She was 5’5″ tall and I estimated that she weighed about 110 pounds

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My name is Walter Thompson and I was a successful young executive when I was recruited by a prominent consulting firm. The firm specialized in providing interim executive management to troubled organizations. The firm was staffed with former CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO executives as well as other management talent. Typically an interim management engagement would run from six months to as long as two years and in special situations even longer. Being an accomplished IT executive I would fill the CIO position. There had been occasions when a Board of Directors replaced the entire executive leadership at a company and our firm was engaged to provide all the top positions.
Typically we would go in and turn the situation around and assist with the recruiting of the executive replacements. Engagements such as those took at least two years. Our firm had recently been engaged to provide an interim CIO for a company headquartered in Honolulu. I was given the assignment pending approval of the company’s leadership. At that time I was living in Chicago so I was able to get a direct flight to Honolulu. The day I arrived I stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel the night before my interview with the company executives.
When I checked into the hotel I was surprised and amazed at the number of Japanese people staying at the hotel. I also couldn’t believe how many beautiful Japanese women were at the hotel. There seemed to be a steady stream of them coming and going. They were all very fit and impeccably dressed. In fact they emitted an air of luxury and quality. I assumed they all had very wealthy husbands or partners. The Japanese businessmen also were professionally dressed in their expensive looking clothes.
I noticed one thing about the women and that was that they seemed to keep to themselves. They did not appear to be very friendly and they did not engage in conversations. I was polite to many of them holding doors open and greeting them but they acted as if I wasn’t even there. I found that I was infatuated with their beauty as I had never seen so many classy pretty Asian women. That night in the hotel room I could not get their images out of my mind. I was dating a pretty blonde back in Chicago and we were having great sex together. However at that moment, Vicki was the furthest thing from my mind as I tried to picture the Japanese women naked. I eventually feel asleep but even then I seemed to dream about the beautiful dark haired women.
The next day I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant and I was once again treated to a parade of beautiful Japanese women tastefully attired. After breakfast I made my way over to the company offices and met with the executives. The interviews lasted all morning and then five of us went to lunch. It was a successful day and the company approved of me as their interim CIO. The plan was that I would spend three months onsite, conduct an assessment of the situation and make a recommendation for change. I was also to deliver a strategic direction for the IT organization. That night I took the red-eye flight back to Chicago.
A week later I was back in Honolulu on assignment. The first week I had meetings with the IT management and key stakeholders in the company. I learned very quickly that there was a huge gap between the company business plan and the IT objectives. The administrative assistant for the CIO position was a very attractive Japanese woman named Misaki. She had been in that position for five years and she was apprehensive about my role as the interim CIO. Over the next three months I found Misaki to be very capable, loyal and professional. She proved that she could handle sensitive and confidential information.
Misaki was 28 years old and she had a very slender but shapely figure. She was 5’5″ tall and I estimated that she weighed about 110 pounds if that. Her skin was flawless and she had deep dark mysterious eyes to go with her shiny black hair. Misaki always wore her hair up in a bun and she always wore tailored suits to the office. Her skirts were cut just above the knee and showed off her shapely legs. The suits were snug enough to show off the swell of her small breasts and the contour of her curvy ass.
My normal workdays started at 7:00 AM and I stayed in the office until 7:00 PM. I also took the time to meet with second and third shift people at the data center. My typical day was to workout at 5:00 AM; shower, dress and eat breakfast at 6:00 AM; spend 12 hours at the office and then have dinner at 7:30 PM. After dinner I usually returned to my hotel room and did more work until 10:00 PM. There was something about being the first to arrive and the last to leave the office that impressed other executives and staff.
The first month was non-stop work including the weekends. At the start of the second month I began to enjoy some of the island of Oahu. I visited the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, toured the Polynesian Culture center and watched surfing at the North Beach. I also found a good SCUBA dive operation and I began diving on the weekends. I loved to dive and play tennis. At 30 years old I was in very good shape as I had always worked out and watched my diet. I was 6’2″ tall and weighed 185 pounds. I was not normally a runner but I had gotten into the habit of jogging the beach in the morning.
By the end of the second month I had completed the IT baseline assessment and I had started the strategic planning process. Once the strategy was prepared that would define the organization restructuring. I counted on Misaki to maintain confidentiality of all information as I knew that staff members would try to pry information out of her. Misaki proved herself worthy of my trust and our mutual trust for each other grew.
I was still infatuated with the beautiful Japanese women in Honolulu. I could not stop looking at them and fantasizing about making love with them. If I had not been so busy at the office I would have gone mad with desire. I confided in one of my colleagues back in the Chicago office about my obsession and he told me that I had yellow fever. Apparently that was term used for guys that were obsessed with Asian women. I laughed at the metaphor but it also made some sense to me. I hoped that my engagement as interim CIO would be extended and then I might be able to realize my fantasy and cure my yellow fever.
The day for the presentation to the executive management and the Board arrived at the end of the third month. Misaki and I worked tirelessly on the presentation and I felt I was as ready as I could be. I first met with the executive team that morning in a two hour session and everything went extremely well. Next it was the board meeting at 4:00 PM. Misaki remained at the office in the event I needed something at the last minute for the Board meeting. I entered the Board Room at 4:00 PM and sat through the normal Roberts Rules of Order protocol. Then I started my presentation at 4:30 PM. The presentation was thirty minutes long and to the point but the Board members drilled me for another hour.
At 6:00 PM after further discussion the Board approved the IT plan and proposed organization restructuring. However they placed a condition on the approval and that was that I had to lead the effort for the first two years of plan implementation. I was stunned by the Board’s conditional approval but I knew that I had to accept. I told the Board that I accepted the assignment contingent on my firm’s approval the next day. I already knew however that my superiors would approve the deal.
As I walked back to my office it then dawned on me that I would be living in Oahu for two years. It was almost 7:00 PM when I got back to my office and Misaki was still there waiting in case I needed her. She was thrilled when she heard that the Board approved the plan and that I would be staying on for another two years. I was excited too as I hoped to cure my yellow fever in that time. Then I looked at Misaki and told her it was time to celebrate a little.
“Can I buy you a nice dinner?” I asked.
“I would like that very much,” she said politely as she blushed.
“You pick the restaurant,” I insisted.
Misaki told me about one of her favorite restaurants so we decided to go there. The restaurant was an excellent seafood restaurant that served many Japanese prepared dishes. Misaki educated me on the different menu items and we sampled many food items. We had a fine meal with some excellent wine and I enjoyed her company all evening. It was 9:30 PM when we arrived back at my hotel and I invited Misaki in for a night cap. I was actually surprised when she accepted.
Misaki was a white wine drinker so I took a bottle of white for her and a bottle of red for me from the mini bar. I poured the wine for us and Misaki and I toasted one another. As we drank the wine and chatted about the Board approval and the future Misaki kicked off her high heels. She looked at me quizzically and then spoke.
“I hope you don’t mind but my feet are killing me from wearing those heels all day,” she said almost apologetically.
“No not at all make your self comfortable,” I replied and I sat down on the sofa leaving a cushion between Misaki and me and then I offered to massage her feet.
“I give excellent massages, how about a nice foot massage?” I really announced rather than asked. “Just stretch your legs out on the sofa,” I instructed.
Misaki held her skirt close to her thighs as she swung her shapely legs upon the sofa in my direction. Her legs were beautifully shaped and I wondered what was at the end of her pretty gams. For the first time I looked at Misaki in a sexual manner and I had this sudden desire to make love to her.
I began to massage one foot and Misaki sighed, “Oh that does feel good!”
I worked on her one foot for awhile and then placed it right in my crotch as I picked up her other foot. As I massaged her other foot the one in my crotch was pressed right against my erect cock. I knew Misaki could feel it and that she knew what it was. My cock throbbed and I was sure she could feel it pulsating against the sole of her foot. I massaged the other foot and Misaki just sighed and cooed in relaxation.
“How about your calf muscles I bet they are tired as well from the high heels?” I asked.
Misaki didn’t answer but she didn’t protest either when I began to massage her calves. I rubbed the calf of one leg while the foot of the other leg remained in my crotch. Misaki took another sip of wine and tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I worked all the tension out of one calf and then started to work on the other one. Misaki kept her eyes closed and her head back as I massaged her shapely legs. Occasionally she would pick up her head, sip some wine and smile at me before closing her eyes again.
I didn’t ask her permission as I let my hands move up to her thighs and massaged her quads. Misaki jumped at the first touch of her thighs but I told her to relax and let me work out the kinks. As I massaged her thighs I pushed her skirt up higher and I could see her panty covered crotch. Misaki was wearing her panties over garter belt. I let my hands wonder all over her thighs as I massaged her inner thighs as well. I could clearly see a wet spot had formed on Misaki’s panties.
Misaki kept her eyes closed as I massaged her thighs and I decided to take it to the next step. I moved my hands above her stockings and caressed the naked skin. Misaki flinched and opened her eyes to stare at me. She still didn’t protest but she looked worried. I ran my hand over her panty covered pussy and she almost leaped off the couch.
“Walt please stop you shouldn’t do that,” she gasped but I continued rubbing her bare thighs and panty covered pussy as I was now overcome with desire.
Misaki was breathing hard and she seemed confused when she spoke again, “Please stop before this goes any further. We are going to be working together and we need to keep our relationship professional.”
I pushed Misaki’s skirt up to her hips and leaned over to kiss her creamy thighs. She gasped aloud at the touch of my lips to her naked skin. I knew that she was struggling with the decision on how far she should let this go. I could smell the sweet aroma of sex that was given off by her pussy as my face moved closer to her crotch. I lifted Misaki’s legs to my shoulders and kissed her inner thighs just below her panties. She groaned with pleasure as she reached down with her hands to control my head. Misaki tried to keep my head from reaching her pussy but I moved the panties to one side of her vulva baring her sopping wet cunt. I tickled her outer lips with my fingers and then let them slip inside her vagina.
Misaki was so wet that two of my fingers slid in easily and she unconsciously relaxed her grip on my head. I moved my mouth toward her and closed over her pussy shoving my tongue into her wetness. Misaki cried out and grabbed my head again but this time she held it tight to her quim. I lapped at her pussy as I fingered her with two fingers. Then I spread her pussy lips apart and located her throbbing clit peeking out from its protective hood. Misaki was really excited as her erect clit looked like a teeny dick sticking out. I sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into my face. I reached under her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in my hands as I drove into her pussy with my tongue and nibbled on her clit.
“Oh, I’m cumming. Hold me, please hold tight,” she screamed as she lost it.
The climax rocked her body and I held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the sofa. I kept right on eating her pussy and I held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Misaki slowly calmed after her intense orgasm and I continued to lick her until her pussy was dry. As we lay on her sofa I continued to lick and kiss her bare thighs above her stockings as she ran her hands through my hair.
“Oh that was something I really came hard. Thank you, thank you!” she murmured.
I peeled off her panties leaving her stockings and garter belt on her body. Misaki watched me as if she was in a trance as I pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees and my rock hard cock leaped out. Her eyes opened wide as if she was afraid when she saw my eight inch cock. I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the sofa and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her.
“Oh we mustn’t, we shouldn’t, it is not right and then oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, love me, make love to me,” she cried.
I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and I continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy.
“Oh I have never been so full, love me, make me cum, make it last forever”, she cried out.
I pounded her pussy making sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. Misaki had multiple orgasms as I fucked her. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and pushed it up over her bra. Then I reached under her and unhooked the bra and pushed it up over her tits. She had small pretty firm tits with dark rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth.
She went wild telling me. “Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, I love that!”
I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I filled her pussy with my cum. Misaki stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.
She yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!”
I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did I and I fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the sofa and slowly fucked her as my cock softened. My cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much cum in there mingling with her own juices.
“Are you okay, Misaki?” I asked her.
She nodded that she was okay and then she looked down at my soft cock and took it in her hand, “You are big,” she said as she stroked my cock to hardness again.
“I’m not big, maybe above average but not that big,” I responded.
“Maybe by American standards you are not big but by Japanese standards you are big,” she said as she held my cock lovingly.
“Want to go to bed?” I asked her.
Misaki smiled at me and nodded her agreement. She sat up and tried to straighten out her clothing the best she could and then we stripped off our clothes and Misaki got in bed on her back. She held her arms open to me welcoming me between her legs again. I crawled between her legs and slipped my hard cock back in her pussy. I never wanted this to end and I wanted to fuck this beautiful Japanese woman all night. I fucked Misaki as long as I could before I shot my second load of the night. She had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked me off her body.
Then she collapsed and cried out. “Please stop, I have to rest. I want this to go on forever but I need a rest. I am not sure I can cum any more.”
“Are you up for a shower?” I asked.
“I’d rather sit in the tub,” she replied.
I ran a hot bath for us and put the hotel supplied shower gel in the water. We both bathed together and as I caressed her body Misaki leaned back against me and I reached around and fondled her tits lovingly. She cooed as she was in ecstasy and totally relaxed. I also spent a lot of time stroking her curvy ass and her hot pussy. I startled Misaki when I slipped a very slippery finger into her asshole. I knew that I caught her off guard so I didn’t pursue her ass any further at that time. After the bath we dried each other off with huge terry cloth towels and as she was drying me, my cock was at full attention.
“Does that thing ever go down?” she asked as she dried it tenderly.
“Not as long as I am around you”, I said cupping her ass and then asked, “How about if I finish your massage?”
Misaki smiled as I retrieved the hotel supplied body lotion. She crawled back on the bed and lay face down. I admired her shapely ass and I wondered if she would let me fuck her there. I wanted to save her ass for later though so I told her to turn over on her back.
“Front first,” I said as I rolled her over.
I started at her feet and worked my way her legs and thighs but I did not touch her pussy. Then I moved my hands up to tits and twirled her delicious nubs in my fingers. I worked my hands back down her torso and this time I touched her pussy and fingered her gently as well. I located her clit again and rolled it in my oily fingers emitting a short gasp from her. Misaki seemed to have another small orgasm just from being touched.
“Time to do the other side,” I told her as I rolled her onto her stomach.
I marveled at her soft flawless skin and shapely ass. This time I started with her shoulders and worked my way down to her ass, thighs and legs. She was so relaxed I felt that she might fall asleep. I paid special attention to her ass and placed a well-oiled finger in her anus. My finger was so slick and she was so relaxed that it slid in easily. I continued to massage her shapely beautiful ass and finger her hole. I tried to add a second finger but it wouldn’t fit in her tight hole. I pulled her up by her hips until her curvy ass was in the air and she lay with her head to one side on the bed. She was almost crooning as I continued to finger her asshole and then began to finger her pussy as well.
I removed my fingers and eased my engorged cock into her pussy. I began to fuck her slowly and then put a finger back in her asshole. Misaki was on the verge on an uncontrollable orgasm and as she began to thrust and shake, I took advantage of her state and tried to slide my cock from her cunt to her asshole. I managed to get the head outside the sphincter and then Misaki panicked. As she bucked and shuddered with an intense orgasm she almost impaled her ass on my cock. Only when she started to come back to earth did she realize that my cock was about to enter her ass.

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