She’s On Top

It was a Saturday night, nearly midnight, when I got back from a busy day of work at the local restaurant I’ve been employed at for the last three years. I loved working there, even when it was busy, simply for the waitresses I worked with, they were all so young and hot, even in the uniform white shirt and blue tie. But anyway, as it was late, I decided to get a glass of water, then have a quick, cold shower before maybe watching some crappy TV for a few hours before bed; see I could never just sleep after work.
Whilst in the shower, I thought back to work earlier, and seeing Leah’s white cotton panties, as she bent down to serve a table. Oh man, she was so hot. As got out of the shower, and had just started drying myself, the doorbell rang. I ran quickly to put on a shirt, but there were three more quick rings….I figured it was pretty urgent. I ran down the stairs, and opened the door, hiding most of my body behind it.
“Hey there” said Jazz nonchalantly, another waitress from work, I looked her up and down before replying with a simple “hi”. She was still wearing her work uniform, albeit with the tie loose and the shirt buttons undone just enough to show off her magnificent cleavage, and a messenger bag flung over her shoulder. She was quite a short girl, with wavy brunette hair, and a gorgeous, petite body. I asked what she was doing here at this time, and she explained that she had lost her keys whilst working, and couldn’t get them as the restaurant was locked up for the night, so she sweetly asked if she could stay here for the night.
“I’m not so sure….” I started, as her lips started to pout I changed my response to a simple “ahh, why the hell not?”. She grinned, hugged me and walked into my sizeable house. I set up a bed for her on the sofa, before declaring that I was going to get some sleep, and headed upstairs….
But I just couldn’t get to sleep….all I could think about was her hot little body, that lovely bubble-butt, asleep downstairs. I decided to go back downstairs later on for something to drink, but heard the sound of voices on the TV coming from the living room, and went to see if Jazz wanted anything. She didn’t notice me as I walked in, but I could see from behind the sofa where she was, that she was sat in her baggy white sleeping shirt and black thong, she had her legs nearly behind her head, with her bare feet next to her head, and she was delicately fingering herself whilst watching one of the porn DVDs I kept behind the TV.
For a while I just stood and listened to her gentle moans of pleasure as she rubbed her clitoris and watched a blonde girl getting violently buttfucked on the television. As she started to build up speed, she took off her shirt and threw it behind her, narrowly missing me. Jazz began to really go for it now, doing her best to keep herself from screaming as she threw her head back in a huge orgasm. She breathed heavily whilst she recovered, and sucked on her fingers. But she opened her eyes, and saw me just standing there and let out a little scream, covering herself. I instinctively turned away and said I was sorry. I heard her stand up and walk behind me. Then I fell to the floor.
I woke up groggily to find myself tied to my bed, and looked down to realise that I was naked.
“Sorry I hit you” Said Jazz from the corner of the room, now wearing black panties and the same black thong, wet from her session earlier.
“…I just needed this to happen” she continued “I was so disappointed when you went to bed earlier, and then just seeing you standing there with you dick rock hard made me so hot. I just did it impulsively”
She ran her hands lightly along my thigh:
“I’m gonna fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked” she said, suddenly seeming less innocent.
“You don’t have to tie me up for that!” I offered, and she though about it for a few seconds.
“Hmm, maybe. But first, just to make sure you won’t just up and leave, I’m going to test your loyalty” a mischievousness grin spread across her face “You might’ve noticed that I went for the anal porn earlier…..well, I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m an anal virgin”
She walked slowly towards the bed, removing her black bra as she did. Now just a few inches from my face she said gently,
“I want you to lick-out my bumhole, okay babe?” as her bra dropped to the floor.
“Sure! I’d love to!” I replied. And she let out a cute laugh, that jiggled her gorgeous breasts. She dropped her thong, and lifted each bare foot to step out of it, before climbing up on top of me, turning around and sitting on my face. She positioned herself just right, and I moved my tongue slowly into her ass.
“Oh, yeah, that’s good!” she moaned, as I got to work on that sweet asshole. She rhythmically moved up and down on my face, forcing my tongue deeper inside her. She let out a deep moan of pleasure, and I could feel her toes curling on my stomach, grabbing the flesh.
“Oh God, Yes!” I could feel her tense up and suddenly my face was doused with her pussy-juice as she climaxed. She put her full weight on me for a second and panted heavily, before turning around so that she sat on my stomach, the sight of her pussy above my bellybutton was so hot. She leaned in and passionately kissed me, her breasts hanging down onto my chest.