Shopping with Aunty! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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A few days ago my aunt asked me to keep her company during some errands at the mall so, giving me a break from studying, I proposed Sunday. Aunty accepted and we arranged to meet at her house for early Sunday afternoon.I arrived at my aunt’s around 2pm that Sunday, she had just returned from a lunch with her friends.She wore an above-the-knee gray dress, not particularly low-cut, a blue belt, her thousand rings and bracelets, high blue terry socks and blue converse ankle boots. She was very youthful and very exciting.We hadn’t seen each other for two or three days and I really wanted to. I walked in and we greeted each other very warmly. I kissed her neck and touched her everywhere, my aunt did the same. A: “I know you feel like it, but let’s do it quickly because we have to go and get two things”, M:” Yes ok, just take up your dress then”.Aunty sat down on the dining room table, I slipped my hands under her dress and took off her panties, I bent down and started to lick her, lifting her dim dress above her waist. Aunty had recently shaved and my tongue ran lightly and relentlessly over her lips. With her hands I teased her and helped myself to give her pleasure. Aunty moaned and with her hand in my hair, she pushed me towards her.She made me stand up, she pulled down my jeans, pulled out my cock, spat on her and stroked it briefly with her hands, her bracelets clattering as she jerked my cock. I approached her pussy and penetrated her. I grabbed her shoes and pumped hard. Those blue socks and shoes made me so horny. After a few moments she aunt cum moaning. Waiting for her to take off her shoes, leaving her socks, I moved away and placed her feet on my cock, M: “Come on aunt, jerk me with your feet like you know how to do” I incited her.She started jerking me off alternating a light tickle with one foot on my balls. Aunty was great and she took me to the edge. I reentered her convinced that I wanted to end up inside her. M: “There are aunty, shall I cum inside?”, I asked, A: “No. After I have to try some underwear, cum on my feet”, hurriedly and restraining myself I took off her socks, put my cock between her feet and i came during a footjob.A: “I’m going up to change and wash myself” she said laughing.I washed too and waited for my aunt.Aunty came back, put on the UGGs to be comfortable and not put on the converse yet, and we got into the car. A few kilometers and we arrived.We went into a lingerie shop, my aunt had spotted several bodysuits to buy. She started trying on some. I peeked through the curtain of the dressing room and saw the shapes of my aunt naked. The temptation to enter was strong but there were several people in the shop.In the end, my aunt took several things, but not the leotard, and we changed shops. We changed many and after a few hours we went home.We went in and I immediately took the stairs to carry the bags to my aunt’s room. She followed me and lay down on the bed, stomach under her, swinging her UGG wrapped feet up.I got very excited to see those delicious feet move so sensually. I approached her, graciously took off her UGGs and started kissing and licking her feet and the uncovered part of her legs. In the meantime, my aunt, accustomed to my attentions, stayed looking at social networks on her phone.I pulled out my cock and slammed it into the pretty soles of her feet rubbing it.Aunty put down the phone, turned around, I sat on top of her thrusting my cock into her face. She pushed me towards her and started licking my cock.Her tongue massaged my cock for several minutes.She made me sit on the bed, she stood up in front of me, she took off her dress, leaving, to my great surprise, with the white leotard seen in the shop.A:” I wanted to surprise you”, M. “It is successful” we laughed together.She unbuttoned her bodysuit at the bottom, sat on top of me and started to ride me. Aunty squeezed and I enjoyed like crazy.She took off and I walked away laying down on the bed.Aunty positioned herself, placing her back between my legs, she put her feet at the base of the cock, started moving with her ass brushing against the cock, she moved forward and began a footjob with her back to me. I caressed her feet and moved her feet myself with my hands.She stopped the footjob and stood next to me, spread her legs and I immediately threw myself to lick her pussy. I licked and licked, felt she was about to cum from her more and more frequent moans of hers. She nodded to me that she was at the peak, I inserted two fingers starting to move quickly, a few moments and aunt cum wetting everything.I didn’t wait for her to recover, I immediately slipped my cock inside her and fucked her at an increasingly rapid pace. I brought her feet to my mouth and licked them. I pinched her nipples, reached down to lick her nipples and her neck. I gave several strokes trying to go as deep as possible making her moan. M: “I’m about to cum, you put your feet in the air aunty” I told her. I stood up on the bed, my aunt’s feet were just under my cock. I started my orgasm, I cum on her feet and on that beautiful tattoo on her right instep. A few drops also got on my aunt’s face and neck. I gasped with pleasure trying to get all the cum out I could.Aunty placed one foot on my belly and the other tried to bring it to her mouth. She succeeded but for a very short time, just the instant to lick the freshly covered flood of cum.We lay down and embraced talking about our filth remembering some. I touched aunt far and wide to then go home after a beautiful Sunday.

Thank you.