Sherry has an encounter at her gym and home by shawn her first bbc

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By Britney Shawn loved fucking his girl Sherry at the gym as the both of them wore their spandex workout tights and at Sherry’s home to.

My name is Shawn, and I have a 10-inch cock and I’m a black security guard that works the graveyard shift four days a week. which gives me the flexibility to fuck the white wives in the neighborhood, while their husbands work during the day. I began my day headed to the fitness center after finishing my shift, I always wear spandex running tights and a tank top to show off my muscular build, but especially to show the outline and bulge of my thick black cock. All the white lady’s love it when I show up to work out as they try not to stare at my monster dick bulging through the spandex fabric, I had one lady two weeks ago ask me if she can touch it through the fabric. So, I let her and she’s like Oh my god !! it’s so big !! she actually gave me her phone number and certain dates to meet her to fuck because these dates are the safest for her not getting pregnant, and when her husband is out of town. So, I keep adding more older white women to my little red book to fuck this month.

I always look around at the people in the gym, which is always filled mostly with white women. As I pass them, I always notice them discreetly peeking at the thick outline of my 10-inch cock tucked inside my spandex. Most of the women swallow hard and stare at my crotch. I pretended not to see them, and I always say hello to them.

I started my usual workout and worked up a pretty good sweat. I noticed a very pretty blond who always seems to be next to me during my workouts. She’s about 5’3, 120 pounds and she has a nice well rounded pouty ass, and she’s wearing a white sports bra with black spandex tights with white high-top sneakers.

She always made small talk with me, and eventually she introduced herself as Sherry. The first time I pretended to mistakenly rub up against her ass as I made my way to another piece of exercise equipment.

I pressed my big cock against her tight pouty ass, and she closed her eyes. Then I heard her moan softly and I felt her shudder. I had to have stayed there for more than two minutes as she pushed her ass hard against me and moaned out ,”Ohhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!

I excused myself and got on a piece of workout equipment right in front of the bench press.

Sherry got on the bench press, and she opened up her legs wide. I swear, I saw a small wet spot on her crotch, seeping through her spandex tights. I completed my workout and went home.

The next morning, I started my usual jog and saw Sherry standing on her front porch, in her sports bra and spandex leggings. Her house was situated so that I can jog through her backyard. I looked around to see if I am being watched. I went to the backdoor and rang the bell. “Hi ! Could I have a glass of water”?? I asked .

She smiled and invited me in. “I see your headed for your workout”!!! she smiled.

“Yeah ! But I changed my mind now”!!! I said .

I was rubbing my hardening, big, black dick through my spandex. I got up and locked her door and closed the blinds shut. Then I walked over to her and placed her hand on my cock as Sherry moaned ,

“Oh god !! this thing is so god damn fucking huge, Ummmmmm….ummmm…”!!!!!! I pulled her sports bra over her right shoulder, exposing her erect nipple. I bit on her nipple and covered the top area of her tit with my mouth, at the same time I’m squeezing her ass through her spandex, and I put her hand inside my spandex tights.

“Holy fuck ! this thing is so fucking big !!! it’s twice the size of my husbands and a whole lot thicker”!!!!!

Sherry shouted out with excitement and lust in her voice. she started jerking my big, black dick which grew past my naval now. I grabbed both sides of her spandex leggings with my strong black hands and ripped them apart at the seam in which exposed her wet bare pussy. Her ass cheeks tightened as I rubbed and stuck my finger in her pussy , “Oh fuck that feels so fucking good !!! Ohhh !!!your gonna

make me cum !!!like that”!!!!!!!! Sherry started dry humping my dick and grinding on me hard ,

“OOOOHHHHH !!!!!!!!! GOD !!!!!!!!! I CAN FEEL I’M GONNA CUMMMM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sherry cried out .

I slipped about three inches of my black dick inside her and squeezed her ass with my two black hands through her spandex fabric. Her pussy started pulsating and was trying to suck more of my dick inside her, and then the room got quiet.

I push my entire 10-inches of black dick deep inside Sherry and held it there. She started convulsing uncontrollably and I felt her white married pussy spasming on my dick, and she just screamed out loudly ,”I’M CUMMING !!!!!! I’M CUMMING !!!!!! OHHHH !!!! MY GAWD !!!! YOUR BIG BLACK FUCKING


I looked down and saw her whitish cum seeping down her right thigh and into the spandex fabric on her thigh. Sherry went limp as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Her pussy cum had leaked onto the floor and had seeped into the crack of her ass, while I carried her to the countertop and laid her there.

Sherry spread her legs as I walked up between her spandex covered thighs and looked at her pussy filled with female cum, she raised her head and watched me aim my big purple cockhead, which was the size of a small plumb, at the entrance of her white married pussy.

I put her spandex covered legs over my upper arms and pulled her up closer to my cockhead, then I slipped three inches into her pussy and screwed her hard as she kept mumbling out ,

“Big black dick !!! big black cock !!! Ohhhhhh !!! Ohhhhhh !!!!! I want you to cum inside me so bad”!!!!!!!!

After hearing Sherry saying that, I rammed my entire 10-inches of African dick straight into her womb and fucked and pounded the living hell out of her as Sherry screamed out loud as she orgasmed at the same time , “Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING !!!! OHHH”!!!!!


I looked down and saw my black dick is covered with white creamy cum. That really excited me.

I rammed my entire length deep insider her pussy and her body started shaking and convulsing really hard again, she started gushing cum all around the base of my dick. I pulled my dick almost all the way out, then I rammed it all the way back deep into her pussy, and just pounded her furiously.

Her pussy was making wet slurping sounds and cum was oozing all over the countertop, as she’s moaning ,”Ohhhhhh !!!!! yes !! yes !! I’m cumming again !! Ohh !! fuck me !! my black stallion fuck me”!!!

I stayed hard for hours so Sherry had no idea that she was in for the fuck of her life. I pulled out my still rock-hard dick as I watched a pool of cum leaking from her pussy, then I eased my big black dick back into her pussy causing her to moan and grind her spandex covered ass up off the counter.

I fucked her pussy with long deep strokes, and I also made sure that I held my dick in place when I hit the bottom of her pussy.

Sherry’s spandex covered ass started trembling, so I knew she was on the verge of another intense orgasm. I worked my finger in between her spandex tights and stuck my thick black middle finger inside her asshole as I bit down gently on her nipple.

I held her tight as she jerked and spasmed ,”Uhhh !!! Ohhh !!!! I can feel it ! here it cums again !! I’M



As Sherry was cumming all over my black dick, my black dick also exploded deep inside her womb.

I held my dick deep inside her and gently kissed her tits until my balls and dick pumped and pulsated all of my African sperm deep inside her white married pussy. After I emptied my black balls into her, I pulled my dick out of her pussy with a wettish plopping, suction sound as she moaned and purred like a kitten.

There was so much of my sperm and her pussy cum on the countertop and on her pussy, that she’s still oozing cum and it made a puddle on the countertop and it thickly covered her swollen pussy lips.

I kissed Sherry and said good-bye !! As I left she yells out ,”See you tomorrow ? Shawn ! My big black stallion”!!! as she blew me a kiss.


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By Britney #Cheating #Exhibitionist #Interracial #Pregnancy