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Shylo Morra Chapter Five
School Life is Hard
I sent Jimmy home on Monday morning, right after my swim. I had classes, and I had to go back to being me.
Karen checked up on me at the Student Union, and I got messages throughout the day from Jimmy and Sharon/Pam. I told them I was fine, and doing the study thing with my 'school sisters'.
Carol called about 6 to let me know that my blood tests were negative for STD's, but our good Doctor says that one sample was positive for semen, and of course that would have to be our number one man, since the sample was from my rectum.
The Doctor passed it on to our beloved Detective, but the 'chain of evidence' made it useless in court.
I spent a few hours in our Drama Department, with the effervescent Karen, going over some designs that they were proposing for stripper costumes, and they had more minds thinking about our lovely couple, and the exotic duo outfits that they might like.
Hmm I thought, while I imagined them in Cat Woman costumes.
I had a movie night with Karen, then headed home. She lives on the third floor of my building, so that didn't take long.
That night I slept alone.
I took a Valium, and smoked a joint all by myself, which I am not prone to do. Then I slept the sleep of the dead.
My afternoon lecture the next day was an elective I was keenly interested in, Political Science.
You can't understand how people feel about sex, without understanding societies role in permitting or denying it, and how they regulate and even licence it.
Mike was in that class and I certainly expected him to seek me out. I was confident of it, so I put my backpack on one side of me, and my coat and purse on the other, hoping to save him a seat.
The lecture started just as I saw Mike doing some rubber-necking, trying to find someone. So I gave him a break and stood to wave, drawing a humph from the Professor. I gave the old dude my sweetest smile as an apology, and took my seat, while Mike quietly made his way to my area.
We did no more than whisper hello's, not wanting to aggravate the lecturer, who was nearly as old as his topic.
As the class ended, Mike turned to me with a smile.
"Hi Shylo," he started, "I thought we could grab a bite one of these days and…" I interrupted him in mid pickup line.
"I'm hungry now," I confessed, and batted my eyes at him expectantly.
"Oh, … um, yes, me too actually,"
I really enjoyed watching Mike's face go from surprise to pleasure.
"Lets go to my dorm, we can order Chinese or decide what we want after we work up an appetite," I concluded, with a bouncy laugh.
He either caught on fast, or was happy to take it, any way I meant it.
Mike commented on the new hardware, when I unlocked the new deadbolts.
They were indeed expensive, having a function where I can unlock them through an encrypted app on my phone. His reaction to my new security system was even bigger. "Wow, you really brought the security up a few notches Shylo," he noted, as I used my fingerprint to deactivate the alarm.
"One of the perks of owning your own Company," I confided, but I didn't tell him about the attack.
I turned and looked at him, then tore off my jacket. When I continued with my sweater Mike got the idea, and hurried to catch up. When I got to the bed, I was completely naked, and Mike was a few steps behind, having been hampered by a reluctant shoe lace.
"But for a shoelace the Kingdom was lost," I whispered, and he gave up on it, tugging his shoe off of his foot with the shoelace still tied.
When his foot popped free and with his pants around his ankles, he lost his balance and fell backwards into my lap.
We both wrestled his pants off, while we laughed, and we didn't stop laughing until our tongues interlocked in a passionate kiss.
"I hope you don't mind Shylo," but I have been thinking about you a lot since you danced for us, and I have been giving it a tug, like, five times a day, just thinking about how sexy you are," he blurted out.
"It makes me wet with desire when I dance for you, Mike, so telling me that you wack off while thinking about me, is one of the sweetest things a boy has ever said to me," I informed him as I paid more attention to his overstimulated manhood.
Mike was no jock, but he still had a decent body. He must do something to keep his ass looking that tight, but I wasn't prepared for the answer.
"Band," he explained, while smiling at my questioning look.
"Yeah, it's a real marching band, like you see performing at football games, and we have to commit to staying in shape, so we can 'high step' our trombones to a double time choreographed routine, while pumping out "When the Saints Come Marching In."
He pantomimed the slide of the trombone while puffing out his cheeks, and again we wrestled and laughed, until he brushed his hand across my breast and we moved smoothly into moans, and my demands for deeper and harder and faster and yes, yes, yes.
We ordered from the local Tai Restaurant, and got some juices to replace fluids. I saw that it was still early.
I woke with a start, and though I was not alone, I knew I was safe. Mike was just trying to pry his eyes open, and I saw the glowing clock on my bedside table said 1:22 a.m. I heard voices at the door, to go with the knocking. I knew who it was before I got there, but I didn't want them to wake up the whole complex.
"Students are supposed to party," said Sharon, looking as edible as a peach. "So if you're not drinking," she started as she bullied her way past me, "…you must be fucking!" she proclaimed.
"Aha, who do we have here!" she squealed in triumph.
Mike had covered himself with my comforter, either to maintain some dignity, or perhaps he was intimidated by this Tasmanian Devil.
Pam came in and shut the door behind herself, while I laughed at the magic of Sharon wrestling with Mike to get a look at his face.
"You only have the one," Pam whined when she saw the antics her lover was getting into.
Sharon got the upper hand on Mike, and grabbed him by the throat as if to be his Master. "You will make some calls, slave, and bring forth some nubile bodies that will pleasure us," she commanded two octaves below normal to extend her dominant play acting.
Mike was only three inches taller than Sharon, but he outweighed her by a hundred pounds, yet he stayed prone and clearly naked beneath Sharon's slinky form.
"I'm sure Todd and Ryan would love to get this call," Mike said while picking up his cell phone.
"Tell them to bring their girlfriends too," suggested Pam.
"So, early night at the G Spot," I asked the duo.
"Yeah, we had 3 customers at midnight, and none of them were paying for dances, so Carol sent everyone home, and suggested that we see how you're doing!" Pam informed us.
"…And she ordered us to make sure you're getting laid," finished Sharon as she eyeballed my latest lover.
Sharon leaned into Mike and sniffed his face.
"He smells like pussy," she announced while turning to make eye contact with her other half.
"Check," said Pam.
"Now that our mission is complete, I'm checking out the fridge," proclaimed Sharon as she bounced off of Mike and headed for my kitchen.
"Um, neither one of those guys have girlfriends," Mike stammered. "I'm not sure if either one has felt a woman's breast before, is that going to be a problem," wondered Mike to the room.
"Oh yummy, said Pam with a mock Dracula accent, fresh virgin blood," she finished.
"Make sure they bring condoms Mike, they might not think of it," I advised him.
He realized that I was right and typed out the instructions.
"Drinks?" he postulated out loud, in an obvious relay from the Drug Store bound virgins.
"We need Tequila," I suggested.
The girls took over Todd and Ryan the moment they walked in the door, cooing over them like they were puppies, enthralled with their innocence.
Mike and I stayed in the kitchen, watching the two young men live out their wildest fantasies, as we moved empty plates to the sink and tossed out empty take out containers.
Mike and I moved to the couch, and cuddled.
"This is exactly what I see in my future," I whispered to Mike.
"You're going to fuck virgin nerds?" Mike asked.
I looked at the two boys.
"They are becoming men tonight," and they are in a safe place, with safe people," I quietly continued. "With positive reinforcement they will not be dominated by the first woman that realizes that their nerdy minds are tickets to the big time!
"I bet that all they lack is confidence in their own sexuality, and what man wouldn't feel pretty damn good about himself, after a night with these two vixens," I finished maybe a bit too loudly.
"Are you two 'armchair' lovers, or would you like to join us," Sharon called out from beneath a pile of bodies?
"We are fine for now," I responded, "If we see something we like, we will let you know," I teased them, then turned to Mike and whispered, "I really do want to see this unfold," and he nodded and got us a couple of beers from the fridge.
Todd came first, within 30 seconds of Pam getting him in her mouth and for the first time in his life, he was not alone when he came.
Smart to give a virgin male a blow job first, I thought, thinking of how often the first time for a man is embarrassingly fast, from over excitement. She didn't seem to mind though, as she cleaned him up with her tongue. "You taste fine baby," Pam smoothly encouraged him.
"Now I can show you how your next girlfriend will enjoy your tongue," she continued, while shifting to a position where Todd could access her pussy with his mouth, while she could point out the places that he should explore.
"This should be a required seminar for an aspiring Sex Therapist," I quietly confided to Mike, as I noticed that his hands were wondering.
"Go ahead and explore Sweety," I encouraged him quietly, but I must watch this. I extended my legs onto his lap and settled in for the ongoing saga of "Nerds find Paradise."
Sharon's lithe form appeared above the menagerie as she mounted her students attentive prick. Soon her hips were slowly moving in an arc that only she could achieve. She didn't move her upper body at all, as if her body was hinged, while pivoting her bottom up and down slowly. She moved more like a wave than a piston.
Ryan moaned when Sharon moved his hands to her breasts. She rolled her own nibs and circled her nipples gently, to demonstrate how she likes her tits handled, when gentleness is called for.
The two ladies were enjoying their eager tho clumsy lovers, but I was getting distracted too. Mike had shifted my panties to one side, and his fingers were lightly brushing the stubble on my mound.
"I really need a shave," I whispered, without thinking of the ramifications.
Mike shifted out from under my legs.
"Was that your razor I saw in the bathroom?" he asked, while heading that way.
"Hmm," I answered distractedly.
Ryan was obviously dropping his second or third load into Sharon's love nest, while she kept the rhythm slow and steady. Todd was doing something right, cause Pam was joining him in his moans of orgasm.
When the mini orgasm was done for Pam, she mounted Todd in a duplication of Sharon's posture. Unlike her soul mate, she maxed out the tempo, and brought Todd to his second awakening before Mike had even returned from the bathroom.
As I looked to see what Mike was carrying, Sharon grabbed Pam and rolled on top of her into the 69 position.
"You guys take a breath, and study our techniques for a while," she slurped out, "I hope you're not grossed out but we love to eat cum from each other's pussies!" she explained, then proceeded to prove it.
Mike had a bowl with steaming water, a bar of soap, a face towel and my safety razor.
"Don't worry, I used to help my mom with this," he said, with a straight face.
Everyone looked over at him like he had grown a third nipple.
"Wow, I was joking," he snickered as he set the shaving gear down near my legs. "That's how far you have to go if you want to shock anyone in this room."
The moans from the bed attracted my attention again, as the ladies found their mojo.
"Give me a second, lover," I told Mike as I hastily rose to my feet.
I moved quickly to the bed and took Todd by the hand and pulled him over to the girls, placed his finger in my mouth to moisten it and then brought it down to Pam's exposed pucker hole. Then I circled it slowly around the rim.
Pam's head jerked up and around, to see which of their students had initiative, and she nodded her approval, returning to her own mission. Ryan was not a slow learner, and tho it was more difficult to get to Sharon's anus, Pam indicated how it could be done from her end of my bed.
I returned to the couch, to give my barber friend his assignment.
"I've been shaving there for a long time Mike, so, if you're careful you shouldn't cut my meal ticket," I cautioned. "Unlike your mother, I will reward you handsomely in the shower, where you can also do my legs and pits."
Mike got some lather worked up and used his fingers to spread the soapy result on my puss. Then, with a steady hand, he shaved my stubble to a smooth surface again. After wiping it with a towel, he gave me a lingering lick, and smiled his approval.
"Hmm, I love the taste of freshly shaved pussy lips", he surmised.
We headed for the shower where he finished the job of shaving my legs and pits, then got on his knees, to finish his tasting.
My clock was winking 4:42 when we opened the bathroom door, and reentered the love fest with a huge puff of steam.
The two ladies were entwined on my bed, but they were gently snoring. Their sex trainees were nowhere to be found, so we assumed that they had let their hard working ladies have their rest, and headed home with some wonderful memories and new talents that they hoped to improve on.
"The guys have sent their thanks," Mike stated, as he read his messages.
"They are willing to take anyone out for breakfast, just text them, and they will race over," he quoted.
We decided to call it a night.
Mike excused himself, and I helped him find his clothes, watched him dress, and gave him a deep kiss at the door.
"What a night!" we both said at once.

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