shopping excitement

<p>I like to get a hard on when walking around andhope that some girls notice.&nbsp; Anyway I had to buy some shoes and went into this shop near lunchtime.&nbsp; There was a pretty shop assistant on her own, she had a short skirt on and a blouse which showed off her tits nicely.&nbsp; She asked if I would be long as it was nearly lunchtime and I said no.&nbsp; Anyway I asked for a pair of shoes and she got them and then sat down to help me try them on.&nbsp; I could see down her blouse and see her tits as her bra was hanging forward.&nbsp; My cock got stiff very quickly.&nbsp; I got up to walk in the shoes and there was clearly abulge in my crotch, I hoped she would notice.&nbsp; I asked to try another pair of shoes, so she said did I mind doing it in the store so she could lock the door, not at all I said and followed her in.&nbsp; She had to get up the ladder to get the shoes and i could see right up her skirt and was sure there was a damp patch on her panties.&nbsp; By now my cock was rock hard.&nbsp; She came down the ladder and as she turned she brushed her hand across my trousers.&nbsp;&nbsp; Ohh that is hard I think you’ve been looking up my skirt,&nbsp; Itried to deny it but she just put her hand right on my cock, I nealy came in my pants.&nbsp;&nbsp; She then insisted that I showed her my cock&nbsp; as I had been looking up her skirt.&nbsp; I undid&nbsp; my trousers, I had no pants on and my cock just drop out.&nbsp; She then just nealy down and sucked my balls, licked my precumm off then buried it in her mouth.&nbsp; It wasn’t long before I filled her mouth with cum.&nbsp; She stood up and kissed me open mouth, I had never tasted my cum.&nbsp; She then asked me to licker her pussy&nbsp; which I did very willingly till she came&nbsp;all over my face.&nbsp; Then we kissed again and mixed our cum in our mouths.&nbsp;&nbsp; Now I want your cock in my pussy she said, I hope you can give me some more.&nbsp; Obviously I had to oblige and filled her tight pussy till we both came again.</p><p>I’ve not been back to the store yet but one lunchtime soon I thinkI’ll try my luck again</p>