Shocked by my Brother | straight story from Shocked Sister…..

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My older brother wasn’t handsome but was of a stocky build and had never shown any great ability in attracting women. I had car trouble and had to stay overnight in the town my brother lived awaiting parts. So, I stayed at my brother’s house he wasn’t married and as far I knew no girlfriend. It turned out he had 3 women living with him and all were pregnant to him. That shocked me a little at first, but then later on 2 other women turned up also pregnant to my brother. They were all happy with life together and after I left 2 days later. I wondered how my brother had succeeded having 5 girlfriends at once without a giant catfight. I found out our parents already knew of the pending grandchildren and had just accepted it as normal for him. I used to say my brother had a face only a mother could love. It seems I was very wrong.

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