Shilpa Wanted A Child

Hi all readers, this is Atul once again with a new story, which happened about 2 months back, i.e. October, 2011.  This is about how I fucked my cousin
brother’s BIL’s wife.  So without wasting any time, I will start my story.
One day, I had a call from my cousin brother who had his in-laws in Pune.  He told me that he has to go to his in-laws for attending the function.  Since
his wife is not well, she will not be able to attend the function.  He was not that much pleased to go alone as it is a boring affair.  So that’s why he
called me to give him the company.  Since the function was on Saturday, I had no problem of my duty and hence I confirmed that I will be there with him.
The day arrived and my cousin came to my place in his car. I was ready and within 15 minutes, we parted to Pune.  It was around 9:30 am.  By 1:00 pm, we
reached Pune at his in-laws.  They were happy to see their son-in-law, since they were not expecting him for the function due to sickness of his wife. It
was opening of their new bungalow, which they have built in Pune and everybody was busy in attending some work or the other.  I got bored in some time as
my cousin was with his father-in-law and he was introducing him to many visitors.
I was not knowing what to do and cursing myself to said yes to my cousin.  The pooja was already done early morning and it was now a big lunch they have
arranged.  At around 3:00 pm, One lady came to me and asked me to come for lunch.  She was my cousin’s BIL’s wife and her name was Shilpa (name changed).
Since we were knowing each other, I went with her on the terrace where the lunch was arranged.  She told me to be comfortable and smiled at me.  I also
returned her smile and said thanks.
I started my lunch (it was a buffet lunch).  Everybody was helping themselves from the food tents put up at 4 corners of the terrace and enjoying the lunch.
I was having my lunch and suddenly I felt something unusual.  Although I was standing at a corner with plate in my hand, still I felt that something soft
is touching my back.  I turned backside and to my surprise, it was Shilpa, who was pushing me with her breasts and was looking at me.  When I turned all
of a sudden, she was caught raid handed by me without notice of anybody.
She immediately put her eyes down and her beautiful chicks became red.  I at first thought it was an accident and said sorry to her.  She just smiled and
left from there.  Again after some time, the same thing happened and this time, I was sure that its not an accident, but she is trying to seduce me.  I
wondered how a woman from such a nice family could seduce a young man like me in the family function.  Although, I have not reacted this time and finished
off my lunch.
When I went to wash my hands, (wash basins were at a distant corner of the terrace in a canopy), Shilpa also followed me and when I was washing my hands,
again she pushed her breasts on my back.  This time, I turned back and asked her what she is doing? Since I was in function with my cousin, I don’t want
to make any sin of such kind, which will not only destroy my reputation but also the relationship with my family. But Shilpa was not afraid off anything.
She daringly told me that she would like to talk to me and after finishing my sweet dish, I should come down.  I said OK and went to the terrace once
again. Had my sweet dish and went below.
I was searching Shilpa and suddenly she came right infront of me and took me to a corner room, where all the garbage was dumped.  She told me not to
speak anything before she finishes her thing.  I said OK and started listening to her.  She had started her story, which I am narrating as under :
She got married with Satish (my cousin’s BIL) around 2 years back.  She was very happy at the time of marriage as she got a very good family and everybody
was quite happy on her.  Even her FIL & MIL were also very happy on the way she behaved with everybody in the house.  When she got married, they were
staying in 3BHK flat.  There were only 4 people in such a big flat.  She, Satish and her FIL & MIL.  So it was a nice happy family.
After the initial honeymoon days are over, she came to know that her husband is not giving her the full satisfaction.  Although Satish was quite healthy
but when they are alone in the bedroom, he is very nervous and used to ejacuate within its first minute.  Thereafter, he use to sleep and poor Shilpa with
all her treasure, used to curse her destiny for the entire night.  After listening to her story, I asked her what she wants from me?  In reply, she boldly
said that she want a baby from me.  I was shocked to hear that.
Again I asked her why me and she told me that she was observing me for quite some time and had decided that she will tell this to me whenever she get a
chance and today was the day she got a chance for it.  I really felt pitty for that lovely girl.  She was around 5’4″ with a tight and perfect body.  Very
good looking with dimple on her chick.  Her parameters were 34-26-36.  Her ass was so beautiful and can attract anyone towards her.  Really she was in
such a big fix.  I told her that why don’t they consult to a doctor, but she replied that they have consulted already and there is nothing wrong except
Satish’s nervousness.
I told her that it is very dangerous to have a sexual relationship with her as it will spoil the family relations of hers as well as me.  But she had
decided it and planned it in her mind that she will have a baby from me. I then given my consent to her and planted a kiss on her lips.  She also responded
with a vigerous kiss.  But on that day, only that much was possible as the house was too crowded.
I told her that I will come back to Pune again and then will decide how to make it.  She said that her in-laws are going with travel company to northern
India to visit various pilgrims around October and that will be the best time to make it happen when Satish will not be there during the day time.  I said
OK and told her that once their tour is planned, she should call me back so that I can arrange my leave accordingly and come to PUne.  She nodded in
affirmity and for the last time on that day, we hugged each other very tightly and had a long & deep kiss.  While kissing, her hand slipped to my tool,
which was already errect.  I also caressed her big bossoms but that was it.
I then returned back with my cousin the same day to Mumbai.  During the journey, he was telling me all the happenings at the function, but my mind was not
there at all although I was pretending that I am listening to him carefully.
Around in a week’s time, I got a call from Shilpa and she told me that the tour is planned for her in-laws for end October.  It was early October so I put
the leave application immediately for 8 days and it was passed on the same day.  I called Shilpa the next day on her mobile.  Purposely I called her in the
afternoon, because I was sure that she will be all alone in her bedroom.  Shilpa immediately picked up my phone and I informed her that I got a leave from
my office and will be coming to Pune.  She felt so happy and then we had a long talk and ended the call with exchange of kisses over the phone.
Now my real story starts here.  On the day, I left to Pune around 10:00 am.  Purposely I left Mumbai a bit later since Shilpa’s in-laws were to leave around
11:00 am that day, so I don’t want to take any chances.  I drove to Pune in 3 hours and checked in into a nice hotel.  After settling down in my room, I
called up Shilpa that I am already in Pune and if she wish, she could come down to my hotel.  She was happy to hear my voice and told me that she will be
there in 1 hour.
In 1 hour’s time, my door was knocked and I opened it.  It was Shilpa, wearing light blue coloured saree with matching blouse.  She was really looking like
a fairy.  I took her inside my room and closed the door.  She immediately came near me and hugged me tightly.  We then lip locked and had a deep and long
french kiss. She was already hot and started moaning.  Her hands were caressing my neck and back.  I lifted her in my hands and guided her to the double
bed in my room.  I came on top of Shilpa and we again lip locked.  Now my hands were caressing her entire body and her hand too slipped down to my dick.
It was already hard on and she was caressing over the burmuda.  After checking-in in the hotel, I purposely not wore any inners so that, we can start our
love act as soon as possible.
Slowly I removed her saree, blouse and then petticoat.  Now she was only on her white bra & panty.  Her boobs were bouncing to come out of her bra.  I put
my head in her cleavage and started to leak it.  Her moans started to increase and now she was moaning quite heavily.  I removed her bra and now those fresh
mangoes were right in front of me.
Slowly I started leaking one of her nipples and squizzed the other one.  Her panty had a wet spot near her love hole and it was a sign that she has already
started oozing her pre-cum.  I started leaking her nipples and then came down towards her naval area and started leaking her naval.  She was bouncing
upwards and telling me to leak it hard.  Slowly I went towards her love hole and sniffed over her panty.  The all erotic smell from her pussy had made my
dick stand like a iron rod and bulging in my bermuda.
I immediately removed my bermuda and was now completely naked.  She got hold of my hard tool and started caressing it to & fro with her right hand.  In the
meantime, I removed her panty and her lovely neatly shaven pussy was all in front of me.  Immediately I put my tongue on the outer wall and started leaking
it.  Shilpa gave away a loud moan and arched her body.  Her juices started to flow from her beautiful love hole. She had her first orgasm before we could
start our love act.  I leaked all that love juice and went further to her clit.  The moment I put my tongue on her clit.  Again she gave away a loud moan
and started telling me, Atul, don’t tease me more. Just fuck me hard, I wanna a baby from you.
I told her to take my dick in her mouth before starting the real fucking.  But she flatly refused to do so and told me that she will never ever do that.  I
was a bit disappointed but has no option but to carry on.  I then put my iron hard dick on her pussy and started teasing her by caressing her entire love
hole crack as well as her clit.  She was now completely restless and moaning more loudly.  At the same time, she was telling me again and again not to tease
her but fuck her hard and give her the baby.
Finally, looking at her condition, I started shoving my dick inside her pussy.  It was well lubricated with her juices, so there was no problem in inserting
my big 8″ dick inside.  In no time, my entire tool was buried inside her pussy and then slowly, I started pumping in & out.  She spread her legs to give me
more access to her love hole and tied her legs at my waist.
Now I started increasing my speed more vibrantly and she was enjoying my each and every stroke.  At the same time, her body was in a perfect rhythm and was
moving up & down to match my strokes.  My both hands were caressing her boobs and pinching the nipples.  We both were in good rhythm and after stroking her
for 20 minutes, I started shooting my loads of cum in her beautiful love hole.  During our fucking act, she cummed once again.
After my entire cum was loaded in her pussy, I collapsed on her and we hugged each other very tight and started kissing each other.  That afternoon, we had
done the fucking thrice and within next 8 days, Shilpa use to come every day after Satish leaves the house and we used to spend atleast 4-5 hours in my hotel
room and were enjoying the fucking act atleast 2-3 times a day.
Last day of my stay in PUne was a very hot one and we fucked continuously one after another. That day, I fucked her atleast 4-5 times.  She was completely
satisfied and before she left, we once again lip locked for the final kiss.  I was knowing that due to the fucking we have done in those 8 days will
definitely leads her to pregnency as I have not wasted a single drop of my cum and the entire load was ejacuated in her beautiful love hole.
I came back to Mumbai after those hurricane 8 days and within around 45 days, I got a news from her that she is pregnant.  She was very very happy and
thanked me again and again.  One evening, even Satish and his parents talked to me and gave me the news.  They were not knowing that I am the father of
their baby.  Instead I congrulated all of them and in due course of time, Shilpa delivered a healthy boy.  Now Satish & Shilpa are very happy in their life
but we both only knows the real secret behind it.  Whenever, we meet each other, we just touches each other’s bodies without notice of other people.
It was my first and last encounter with Shilpa.