She was a cute Asian woman, probably about my age and with a nice figure

Because I didn’t have much hair to be concerned about it the first place, I always went to one of those chain salons where anybody who could handle a trimmer could buzz down my remaining hair at a reasonable price when it needed it. Until the economy went south, it would be rare if I’d see the same stylist more than once, so I was surprised to walk in and see the same woman behind the counter as I’d seen on the last three or four visits. She was a cute Asian woman, probably about my age and with a nice figure, but she also had an incredibly freckly face. She recognized me even though it had been a couple of months since I’d been in there and welcomed me back. When I made a comment about not typically seeing the same person behind the counter on subsequent visits, we got into a brief conversation about how the economy had stabilized their typically transient industry.
After we’d chatted for a couple of minutes, she apologized, saying that she was going to have somebody else cut my hair that day.
“That’s fine,” I replied, “but I’ll be fantasizing that it’s you.”
She pretended to be shocked as I headed off with my stylist for the day. A few minutes later, when I was freshly shorn, she offered to take care of the transaction for the stylist and handed me a note along with my receipt that said “Meet me in the alley.” When I looked back up at her, she tilted her head in the direction of the alley that ran along one side of the salon. She raised her eyebrows as though to ask if I was onboard and I gave her a slight nod before heading out the door. By the time I got to the back door of the salon, she was coming out. She looked around to make sure we were alone, then stepped closer and started brush some hair off my shirt before running her fingers through my scant hair as though checking on the job her stylist had done. Our faces were so close together at this point that the next logical step was to kiss.
Our lips came together and soon parted as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. My hands went to grasp her ass through her snug black skirt and, as I pulled her against me, she must have felt my cock growing against her. It was kind of weird to be passionately making out with a virtual stranger in an alley, but she was cute and had a tight body, so it was hot, too.
“God, I’ve wanted you for so long. I wish there was someplace we could go fuck,” she said after pulling her mouth from mine.
“I wish, at the very least, I could go down on you and lick your sweet pussy,” I replied breathlessly.
That must have lit some spark within her because she pulled away from me, took my hand and led me back in through the door she’d come out of. She took a quick look around, then continued to lead me down a short hall to a single-occupant restroom. After locking the door behind us, she started to hike up her skirt, so I dropped to my knees. Once she had her skirt up around her waist, I started to work her black pantyhose down, revealing her trim black bush. She kicked off her shoes as I got her pantyhose down so she was able to step out of them. I handed them to her as I stuck my tongue out to lick up her slit. She leaned against the sink and spread her legs, so I slurped up the juices that were flowing from her pussy before slipping a finger into her.
She moaned softly as I fingered her hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit as she ran her fingers through my freshly shorn hair. I had a raging hard-on, but I was certain that she’d be more than willing to take care of me, especially if I took good care of her. She was really fired up which made me think that she hadn’t been kidding about wanting me; if she had been thinking about me since I’d walked in the door to the salon, she’d have saved me some effort in getting her stirred up. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I easily slipped a second finger into her, which caused her to let out a moan that could have easily been heard by anyone right outside the bathroom door.
The longer I devoured her sweet pussy, the more she started to rock her hips toward my face while now holding tightly onto my head. I continued to lick and suck her clit while pumping my fingers in and out as her pussy got even more engorged and more slippery. Despite her attempts to keep them under control, her moans were slipping out and getting a little bit louder each time. As she tensed up, she was gripping my head tightly and nearly holding her breath. Her whole body started to shake when she started to cum and she let out a long, ragged breath. I continued what I was doing until she sighed and let go of my head. I sat back on my heels and sucked her juices off my fingers as she caught her breath, then she asked me to stand.
She undid my belt and opened my pants, pushing them down to release my throbbing tool, which she took in her hand and briefly stroked. She kissed me again while pumping my tool before having me sit on the lid of the closed toilet. With her skirt still around her waist, she straddled me and guided my tool to her pussy then lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my cock and she started to ride me. With her tits right in front of me, I caressed them momentarily before unbuttoning her blouse. Her bra was very sexy and I could feel her hard nipples pressing out against the thin material. I toyed with them through her bra before unfastening the front clasp and getting my hands on her bare flesh.
Her tits were probably about average size, but her areolas were on the small side and her nipples were thin and hard. I fondled her tits while she continued to ride me and she soon brought her lips to mine again. We were making out again while she rode me harder and faster and I continued to caress her tits. I was assuming that she was aware that someone could come and knock on the door at any moment, so time was of the essence, which was why she was riding me so hard; of course she could have just been extremely horny. Whatever the case, I just enjoyed the feel of her hot pussy sliding up and down my tool while my orgasm continued to slowly build.
I ended up bringing my hands around to her ass, which I had only felt through her skirt, not only so that I could appreciate the feel of her smooth cheeks, but also so that I could pull her down as I started pushing up into her. She was sort of grunting with each thrust, so I just kept fucking her harder until she pulled her mouth from mine and let out a low moan as I felt a quiver pass through her body. I would have been perfectly content to continue to fuck her and blow a load in her pussy as I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, but once she’d recovered enough, she climbed off of me and squatted in front of me.
Taking my cock, slippery with her juices, in her hand, she wrapped her lips around it and started to blow me. I moaned and ran my fingers through her thick, black hair, feeling my orgasm continuing to slowly build. She certainly was talented when it came to cocksucking; she was pumping the base of my cock as she slid her mouth up and down as much of it as she could manage. I was savoring the feel of her mouth and the building pleasure, not trying to hold out because I certainly didn’t want to be interrupted before I’d cum. I was watching her at work, which was turning me on even more and, as I thought about her pussy and her tits, I found myself getting even harder.
When I exploded into her mouth, experiencing a wave of pleasure like I hadn’t felt in quite a while, she just continued to suck me off until I was completely spent. She smiled up at me after letting my shrinking cock fall from her mouth, then seemed to suddenly realize that we were pushing our luck. She refastened her bra and started to button her blouse as I pulled up my underwear and tucked away my depleted tool. As I was pulling my pants up and refastening them, she was pulling her pantyhose back on and bringing the hem of her skirt back down. Once we were presentable again, she kissed me hard then peeked out into the empty hallway. With the coast still clear, she snuck me back out the rear door where we kissed again and quickly figured out when and, more importantly, where we could do this again. That settled, I headed back to the office thinking about the best haircut I’d ever had.

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