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Chapter 1
Janelle surveyed her friend Tasha's face and could tell something was wrong. Among her circle of friends, Tasha was usually the most upbeat. They had just arrived at the Coffee Crate, a local hangout Janelle and her friends frequented. They were still waiting for Karen and Amy to join them.
"Hey, gang. What's up?" Karen said as she slid into the booth next to Janelle.
"Tasha has a problem," Janelle said.
"Yeah? What's that?" Karen probed.
"I never said I had a problem," Tasha protested.
"Don't ever play strip poker," Janelle told her. "You'll be naked in no time."
"What's wrong Tasha?" Karen asked. "Spill."
"Oh, Jeremy and I got into a fight. Nothing big, but . . ." her voice trailed off.
"Oh, hey!" Amy Michaelson said in greeting as she slid in next to Tasha. "What am I interrupting?"
"Tasha was just getting ready to tell us what she and Jeremy were fighting about."
"Do, continue," Amy said.
"Jeremy's mad at me because he wants to have anal sex and I won't let him."
"You mean, like, with another guy?" Amy said. "Why should you care if he wants to get it up the poop chute?"
The other girls looked at her, trying to tell if she was seriously that dense, or if she was just being a goof.
"He wants to travel Tasha's Hershey highway," Karen clarified, just in case Amy really was that dense. She was blonde, after all.
"Send him my way," Janelle told her. "I've been wanting to try double penetration, but obviously I need a double. Regrettably, Jared only has one penis."
"You would take Jeremy's cock up your ass? The same time as Jared is fucking your pussy?" Tasha asked as though she'd never heard of such a thing.
"Absolutely," Janelle said.
"I'll watch," Karen said. "I'm curious how that would go, but I'm too afraid to try it myself."
"You guys are both sluts," Amy said, only half joking.
"Do you think Jared would go for that? Letting Jeremy fuck you in the ass?"
"He might if you were part of the package," Janelle suggested.
"You think Jared would want to fuck me?" Tasha said. Tasha was a tall slender black girl with a firm, tight ass that was just a little larger than her slim frame required, but Janelle knew that Jared found it attractive. Tasha had never considered that Jared, who was white, might want to bang her. She was pretty but didn't usually get hit on by white guys.
"You think Jeremy would let him?" Janelle asked.
"He might if he gets to fuck your ass," Tasha said.
"I can't believe you guys are talking about swapping boyfriends" Amy said.
"Why?" Karen said defensively. "We're all good friends. It's not like they're swapping with strangers."
"I suppose," Amy said. "It just seems weird, that's all."
"Do you take it up the ass from Ted?" Tasha asked Amy. Ted Cranston was her longtime boyfriend.
"He's never asked and I've never offered," Amy said.
"Would you?" Karen probed
"I guess I'd try it," Amy admitted hesitantly. "It's not something I ever gave much thought."
"I have the most intense orgasms from anal stimulation," Janelle confided. "I think with two cocks in me at the same time I might explode."
"Well, I'll talk to Jeremy and see what he thinks of the idea."
"Cool!" Janelle said. "I'm sure Jared will be okay with it." She thought for a moment then added, "How hot would it be if we each sucked off the other's boyfriend, you know, to get them ready?"
"I have to admit that that sounds hot," Tasha said.
"And Jared would probably want to lick your ass and have you piss down his throat."
"Wait! What?" Amy could no longer contain herself.
"Yeah," Karen said. "Janelle got him started on it and now he can't get enough of it."
"That's disgusting!" Amy said, revolted.
"Actually, that sounds pretty hot, too," Tasha said. "I think I'll be able to talk Jeremy into this. When do you want to meet?"
"How about tonight? Or is that too soon?"
"No, I think we can swing tonight."
"No pun intended, I'm sure," Karen said, and they all laughed.
Chapter 2
Jared stood naked in Janelle's apartment. Jeremy King, Tasha's boyfriend, was standing next to him, also naked. Jeremy was slim, muscular, and had washboard abs that made Jared a bit envious. His cock didn't seem to be any bigger than Jared's, at least in its mostly flaccid state. Jared wasn't really concerned that Janelle would suddenly dump him after experiencing the joys of Jeremy's cock, but he did wonder how this tryst would affect their relationship.
Janelle had made the case that she wanted to try double penetration, which obviously requires a second male, and he didn't feel like he had the right to say no. The fact that he got a turn with Tasha definitely pushed him toward agreeing. He certainly had no plans to dump Janelle in favor of Tasha. He did think Tasha looked pretty hot naked though. Tasha had smaller breasts, but they were profound on her slender frame. And that ass of hers. He couldn't wait to eat it. That was the real selling point for him.
The girls had suggested that they each swap boyfriends for the preliminary cocksucking. Neither male objected. Jared watched as Tasha took his cock in her mouth. That was hot. And it felt really good. Tasha knew what she was doing. What surprised Jared, though, was that watching Janelle suck on Jeremy's cock was equally erotic. Jeremy didn't say it, but perhaps he felt the same way. Both boys were hard and ready in minutes.
Jeremy laid on the sofa. Janelle removed the plug from her ass, applied some more lube generously, and impaled her asshole on Jeremy's stiff rod. Jeremy had about eight or nine inches, Jared noted, trying not to be envious, and it was pretty thick, but Janelle's preparations made it easy for him to enter her.
Once she was riding reverse cowgirl on Jeremy's cock, Jared got into position, straddling Jeremy carefully, and slipped his cock into Janelle's slippery wet pussy. That her pussy always got so wet is one of the things he loved about her.
It took only a few strokes before he and Jeremy synchronized their cocks slamming into Janelle's holes. She put her hands on his shoulders, but her eyes weren't looking at him. They were glazed over with lust. Not surprisingly, Janelle came first. It was a raging orgasm that seemed to ignite every nerve ending in her body, but particularly the ones in her erogenous zones.
Jared shot his wad in his girlfriend's pussy. He loved doing that. They still weren't using birth control or condoms. He loved living on the edge. He got up immediately afterwards, because it was kind of awkward the way he was straddling Jeremy. And Jeremy was still humping Janelle's asshole.
Tasha corralled Jared as soon as he got up.
"That cock is mine, boy" she said and took him in her mouth. Never mind that it was bathed in Janelle's juices. She also didn't seem to mind that it was no longer hard. Jared thought she might mind, though, when she overstimulated his glans with her tongue and he shot a spurt of piss down her throat. But she didn't.
Tasha was as horny as she'd ever been and wanted a good fucking. But she realized she was just going to have to give Jared some time to recover. Might as well pass the time constructively, she thought.
"I've got some piss for you too, boy," she said after releasing his cock. "Are you ready for that?"
Jared nodded and knelt in front of her, mouth open. Tasha pressed her pussy, lips parted, against Jared's waiting mouth. Then she let loose her bladder. Jared guzzled as much for survival as for fun, since to do anything less would have been to choke and spew. He loved drinking Janelle's piss. It always made him feel extra close to her. Drinking Tasha's piss was different. It didn't make him feel close to her, but it did make him very aroused to be so used by her.
When she had finished, she bade him get busy licking her sweet black ass. And it was sweet, too, from his perspective. He licked and tongued all along her ass crack before concentrating on the sweet bud of her anus. Jamming his tongue in Tasha's asshole made his cock rock hard and ready to go again. Which was good because Tasha couldn't wait any longer.
Jared mounted her doggy style since he was pretty much already in position. It simply seemed expedient. It had the added benefit of allowing him to stare at his favorite part of Tasha's anatomy. Tasha met his thrusts in perfect synchronization, and it didn't take long before Tasha let out a happy scream indicating she was cumming.
Jared came soon afterward, again enjoying the feeling of spewing sperm into a hot and willing pussy. It was even more of a thrill because it was a different pussy than the one he usually filled. Tasha was on birth control, but Jared didn't know that at the time. From his perspective, he'd just planted a tree in her garden.
Jared, sated, looked over to see his girlfriend sucking Jeremy's cock lovingly. He knew that if she made Jeremy piss, she would drink it, just like she did for him. Just like Tasha did for him. He wasn't sure he liked the way Janelle was doing it. Perhaps she was enjoying it just a little too much. He consoled himself with the thought that, at least Jeremy hadn't cum in her pussy as he had in Tasha's. He supposed he really didn't have anything to gripe about without seeming petty and resolved to let it go. Let the girl enjoy sucking Jeremy.
They sat around for a few minutes, drinking beer and coming down. Everyone agreed that it had been a great experience, but, strangely, no one suggested doing it again tomorrow. Janelle might have, but she already had plans for tomorrow.
Chapter 3
The following night, Jared found himself standing naked in Janelle's apartment once again. This time he was standing next to his friend Kevin, who was also naked. Across from him was Kevin's sister, Karen, naked, and next to her opposite Kevin, was Janelle, naked.
What surprised him most about current circumstances was not the circumstances themselves, but how freaking amazing Karen looked naked. Jared, if he were honest, had to admit that Karen surpassed Janelle in her naked glory. Her figure was a tad fuller, but still trim. Her breasts were only slightly larger than Janelle's which wasn't what made them better in Jared's eyes. It was that her areolas were like small, concentrated versions of Janelle's. Still pink, but deeper and only about the diameter of a nickel with rigid pencil eraser nipples. Her mons pubis was covered in brown fur that matched her hair, whereas Janelle's was clean shaven. Her ass was, in his estimation, about as perfect as they come. It was kind of a bubble butt, and perhaps more than was currently in fashion among lingerie models, but Jared was looking forward to burying his face in it.
Janelle began by reaching out and fondling Kevin's junk. Predictably, it rose to the occasion. Then she knelt down in front of him and began sucking him off in her usual expert fashion.
Karen used a different tactic. She leaned in and planted a kiss on Jared that made him weak in the knees. Karen loved Jared. Karen had been dreaming of the chance to fuck him and show him just how much she could satisfy even his most perverted desires.
Jared was intoxicated by Karen's kiss. It caught him completely off guard. He had a cordial relationship with Karen because she was Janelle's best friend. He had no idea of the intensity of emotion she felt for him until that kiss. That kiss conveyed it all. It was not simply an "I'm horny" kiss, but an "I'll go to my grave loving you" kiss. It made his cock harden instantly. And after she kissed him, she looked into his eyes in a way that removed any doubt in his mind. Then she knelt down and began sucking him off.
After Janelle had worked her magic on Kevin's cock, she led him to the sofa and then inserted his cock in her pussy and road him slowly cowgirl style.
The goal for the evening was double penetration, hence the need for two hard cocks. Jared understood this and considered their foray into the practice yesterday to be successful. He was less sure of the necessity for a repeat performance, but when Janelle suggested Kevin and Karen, he capitulated because having a crack at Karen was more of a temptation than he could withstand. Jared assumed that, just as before, he would fuck Janelle's slippery wet pussy and Kevin would be taking the Hershey Highway. What he didn't know, was that when Janelle negotiated the tryst, Kevin objected to anal sex, wanting no part of it. She didn't think Jared would have a problem with it, since he loved all things ass. However, when Karen released him and he found that Kevin was in Janelle's honeypot and he was to take the asshole route, he was incensed.
He said nothing. Kevin was his friend, after all. He just went along with the program, inserting his rigid rod into Janelle's previously prepped and lubed asshole—which seemed to beckon him to enter. But perhaps he was a little bit more aggressive in his fucking than he would have been otherwise.
Janelle noticed that Jared was really ramming the meat home, but it so increased her pleasure that she could only moan in response. Kevin thought she was moaning because of what he was doing, and it pushed him almost immediately to orgasm. Fortunately, Janelle was ready to cum too, thanks to Jared's rough riding. Jared came almost simultaneously with Janelle.
Jared didn't have time to think about anything because as soon as he pulled out of Janelle's ass, Karen was there with a ready mouth to suck him off, never mind that he'd just pulled out of Janelle's ass. And, predictably after having an orgasm, intense glans stimulation leads to urination, but Karen knew this and was unfazed. She continued throat fucking Jared until he didn't have any piss left in his bladder. Then she stood and kissed him again. It was another knee buckler. Then she told him to get busy eating her asshole.
Jared didn't need to be told a second time. This was, for him, the highlight of the evening. Karen laid over a recliner and spread her cheeks to reveal a delicious brown anal flower. Jared went to work exploring all of it with his tongue before focusing on how far up her anus he could drive his tongue.
Karen wasn't sure whether she would enjoy getting her ass eaten or not. She knew Janelle loved it, but she'd also talked to girls who said it was like having a garden slug stuck up your ass. That didn't sound very sexy. When Jared began licking up and down the crack of her ass, she was afraid it would be like the garden slug. She really wasn't feeling it. But when he began his deep dive, that was another thing altogether. When she started rubbing her clit at the same time, things were progressing well for her. When she felt her orgasm building, she knew it was going to be better than any she'd had previously. She quickly got up and turned to press her pussy in Jared's face so he could do the finishing touch.
Jared at first thought he did something wrong, but when Karen spread her pussy open and pressed it against his mouth, he caught on pretty fast. When she came, she came hard and wet, spraying all over his face before he clamped down on her pussy. Then he licked and she pissed and he swallowed until her bladder was empty and her orgasm was spent.
Meanwhile, Kevin had taken the opportunity of having Janelle all to himself to explain to her how he'd had a crush on her since he'd first met her and that fucking her had been a dream come true. Janelle wasn't surprised by this. It was one of the reasons she suggested Kevin and Karen to Jared. She also knew Jared thought Karen was cute. She did not know the extent of Karen's feelings for Jared. If she had, she might have reconsidered the plan. Particularly in light of the awakening of Jared's feelings for Karen.
After having pissed down Jared's throat, Karen knelt down and kissed him again, pissy face and all. Jared felt her soft breasts and hard nipples press against his chest. He grabbed her ass and pulled her close. This kiss was serious. This kiss meant business. This kiss got Janelle's attention. It also got Jared hard again.
"I get to fuck him, too, right?" Karen asked Janelle. "That was the deal?"
"Only if you get over her and eat my pussy," Janelle taunted. She honestly didn't think her friend would go for it. She was wrong. "You realize my pussy is full of your brother's cum, right?" She said this in an effort to dissuade Karen. It didn't work.
"I've tasted my brother's cum before," Karen replied, then added, "Don't ask."
Jared was not going to waste this opportunity. He may not ever have it again. While Karen was on all fours he slipped into her tight wet pussy. It wasn't as wet as Janelle's, but it was every bit as slippery and felt wonderful. The view was wonderful too. Watching Karen eating Janelle's pussy, as well as the natural beauty of Karen's ass, were a winning combination. He probably wouldn't have lasted very long if he hadn't already had an orgasm.
Karen didn't want this to be how their first fuck went. She wanted to look in his eyes when he pumped his seed into her. Abruptly she stopped and stood, turned and gave a startled Jared another kiss. He could taste Janelle's pussy on her lips. Karen led him by the cock to the recliner where she plopped him down and sat on his cock. This is how she wanted to fuck him. Face to face.
The expression on Karen's face told Jared he was in trouble. This was not mere lust. This girl was claiming him as her own. This was going to be trouble. This was also going to be the best orgasm he'd had in his life. He shot all of his seed into Karen's cunt with more satisfaction than he'd ever felt before. He always enjoyed the feeling of power related to the potential impregnation of Janelle, who had eschewed birth control. Last night, cumming inside Tasha had also been a special pleasure, since he'd never had her before. But this, with Karen, this was the best.
Karen thought so too. She had been craving Jared's sperm for some time. She wasn't on birth control either. She wasn't seeing anyone. There had been no need. She wasn't sorry. The idea of possibly becoming pregnant with his baby made her orgasm even more intense. She planted another knee buckling kiss on Jared. He was glad he was already sitting down.
"All right, you too, knock it off!" Janelle yelled. "This was just supposed to be a friendly fuck among friends. I think you two just got married."
"I would be okay with that," Karen admitted fearlessly. She looked at Jared, searching his eyes for corroboration. Remarkably, she found it.
"Actually, I would, too," Jared agreed, knowing that it would cost him his relationship with Janelle.
"Really?" Janelle asked, exasperated. This was an unexpected turn of events. "Is my best friend stealing my boyfriend right out from under me in my own house?"
"You gave Kevin your pussy," Jared said. "I was the only one who was supposed to cum in there."
"I'm pretty sure it's my pussy and I get to decide who cums in it," Janelle shot back.
"But you're not on birth control," Jared pointed out. Kevin suddenly turned pale.
"So what?" Janelle said. "Neither is she," indicating Karen, "and you didn't hesitate to pump a load into her cunt. You didn't hesitate to pump your spooge in Tasha's cunt. Why are you the only one who's allowed to determine who cums in who?"
"You're right, Janelle," Jared agreed. "You're absolutely right. It's your pussy. Your decision. No problem. But if you insist on sharing it with others, you and I are through."
"But you agreed to this! We planned this. Together!" Janelle was panicking now, not wanting this to go south.
"No. You planned this. I went along for the ride. And the second dick was supposed to be up your ass, not your babymaker."
"That's my fault," Kevin said. "I told her I wouldn't do it unless I got her pussy. I don't do anal."

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