever asked of you, but we have to do it. They should be here in a few minutes, and they definitely have guns. It's just this once, and," another loud gulp followed "I'll make it up to you. I promise. But this once, I need this."
She wasn't naive enough to believe she needed to apologize to him too much about their current situation. The thought of a group of armed men coming to confront them was definitely scary, but it was obviously not the thing that turned his limp dick into the rock hard shaft it was now in seconds. Just as it was not the fact that they had only minutes to do this which made him waltz to her and put his arms around her waist as he started to make out with her.
"Ummm, Jason," she moaned into her brother's mouth as their tongues danced around each other, while he took the chance to start enjoying her body, squeezing the big, round, firm asscheeks as hard as he could. "You're one nasty guy, you know that," she said, before starting to take the advantage to explore his body just as he did with hers after his squeezing of her ass made her yelp a little a few times.
They continued like this for a couple of moments, lips closed on each other while their hands felt each other's body up, him continuing to squeeze her firm ass before finally moving his hands to the large tits which were now pressed against his bare chest. Firm and perky, yet warm and soft, the feeling of her fleshy mounds on his chest already brought him quite close to an orgasm even before he started to enjoy them the same way he enjoyed her asscheeks.
"You're, eeep!" she yelped as he squeezed her right breast, shooting him a cold look which immediately mellowed as he smiled at her, before continuing "One, uh, horny fucker Bro." she moaned in between another, softer yelps brought by the way he played with her jugs.
"Yes," he said, before invading her mouth once again and even deeper, giving himself space to do it by taking his hands off of her chest and bringing them back to her round ass, giving it a few gentle slaps and squeezes again. "And what are you?" he playfully asked, before she answered him by once again doing the same thing to his firm ass as he did to hers.
Then, she gently pushed him off before running her right hand up and down his chest a couple of times, feeling up every muscle she could find. "Let's see what you're made of," she whispered seductively, her voice overflowing with pure lust, as she reached down to grab his hard cock.
For a few moments, he could only breathe deeply as she played with his thick shaft. Lifting it up, she gently stroked the large, half-exposed cockhead with her thumb, smirking to herself all the while. Then, as her strong, but still soft, hand closed itself over it and started to lightly run up and down the length of his tool, he finally lost control. As she started gently, lightly jerking him off with her soft hand, he started to grunt loudly.
"Now, that's a good boy," she whispered again as she tightened her grip on his thick cock, drawing even louder grunts and moans from him as she truly started to jerk him off. "A good, big boy," she added, her eyes locked on his sex.
She had no idea he was this big. Not pornstar big, just something over six inches, maybe close to seven inches depending on how you measured it, but still more than enough to fill her up if, when, he entered her.
Suddenly, before she could react in any way, he bent down and reached for her pussy. "Ha-aaaahh," she moaned as two of his fingers seamlessly slid into her womanhood.
"Damn, Marlene," he said as he started circling his fingers, enjoying the feeling of her wet pussy sucking his fingers in as he slowly teased the insides of it "You're fucking drenched in here." he added with a laugh, as she moaned and slowed down the pace of her jerking of his cock, too overwhelmed by her sudden pleasure to focus on his one "And you say I'm a horny fucker, and your pussy's fucking raining because of your naked brother." he finished.
"FUCK ME!" she screamed, startling him a little before he began to laugh at the sudden change in his sister's demeanor. "Fuck me! Right now, on the couch!" she continued screaming as she grabbed a hold of his waist and started pulling him towards the couch with all her might.
The way his sister changed was incredible. Just moments ago, she at least tried to maintain the facade that she was being forced to do this by circumstances, instead of choosing on her own will to fuck her brother.
And then, the moment his fingers penetrated her snatch, all of that pretense immediately disappeared, leaving her naked, horny, and pushing her equally naked and horny brother onto an uncomfortable couch in her run-down apartment to have sex with him.
Not wishing to lose the bit of control he now gained, he tried to dig himself in and stop her, only to find, to his surprise, that he couldn't.
She didn't look like it, but she was too strong for him.
Realizing that those muscles of hers weren't just for horny guys to gawk at, and all the training she underwent made her worthy of being a police officer, he quickly turned around to face her.
"You aren't running away, Bro," she whispered to him with a smirk as she quickly regained her hold of him, pulling his body to hers as she held him in a tight grip. Feeling her large mammaries pressing themselves against his chest, his cock just a few inches from her pussy as it rested by her thigh, the exposed cockhead lubricated by the pussy juices leaking down her leg, he almost came on the spot.
Managing to hold back his orgasm, he once again penetrated her with her fingers, forcing her to stop everything as he started fingerfucking her again.

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