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Hi all, I am here to share with you one of the best experiences of my life. This happened last year in India. Durga pooja was near and as any traditional Bengali family does, we buy new clothes for it. So I, my mom and my sister decided to go shopping and buy new clothes and stuff for Durga Pooja.

Let me tell you about my family. There are four members in the family: I, my dad, my mom, and my younger sister. My dad is in a big position in his company and is busy almost all the time. He started the company when he was 20 and got very rich instantly, so my mom’s parents married her off to him at a young age of 18 so her future would be good. But little did they know that their baby girl had already had sex with half of her college. My mom is a slut who started having sex at an age of 12 for the first time with her classmate Arun. Now arun is a really open minded guy who i met before at my mother’s school reunion where he told me about her past. My mom is a typical Bengali housewife. She is 42 and looks way younger than that probably because she does yoga everyday . She mostly wears sarees with sleeveless blouses. Her boobs are very big as all Bengali women, and a little cleavage can be seen almost always and ofcourse she doesn’t mind it. At parties, she wears modern sarees and all the men just admire her beauty. She wears a saree 1-2 inches below her navel, so the belly button can be seen. She is a perfect mom and is friendly to everyone. At this time, I was 19 and done with high school, and took a drop. But my sister was just 14 since my parents had trouble having kids for a while after me.

My sister and i were really close. Closer than what siblings are supposed to be. I can say for sure that she takes after my mother in every way. She looks like her and has developed really good assets for her age…and is friendly with everyone and also a slut, just like her mother.

So coming to the main incident, my mom, my sister and I planned to go shopping on Wednesday as it was a local holiday, and we decided to go in the morning and be back before 5 pm. So, we left our home at 11. Mom was wearing a good saree as usual and my sister was wearing a kurti. We first did my shopping. All the shop workers were looking at them with desire as if they had seen beauty for the first time.

After my shopping, we began with the ladies shopping. We went to a saree shop at 1:30 pm. A very few employees were there and only 2 other customers besides us. Then an old man in his late fourties came to greet us and said that he was the owner of the shop. He then asked Mom what we wanted.

Mom described everything and he told us to follow him to the first floor. All the sarees mom needed were there. We all went up and there was no one else there, only we three. Mom finally asked why the shop was so empty.

Owner: Ma’am, it’s midweek and lunchtime. So, the helpers are not available now.

Then he made us sit and told us to wait while he brought sarees and dresses. Then he started showing us the sarees. I saw him 2-3 times looking at mom’s breasts. Then he gave some sarees to mom and asked her to try them on. He pointed her to the changing room.

It was a small changing room with space for one person only. My mom then got up and took some sarees and blouses to try on. While mom was inside and changing the saree, he shifted his interest to my sister.

Owner: so what dresses are you interested in … he said with desire in his eyes.

Sister: I want to look at some lahengas. she replied

He got up and went into the storage to get what my sister had asked.He came back and started showing my sister some of the stuff.

After 3-4 minutes, my mother came out and we looked at her. I was shocked. Mom’s blouse’s buttons were not buttoned and her big cleavage was on display. The Owner was also half shocked and half happy seeing Mom like this. Mom’s bra was visible which was trying to hold those huge bombs.

Mom: These blouses are very small, bhaiya. Give me another size.

Owner: It can’t be, ma’am.

Then he came near mom, crossing the counter. He asked mom to turn around and he started to check what went wrong. Then he came near her and started to touch her blouse and cleavage, trying to close the buttons. I could see him enjoying pressing my mother’s boobs. After 2 attempts, he said..

Owner: Ohh yes ma’am..These are braless blouses. You should try them without a bra. Mom looked convinced and she went back inside the changing room.

At this point he was sure that he would get to see atleast one of them naked so he went to the main entrance of the shop and pointed the security camears towards our counter and started recording it.

My sister chose a dress and she wanted to try it on but the owner said since there is only one trial room and my mom was changing in it, she either had to wait for mom or change right there….mom was taking some time because the trial room is really small, so my sister lost her patience and started stripping before us without any concern. she was wearing a black bra…although her boobs were not too big they were big for a 14 year old.
Looking at this sight the owner got a hardon. she put on the top of the lahenga but it was too tight for her. The owner said because her boobs are bigger than a child and smaller than a woman’s. the lahengas he has are either gonna be tight or loose.

But my sister really liked the designs he has and asked if he could stitch some for her mesurements. The owner accpted after a bit of thinking and said he’s gonna take the measurements at the end. so my sister quickly changed back to her kurti.

Minutes later, mom came out and this time, two buttons were closed, but the rest was open. Her cleavage was still on display and to my shock because of removing her bra, her nipples were poking through the cloth. Me and the Owner both could see where her nipples were.

Mom then said: No bhaiya, it’s still small.

Again he came close to mom and tried to feel her boobs. He pressed her boobs as if trying to close the buttons. And he even tried to insert his hands inside the blouse. Then he said –

Owner: Ma’am, I can’t make the size of your breast. If you remove the blouse, I’ll measure it and give you the correct size.

Mom: Should we go to the changing room?

Owner: I can only measure here. Because the trial room is small and since no one’s here, you don’t need to be shy, moreover your daughter also needs to get measurements for her dress, so it would be easy to do the measuring here than getting in and out of the trial room everytime.He also said that he could close the shutter of the shop if that would make her feel comfortable.

Mom: Ok then. he then went and closed to shop’s shutter and went to get the tape.

I thought while he brought the tape, mom would go and change into an old blouse so he could take measurements. But to my surprise, she just stood there with her huge cleavage on display. Soon, he came back with tape and I could see happiness in his eyes that he could grope them both.

As he came and stood there, I had the most shocking moment of my life. Mom asked by sister to remove her top and bra and she also started to unbutton her blouse right there in front of us. She opened one button then the last button and boom, her boobs burst out and my sister was already half naked by now. Omg, those were the biggest and sexiest pairs of boobs I have ever seen. Mom had big brown nipples and huge areolas and my sister had perky tits with coin sized areolas. Both me and the Owner were looking at their boobs with awe while mom removed her blouse completely. Then she had to ask the Owner to take measurements.

The Owner broke from shock and first went to my mom while my sister is standing there topless. Then he asked her to raise her arm and her armpits were visible she had a bit of sweat on her armpits because of all the changing she had to do . I just felt I was in heaven looking at such a beautiful sight of my own mother and sister.

The Owner put the tape around her naked back and pulled her closer to him. He squeezed her boobs from the tape, and her nipples were getting up or down the tape. He was clearly playing with nipples but made it look like he was just trying to get them correctly for measuring.

Then what he did surprised me. The Owner with some courage touched her nipple and placed it under tape. I was shocked watching all this and thought mom would curse him for touching her. But she didn’t say a word and I saw her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips. Mom’s nipples were also getting harder and I could see she was also feeling horny. At that moment i remembered what a slut she actually is under all that housewife disguise. She quickly regained sense and asked if he was done. He then groped her boobs with his hands, lifted them, and to my surprise he asked if i could hold them like that while he takes the measurements.

I looked at mom and she was a bit confused and asked my sister to come hold her boobs, but i was not gonna pass of such opputunity…so i quickly went infront of my mother and grabbed and squeezed her boobs and lifted them up saying that we’ve been here for too long and that we need to make it quick and go home. She saw the look on my face and thought i was truly tired and wanted to leave so she didnt say anything.

The Owner then measured her and removed the tape and said 36″. He then went to my sister and asked her to lift her arms up and measured her he then requested me to hold her boobs up so her could measure her underboobs too…. at this point i knew that the owner is helping me with my fantasies too, so him and i looked at eachother with an awkward smile. i then went to my young preteen sister and groped her boobs right before our mother, i took advantage of the situationg and played with her nipples a bit. After the measurements the owner asked us to wait while he found the size of my mother. Mom just stood there half naked and she looked at me and tried to act annoyed.

And again with no shame, my Bengali mom and sister just stood like that and after a few minutes, the Owner came back with a sly smile.

Owner: Ma’am, I don’t have a blouse of your size in this saree. Here are some other ones you can try. and ma’am your daughters sizes don’t match with any of the dresses we have right now so i am making a custom made dress for her sizes and he kept the blouses on the table.

Mom said okay and started checking them. Then she picked one and kept it on her one boob and turned and faced me and my sister and asked how it looked.

Me: Gorgeous, mom. Everything looks amazing on you.

Sister: Yeah mom it looks really good.

Mom then turned and began going to the changing room.

Owner: Ma’am, you can change here. It’s no problem and the shutter is also closed so no one is going to come inside.

Mom: Are you sure?

Owner: Ma’am, don’t worry. I guarantee no one will come.

Mom thought for a second and came back. Then she started to remove her saree and within seconds, she was standing only in petticoat. She tried multiple sarees and right there only. We saw her wearing and removing the blouse many times and while all this was happening i slowly put my arm on my topless sister’s shoulder and slowly caressed her boobs as shes not attentive.

Meanwhile, the owner saw me enjoying my sister and said that he should take the measurement of my sister’s waist and legs for her dress. He asked her to remove her leggins inorder to get some good “measurements”. After my sister stripped down and stood there in her panties he got to his knees and asked me to hold one end of the tape near her crotch, to my surprise as started to put the tape as the owner said i could fell my sister’s panties are wet, maybe because of all the nakedness and the touching… she got horny by the touch of her own brother and a stranger.

After taking the measurements my sister sat back down, now only in her panties and also mom chose a blouse finally. They got dressed againg and now we were ready to go. Mom told the owner to pack the chosen blouse and get my sister’s dress ready as soon as possible. The owner said that getting the required material and stitching might take 3 weeks. My mo requested him to get the dress ready in a week as shes considering making his shop her go to for “blouses”. The owner understood what she meant and said that he would try. Then mom also started bargaining on the blouse’s price hinting that if he redurced the price, then she might come back to buy some more custom made ones, and that time she might come alone……All this was too much for the old owner who probably never got any attention from a woman like her. He now knew what a alut she is and is flustered of the woman he just bagged. As my mom and sister left, the owner secretly handed me a flash drive.

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