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Friday 19th July
Gillian rose at 8am, putting on some light pyjama trousers and a t-shirt. She raised the linen to her face, smelling the fresh surface, breathing in the cleanliness.
Quietly, she went through the lounge area to the kitchen, and made a cup of green tea; rooting around in the cupboard for some bread.
She was slightly startled when Marta appeared at the door into the lounge, saying "Hi". Gillian glazed over a bit, prompting Maya to ask if she was ok.
"Yeah, yeah I am fine," she replied.
Marta joined her, and they began preparing the first food of the day. It didn't take long. They had a nice breakfast, made up of the food bought a couple of days ago, whilst down in the town. The bread was still really fresh, and the fruit was mouthwatering.
It was lovely sitting on the patio, watching the morning breeze ripple across the water on the pool, as they leisurely munched through their repast.
Andoni had to do some work, and was already on his Macbook in the kitchen, before Gillian and Marta even went outside.
They sat in the morning sun, talking away, mainly about their jobs and what Gillian was doing in England, and also a bit about what had happened to her when she was recently working in Bristol. Not a great experience for her.
Marta asked her a few times if she was enjoying herself, joking that her and Andoni were a bit mad to be with.
She waved it away when Marta said they both loved her to bits, and were really enjoyed her coming over to visit and travelling along with them. It was reassuring to hear though, as she had been worried that she was kind of in the way.
Marta was also excited about going out that night, and told her that she was determined to set her up with Mario, which made Gillian feel a little embarrassed.
Soon they fell into a lull and decided to relax for a bit. The morning went quickly as they read their respective books. After a bit Marta returned to boy talk which amused Gill.
Andoni finally finished his design work and came out to see what all the laughter was about. He had heard a lot of it filtering through the open patio doors over the past two hours, in- between their bouts of reading. "Just talking about you boys," responded Marta, as Andoni rolled his blue eyes.
Lunch was sandwiches and even more fruit. It was turning out to be a lovely idyllic day. Gillian felt happy and relaxed with her Italian friends.
The three of them were going to chill out that afternoon, by the pool. Gillian felt a bit nervous after yesterday, but was a lot more at ease around the villa.
Marta said she was going for a short lie down after lunch and left Gillian talking to Andoni, finding out about his course and work.
At one point, he also told her Mario had said he really liked her, which gave her a bit of a red face. Hearing Andoni say "ahh, you are a very sexy woman Gillian" made her heart flutter. It was amazing how he could say things like that but it didn't sound corny or sleazy at all; just charming. Probably the Italian accent. Maybe it was a little tongue in cheek though. He was teasing her!
Marta and Andoni seemed so happy, comfortable, and in love with each other, that Gillian felt a little jealous, but it seemed mean spirited to dwell on a feeling like that.
After a while Andoni went indoors to see if Marta was awake, so she retreated to her own room too. She wormed into her book, and didn't realize she had dozed off when she heard Marta call out that they were going to go lie by the pool, if she was coming out.
Gillian felt sleepy headed, but roused herself, and changed into her blue bikini, putting the bottoms and the top on, before looking at herself in the mirror. She thought she looked pretty good, smiling at her reflection, before walking out to the lounge area of the villa.
She could see Marta and Andoni standing outside at the sun loungers, both in the nude, kissing each other. It was just a short kiss thankfully, and she was not interrupting something, as they then broke off their kiss, and sat down.
Stopping in her tracks, thinking "stupid shy Gillian," she turned, went back into the bedroom and undid her bikini top, throwing it on the bed.
She reached into her drawer and lifted out the red and white bikini bottoms, changing into them, quickly doing up the little ties at the side.
She had to pull them up slightly to cover the curls of her bush peaking over the rim, thinking maybe she should have had a little trim. She had the striped bikini top in her hands, but muttered to herself "no, I don't need it."
She walked back up the hallway, clad only in the tiniest bikini bottoms and straight out through the lounge onto the patio as Marta and Andoni looked up saying "Hey."
There was no fuss or anything, as she walked over, her heavy breasts free and swinging. Marta complemented her when she sat down, saying she looked great.
Gillian worked the sun cream onto her breasts, rubbing it in, making sure her legs and stomach were well screened too. She was gleaming white against their dark Italian skin.
They sunbathed for a while before Andoni and Marta went into the pool. Gillian felt more relaxed topless, and was now comfortable with her two friends' nudity, watching them clowning about in the small swimming pool.
Marta called to Gillian, asking her if she wanted to come in and join them again.
It was swelteringly hot and she was badly in need of some cooling down, so it was an easy decision to make.
Standing up and slowly walking over to the poolside, she looked down at her naked friends in the water flashing them a nervous smile.
She didn't know what came over her in the moment, but without pausing, she pushed down her bikini bottoms and was suddenly totally naked in front of them.
She stood at the lip of the pool and actually paused, looking up into the sky, the feeling of liberation washing over her.
Quickly pinching her nose, she jumped in at the deep end. She felt the pressure of the cold water as she plunged into the pool. She surfaced looking around quickly, and saw Andoni and Marta laughing and cheering. "'Oh my god," exclaimed Gillian, realizing she was naked in public.
Gillian pulled a face, but the moment was funny, and she felt ok under the water, naked. They stayed in the pool for about twenty minutes laughing and talking.
Gillian was last out again, aware she was totally naked as she climbed the steps, but instead of running to cover herself up, her nervousness changed to amusement and strangely, she felt totally happy and relaxed.
She stood at the poolside in the buff, her hairy bush exposed to nature. Walking over to the loungers and picking up a towel to dry herself off, she was conscious but relaxed, that both Marta and Andoni were looking at her.
Andoni especially, was looking right at her, not even hiding it, but instead of feeling embarrassed, she felt emboldened, happy he was looking at her, throwing the towel she was holding down, and standing there comfortable in her full frontal nudity saying, "Oh well."
All three sunbathed naked for another hour, before going into the house, Gill not even bothering to put her bikini bottoms on as she walked back indoors.
Gillian did not feel any regret at all, the heady exhilaration of liberty washing over her. She did suddenly feel self conscious when she got back into her own room, and covered herself with a towel.
After a bit that feeling subsided, and she became excited about their night out and got ready for dinner, putting her new dress on, and doing her make up to make herself look her absolute best.
It did not go unnoticed by Marta and Andoni as both gave her a "wow" when she emerged for the evening.
Gillian and Marta both looked gorgeous, the petite curvy dark skinned Italian and the tall willowy pale English girl, both sporting eye catching cleavages that Andoni couldn't take his eyes off.
It was 11pm and they were still in La Claque on the Piazza Del Erbe, dancing to the music. The place was whirling and Gillian was having the best time she could remember.
Her slightly drunken state had meant that Mario was getting away with putting his wandering hands on her bum frequently, and pushing up against her as they danced. She didn't care, and it did not seem out of place. She fancied him to death, and they had really clicked over dinner earlier.
He knew lots about art and design, and everything he said seemed to be funny to her. The power of charm! She had just met him, but to her shame, really wanted to sleep with him that night.
She wondered if he would think she was a slut if she asked him to go to bed with her. She had never had a one night stand before, but this didn't feel like it would be like that. Maybe she could get an Italian boyfriend, and move here for good, away from Manchester. It seemed a nice dream as he held her in his arms.
Marta and Andoni were having a great time too, dancing and drinking, and yacking away with them both.
Dinner had been fabulous, and the club was lovely. As midnight approached, Andoni and Marta said that they should go back to the villa for a few drinks.
Mario was tagging along, which saved Gillian having to brazenly ask him back with them. He obviously liked her anyway, as Marta kept insinuating to Gillian, at one point cheekily telling her that she was going to have some hot Italian blood in her tonight. Gillian had giggled, half excited, half embarrassed.
A short taxi ride, and they were back at the Villa, and soon a bottle of red was being passed around the patio. Conversation flitted back and forth between Italian and English as Mario's English was good, but nowhere near as fluent as Andoni and Marta's. Gillian's Italian was limited to basic conversational phrases, although it was getting better.
After a while Marta got up and put her arms around Andoni and said she was taking her man to bed, a glint in her eye telegraphing her intentions. They quickly disappeared inside and left Gillian and Mario alone at the table.
Gillian wondered what would happen, if anything. She didn't want him to get up and go home, but she felt nervous, now that they were alone together. There had been a lot of flirtation in the club, and she thought she had led him on a bit, but that was in the moment, and a few hours ago.
She had acted a bit out of character again, but the last couple of days had been quite liberating as far as her normal crippling shyness went.
The wine, and her attraction to this gorgeous Italian man, was a powerful combination. She began to babble a bit through her nervousness, but it got them through the initial moments alone.
She blushed a bit when Marco became effortlessly romantic, praising Gillian's eyes and beautiful pale skin as they laughed and talked.
There was no doubt whatsoever that he liked her a lot, and she felt the same way. She didn't just want to kiss this guy and be swept into some romantic fantasy, she also felt real passion and wanted to sleep with him.
Would he think she was easy? She had never been remotely promiscuous, nor done anything like that before with someone she hardly knew.
They carried on talking for another fifteen minutes, but at one point they fell silent and looked at each other. Gillian felt nervous, then blurted out clumsily, "I really like you" , covering it up instantly with an embarrassed laugh that made her cringe inside .
"Si, Gillian, I like you, yes," he replied, her self-consciousness evaporating, as she saw the smile on his face and the intense look in his eyes.
He took the lead and leaned over into her, and they kissed. It felt magical and electric, a wave of adrenaline coursed through her body and her mind swam.
They kept on kissing, out there on the patio. The kisses turned more passionate, and Gillian began to feel herself quiver all over.
It was a bit awkward trying to lean across the two chairs, so Gillian stood up to move them together flashing him a shy and nervous smile.
Mario raised himself up at the same time, so that they were both standing, and took her into his arms, which made her swoon.
He pressed up against her holding her tightly as they kissed harder and harder, their tongues locking together, now greedy for each other's mouths. She felt his hands on her bum, gently moving over the fabric of her dress and she reciprocated by sliding her hands under the hem of his t-shirt feeling the exposed sweat on the skin on the small of his back.
Gillian could feel her heart almost beating out of her chest, as well as an incredible tingling between her legs as she felt his erection press hard against her crotch.
She didn't want to stop now with adrenaline surging powerfully through her. He obviously felt the same as his hands were quickly all over her bum, hitching her mini dress up as she seemed to float on air, her legs trembling.
He moved his hands over her thighs, as she gasped out loud at the feel of his touch on her skin, her dress still riding up around her hips.
She felt his hands move up to her hips and shuddered as he placed one of his palms over the left hand strap of her panties and hitched his thumb underneath it. She was both scared and excited, wondering if he was going to pull it down, which she knew at that moment, she really wanted him to do.
Instead he seemed to change his mind,
and unhooked his thumb. A fleeting flicker of disappointment was quickly doused as he took the same hand, moving it over her crotch, pressing it against her mound and pushing the fabric on the front of her panties into her wet vagina.
She gasped 'Si' in his ear as he did this, quickly feeling him remove his hand and once more hook his fingers around the straps, this time on each side of her panties.
Her heart jumped into her mouth, but this time he was going to do it, and she let him pull them right down, feeling them go to just above her knees so that they then slid down over her calves and ended up around her ankles.
She quickly stepped out of them, and in her bare feet, kicked them under the patio table, both of them consumed with total passion.
Immediately she felt his fingers between her legs, as they entered her, Mario working them into her very wet pussy. She wanted him so much, and pulled his black t-shirt up over his head, exposing his taut muscular torso.
As he continued to pleasure her she used her hands to frantically undo his belt, pulling the black leather forcefully through the silver buckle.
"Così bagnato," he gasped to her between kisses, saying "wet'," to let her know what he meant.
"Si, I am bagnato," she replied, her voice breaking into a breathless gasp.
It was quite frenzied out there on the patio, as Gillian quickly undid his leather belt and pulled at the waist of his jeans aware of the huge bulge protruding through the denim fabric. He was clearly very well endowed too.
She hurriedly began unbuttoning the fly on his 501's, his white CK jockey shorts beneath, already stretched way out of shape, struggling to contain his erection.
She had to pull on the elasticated waist of the shorts sharply to release his cock, confirming with rising excitement that, just like Andoni, he was extremely well endowed, The sheer length struggling to get free.
"Oh God" she involuntarily gasped, as it sprang out and jumped up proudly, its' thickness and length stunning her, the absolutely huge head glistening with intent, the foreskin already stretched back.
He dropped his jeans and shorts, and stepped out of them, standing in the nude at the poolside, with a massive erection, as Gillian stepped back to admire his incredible body.
His cock looked impossibly big, nothing she had experienced before could prepare her for it. She moved back in and took his cock in her right hand, struggling to get her hand around the shaft, it was so thick. It was both exciting and daunting to handle such a big penis.
She had seen Andoni's earlier, and that was an eye opener, but she had never actually seen or held an erect cock, so large. It looked and felt so strong and it was so beautiful, the thick round shaft, hard as a rock rising out of his slender wiry Italian hips, the soft black curls of his pubes framing the massive base, veins bulging like lines on an exotic map.
She giggled and exclaimed her amazement and delight at its size, which slightly embarrassed Mario.
Taking two steps back, she looked at him, her eyes blazing with lust and excitement.
Gillian was still in her dress, her panties lying on the patio next to his trousers and t-shirt.
Pausing a moment to savour the sight of his naked body, she slipped the shoulder straps of the summer dress off, letting them fall down her arms, and reached around her back, undoing the two clasps, which loosened the bodice. The dress came away, and slipped down her torso, exposing her large bare breasts, which Mario commented on immediately with a lusty "bellissimo."
She let her dress glide right down over her hips, and it tumbled to her feet, so that she was suddenly naked too, the two of them standing unclothed in front of each other.
Mario's cock stood proud, his huge erection catching the moonlight.
They stood there for about ten seconds, just looking at each other, their heavy breathing the only thing disturbing the silence.
Mario looked her in the face and said quietly in broken English, "you have the beautiful body."
Gillian had no trouble returning the complement, before stepping forward and squatting down in front of him taking him by surprise, as she clearly indicated she was going to immediately pleasure him in her mouth.
Gillian wanted to make him feel great, and to suck his cock; so she squatted down on the patio, kneeling on his jeans, taking the head into her mouth, struggling to get her lips around the thick shaft, licking it and working on it as she wanted to savour every minute of this.
Her knees were sore on the stone through the jeans, but she was totally focused on his cock, as she marveled at its size and feel, clearly giving Mario a lot of pleasure at the same time.
The big head tasted salty, but she was enjoying it, toying under the head with her tongue, as she looked up at him. She kissed down the shaft and licked his balls rubbing his cock on her cheek and face as he gasped and succumbed to her oral skills.
She didn't have a huge amount of experience of fellatio, but she knew she was pretty good, and put all her imagination and energy into it as she sucked him off for a few minutes, before standing up and smiling as he drew her into him.
Her knees were sore from kneeling and she wiped a little dust off them first. They turned 90 degrees and Marco sat down on the bench, leaning back against the table.
Gillian took his cue and straddled him, climbing on as he gripped her by the waist. He worked his fingers into her, feeling the soaking wet insides of her vaginal walls through her thick black bush.
They kissed hard as he worked her up into a lather, his hand soaked in her juices as he rubbed up against her, his cock pressed hard against her flat stomach. She could feel just how wet she was when he touched her breasts, the residue of her juices on his fingertips rubbing over her hard, swollen nipples.
Gillian thought she should ask him to put a condom on, wondering if one would even fit such a big cock. She also felt ever so slightly nervous at the size of it and how it would feel inside her, but they kept on kissing.
After a few minutes they stopped and he put his hands on her short hair cupping her face looking deep into each other's eyes as they tried to get their breath.
She went to ask him if he had protection, but for some reason she felt hesitant and thought it would ruin the moment.

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