Showering with Aunt Polli

tagIncest/TabooShowering with Aunt Polli

My first girlfriend was my aunt.
Her fun-bags bounced under her t-shirt like two kids in a jumping castle. No bra. Cool.
As we painted the wall, I watched Aunt Polli's plump tits bounce and wobble around. My arm accidentally bumped her jiggling tits… And I recalled all the times I'd spied on Polli, watching her sunbathe in the nude.
Aunt Polli was part French and totally hot.
That summer, during a break from college, I helped auntie fix up her house. It was late when we finished painting. Polli jumped up. "Now is shower time Henri. And we don't have much hot water."
"So hurry Henri!"
I'd just turned on the shower when Aunt Polli opened the curtain. "College boy I hope you don't mind family nudity." The woman walked in full bush naked, revealing her plump tits, big nipples, and dark vee of pussy hair.
My cock leapt to attention.
"Oh Henri, you act like you've never seen me naked." My aunt turned and bent over to wash her legs. Between her thighs, I watched her clam-shaped pussy squeeze out. OMG, my prick grew so stiff it curled.
Auntie noticed. "Henri you have cock like hockey stick. You need to find girlfriend for that long stick." Aunt Polli dropped the soap. When she bent over, I again saw her pussy lips squeeze out, exposing her invitingly pink slit…
I touched it. Polli paused but kept washing her feet as I rubbed inside her soft slit.
My aunt stood up. "Naughty nephew, do you want to peek inside me… inside my pink hole?" Before I could answer, Aunt Polli pushed my head down and spread open her fuzzy pussy lips. "Kiss it Henri."
My prick throbbed as I stared into her shimmering pink cunt. My lips opened to kiss it… and Aunt Polli squirted pee in my mouth! Dammit!
"Got you Henri!" Polli pushed me away and ran out of the shower laughing.
Later in bed, I stroked my cock, thinking about my auntie's tits and her juicy fuck-hole… Then my door flew open. Aunt Polli ran in naked and crying. My eyes eagerly focused on her large swaying boobs.
Then I noticed her dark bush and glistening pink slit … And had to cover my aching boner.
"Nephew I need the FAVOR HUGE! There is wedding tomorrow and my ex will be there with his bitch girlfriend. …and I just can't go alone."
She kissed the top of my head as her chubby nipples hit my face. "Henri could you drive me and um… go as my pretend boyfriend?"
"But I HATE weddings!"
"But I HATE to go alone… to wedding terrible. Please Henri? PLEASE?"
"Okay-okay. For you auntie I will go to wedding terrible."
"Oh merci Henri, you are my hero!" She kissed me and noticed the big lump in my blanket. "And my hero is horny as French goat." Auntie whispered to herself…
"Maybe for HUGE FAVOR I take care of HUGE LUMP… Oui-Oui?"
My body froze when my auntie pulled off the covers, found my erection, and squeezed it. "Oh you poor-poor nephew, it must be painful to be stiff as wood bat."
She placed my hand on her naked boobs, then her head dropped and— OHMYGOD, her luscious red lips wrapped around my prick. Aunt Polli bobbed her dark head up and down, sucking my boner.
Wow! I was getting a blowjob from my own aunt! "Oh yes Aunt Polli, suck my prick. Suck it!"
I fondled Polli's plump tits while she sucked my swollen prick. Her tongue swirled around my knob as her cheeks hollowed. Polli's mouth opened wider, slurping my swollen shaft.
It wasn't long before my balls churned— I gripped her head and gushed gobs of incestuous cum down my aunt's throat. Load after load. Aunt Polli gagged but swallowed it all down.
Then she stared up at me with strings of cum dangling from her chin. "Mon Dieu! What have I done? I can't believe I suck off my own nephew." Polli covered her sloppy mouth and ran out crying.
And I was in auntie love… or maybe auntie lust. Oui-Oui?
The next morning she met me in the shower, naked of course. She blushed when my prick curved straight up. I grabbed her tits. "Aunt Polli I can't stand it. Your pretend boyfriend needs pussy!"
She pushed me away then blushed, "Okay my nephew… you can stick it in me and fuck me one-time only. Okay? Once only nephew!"
Aunt Polli spread her legs, and I fucked her against the wall. She moaned as the shower filled with the sounds of slapping wet flesh. My prick screwed every inch of her tight, sweet pussy.
Soon she was panting and pushed me down on the shower floor. Aunt Polli mounted me, humping me up and down like she was riding a bull, grinding her cunt onto my cock. "Nephew… suck my nipples… suck them… milk me Henri!"
Polli groaned aloud as she humped me, with her fat tits flopping in my face, smothering me with sweet mounds of titty meat.
Soon we both orgasmed, and I kissed her face until she made me stop. Then I helped Auntie wash her gooey pussy. She whispered, "Remember nephew, this never happened."
We dressed, and I drove off, taking her to the wedding. But the scent of my aunt's sweet perfume and the sight of her jutting tits and wonderfully red lips gave me a tent pole in my pants.
Aunt Polli noticed it. "Really Henri? Stiff AGAIN? How can you go inside with titanic boner lump?" She shook her head. "Okay nephew, only for wedding will I do this nasty again."
Pulling out my curved stiffy, my aunt looked at it. "Stupid hockey stick." Auntie lowered her head, pressing her red-lipstick lips on my cockhead in a warm, sucking kiss.
Her cheeks puckered as she took my prick deep in her mouth.
"Oh yes Auntie… deep-throat it." I squeezed her ripe tits as her dark head bobbed up and down, taking it all the way to her tonsils. "Oooh yes Polli… suck it! Suck it!"
After a few more bobs, my cock spewed a load of nephew cum down her throat. My sweet aunt gagged but swallowed it all and licked my prick— she even licked the cum off my balls.
Aunt Polli sat up, blushing. She wiped her mouth, brushed her hair, and hurriedly fixed her red lipstick in the mirror. "Henri you need a damn girlfriend!" And she was damn right.
The ceremony went well, but at the reception, my aunt got drunk, really drunk. I carried her to the car, holding her by the crotch. "Ohh… Merci Henri… you played le boyfriend Magnifique… and you grip my pussy so tight."
On the way home, we stopped under a shade tree to eat lunch. But Aunt Polli passed out on the blanket. At least I think she did. I noticed her eyelid open a crack just as one of her luscious boobs fell out.
The juicy tit jiggled around, and her nipple knob poked out, just begging to be sucked. So I did, and auntie groaned but didn't move. My prick made me lift her skirt, and of course, my French aunt was panty-less.
Her hairy hole looked so furry and so damn fuckable. She said one-time-only, but my prick wanted pussy.
Nudging her legs apart, I watched her Polli's pink slit open up and whisper 'OUI-OUI!' I couldn't stand it. Grabbing my hockey stick, I plunged it into her French fuck hole.
"Wh-what?" Polli woke up flopping like a fish. "Nephew, stop! No more screwing my pussy! You promised." She slapped my chest but didn't try to push me off as my prick plowed deep into her pink heaven.
"Ooof…ooof… Henri stop…ungh… my gosh… your stick is always… sooo stiff."
Polli kept slapping my chest but locked her legs around my hips and pulled me into her dripping fuck-hole. And I screwed my aunt so hard her head banged against the tree.
"Ouch… ungh… ungh… No Henri!" I gripped her tits like reins and pumped my aunt's juicy twat. Our tongues entwined as her pussy clenched my cock.
"AHHH HENRI!" Her back arched as my jism burst.
My balls emptied into Polli's clasping pussy, filling it with cum. After two more fuck strokes, I collapsed on top of her soft tits, my cock still pulsing inside her clasping cunt. A moment later, I rolled off.
We both watched our incestuous juices slowly drip down her pink crack. Polli turned pale. "No Henri, you can't be screwing me. I'm your Auntie, not your fuck-toy. That is forbidden."
"But Aunt Polli I want to be your lover. Your REAL lover."
"But nephew, what would le family say?"
"Dammit I don't give a fuck what anyone says. I'm eighteen and I want you Aunt Polli!" I squeezed her plump tits. "What if we were lovers in France? Would anyone even care?"
Her face lit up. "You are so right Henri. In France having sex with my nephew would be normal, like two people sharing tea." She blushed at her words. I spread Polli's legs and shared her tea again.
But this time, she was a fucking a tigress. Aunt Polli bite my neck as her nails came out, clawing at my back while her pussy humped my prick. "Harder Nephew! Fuck your auntie harder—that's an order!"
I pounded my aunt fiercely… And soon we both had le orgasm fantastique.
Afterward, Auntie squatted next to a tree and peed. I snapped a pic. Polli laughed, lifting her leg. "Here you nasty boy." She raised her skirt, I got a close up of pee, and cum squirting out of her swollen pussy lips… and got another boner.
Aunt Polli frowned. "You and your horny hockey-stick can just wait."
Back at home, she whispered, "Now join me in the shower nephew." I did, and she giggled, spreading open her pussy lips. "Kiss it lover."
"Okay, but don't pee in my mouth." I stabbed my tongue in like a dagger.
Auntie jumped. "Ooof Henri …your tongue… is so wicked." Grabbing my head, she pulled it in as I licked up her crack to her soapy clit. "Oui… yes naughty nephew… kiss auntie's clitty."
I kissed it, flipping her swollen clit bud back and forth. My lips clamped on her clitty and sucked it like a soda straw. My aunt squealed. "Nephew you make my pussy burn. I NEED YOUR COCK—NOW!"
My prick plunged into her flaming fuck-hole.
Her legs gripped me hard as her pussy mashed onto my cock. Suddenly her body jolted in multiple orgasms. "AHHH! – AHHH!-AHHHH!!!" I pounded her spasming twat, watching my French aunt bite her own nipples.
Soon my prick spewed, filling her hole for the third time. After another climax, Aunt Polli fell back on the shower wall. "Oooh Henri you are tru-u-uly French… so goddam fucking French."
I pulled out. Polli cupped her dripping pussy and slathered white cum all over her dark fur. "Your cum makes good shave cream." I watched my aunt shave her hairy forest.
Probably an annual event.
Then auntie got on her knees and gave me a blowjob. Swallowing my cum she looked up, giggling while blowing cum bubbles. "Nephew do you want to pee in my mouth? As payback?"
I did. Pissed straight in Aunt Polli's mouth. It was great.
Helping the woman to her feet, I led her to my bed. "Time for you become le real French lover. Get on your hands and knees." My spry auntie got on all fours like a good fuck puppy. She looked back at me.
"What are you going to do nephew?"
"Aunt Polli I must take you in every way." My hands spread her cheeks her little butthole winked at me. My aunt knew what I wanted. Curling her toes, she gripped the mattress.
My cock found her acorn-sized anus. Auntie screamed when it shoved up her ass. "OUCH! Oh wait nephew… fuck Auntie's ass slowly… I want to feel every inch of your long cock inside me."
So I slowly screwed my stiff prick into her butthole. Then I pounded hard, ramming and reaming out my aunt's tight anus. "Oww Henri you're fat fuck-stick is ripping me!"
As I fucked her French ass, I fingered her bald twat. My balls slapped her pussy, and my prick pummeled faster. Aunt Polli bucked up, tossing her dark hair around.
With a final shove, I plunged my stiff prick all the way up her convulsing asshole, filling it with hot sticky cum.
Polli collapsed on the bed, panting. I pulled out and snapped a pic of her gaping asshole, dripping with fuck cream. My aunt sighed. "Henri you are nephew no more, now you are truly my lover."
Our tongues twisted together in an erotic French kiss. Taking Polli's hand, I led my naked aunt back to the shower for Auntie Assfuck part Deux. Ouchy-Ouchy.

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