She was 5’7”, with a luscious curvy body and blessed with a large 36DD chest

Life had been rough on Gia. She couldn’t find a decent high paying job to save her life even though the Recession was supposedly over. And after coming back home from out of state, she settled with living with her mother in order to save up enough money to have her own apartment and get back on her feet. Although most 20 something singles would rather have a limb removed before living with their mothers, Gia needed some company after trying to mend another broken heart. She’d just gotten over a failed engagement a few years back and moved out of state in the hopes of starting a new life only to be heart broken by another creep. It didn’t help that Gia’s 30th birthday was slowly creeping up and the cruel reminder that she was nowhere close to finding a decent man. It wasn’t that Gia was unattractive. She was 5’7”, with a luscious curvy body and blessed with a large 36DD chest to compliment her milk chocolate complexion. She would often find men staring at her but she would rarely get asked out on a date. She was often the one who had to do the asking and she was getting tired of it.
After her last break up, she’d finally decided to take control of her life and start looking for men she wanted instead of settling for whatever came her way. Since she was young, she had always lusted after white men but the opportunities to make her fantasy a real relationship never truly worked out. She had brief relationships and her longest was with a foreign student in college, but his feminine mannerisms made him more of a shopping buddy than lover. This time Gia was going to satisfy herself and make it about her. After landing a mail room attendant job at an Accounting Firm downtown, Gia decided she was going to try to find a decent man.
Daniel was a successful business man at Goldmann & Petersburg Accounting Firm but a bit of a workaholic. For Daniel, being successful left little room for an active social life. His only “friends” were his coworkers and he was always getting dumped by his girlfriends who would complain that he had no time for them. However, it was always easy for Daniel to find another woman. His 6’3” height, dirty blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes, faint Irish accent and athletic body seemed to always do the trick. He often dated Caucasian women but got tired of the same mold. He’d often find himself staring at the black secretaries with their curvy bodies and gorgeous dark skin. Since he hit adolescence his porn collection was always filled with ebony women satisfying white men and he had always fantasied of having an ebony goddess wrapped her beautiful full lips on his cock and him sucking on her beautiful brown pussy till she’d cum in his mouth. He’d tried a few black call girls but they were often more business minded than sensual and he didn’t like paying for a woman’s affection. And after he landed his dream job at the firm straight out of grad school, his love life took a back seat to his professional life.
It was Friday afternoon and Gia was making the last rounds of delivering mail to the Accounting staff. She was quick to finish up so she could grab some fast food afterwards. She was starving. She finally made it to her last drop off spot when saw him. He was so gorgeous. She was so in awe of him that she actually dropped his mail in front of him. Daniel looked up and saw her. He immediately stopped his work and smiled at her. She was the epitome of every physical thing he wanted in a black women. Gia had those large gorgeous brown eyes with long lashes, juicy full lips and a body to rival Jessica Rabbit.
“Can I help you with that”, asked Daniel as he got up and helped Gia sort out her spilled mail.
“No no, I got it. Thanks”, as Gia could feel herself blushing. God he must think she’s such a klutz.
“I’ve never seen you around here. I’m Daniel. Are you new?”
“Yeah, I just got hired to deliver the mail. My name is Gia by the way”
“Well, nice to meet you Gia. I wish they told me. I would have been the first to take you out to lunch to celebrate your first day” Daniel said as he smiled and stared at her lovely eyes. He knew he was coming off too strong but he couldn’t help it. No woman had made him feel this excited in a long time.
Gia was speechless. She didn’t know how to react. It had been a while since she interacted with a sexy man. She couldn’t help but wonder if he just being nice or if he was just the office creep trying to get in her pants? But after looking into his light greenish blue eyes and hearing his sexy accent, Gia didn’t care.
“So what’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a boring Accounting Firm downtown” as Daniel handed her the last of her dropped mail.
“I’m just doing the mail gig to help save up and get back on my feet and hopefully move up in the company”
“Obviously! You sound way too overqualified to be doing mail. I have a good pal at the Human Resources Department. Maybe I could have a word with him and get you into an Entry Level position if you’d like” he smiled.
“Oh my goddess. That would be wonderful. I’d really appreciate that. It’s so hard to find a good job these days.” Gia gushed with great appreciation over this handsome stranger’s kindness.
“No problem. I bet your boyfriend would like to see you behind a desk rather than hauling mail” Daniel said as he went back to sitting on his desk.
“Oh. I don’t have a boyfriend” Gia admitted and felt a bit pathetic. She hope he didn’t think she was a pathetic single girl who couldn’t get a man.
“What? No way. I know guys that would be dying to have their way with a girl like you” Daniel knew he was going too far with this girl. With his lame pickup lines, he didn’t want her thinking he was the office creep. It’s just that Daniel didn’t want Gia to get away and he was going to take every opportunity to have her for himself. Even if he came off as overly aggressive.
“Well, I guess I never meet those guys” Gia said sadly.
She wished one of those guys were Daniel. She knew what guys like him were all about. She attended a small liberal arts college filled with business and accounting majors who came from old money. The typical handsome successful types who were more into their perfect Abercrombie & Fitch fraternity lifestyle filled with Playboy bunny girlfriends and they were nowhere close to opening their minds to anything interracial. She could easily see Daniel on the arm of a Giselle or Paris Hilton type girl, but never with someone like her. The sad memories of failed relationships with white guys she had dated would often end with “You’re a wonderful girl….but…” or “we just don’t make sense” breakup lines. Gia would have much preferred straight talk like “you’re black, I’m white…it was fun, but goodbye” approach.
Daniel decided to be bold and put his cards on the table. He wanted Gia and he wanted her now.
“Well, what if I was one of those guys Gia. Would you be interested?”
Gia could not believe her ears. Did he just ask her out?
“I don’t understand. Are you proposing you and me…?”
“I’m proposing this”, he immediately got out of his seat, walk up to her and kissed her on the lips, softly and slowly. God, her lips were so soft. He knew he had gone too far, but he also knew he had to have more of her. He continued to wrap his arms around her and massaged her shapely large ass. Gia immediately responded to his kiss and smelled his cologne. He sure knew how to kiss, and for once an attractive man was putting the moves on her.
“Oh fuck, Gia…you feel and taste so good” as he parted her lips with his tongue and heard her moan.
He quickly made sure his office door was closed and started to undo her shirt and pull her bra straps down. She didn’t resist as he pulled away from her kiss and saw her luscious large breasts with the huge dark areolas just the way he liked them. He quickly bent down and put her whole breast in his mouth as he longingly sucked on one then the other. He looked up to see Gia watching him and moaning louder with each motion of his mouth on her large tits. He was in heaven as he pressed her tits together and took them both in his mouth. Gia tried to not moan louder but could not help herself. He was attending to both of her tits so well as he covered each of them in his saliva. And she grabbed the back of his head to increase the pressure of his mouth as it did delicious things to her.
“You want more Gia”
“Yes, Daniel”
He quickly lifted her up and sat her on his desk. He sat back on his chair and pulled her skirt up to her stomach. He pulled her lacey black thong to the side to reveal a thick black bush and a wet dripping pussy. Daniel slowly played with her wet slit and looked up at her.
“You’re so fucking beautiful. I wanted to taste you the minute you walked in my office,” as he lifted his finger to his mouth and licked her moistness with a straight face.
“Such a sweet tasting pussy” he whispered to her.
“Oh God, lick my pussy now” Gia begged knowing what they were doing was work place inappropriate and would probably get them both fired, but she wanting it anyway. She hadn’t had a man give her this much pleasure since God knows when. Her ex-boyfriends were always concerned with her pleasuring them and making sure they got their rocks off. She’d never had a man make it all about her. She felt like such a slut for succumbing to his advances so quickly but she also didn’t care. At that moment, all she wanted was for Daniel to satisfy her desires that she has put on pause for years.
Daniel grabbed the back of her ass and buried his face in her wet gushing pussy licking and sucking her sweet juices.
Gia guided his head as he licked and sucked every inch of her dripping pussy. She was paralyzed with rushes and chills all over her body with each stroke of Daniel’s very gifted tongue attended her wet pussy. Never had she felt more desired, more delicious, more wanted and she wasn’t going to let it stop.
Daniel grabbed both her legs and lifted them over his shoulders to get better access to her. He knew this was a beautiful woman who hadn’t been satisfied properly in a long time. He wanted to make it so she would not only enjoy but never forget him. He kept sucking her large clit faster and faster like it was his last meal. Gia watched him as she glided her hands through his soft silky blonde hair pushing him deeper into her. Daniel wanted more of her and pressed his tongue deeper into her cunt and Gia screamed louder in pleasure.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck Daniel”
Daniel finally sucked long and hard on her clit which allowed Gia’s orgasm to shudder throughout her entire body while he watched her large tits bounce in front of him and took one in his mouth as she finished. Gia had never felt so slutty yet so deeply satisfied. Here she was being pleasured by a virtual stranger but loving every second of it. She wasn’t raised to be this easy but Daniel had definitely put down her guard.
As Daniel finished with Gia, he looked up at her and realized what he had done. He’s just seduced the new girl. God only knows if she’d tell her supervisor and get him fired for his inappropriateness. But somehow, he still wanted Gia.
“Oh Gia, I hope you don’t think badly of me for going so fast. I couldn’t help myself. You turn me on so badly” as he laid his head on her chest.
“You do the same to me, or I wouldn’t have cum so hard or let you do what you just did” Gia reassured him.
“Well, I guess you probably want to get out of here no doubt” Daniel helped in dressing Gia. “But ummmmm…I still hope you’ll let me take you out sometime. I really like you Gia”.
“Seriously Daniel?” Gia couldn’t believe this guy was for real. “Honestly, you have nothing to feel guilty about. And I’m not going to tell anyone anything about this”
“No Gia, I’m serious. I want to get to know you. I’m never like this around the office. I’m usually boring workaholic Daniel. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I want to be able to take a lovely woman like yourself out to dinner, make love to her and treat her the way she truly deserves to be treated….like a princess”.
All Gia could think was if this guy was feeding her bullshit, it was the best she had ever been fed. Or maybe it had been so long since she had some, she was willing to take any bullshit. She’s couldn’t figure out which it was.
“Promise me you’ll meet me at Georgio’s Bistro tonight at 8 so you can get to know the real me and maybe we can have a nice evening together” as he slowly grabbed her hand and kissed it.
Gia groaned. She’d never had a man offer to romance her before or try to be a true gentleman. She was more use to the wham, bam, thank you ma’am types. And it had been forever since she’s gone out on a date.
“Damn it Daniel. All I can say is you better be there tonight or you’ll be missing some mail”
“It’s a deal” Daniel responded as he gave her another one of his sexy smiles and final kiss on her hand.
—-8:00 pm at Georgio Bistro———–
Gia barely had time to get ready for her date. She couldn’t help but think they were doing everything in reverse, but it was nice to let go of “the rules” for once. She was wearing a tightly fitted strapless black dress with high heels. She’d put her hair up in a cute bun letting a few strands fall down to her cheek and applied a bit of make up with her signature red lipstick to add to the look. She made sure to leave the house before her mom got home so as to not encourage any questions. Gia never liked talking about any men in her life until things were legitimate so as to not get her hopes up too high just in case everything went to shit. She had to learn that the hard way.
She’d had always wanted to go eat out at Georgio’s Bistro but didn’t have the money to splurge on a five star restaurant. As she walked in the doors, she saw the hostess and said she wanted a table for two.
“Oh mademoiselle, you’re being expected by Mr. Petersburg.”
“Wait Petersburg as in Goldmann & Petersburg” Gia said with shock as she finally put two and two together to realize she was on a date with one of the partners of the firm where she worked. Daniel had never told her his last name. God, how stupid of her not to notice.
“Yes, he’s right over there. Enjoy your evening miss”
That’s when she saw him sitting alone looking at his blackberry phone. He was well dressed and looking gorgeous as usual. She couldn’t believe this is the man that had pleasured her only a few hours ago. Was she dreaming or was this his way the firm fired their naughty mail room workers?
He looked up and saw her. She was more beautiful than ever. She had even taken the time to get dressed up. Her dress accented her curves and made him wish he had made arrangements for them to go to a hotel after dinner. But he was glad he didn’t. This was his chance to show Gia that he was a gentleman and treat her to a romantic evening. And if she wanted he’d let her choose if they should take it to the next level tonight. He had a feeling they were doing everything backwards. But he loved being so spontaneous with Gia. It made him feel alive.
He quickly stood up and opened her chair for her and then sat down.
“You look so lovely tonight”
“Aw, thank you Daniel Petersburg” Gia said without thinking.
“Oh, you just figured that out huh. I wasn’t sure if you knew or not. You spoke to me so casually at work I was certain you didn’t.”
“Yea, I didn’t or I would have showed you a little more respect and not done what we….um…did today” Gia blushed.
Daniel grabbed her hand and said, “I’m glad you didn’t. Most people treat me with so much respect; it’s as if they forget I’m just a guy. Yes, I’m a partner of the firm, but I’m not a statue. I’m a regular guy with needs”
“Umm, Daniel. I know I agreed to come on this date and all but I just want you to know, I’m not an easy mail room slut. I actually am college educated and I don’t sleep around to get ahead at work. I plan to….”
“Gia, say no more. I know you’re a good woman or I wouldn’t have pursued this. I’m pretty good at measuring character quite quickly. There’s nothing about you that comes off as slutty. In fact, you fascinate me. How is a woman like you still single?”
“I ask myself that all the time”, Gia responded with a smile.
—–After Dinner———-
“I had a lovely evening with you Daniel”
“Me too Gia. I haven’t been out in a long time. But you inspired me to get out for once”
“Well, I hope I do a little more than that” Gia replied as she gently kissed him.
He kissed her back and felt his lust for her increase once again. His cock was getting hard and he didn’t want her to see it, but she ran her hands against his crotch area and looked up at him and smiled.
“Do you want to um….take this somewhere else Gia?”
“Hell yea!”
He quickly hailed a taxi and opened the door for Gia. As they made out in the car, he remembered to tell the driver to take them to the Hyatt hotel.
As they rushed inside the hotel, Gia waited in the lobby as she watched Daniel make all the arrangements. It was nice to see a guy taking charge. Even if he was merely led my lust alone. But she didn’t want to think about the future or where this was going. She just wanted to enjoy her night with her Daniel. Tonight, he belonged to her and only her.
As they walked out the elevator, Daniel opened their hotel room suite with his key and let Gia in first. She looked around in marvel. The room was a scene out of Pretty Woman. Oh my god….was she the whore for the night? Did he take all his girls here?
“Would you like some champagne?”
God, why was he pulling out all the stops for her? Maybe he just wants to have some fun and they won’t even communicate after the weekend is over. Gia made a mental note not to think about the future again and just enjoy the moment. Who fucking cares girl. You’re not going to get treatment like this again. You better enjoy it while it lasts. If he wants to have fun, you have yours too.
He handed her a glass of champagne and held on to his. They both took a sip and stared silently at each other. She still couldn’t believe where the day had taken her. And Daniel couldn’t believe his luck with Gia. She walked to the back of the room to see the view of the city. It was breathtaking. As she was watching she felts Daniel lips kissing the back of her neck, and whispering “I want you so much right now” and his arms wrapped around her small waist as he continued to administer his kisses on her back. Those same chills came back and she couldn’t take it anymore. She’d been enough of a lady today.
She turned to him and kissed him passionately. He responded by instantly grabbing her strapless dress and pulling it down to reveal her large breasts that he loved seeing so much. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his back. He walked her all the way to the bed and laid her down. She got in front of him and undid his pants.
“I forgot to return the favor from this afternoon” she smiled
As she undid his pants and he took off his shirt to reveal his muscular body, she immediately went to work and took in his entire cock in her mouth. He groaned loudly.
“Oh fuck Gia!”
It took all his strength to not cum in her mouth that instant watching her luscious full lips suck on every inch of his manhood. Watching her red lipstick leave stains all over cock drove him crazy. He was so glad it had all come to this. She continued to loudly slurp on the tip of his penis as he grabbed the back of her hair and released it out of its bun to reveal her long black hair and tried to hold on to the last strands of control he had. He wanted this moment to go on all night. She was the best cock sucker he had ever had in his god damned life. And he had had plenty!
“Oh Gia, I have to cum” he moaned.

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